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Miriam Tover - PeerSpot reviewer
Service Delivery Manager at PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
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What needs improvement with LeanIX?

Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with LeanIX.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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3 Answers
MichaelSukachev - PeerSpot reviewer
Sr. Enterprise Architect at Teranet Inc.
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01 September 20

It provides diagramming, but it is not the best diagramming tool that I've ever used. It's there. It can use all the linkages you already have, which is very handy. But it's not the best tool. Even though that feature is not the best, for diagramming purposes it integrates with Lucidchart. That brings together the power of Lucidchart and all the information in LeanIX. From a visual perspective, it's great. We use that to make the diagramming better. I don't think LeanIX will try to create a great diagramming tool. It's a basic tool that could definitely be improved, but it looks like they took a little bit of a different approach, by integrating with a leading diagramming tool. Another area for improvement is that when you're starting to look into more advanced information, using the solution's APIs and its customizations, documentation for that specific aspect is not very good. There is not too much support built into the offering for that aspect, for a developer. As a simple example, I wanted to create a custom report. Using the documentation that was provided, I was not able to do that, and I have been a developer for more than 25 years, in addition to being an enterprise architect. After I talked to a representative, they did bring some technical people into the discussion. They could even make that a service where I could say to them, "I would like to have your support for one day to set up the environment, to give me a couple of examples, and go over this." They acknowledge that they're looking into this, but they don't have it. It would be a great service, even a paid service. I would be willing to pay for it. It's not a matter of the complexity of the development part, it was more the complexity of the setup. So they lack good information in that area, but it looks like they're working on it. And they are very open. I work with two success managers from LeanIX, and both of them are very responsive to our requirements.

Principal Enterprise Architect at a construction company with 201-500 employees
Real User
19 July 20

They should improve the right adoption in native connectors that they provide with clients. They should see if clients are really ready to adapt them during evaluation and it will help client to take informed call to purchase those connectors to other products. We also use ServiceNow and during our LeanIX evaluation phase, the native connector from LeanIX and Service now was looked into it. But we didn't realize that it would cost almost half of Core LeanIX subscription, it is considerable amount. Then we realized that we were not actually ready for them and we opted out. We didn't understand how this integration were going to help our organization. It make sense only if we are matured with other product(Service now) to get full benefit of this integration in organization. Please, get the quote of cost involved before you plan for checking feasibility of any native integration that comes out of LeanIX. After the contract signed for specific year with ServiceNow integration in LeanIX, Amidst We wanted to discontinue from the later year(due to non readiness of ServiceNow data and situation, it really not yielding any value/benefits ) and we got push back from LeanIX when approached for any workouts on this deal. We really want to go ahead with core LeanIX. We are completely happy with the core LeanIX, the only part where we want to disengage is having those additional connectors conditions. We are even looking at alternative vendor in industry reluctantly due to unsettling discussing with LeanIX. The relationship with the vendor is very important to us and would always want to have long year tenure. They should as well reciprocate the same.

CRM Manager at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
Real User
29 July 19

The solution is limited compared to some other solutions like Enterprise Architect, which is less user-friendly, but you can do everything on it. They should also automate support.

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AnaCosta - PeerSpot reviewer
Trainee at a university with 501-1,000 employees
Jun 02, 2022
Hi peers, I'm looking for a piece of advice: considering what each of the LeanIX and ServiceNow technologies offers, has anyone considered (or completed) integration between ServiceNow and LeanIX that could be beneficial to the user?
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Jairo Willian Pereira - PeerSpot reviewer
Information Security Manager at a financial services firm with 5,001-10,000 employees
04 January 22
IMHO, ServiceNow is a complete ITSM tool, designed to support tradictional/waterfall and digital/agile "business" and is completely adherent with ITIL (and others frameworks). LeanIX offers a more limited setup of inventary, correlation and others tools (for example, offers only few ITIL domains), such as showed here market-time, features and maturity i'll choice ServiceNow but the price may be a problem.
KevinO'Rourke - PeerSpot reviewer
President at CloseReach Ltd.
04 January 22
Don't know about LeanIX but QualiWare has a ServiceNow bi-directional API already in place....
PeerSpot user
TL at Accenture in India
Sep 01, 2022
What is the difference between Sparx system tools , ARIS and IBM Blueworks?
2 out of 10 answers
02 October 17
Sparx Systems Enterprise Architecture is a comprehensive all-in-one modelling tool. With ARIS, you need to buy different licences for Business Process and UML modelling. SSEA is a very extensive (and budget friendly) modelling tool. Includes notations like Archimate, BPMN, UML. If you are only interested in modelling Business Processes, use ARIS or IBM Blueworks. If you are looking for a SDLC type modelling tool, please use SSEA . I have no experience on IBM Blueworks.
it_user681486 - PeerSpot reviewer
Owner with 11-50 employees
02 October 17
Hi I can only tell you the differences between SAP powerdesigner and Enterprise Architect Best Regards Wim Snoek
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