What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for IFS Applications?

Miriam Tover - PeerSpot reviewer
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Aug 29, 2023

We pay for a license to use the solution, which is not very expensive.

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Apr 11, 2023

I won't be able to comment on the pricing since I wasn't looking after the pricing-related details of the solution.

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Feb 23, 2023

IFS is much cheaper than MS Dynamics or SAP solution, and it's more flexible so it is a very good choice for companies that don't want to be limited to making changes or only using a vendor company (causing very expensive changes). Licenses are also cheaper.

Jaroslav Kratochvíl - PeerSpot reviewer
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Feb 13, 2023

The additional cost that comes with the solution includes the overhead of the people who are trying to fix the tool issues. These people are trying to reproduce the issue and report it to the technical support and testing with them which is huge. It is the cost of quality in the end.

Patrick Abi Habib - PeerSpot reviewer
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Jan 23, 2023

IFS is suitable for medium-sized companies or large enterprises. It is probably too expensive for small companies.

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Jan 18, 2023

IFS is competitively priced. I've been in several selection processes where the company has narrowed it down to three or four ERPs. You go through a process where everybody has input. In all the evaluations I've been involved in, IFS has always come up as number one or two. That's considering feedback from various departments like finance. Can we use it? Is it going to do what we want for, say, manufacturing? IFS has always been a top choice, and part of that is cost.

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FabrizioMagistrelli - PeerSpot reviewer
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Jan 3, 2023

IFS Applications are competitive in terms of pricing compared to other vendors, such as SAP, Oracle, and Epicor. They are generally cheaper, especially for licensing costs. I rate the price of IFS Applications a six out of ten.

Troy Zeleznik - PeerSpot reviewer
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Dec 29, 2022

There are varying license levels that you can purchase. I don't know that we've taken advantage of the license levels for regular users. They offer various packages. If a license isn't really needed, there are ways of working around it. There's a dedicated license for people who just punch in and out and don't need to access IFS. It's a good implementation that has a return on investment, so those license fees are well worth it.

GirirajInja - PeerSpot reviewer
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Sep 14, 2022

There's an additional yearly cost for support.

Aug 30, 2021

IFS Applications is expensive software, but it's on par with SAP and Oracle. It's for large enterprises and government entities and not for small and medium-sized enterprises. They have one licensing model, but if you want to have a module-specific license, they provide component-based licenses. Unlike SAP and Oracle, it doesn't have different levels of licensing. It's one level of licensing.

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Nov 13, 2020

It's not cheapest, and it's not mediocre pricing. Pricing is comparatively or sufficiently higher than maybe all other IT solutions. There are no additional fees, and everything is included in the license.

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Nov 12, 2020

The solution is not cheap. It's competitive, however, it's a bit higher than other options on the market. Everything is included in the license. You don't have to purchase additional features beyond that.

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Nov 3, 2020

Ask for all-inclusive pricing, as they are pretty flexible if you ask for custom models. Don't underestimate the focus on content. A system on its own is as good as the data it can leverage like content, categories, and knowledge.

Oct 30, 2019

While the solution is great for large enterprises, it's expensive, so it may not be feasible for smaller organizations. The solution works on a subscription fee. It's not a monthly basis, but more about a one-time fee and then usage according to a variety of items. It's not like a cloud-based model where you pay every month.

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Jul 18, 2019

There are different ways to work with vendors depending on budget. We elected to use our UK location as the pilot site. We also decided to start small (ie with the base functionality) and grow into the system as the implementation rolled out. We paid for consultancy to workshop our main functions via video link in conjunction with all of our sites - a big task considering time zones. The IFS functional consultants, armed with the information they needed, configured the system to meet our needs and we went live in the time allotted by the project plan. Once the UK was up and running, we rolled out to our other sites in sequence. We did not have enough resource to go big bang. Doing things this way meant that our IT team learned the system pretty much inside out. They are able to deal with all but the most complex coding problems. It also saved us a huge amount of consultancy cost. The licensing is competitive and we have expanded the number of users over time as more people have wanted access to the system. Excluding the expanded user base, we managed to keep to about 10% above the original budget. There was some creep as the advantages of the system were realized by a wider audience and the culture of the business changed.

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Jun 23, 2019

Licensing is on an annual basis, with no additional costs.

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Mar 19, 2019

Assyst license has two types one for end-users and one for Support Staff each one of them has the option of concurrent or dedicated license you should know that 1 concurrent license covers up to 10 to 20 users

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