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How does Postman compare with Apache JMeter?

Which is better and why?

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Postman is for API verification. It can be used for inspections of API as well.  

JMeter is mainly used for performance tests - such as a load or stress test. Both tools have different perspectives, however API calls can be intersected between them.

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Which is better; there be dragons. They each have strengths and weaknesses, but neither is globally better than the other. One should ask what your testing strategy will require.

Collaboration, simple testing with scriptable tests, and strong UX with minimal know-how Postman will excel. Additionally, it allows for mock servers based upon open API specifications for testing code.

I find JMeter a better fit for complexity, strong scripting, CICD inclusion, simple end-point, total load, and performance testing, allowing test re-use.

Keep in mind, both tools can perform all of the above operations. Can you provide some additional insight into your specific use case(s)?

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