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What is Seerene?

Seerene is the First Integrated, AI-Based Analytics Platform for the End-to-End Management of Software Systems.
Seerene's software analytics platform provides methods and techniques for analyzing data about software development processes, source code, system evolution, and software developers. This data fuses Seerene and exploits it holistically and AI-based with respect to different issues in software development, e.g. for risk prevention, effort estimation, team composition etc. The analytics platform covers all phases in the software development process and the software delivery (end-to-end). In doing so, Seerene integrates data from all tools, methods and metrics that are already in use, and thus, not least, also in conjunction with AI-based software analytics processes, opens up a new level of knowledge and insight in the form of a ‘Digital Boardroom’ for decision-makers in software engineering.
The Seerene Digital Boardroom becomes the central reporting, control and management system, in which the various factors and their interactions that occur during software development are optimally balanced in line with the respective company situation.
Seerene's SaaS-based analytics platform works independently of the programming languages, software methodology, software technologies and software frameworks. The platform uses AI and machine learning to analyze complex relationships that occur during software development.

Seerene Customers
SAP, Agile IT Solutions, Continental Embedded Software
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