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What is Qmarkets?

Qmarkets is an innovation management software provider, offering a variety of online idea management tools to help enterprise-grade clients leverage the wisdom of the crowd. Preferred by major companies worldwide – including Nestle, Hyundai, and Philip Morris International - the Qmarkets platform is both user-friendly and highly configurable. It allows users to easily collaborate around strategic innovation initiatives – submitting their ideas and voting on others.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-shifting business climate – where small and agile startups have the potential to disrupt multinational companies – innovation is more important than ever. To remain competitive, enterprises must manage innovation on multiple fronts. This often entails a variety of complex and resource-consuming tasks, such as managing ideas from multiple departments in different locations, gathering and assessing customer data, measuring the ROI of ideas, etc.

Because of this, innovation management software can be highly beneficial. It allows innovation operations to be managed in an efficient, measurable, and scalable way, which means more ROI and less risk. Qmarkets software, however, goes above and beyond – giving companies a broad degree of flexibility and control when tailoring innovation initiatives, engaging participants, and monitoring the development and results of newly launched ideas.

To assist enterprises with specific innovation use cases, Qmarkets offers a variety of products. These include Q-open (a tool for open innovation projects), Q-ideate (which facilitates internal ideation and employee engagement), Q-optimize (a workflow improvement tool), and Q-Scout (designed to assist users with tech scouting and finding M&A opportunities).

Qmarkets’ collective intelligence solutions are available in three unique editions. These are Start (a feature-heavy turnkey solution for companies looking to launch new idea initiatives), Flex (a more advanced solution offering robust self-admin capabilities) and Max (the comprehensive edition, with custom-integration enabled).

Qmarkets’ value proposition is complemented by a commitment to customer success which is shown by the entire global team, and supported through best-practices, workshops, training, professional services, and more.

Whether you want to gain a better understanding of your customers’ needs, improve a departments workflow, gather ideas for cutting costs, or pinpoint emergent technologies that will enhance your offerings, Qmarkets software can cater to your needs.

Qmarkets Customers

Nestle, Hyundai, Ford, Philip Morris International, Bridgestone, Total, UniCredit, Lufthansa, Swiss Post, Colruyt, Solvay, etc.

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