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What is ElectrifAi ProcurementAi?

Practical Ai. Radical results.
For most companies, driving better insights isn’t about getting more data—it’s about doing more with the data they already have. At ElectrifAi, we use something called Practical Ai to guide companies through this very journey. To help them answer essential business questions: How can my organization work more efficiently? Increase productivity? Boost revenue? Reduce risk?

We sift through massive amounts of unruly and disparate data to hone in on what matters. Then, we place a powerful layer of intelligence atop the chaos, and output the clear, crisp, and practical business knowledge you seek. The result? We deliver the visibility and insights you need to work efficiently and productively, increasing revenue and reducing risk. And we do it with products that leverage pattern-based machine learning to continually improve and innovate on their own. Because success leaves patterns—and our solutions can help you follow them.

We’re a global network of some of the most skilled and specialized talent in machine learning, that has spent 15 years helping customers solve complex business problems; creating, implementing and refining our solutions. Through it all, we remain honest and open with our customers by following one guiding principle: To always do the right thing.

Ai isn’t simple, but we make it simple for you.

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