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Inisev Ltd. - PeerSpot reviewer
Jul 2, 2023
Need better customer support, clearer guidelines, and the ability to transfer client profiles to other payment processors
We've had issues with the platform, including: 1) Stripe cut our account overnight, without pre-warning 2) They never explained it properly, we only received template responses 3) They refuse to transfer our payment profiles to another payment processor. With that, they go against what they state on their website, and according to our understanding also against the law (e.g., GDPR), counting on you not suing them. Here's the full story: Stripe cut access to our account suddenly, without any pre-warning. Therefore, we weren’t able to process our clients' payments anymore, causing us a loss of significant revenue, and upset clients. We never found out why they did that. They only sent templates stating that we’re “too risky” for them. We asked them why – we never got any more detailed information. When telling others about this case, we learned that this isn’t unusual at all. Stripe seems to accept clients very quickly, and down the road, when you’re invested in them, they cut your access and don’t care about the losses you have. As unfair as that is, according to their terms of use, they can do that. However, what they cannot do, is hold your client payment profiles hostage, refusing to transfer them to another payment processor (this is important so that existing clients can be charged automatically again in case of subscriptions). On their website, they state the opposite. For example, they state: "We believe that our customers should own the sensitive data they entrust to Stripe, and we work hard to ensure your access to this data—even if you’re moving elsewhere. If you decide to leave Stripe for another payment processor, we’ll work with your new processor’s team to securely transfer your credit card data." But they don’t do that, they refuse any transfer of data. We're not sure why. We only got the response that it’s “too risky” for them. Maybe processing of those payments is risky, yet why should it be risky to transfer them to another provider? We asked, and got no response. Cutting our account is one thing. Not allowing us to transfer the client payment profiles is a different level. It goes against what they state on their website, and according to our understanding, is also against the law (including GDPR). It seems they count on you not suing them. What’s especially frustrating is that they give you the feeling that they never want to sort it out. Maybe there were real issues with our account, who knows? However, in the manner they deal with it, they unequivocally make clear: you’re unimportant, we don’t need to spend time on your case and explain properly what’s going on. It’s utterly disrespectful.

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The solution's most valuable aspect is its global reach.
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Stripe Payments is primarily used as an online payment processing platform that enables us to accept and manage payments over the internet.



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