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Dahua WizMind Series vs Dahua WizSense Series comparison

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Question: What's the difference between Dahua WizSense and WizMind?
Answer: Dahua WizMind is human-centered, providing face recognition, privacy protections, stereo analysis, people counting, metadata about a person, and more. The Dahua WizMind solution puts an emphasis on transport, supporting things like automatic license plate recognition and collection of vehicle metadata. It can easily monitor parking violations and search for suspicious cars, all by using intelligent vehicle-oriented solutions. In addition, WizMind provides thermal imaging technologies, which makes difficult environmental conditions easier to navigate and manage and allows contactless temperature measurement, which can often be helpful in severe weather conditions or in preventing fires. Dahua has worked hard to ensure that its WizMind solution is compatible with other main technology partners, works to support the DHOP platform, and also makes their product API sufficient for any practical tasks. This makes it possible for you to combine Dahua WizMind with almost any system. WizMind is capable of delivering robust and end-to-end AI solutions for a multitude of organizations, ranging from government to retail to energy, transportation, and finance companies. In contrast to Dahua WizMind, Dahua WizSense consists of AI chips and deep learning algorithms that are not only used for intelligent recognition of people and vehicles, but also allows you to predict events accurately. For example, WizSense can quickly deter an intruder or detect a target instantly following an event by using active deterrence. Users can be alerted via real-time push notifications that can also indicate if a person or vehicle was the reason for an incident. Rather than just providing information about an event or how it happened, it can also provide warnings of incidents by using accurate forecasting. The WizSense solution uses SMD (Smart Motion Detection) Plus technology for its facial recognition and perimeter security, thus reducing the number of false alarms that could otherwise be caused by objects of no interest to a user. Conclusion: While WizMind uses advanced analytics for ultimate performance, WizSense uses simplified analytics for accurate results. When comparing the two, WizMind is the more appropriate solution for enterprise installations whereas WizSense is more ideal for smaller installations.
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Top Answer:Dahua WizMind is human-centered, providing face recognition, privacy protections, stereo analysis, people counting, metadata about a person, and more. The Dahua WizMind solution puts an emphasis on… more »
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Dahua NVR5-I Series
Dahua NVR4-I Series
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WizMind based on Human

Powered by AI chip and deep learning algorithms, WizMind provides comprehensive human-oriented solutions including face recognition, privacy protection, human video metadata, people counting, stereo analysis, etc., enabling rapid and precise reaction on what matters to you. In addition, it provides more precise and effective AI search to locate the targets, generating various data of human for business analysis.
To protect people’s portrait data, WizMind provides outstanding Privacy Protection. Based on Deep Learning algorithms, WizMind supports real-time mosaic masking of human face or human body detected in the monitoring area, which is needed in courtroom scenario and valuable to retailers alike who can optimize their business through intelligent analysis of customer flow recorded without violating privacy or GDPR.

WizMind based on Vehicle

WizMind boasts multiple vehicle-based AI solutions, such as ANPR and vehicle metadata, illegal parking which provide more attributes of vehicles for easy control, quick search and business analysis. It is widely used in urban roads, residential community entrances, parking lots and toll stations.
By extracting and comparing plate numbers with database, ANPR helps managers of parking lots and city roads improve efficiency of vehicle management with functions like Blacklist Alarm and VIP Recognition. ANPR also supports Vehicle Tracking, which helps police efficiently locate the suspicious car according to the crosschecking result. For now ANPR is able to recognize plate numbers in over 58 countries.

WizMind with Thermal Technology

WizMind combines deeping learning algorithms with thermal imaging technology to help users achieve ultra-long distance monitoring in harsh environments, non-contact temperature monitoring and early fire prevention.
With an accuracy of ±0.3℃ and a speed that monitors 3 people per second, Dahua High Accuracy Body Temperature Monitoring Solution has been widely applied to transportation hubs, financial institutions, commercial complexes, schools and other places all over the world, joining the global efforts in the pandemic prevention and control.

WizMind Ecosystem

Initiating openness and collaboration, Dahua WizMind series is compatible with mainstream 3rdparty technology partners, such as Milestone, AxxonSoft, ISS and others. Furthermore, WizMind Ecosystem provides the DHOP and sufficient API for our technology partners, enabling them to combine real AI joint solutions to our common customers, and a series of marketing activities will be engaged with our ecosystem partners.
Dahua WizMind, a high-end AI series, aims to serve demanding scenarios in many vertical industries. With the mission of “Enabling a safer society and smarter living”, Dahua Technology will continue to focus on “Innovation, Quality and Service” to serve its partners and customers around the world.

Dahua WizSense is a series of AI products and complete end-to-end
solution based on deep-learning. focuses on human and vehicle,
benefiting everyone with intelligent functions, simple configuration and
inclusive products.

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Shop N Save fiji, SANASA Development Bank, AB DNB Bank, Allianz Parque
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Dahua WizMind Series is ranked 2nd in Network Video Recorders (NVR) while Dahua WizSense Series is ranked 1st in Network Video Recorders (NVR). Dahua WizMind Series is rated 0.0, while Dahua WizSense Series is rated 0.0. On the other hand, Dahua WizMind Series is most compared with Dahua Pro Series, Hikvision DS Series and Dahua Ultra Series, whereas Dahua WizSense Series is most compared with Hikvision DS Series, Dahua Pro Series, Honeywell MAXPRO NVR Series and Synology Network Video Recorder.

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