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What is CA Tape Encryption?

CA Tape Encryption is designed to be an innovative, flexible, easily implemented and comprehensive z/OS® tape encryption solution.
It helps ensure that your data is protected from breaches—even if your tapes fall into the wrong hands.

CA Tape Encryption helps you safeguard your sensitive data and automate full lifecycle key management. And it can be implemented without the need to purchase expensive and complex hardware.

With this mainframe solution, you can take steps to shield your company from fines, costly corrective processes and the negative publicity that can occur when personal and business-critical data are compromised. CA Tape Encryption helps you implement your security strategy while containing costs by:

Encrypting any application data as it is written to z/OS tape
Automating the cryptography process

CA Tape Encryption Customers
Rogers Communication, Sky, Gaumont, Vodafone Turkey
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