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COO at

Monday is one of the more expensive tools available.

The columns don't have descriptions. I would love to be able to write an explanation for a column. I'm only able to label and title it. 

Based on each group, I wish each group could have a snippet. The top of the board has a little note section or a summary, however, sometimes I do it by vendor, where each group on a particular board is a type of vendor, where maybe we have co-packing projects or something like that going on. Therefore, it gets complex. 

If a new employee were to come in, it requires a lot of training to get them to understand the board, as there are things they just have to know. For example, a certain vendor is a type of lab to which we have to submit testing to, and we send specific types of products to certain labs. There's no way for me to write a little blurb about each group, rather than putting in a dummy or test item and having a comment section on that, which looks funny. The same thing goes for each of the columns. If you were able to hover over and be able to see it the way that you see a long text, if you hover over the long text boxes, you can see the whole thing. And if you were able to do that same function for one of the groups or column headings, it would be really helpful.

There wasn't much onboarding assistance. There are still things that, since we have a number of companies and I'm super busy going to these webinars, I sign up and I never can quite attend. It would be nice if there was a little bit of hands-on onboarding help. The same way that HubSpot, for instance, has its team reach out to you to say, "Hey, how can we improve?" I've organized it so that I could grab all kinds of KPIs and make my dashboard super intuitive and really gather a bunch of important information that I could use to improve the business, however, nobody really assists with that.

There are learning modules where I could go in, however, I'm very specific about the things I need to accomplish, and sitting on an hour-long video that doesn't pertain to my exact situation, where I have to play around with it more. Surely, I play around with things and I'm better than most at software stuff, as we have a software company, therefore, I'm used to dealing with this kind of thing. However, with the setup time, it would be really cool if they reached out to say, "Hey, if there's anything that I know you know that this software can do, that you're not utilizing since you just don't have the time to watch a bunch of videos and play around with it."

It was difficult to get to adopt it, however, it's fundamental now to how we run the business. We couldn't function without it, at this point, unless I adopted something new and applied the same, just I've invested so much time into creating processes around Monday.

With automation, I've gotten to the point where managing the boards is somebody's half of their job. Managing a Monday board is half of somebody's time. While it's a lot of work to use it, it does a lot of things that eliminate a lot of work that would need to be manual if we were using Excel or something that's free.

The clocking in and clocking out for people who are doing projects could be improved. I know that there's an integration that I could do with something called Time, or there are a number of others that I can connect to, however, it's got the functionality to do it. We're trying to use just Monday to do that clocking in, and clocking out, on various projects, however, it could be better. 

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Ben Davidson - PeerSpot reviewer
Front End Developer at a marketing services firm with 1-10 employees

Speed and reliability need to be better. I don't mean that in a very basic, "Oh, we can't log in." Rather, there are issues with connectivity. That happens with anything at any sort of scale. I understand that. A bigger issue definitely is speed. It can run very slowly at times. A lot of the time we don't have issues, however, there are plenty of times when switching between views takes a long time, and I recognize they're doing on-the-fly queries with a lot of data. That's hard to do, hard to speed up, however, it does impact our workflow. That can really slow us down, particularly when we're trying to do a quick project check-in and we have to switch between two projects or more than one project and more than one person, having to drill down between those different contexts can be pretty cumbersome if it's a project at any sort of scale.

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Head of Projects at Smart Media SA

I would love it if the milestones could appear in bold. Seeing this would help me so much. I would also like charts to have a bit more functionality without me having to purchase the 3rd party analytics and reports app. 

Automations could also be a bit more flexible. I find that I cannot customize my automations for Slack as much as I need. For example, I would like to send a notification to my team on Slack when a certain date arrives and only if the "probability rating" is at 3 stars (using the rating column).

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Founder & CEO at Falkor Digital

I'd like better CRM integrations. It currently does not stand up to HubSpot or SalesForce when it comes to integrating well as a CRM. Improvements there would be huge. 

I'd hugely appreciate a more price effective solution to scaling up and down my employees as well. It gets very expensive to scale. 

Also having a "lite" version of the application for executive user's who just don't have the ability or time to dive into the full version of the platform. Something like a customizable view link for either execs or clients who just need snapshots of specific things. 

I could also use the ability to separate companies. I run two companies in and it's very challenging to separate notifications for different users and companies. 

Also, I need more features for mobile. I can't seem to delete action items on mobile or have other basic abilities that would allow me to be more independent from my computer. Also, I'd like better integration with iCloud for managing files on mobile. 

Lastly, they should offer PDF annotation directly in-app would. I could provide feedback without the need to download the file or use external applications. 

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Information Technology Manager at Big Chief Tire

There should be on-screen PC/Mac notifications when the website/service is not open on the screen. If they made it similar to a social media notification, that would be a bonus. From what I've been able to find, this is not a current feature with 

Another area of improvement would probably be a form of inclusion from outside sources of communication. I would love to be able to read a notification on an Apple Watch, use voice-to-text to respond to the said notification, and then have that response get added to the assignment in question.

Again, these may already be implemented in some form or fashion, however, I have yet to find them.

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Timea Barrack - PeerSpot reviewer
Business Development Manager at Imre Borsanyi CPA

They improve the product regularly. We just go with the flow as it works perfectly for us.

The solution should have better integration. We have, for example, Ignition, our online contract platform. When the clients sign the contract online, it would be awesome if it could trigger and create a task immediately. Right now, we are doing it manually. We were trying to connect with Ignition through Zapier, however, it was too complicated. Therefore, integration would be awesome.

They need a bigger server or more space on whatever they keep this website on. Sometimes, when we have a huge board, it gets slow. They might need more resources.

The product could have more templates.

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Project Manager at Pell Insulation Ltd.

Service being down happens to often. They need to create a desktop version that stores the info locally so that when their servers are down, I can keep working and accessing my data. Then it could be uploaded when their servers are online.

I would like to also see improvements to the map and phone number columns. I think is based out of the UK. When entering locations, it always suggests addresses not in our country. When adding phone numbers, it doesn't recognize some area code and it enters it as if it was a European number. 

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Manager, Operations/Installations at Decor Window Fashions LLC

Sometimes automation is delayed, which can lead to duplicate items being created. 

There are occasional outages, however, they are usually resolved quickly. 

We also use the program to track our scheduling. Any kind of integration with scheduling software would be a great help. 

As I mentioned, we have been implementing the forms, however, it would be great if we had the option to view the items created by the forms in that same form format.  

I haven't tried the calendar integrations recently, however, it would also be great if a scheduled item could link to an Outlook calendar and also export all of the item information into that calendar item.

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Marketing Manager at Brybelly Holdings

I wish the Time Tracking features were a little more robust. We are interested in replacing Toggl with Monday's in-built time tracking features so that we can consolidate more of our internal software into Monday, but the time tracking features aren't quite there yet.

For example, if a task is assigned to multiple people, and User One tracks two hours while User Two tracks three hours, Monday's reporting through their dashboard will show that both users tracked five hours, and it looks like ten hours were spent in total. Since so many of our processes are in collaboration, this feature as it stands is pretty useless to us and forces us to use an external piece of software to handle it (and we don't particularly like Toggl's reporting).

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Music Director at Lakehouse Music Academy

I'm very satisfied and don't have much to say regarding immediate improvement feedback. If it doesn't exist, perhaps there could be a simplified view of all personal tasks that haven't yet been completed. 

"My Work" is a board that is supposed to take care of this. I find that I sometimes have used the "status" column has input values other than done, working on it, etc., which conflicts with this bigger picture, and over the years is building up in a way that looks daunting as I'm not sure how to go back and mark it another way, so I skip it. This could be my own user malfunction. 

Generally, I'm quite happy with the software. 

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Founder at Givr Packaging

There are two main areas I would like to see really improve: 

1) Integrations with QuickBooks Online, and 

2) Easier transfer of data, sheets, and specifically calculations from Google Sheets. 

Currently, we run our accounting on Quickbooks Online and we are forced to use their reporting tools to bring out the data we want to see. I would much rather have Quickbooks integration that allows us to more seamlessly pull transactions into Monday in real-time and allow us to manipulate that data on the Monday interface. 

With Google Sheets, we are using a large spreadsheet that has many calculations in it. I would like to move all of that to We are limited on a number of columns currently, and, when we tried to transfer everything over, none of it worked. That was disappointing. 

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Marketing Manager at By the Bridge with Cambian

The workload section has improved, however, there are still areas for improvement in terms of things that don't quite work as they should.  

When changing a date in this format it reverts back to the previous date unless we physically go into the board. It's also sometimes tricky to pull in the correct dates. The board limit could do with being increased in this section as for me personally with the number of different projects we have our list of boards is growing.

It would also be good to have a way of filing old boards so that they do not automatically appear in things like the work schedule.

It would be nice to have some more training such as webinar opportunities and refresher courses. I don't appear to have been invited on one of these for quite a while and I found them to be really useful in the past.

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Marketing Operations Manager at Schomp Automotive Group

We'd like to have the ability to start a screen record or screen grab that a user can initiate from Then we could start a recording or screenshot directly from the project management tool and upload it directly into a task. If it needs to be redone, you simply don't attach it. If it's good to go, post it in the task and tag the needed resources to see it.

A ticketing system for outside users should be researched. We currently integrate Typeform into and have outside clients make requests there that populate Monday with the details. should create its own ticketing system so clients can make requests that assign to our team, receive a ticket number, and get updates as we move the project along. Once the project is finished, the requestor receives an automated email letting them know it's complete.   

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President / CEO / Owner at Flatley Read LLC

I wish there was an option to pay for one-on-one technical assistance rather than watch tutorial videos. Sometimes I don’t have the time or bandwidth to seek my own solutions. I love the tutorials when I have time to learn new skills, however, sometimes I just need a solution immediately so I can move on to the next thing. A fee-for-service technical assistance session, sold in blocks of time, would be extremely attractive to those of us who sometimes just need to throw money at our problems. This would be worth whatever they charged on a day with a million deadlines. 

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Troy-Hewitt - PeerSpot reviewer
Deputy Executive Director at Brand New Congress

It's always great to get more training support for new folks. We highly recommended it so that you are able to get the most out of the platform. 

This isn't a platform where you scrimp on the training and send one person to bring back knowledge. Monday is different things to different people, and context matters. Everyone should be immersed in its workings if you want to truly revolutionize your organization. 

The feature set is so robust, that my suggestions are really quite narrow in scope - as basic as expanding the color palette to folders in a workspace. 

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Operations Specialist at High Plains Robotics

Sometimes the limit of parts on a board (500 units) can inhibit growth. I have used multiple boards to achieve things that I had hoped to do on with one due to this limit. 

Also, there needs to be an implementation of a better way to time track in order to use Monday as a payroll tracking system for employees. A clear clock in and clock out that can track up to 1/4 hours would be useful. This improvement to the time tracking would be what I would most like to see come out on a future release. It would definitely bridge so many gaps that lack in the accounting software that we use on a daily basis.

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Juan Mendoza - PeerSpot reviewer
General Manager at a tech services company with 1-10 employees

It's hard to say if there are any features missing from the solution, as it already offers more than the others. In my experience, I would say it would be better if it could have a better user experience. It's a bit laggy and it's not immediately responsive. It would be great if they could improve a bit on the performance. Sometimes it takes a little while to upload items. You can have a lot of bugs.

The solution has dashboards, however, you have a limited amount. You may only get ten when you need closer to 30. We often need to create many boards. For example, we might need one board per customer. If we have more than ten customers, we run out of boards available. I'm not sure if you can pay more in order to get more or if it's just a design limitation. It's unclear. In any case, they should be more generous. has a feature called notifications. Every time somebody updates one tag, your foreign tag appears as a notification. I wrote to them about having those notifications as a dashboard, so you are not having to go to the notifications center to look at all of the notifications.

Their dark mode is blue. It sometimes feels a little bit overwhelming with so much color in it, however, the light one is super bright. If I could pick one other thing to fix, I would tell them to adjust their dark mode to a bit of gray and not make it so blue.

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Inbound Marketing Specialist at

It would be great if there was a setting where you could customize the email reminders. It is nice to get reminded about your tasks, however, if you are working on different projects at the same time, it is kinda annoying to get 75 email reminders in a day. 

If can add a feature where you can simply tick yes or no on each project if you want to get a reminder or update about it, it would be great. This will help us save time on clicking and archiving email reminders that we get on a daily basis. This might be unimportant for others but if you are time conscious employee like me. Saving 3-5 minutes a day can make a lot of difference. 

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reviewer1848171 - PeerSpot reviewer

The workload widget should work with the time-tracking column for more accuracy in managing team resources. This would allow us to take preemptive measures against team member burnout by seeing who is putting in a vast amount of hours at a glance. Conversely, we would also be able to see who isn't working very much, at a glance. We could check in and see if they need additional direction, resources, or support.

It would be phenomenal if could support voice notes like What's App and Instagram do. This would take team communication up a notch for sure.

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Operations Manager / Bookkeeper at Revolutions Bookkeepers

Once timers are cleared, there is no way to recover this data. I would love for there to be an option to "undo" or find this time in an archive when accidentally cleared.

I have found that the time trackers are a bit tricky in that if someone else assigns me to a project, the time is tracked under their name, instead of mine. This has been a bit of an issue for us. 

I would also like to see a way to customize boards where the columns do not continue all the way down so that each group can be customized independently of one another.

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Associate Pastor at First Baptist Curch Cedar Hill

We are very happy with the current state of the product. 

It would be helpful if there were a little more flexibility with user numbers and the ability to add guests for a period of time. For instance, if we are doing a major event that requires a dozen volunteers, it would be wonderful if there were some cost-effective way to give them all access to one particular board for a period of time. I understand this may not work with the business model, however, being able to allow people temporary access to a single board or even the ability to simply view a board and get alerts without breaking the bank would be icing on the cake. 

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Owner at Mansur Solar

We'd like it if it was possible to create two separate environments that mirror each other - one productive ("real") and the other for testing. That would be kind of like what some ERPs have, just to allow users to move and experiment and throw around different formats. When you finish, you could apply changes to a productive environment. That would be a cool feature.

Another feature I would like to see is to have a brief explanation of what a certain function does. Maybe a mouseover, or, as you roll the mouse to the top right of the page, it displays a text describing the end results that you can achieve with a specific function.

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Cailin Diana - PeerSpot reviewer
Graphic Designer at Content Merchants

I am incredibly happy with the desktop experience of, however, I struggle to use the mobile version of's mobile app would be an incredibly useful tool allowing me to manage jobs and touch base with my team on the go, however, the mobile app is not suited to a mobile user's experience. The mobile app is similar to the desktop app just smaller; I find that the information is cramped and hard to navigate. The desktop format is not suited for a mobile user experience and I think that the user experience of the mobile app needs to be completely rethought.

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Director of Communication at The Loken Group

The product could improve:


Automation is often glitchy for us. Maybe we have too many automations set up? Sometimes it will move the project, just with a lag time, and sometimes it doesn't move the project at all. 


Our designers have some key challenges with tracking KPIs around project time tracking in Time tracking is pretty difficult to remember to initiate and they also need to be able to track the overall project timeframe. For example, they want to know the project, all told, took them six hours, however, they also need to know that it took three weeks from start to finish.

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Michael Yinger - PeerSpot reviewer
COO and Co-Founder and Director at Resume Sieve

There is very little to improve with  

Occasionally, it takes some time to get a response from customer success, though they are always helpful. The help system is very extensive, allowing us to resolve most of our questions on our own.  

There are no features that come to mind to be added. They are so far ahead on the product roadmap; we're continually playing catch-up via the monthly webinars to be sure we're taking advantage of the new features they have been dreaming up. It's a great plus for how they handle enhancements.

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CEO at Ass

The new Apple Mac Book Pro lineup was launched more than two years ago and still, this platform is not compatible with the Mac App. This doesn't mean it won't work, however, the optimizing process and experiences could work better and exactly like the Web App you currently use when browsing Safari, Mozilla, Chrome, etc. Rosetta comes in handy, however, the M1 Max compatibility for the new Macs is a must. Also, there are a lot of features that the Mac App doesn't offer and the Web App does - such as payments and other things.

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Senior Communications Specialist at Jones Healthcare Group

Perhaps a direct interface integration with social media channels would be ideal. We use Monday to schedule our social media posts. However, once everything is approved on, we copy and paste it to another platform and then published it on a specific social media platform. Ideally, we could just publish straight from

Currently, we use Falcon to schedule and publish on our social media channels, however, the whole planning and approval process takes place on

A social integration directly from will take away one step and the cost of another platform.

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Humanitarian Coordinator at Act for Peace

There are so many features and possibilities that I am not yet aware of or adept at using, which may be limiting my experience. To learn these, I need to spend more time exploring the site and tutorials on offer, however, time is often not a luxury I have. I have resorted to using the tool at the most simple level to list tasks and mark progress as I go. Therefore, I would say that the key limitation I face is that I don't find the tool to be fully intuitive as more time is required for me to learn how to use it optimally.

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Social Media Manager at La Boutique du Stationnement

In terms of synchronization, maybe some tools can be more synchronized. For example, with Facebook Ads, we can ad campaigns and still, everything is not synchronized and is not as useful as the Facebook ads tool if we want to make reports. 

Also maybe it could be useful to make a better connection between tables. When we write something in one item, it doesn't synchronize with the one linked in another board. 

It could be interesting to have Microsoft Teams tools and also Outlook email on it and more integrated.

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Communications Manager at The Bhutan Foundation

While there are most of the features that users aspire to see in managing daily plans and tasks, they could focus to bring in extensive and comprehensive features of project management and grant management.

For instance, a non-profit might want to use the platform to fully manage their project information and database without a need to go for another platform or system. This feature should include all basic and advanced features of project management.

Another feature could be to have grant management features. If an organization wants to generate a report on how much they have spent on certain projects, it should easily be able to do from the platform dashboard without much hassle.

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Andrea  Dumancela - PeerSpot reviewer
Vice Chancellor at Unidad Educativa Vigotsky

It should be cheaper. 

It should have more options to create panels.

It should also have options to share the boards or some info directly to Gmail. 

In premium accounts, the amount of transactions allowed is so low. We have not been able to integrate more apps due to this limitation. 

There is not enough information in Spanish. Most of my users do not speak English. It has been hard to learn to use all the functions.

I would also want some plans with fewer permissions. Maybe they could have access to just one board so that accounts could be cheaper. We have 80 teachers and we need that they are enrolled in just one board. We do not want to pay just for one board. 

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Operations Lead, Vendor Merch Ops at Goop Inc. Limited

BCC Outlook integrations could be better. I'd love to set up an automation that emails myself and BCCs an entire list of emails (our vendors) when I need to respond in bulk to any vendors that have a specific status on their PO or are past a deadline. I cannot overstate how much time and effort this would save our company. 

A way to update existing line items when a new line is created that contains the same selected value (name) as the line already on the board would be great. I ask vendors to submit tracking, for instance, for a purchase order (name). I have to manually copy-paste each one. It would be nice if it simply automatically updated the line item (and then delete the submitted line).

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Business Development Director at Payne Auto Group

The tablet display is confusing and difficult to use. Most of my team works on tablets and they prefer the desktop view since it compresses some items.

For possible features maybe some more aggressive notifications - like "this comment was added and mentioned no one, would you like to see it?" Sometimes we forget to mention it and someone replied and we never saw it till we opened it up.

Notifications could be controlled by management instead of per person. I have a few employees that forget to mark off their tasks. However, if we could automate to alert them that would be better.

We need a broken link checker.

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Loan Analyst at Bluefire Mortgage Group

More demos on how to navigate and set up certain functions could be helpful. There are a lot of features that do not get utilized for the simple reason that people do not know how to make them work. If there were more step-by-step processes, the public could learn how to utilize every feature Monday has to offer. There is a learning curve to having the board work for you. However, overall, it is very simple to use and the features need more exposure to help those who may take advantage of the automation.

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Rigging Supervisor, CEO at Lets Rig IT

We'd like an optional project header image. This would help us to get oriented on what the project is about. The image can say much more than words very fast. 

Expanding the analysis to contain all boards in a specific folder without having to add them manually would be ideal. 

The same analysis but for all Members, optionally guests, to see their activity, capacity, performance meeting deadlines or their cost-effectiveness (Time / Cost) would be great. This would help us to evaluate team and company performance and make better management decisions. 

We would welcome support for Quicktime video formats being able to play in the Posts (pulses).

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Consultant Project Lead at Marketinger

Reliability has had issues these last few weeks. We noticed that the platform is down from time to time for several minutes.

Some boards are just buggy. For example, we are not able to see tracked times from other people and cannot add a new update. After contacting support they were unable to help. The problem is strangely happening on just one account and the only fix that we have found was to create a duplicate board where the problem looks fixed. 

Other than reliability problems we are really happy with the solution itself.

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System Administrator at Figment Design Laboratories

I would love to see better integration with Google Suite. It would be nice to be able to update/delete/move tasks/items from within a Google Chat window.

Built-in metrics regarding the performance of a specific user or project would be great so that we are able to accurately predict future delays or pitfalls.

I would love a Linux Ubuntu app for and not just have it browser-based. It would be beneficial in our environment if I could tie updates in with my Git push/pulls commentary. 

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Head of Media Production at Sacret-Life

The solution could be improved by adding more plugins for Adobe (not just Photoshop) and adding a plugin for Discord. Our creative team loves using Discord as the main source for communications. If there was a plugin that would combine the two that would be amazing. Similar to the plugin for Photoshop, we would love to see another plugin where we could see in the threads updates of the projects, if the project is done, and if the project is stuck (and needs some helping hands). If this would be all synchronized it would help our team a lot.

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Designer & Marketing Manager at Root Fifty-Two

When replying to colleagues, it would be useful to see the formatting options (bold, bullets, etc.). You can only see these when composing the first message. 

Subitems from subitems would also be beneficial at some point in the future. 

The 'My Work' section could be improved. At the moment, the jobs are listed by date - i.e. overdue, today, this week, etc., however, it would be better to see these by each client and to see them in the exact way we do in the normal view of Monday (or at least be given that option).

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reviewer1848363 - PeerSpot reviewer

Coordination with different social media platforms would be a convenient feature. If the scheduled posts from could somehow actually get posted from the schedule without the user having to go in and post at the scheduled time, that would be a time saver. 

A Zoom-like feature or a conference call feature would also be cool to see. It would convenient to have the video call within, and a split-screen or a shared screen feature so everyone could see specifically which task, board, or document the speaker was looking at. 

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Flood Insurance Specialist at Best Flood Insurance

The web page can be a bit buggy at times, especially after I switch to a different tab and then come back to the Monday site after leaving it idle for a few minutes. 

Certain functions like moving tasks to different groups/boards will suddenly not actually work. The page will say "X has been moved" however it will still be sitting there on the same page where it started. Sometimes I will try to organize a group of information and the page will give an error and not allow the change to happen.

My usual response is just to refresh the page, and the issue almost always resolves itself.

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Graphic Designer at Celebrity Ink™ Tattoo Studios

I loved the new feature of the page document inside The only one that we don't use as much is uploading the files to be accessed on Monday. 

Now, we are using a cloud option and then we send the link on Monday to the other team members. It was too slow and with some bugs sometimes. We had to download a simple image to see it instead be able to check directly on Monday (the bug was that the image didn't appear when enlarged). Having a different section just with the functionality as a cloud service so you can organize and see the files better would be great. 

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Global Manager, Brand Engagement at Aircall

More customizations for automation would be useful. Sometimes, the built-in options are limiting and do not allow for the intended workflow. 

Also, I find the data input aspect tedious. If there were more automated ways of updating boards that'd make it easier to maintain. While I love Monday, getting others in the company to adopt it can be a real challenge. 

Lastly, I wish there were better tools for integrating work from each project. For example, as an event planner, I may have several event boards with different collaborators. Each event has various tasks and responsibilities and deadlines that I am personally responsible for. However, there is no seamless way to integrate all of my personal responsibilities into one space where I can easily manage the tasks. I understand I can assign them to myself and work that way, however, I just find it clunky and I wish Monday could show a little more love to the personal task management/organization side vs. being mostly a collaboration tool.

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Sales & Design Specialist at Masaya & Co- Seed to Seat Furniture

The program has enough. Maybe they could improve a bit more on how to connect with other apps - especially for CRMs like Hubspot. Monday already has a little bit of everything, however, if it could connect with other platforms it would be even more powerful. The automation that Monday includes are good, however, they should add more. Maybe they need to include spaces where everyone can keep their day-to-day journal. This would be especially useful for project managers. 

In general, Monday is already a super complete app that has everything and they can make integrations with other applications that would be ideal.

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Owner at Architekt Music

I'd love it if there was an instant messenger built into the product so I could talk with other teammates live in-product, as opposed to needing another solution like Slack, Google for chat, or Signal. 

I'd also like to see conditional logic on forms included in future releases (kind of like conditional logic). 

I would love if there was an integration with to make call scheduling a bit easier and more integrated. At this time, I have to manually move data, updates, and appointments between Calendly and

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Referral Engagement at Geon Training Solutions

The one thing that I would change about Monday is the boards. I would find it much easy to have a board where you can have different items in each group of the same board. Instead, it should have the same information pre-set when you add another group.

The system could collate information from other boards easier. The mirror system, while being good, was somewhat confusing to figure out even with the helpful videos that are on the system. They do give you step-by-step instructions on how you would do this, however, I was still confused.

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Manager of Customer Success - Onboarding & Support at Curaytor

It is difficult to create templates for repeat use cases. For example, I have created six different items that have unique subitems based on the service or package someone has. When a client signs, I choose the appropriate item "template" based on their package. I then have to duplicate that item and move the subitems to the new client's item that was created. Once that is done, I then have to update all the subitems within that item to assign them to the correct owners. We rotate implementation specialists and designers, so we can't have this preset. 

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Senior Web Developer at Property Shop Investment LLC

The Graphic User Interface (GUI) needs improvement. Sometimes it is hard to manage the GUI of the We are getting confused about the menus, and other functionalities as well. 

For the 3rd party apps, it would be perfect if we will have a connection for some 3rd party apps like Facebook Ads or Google Ads. Something to help us manage these apps on will be perfectly awesome. Also, they need to add a function where we can save a template of a group. We are always duplicating a group and we don't want to include any updates and comments.

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Digital Marketing Specialist at Nonin Medical, Inc.

It would be helpful to have a direct comparison table/spreadsheet for versus Asana and the many other project management software platforms. Our department recognizes that is the right tool for us to use given our team size and use case, however, our IT department has been pushing us to consolidate software platforms and the use case for has been brought into question since they are most familiar with Asana

It would also be helpful to have a social media connection between the platform and the various social channels (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.). It would eliminate our need to use and a social media management tool when publishing social content. 

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Parenting Coach at Parent Coach Atlanta

It would be helpful if I could integrate Google Docs with Monday somehow. I keep spreadsheets in Google Docs to track my income and keep track of my sales goals. I have not figured out yet how to do that on 

I also would love to be able to export Monday boards to Google docs somehow. I plan on expanding my business to teach other parenting coaches to run a successful business and I know I'll recommend Monday. Perhaps I should take some online classes so I can learn more about the features I am not using?

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Director Of Web Development at Beyond Marketing, LLC

I would love it if there was a way to update multiple cells at once with the same data point. For instance, if I have 20 items that all have a deadline of 3/24, I'd love to be able to update them all at one time rather than individually.

I would love to have a way to hide an entire group within a board from the client for internal conversations. This may exist; I just haven't figured it out yet if that's the case.

Honestly, those are the only two things I have run into, other than that, I have everything I need.

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Founder at Secrétariat Excellence

J'archive les données, mais je ne sais pas où les trouver ni comment. Lors de mes tests, j'ai cru voir tous les fichiers archivés triés sans ordre et sans savoir d'où ils venaient. 

J'ai toujours du mal à comprendre comment connecter des colonnes entre elles d'une table à l'autre. Enfin, lorsque vous souhaitez transférer certains éléments d'une table à une autre cela ne fonctionne pas sans colonnes préexistantes. Vous devez recréer les colonnes. Il se peut que j'aie besoin de formation, mais je n'ai pas beaucoup de temps pour cela.

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reviewer1848360 - PeerSpot reviewer

Constant updates mean the service is down sometimes, which isn't ideal. 

There are many features we haven't explored yet so sometimes we find the database slightly clunky. However, this could be because we haven't explored the range of apps available. 

Since our team didn't use Monday until more recently, it can mean they're not used to knowing all of its advantages and apps. This means we can double up on information being inputted into Monday. Again, I would put this down to user error over the effectiveness of Monday. 

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Research Associate 2 at Hesperos Inc

There are occasional glitches in the system that cause the website to be down temporarily. Otherwise, it is fairly reliable. In the next release, I would like the ability to click and drag multiple items at the same time. Some tasks we separate by task so when we duplicate tasks we have to move them separately. In addition, there should be a way to convert the board view into a calendar view. This would help when visualizing project timelines over month-long spans. Another change would be to automatically sort tasks in date order when the date is added to a task. 

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Creative Director | Africa at a non-profit with 501-1,000 employees

The user communication aspect could be improved. We need it on-platform for all our team interactions. is what we were using for managing all our work, yet still needed is a tool like Slack for more detailed communication and updates.

We haven’t quite found the same level of Communication within while understanding that this is more a tool for project management. However, communication is centered around specific tasks.

We’re managing to make it work with an extra communication too. Perhaps we just had to take some time to adjust how we work.

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Marketing Coordinator at Paul N. Gardner Company

I've been using for over two years and nothing major comes to mind. New features are implemented all the time, which I find super helpful, however, are items I wouldn't have thought of on my own. 

I do find the emails too frequent and notifications or inbox for things that aren't tagged for me inconvenient and occasionally confusing. The links to the line item they reference don't always work and it's hard to understand how to clear them as new notifications. Sometimes it takes several times of clearing them or logging into the next time for them to disappear. 

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Project Engineer - Building Mechanical Services at CBD Facility Management

They should maybe add a filter feature in files in the item filter: .jpg, .pdf, .doc. (different files). It may be helpful to combine or flag duplicate file names. 

The solution shouldn't let the system directly pull out Outlook (the Windows default mail system) whenever we click on an email address. Both in the column and in the update context. We're not sure if this is a Monday issue or a Window setting issue. 

Custom Automations should have more customized options. For example, when a date changes. Not all the features in the automation are brought into the Custom Automation, however, I'm not able to name all of them. 

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Content Strategist at Form & Function

It would be great to have more options on the form for external use, and an easier exporting option for client answers (rather than copying and pasting from each section). For example, right now we are limited in the questions we can ask our clients when they fill out a form. They are also limited with the lines and spacing. So allowing us to customize this to our needs would be helpful. It would be helpful to also have a calendar section with different options to select per board, etc, where it could lay out what the calendar looks like for the month or week based on the due dates. 

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Education Coordinator at Turnip Green Creative Reuse

I don't have any feedback for improvement - I love the site. The idea behind a project management platform is that it makes your lives easier rather than adding yet another tool your team doesn’t know how to use. 

In less than an hour, you and your team will know all you need to know—without relying on professional training. There’s an extensive knowledge base with hundreds of video tutorials to help you get started, troubleshoot problems, and get your crew up to speed. When we were introduced, we loved the concept and didn't even need training for it. has tons of features and capabilities. However, you’ll need to upgrade your plan to actually benefit the most from these tools. For example, Gantt charts and timeline views aren’t available with the entry-level plan. To access time tracking and private boards, you’ll need to upgrade to a higher level.

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Director Of Operations at Livable

It would be great to have better email integration so that you could have all of your inboxes consolidated there. Right now, my email account is the only other page I have open most of the time. It would be great to consolidate further.

Also, we need a better place to aggregate all of our tasks. You can in the "My Work" section, however, you are limited to what data is shown there. It would be really great if you had more columns to include any data from any board so you could do all of your work from there instead of going to each board separately.

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Project Manager at 500 Designs

I have to use a ton of filters to get the exact data I want on an overview board. My goal is to see everyone on my team's projects/capacity. My team is not the entire organization/not inclusive of everyone on a given board.

Also, I can't total up hours or anything on sub-items. It just counts them. I want to be able to add numbers as I can in normal items and see the total at the bottom of a group.

I also wish I could more easily see a list of tasks for a given team member for the week. I can see my own tasks, however, it's hard to filter through everyone to see my team's tasks. I wish I could just add everyone on my team to a team to only see what they are doing each week.

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Materials Manager at Howland Technology

There are so many new add-ons and updates. I am always so impressed to see new columns, board types, and subcategories created. We are starting to look into using the subcategories on our items. We are excited to see how we can employ this feature on our shipping calendar for ease of use. We have also started using the Monday windows app instead of the browser and we really enjoy the UI. 

The only issue we have now is that Monday sometimes crashes and does not recognize a change we make. This can be frustrating creating some extra work. For the time being, downtime has been minimal. 

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Executive Director at Visual Anarchy

The only thing I'd adjust is this little tiny user interface thing. And that's if I'm being super nitpicky. As far as I know, when I make a new entry on a Board, and I'm putting in the first piece of information, you can't just hit return or tab to the next element. It clicks off on the screen somewhere and clicks back. i.e. Enter Name, but then you finish, and if the next option is Status of Conversation you have to click off and then click it to edit it. 

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reviewer1843143 - PeerSpot reviewer

Having more integrations for different specialties that use Monday would be great. Monday is awesome as it is, however, expanding would also be helpful. 

Monday should have people reach out to different heads of businesses in different sectors to see how they use Monday and create more templates and maybe even videos on how they use it so there are more ways for people who are just starting out to find more examples to see how to tailor Monday to their needs. 

I met up with a specific immigration attorney who helps immigration firms organize and pull their business to more paperless solutions she introduced us to Monday and showed us how she uses it and we tailored it for our needs. 

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Communications Specialist at Northeastern REMC

There are so many bells and whistles that I don't feel like I'm using Monday to its full potential. I know that's on me, however, maybe offering more webinars or having users show other users how they use Monday, in full detail with examples would help. Perhaps having industry-related groups that could have a "show and tell" every month would be helpful. I'd love to find someone who has a job similar to mine in the same industry show me how they use Monday. There are so many options and ways to use it effectively. 

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Partner Digital at Porcupine Union

Perhaps a nice Outlook plugin to copy tasks from Outlook would be beneficial. The same could work on Gmail. I have seen similar productivity App Store links to the specific emails and when you click on them you can go directly to Outlook/Gmail and view the request. Currently, we forward all the emails to the board, however, it can get messy when multiple signatures and replies, etc start happening - especially if we cc the board's email address.

A quick paste feature for screenshots would be very handy.

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Marketing Manager at Mango Publishing

Monday, the service, can be improved with even greater integration and configuration. It would be great to get company-specific features depending on the specialty of the company. For example "technology, small business, publisher" etc. 

Another feature that would be beneficial is a Google Calendar integration. It would be great if due dates can be added to the calendars of specific team members. This would help to keep team members on top of projects, especially if the individual does not go on Monday every day.

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Consultora Inbound at a marketing services firm with 11-50 employees

Monday is excellent for collaboration between partners and team members, however, it would be great if there could be a way to have clients on Monday, and not just to share information. That is something you can already do. Instead, we'd like to add a client as a client so they can give real-time feedback, answer questions, and see the whole project and its stages. It takes time to copy and paste things that the client could be adding on Monday, and the team can see it with no problem, with controlled access.

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Office Manager at Fossil Creek Pools

There are minor bugs that delete information or don’t autosave information placed. It doesn’t happen often, however, when it does, it is inconvenient. 

In a few instances, the dates and times of appointments were changed - which obviously caused problems. The amount of times this has happened is so few and far between like any other system that we can easily see the benefit despite the few bugs we encountered. 

What I do appreciate is Monday's quickness to respond to issues whenever I have submitted them. Any software we’ve used has had its issues. None have been as much of a "package” as Monday - so we will deal with the bugs. 

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Business Development Specialist at Strop

Overall, does a good job of providing a valuable service. It's hard for me to pinpoint any areas that I feel are significantly lacking. One area perhaps that could be improved upon would be the drag feature. For example, when I need to drag one item/project from one space and move to another. Often, it can appear to move very slowly and I end up misplacing where I am intending to put the item. Otherwise, if could increase the refresh rate of the site, that would make things a little better also.

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Shareholder at Shulman Rogers Gandal Pordy & Ecker PA

My issue is with learning about and taking advantage of, existing features.  Perhaps they need a system that suggests features and offers quick tutorials. I primarily use the basic functions of - groups, tasks, lists, due dates, searching, and file uploading.

If there was a way for to take over, or interface with, my inbox, such that my email messages became associated with a particular task, group, or board, that would be incredibly useful.  

I also would be interested in a mode designed for parties in opposition (e.g., opposing counsel) to work from the same board while staying synced to some degree with items from other boards.

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Developer at Goram & Vincent

I would enjoy my own personal board on Monday that only I can see. This board could then populate with all the tasks I've been assigned across every board on Monday so that it's all in one place and I'm not constantly switching between different boards for all my assigned tasks. 

I'd also love improvements to the notification and inbox section of Monday, as I find if my notifications or inbox ever start to fill up from lots of tagging there's no easy solution to mass clear these and I instead have to individually click through each one. 

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Digital Commerce Executive at Builders Warehouse | Builders Express | Builders Trade Depot

I wish there were more calculations available across boards and pulses. 

The biggest reason this would be a valuable resource is the teams could then use the calculations feature exclusively - replacing the need for Excel. This could also create a great way to manage budgets, forecasting, actual spending, and analysis of data from our campaigns. 

The tool is used already in this way, but the calculations are way too manual which means that teams often have to resort to exporting and completing calculations outside of

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Director of TRIO Talent Search Program at The Family Centered Educational Agency

They have glitches every once in a while that will put employers in a position to not be able to use the platform. 

A few weeks ago, wouldn't even come up, and on a normal day that poses a huge problem as we use this platform to ensure that employees are working on a daily basis. 

When you're not able to do that, that is a problem. I had to tell employees to record their work through email and that just creates a bunch of extra steps as opposed to logging on to Monday. I do not like this as it happened more than once. 

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Plant Manager at Visual Communications Company, LLC

Having more pre-defined formats and/or templates or having the ability to make public some formats/templates (not the information on them) would be useful.

This would support other users that could find a format that would fit their requirements and reduce the time of designing or customizing formats that could be available as a shared template.

Despite being a very friendly user tool there are people that do not have the skills to customize from zero a template and having a pre-defined shared template will make their work easier and help them to save time.

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Owner at Mansur Solar

I've had trouble trying to link or merge together a board with my team in which we can collaborate and comment on each task or file without having our client in on the early stage conversations. We'd prefer having a board shared with our clients linked to the previous one, only for reviewing and authorization purposes. If I could just click on a task that has already been approved internally by our team and automatically upload that same file on the task where our client can review it, would be awesome.

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Programme Delivery Manager at CLT International

For tasks that have a time frame, they should make it optional as to when they appear in 'My work' - as in, not just the end date of the timeframe. I'd also like to see the beginning. 

When duplicating boards it would be useful if could have the option to auto-populate the dates for the following year, as education courses run in cycles, with dates for tasks due being quite similar, year on year. This would then just leave a few date tweaks rather than having to change all the dates for each of the tasks. 

They should make it possible in the inbox to select all inbox updates and mark them as read. 

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reviewer1848378 - PeerSpot reviewer
User at Mediacom Communications Corporation

Being able to create 'sub-teams' so people in these teams can be assigned to tasks in one go and receive updates on the progress of tasks would be useful.

They need to improve the timeline view. This would be really useful to us if there was more detail in this view, particularly for longer-term planning, to figure out where we have extra capacity throughout a quarter to do additional optimizations for our campaigns. It would also be good if it was possible to get a view of this across boards to get an idea of the overall workload.

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Social Media Strategist at Social Beacon Media

I'd love to see more automation with the additional cost. 

I have not explored all the features it offers, so at this time I do not know for sure what can be improved. Perhaps having an onboarding consult so that someone could help us set up our boards in a way that makes sense for our business would be helpful. With so many options, it can be difficult to know how to improve what we're getting out of this tool without someone to help guide us. That would be my only recommendation at this time - a more hands-on onboarding process.  

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Styliana Araouzou - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Operations Analyst at Etoro

Monday has a lot of space, let's say, for improvement. Especially when you create a new board. The board is like a new project; it's called "board". When you create a new board, you add everything manually. It doesn't come with a template by default. If you want to change the status of your task, you should change it manually. Even changing the date is manual. If you have an update on the project, or if the project closed or went away, all the dates are added manually. This is time-consuming if you are comparing it with Jira. In Jira, when you open a task, the date is read automatically, which is easier. On Monday I need to add it manually.

The solution really needs to offer templates. That would be very helpful. 

I'd like to be able to add different panels under the same project. For example, at the moment I can create groups, which is fine, however, all of them include the same columns. I cannot have them in group one, five columns, and in group two, three columns due to the fact that it's under the same project, under the same board.

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Graphics Manager at TricorBraun

A little more customization on the UI would be good. There's light mode and dark mode, however, not much other customization. For what it is, it looks just fine, yet maybe something a little more aesthetically pleasing would be nicer on the eyes. 

There is an update with a new look being released soon, and I went ahead and tried it before it was released. It made the program look more like an excel spreadsheet, and literally, no one wants to see something like that. They could maybe rethink that. 

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Marketing Strategist at Eldorado Trading Company

We'd really like to have the ability to have different types of boards within a board. Sometimes we don't need the same columns for every task and we'd like to customize each task board within the motherboard. We use to have tasks with different columns and information rather than it having to be the same for every task board within the main board. This would make it so much easier for us when it comes to special projects that have varying needs and not every column will fit into the same board. 

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Project Manager at Shorr Solutions

Making adjustments to the My Work section so that it includes deadlines for multiple columns on a board instead of just one column, would be very useful. Since the update/transition was done not too long ago from the previous " My Week" section, this has been a major flaw in the My Work section. Many of our boards have multiple deadline columns and it would be great to see all of the columns in the "My Work" section, not just one. We believe this may be an issue for multiple teams, not just ours.

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Project Manager at Data Keeper

The iPad version of doesn't have the same functionality. It would be great if the app have the same views as the browser or desktop app.

The split view is not available in the iPad app, complicating the workflow designed when on the move.

A way to highlight an entire row based on the content of a cell would help currently you can only change the color of a cell-based on content.

A way to have the same pulse at different boards and to both pulses to update the matching information base on updates.

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Client Experience Director at SMB Team

The solution offers more integration features with Hubspot and more options to connect within boards. We love using My Work, however, there are also limited capabilities within boards. My Work cannot be connected to specific line items in boards or subtasks, and therefore it is currently causing a gap in communication with our team. 

An area that can be explored, similar to Salesforce, is a task board for each client. I'm not sure that this will be ideal for everyone. However, in our case, we use as both our CRM and project management software.

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Chief Executive Officer at

The solution could improve: 

  • Messenger-based communication with clients in CRM
  • Telegram integrations and notifications
  • Diagrams that better understand the timeline column (as Workload does). I really need an option to distribute the values from the "number" or "formula" column by all the days that the timeline column covers
  • Date-based diagram view (as workload or timeline view, with the diagrams)
  • Item group as a Kanban separator - not only a status column
  • Automation of timezone settings
  • More options for board-view sharing by links
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Content Writer at Invalley

Honestly, it's perfect so far. It has the simplistic, spreadsheet vibe which I love. I can't think of anything major that I want to be changed or at least I find Monday more than enough for our team's needs. 

For others who have more varied assignments, some of which require collaboration with other team members, they might find Monday insufficient. 

They're also a bit lacking in the reporting department, which isn't a big deal for us, however, it might be for other users who have more rigorous protocols when it comes to tracking. 

I also wish that subscription costs are a bit cheaper.

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Erik  Hupjé - PeerSpot reviewer
Founder & Managing Director at R2 Reliability

Without having to go to the Enterprise level, I would love to see better:

Access controls so that we can securely build boards that we can share with clients to manage their work/projects (and in our own branding and own URL).

Integration with SharePoint so that it becomes easier to find and share files stored in SharePoint.

Integration with Canva so we can add a URL from a Canva design in our social media planner and it automatically shows a preview of the post image without having to also attach the Canva design as a PDF to the item on Monday.

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Project Manager at WorK Architecture + Design

As a new hire, it was a bit complex for me to learn and understand how to use Monday. Part of that may be due to the complexities in which my company uses it, and part of that may be due to Monday. The user interface was a bit daunting at first. Although it makes sense to me now, it was hard to follow in the beginning. Now, I enjoy using it and find it very beneficial. 

In the next release, including a chat feature would be incredibly beneficial. We can comment back and forth under certain topics, however, being able to chat/instant message individually, per project, and company-wide would be helpful. 

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Director of Creative and Strategy at Chickenango Marketing Solutions

We'd love the ability to be able to build and export reports based on multiple boards. We now have to take the information out and build our own reports which takes an extra step. It would be great to add our own branding to these reports and cut out that extra step or extra program we'd need to use to make that report. 

We'd also love to be able to connect contacts to boards or have a column to connect a client contact or lead to each project instead of having to type it in, etc. We'd like to be able to connect different workspaces as well.

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Finance Manager at Rustomjee

There are many useful features already in the solution and, at regular intervals, they keep introducing new features. Generally, I don't have much to ask for, to be honest. 

The mobile application of the solution can be improved by making it more user-friendly. The application is something that I am not able to utilize to its full extent due to its complexity.

To sum up, I would say it's one of the best task management solutions I have used so far. I hope they keep up the good work.

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Business Analyst at Strop

There was one time that I had used CTRL + C to copy one of the text fields, and accidentally pasted it into all other rows/projects. I know there is an "undo" button you can click on for a few seconds, however, it would be helpful if you could undo it even after it's been a few minutes/hours. There is a functionality where you can download an older version/history, however, I needed to re-update that specific column manually - which was a pain. Other than that, everything else has been pretty good so far.

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Article Trainee at Capstone Financials

The product can be improved by allowing for some sort of autonomous deadline creation. I'm not very certain of the possibility, however, it would be great.

Another aspect of improvement that would be great would be integration with other websites or applications such as Sage and CaseWare. Being able to directly upload information and so forth back and forth between two websites or applications would create a huge game-changer, that would completely allow to the true title of "all in one place".

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Post Production Supervisor at LNC Productions

The tab closing feature is a bit vague at times. A better way to move and close/open tabs would be great. Sometimes, being the drop-down button is not as fast or intuitive as I would like but that may be screen dependent. 

I think adding a media feature would be great. Implementing instant access to projects for video teams might be helpful for media companies. How this would work, I don't know, but adding a visual component to indicate incomplete tasks would add an extra dimension to the user experience.

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UK Software Developer at Raise.Digital

There are infrequent periods of downtime which can have an impact on our usage. Since we rely very heavily on Monday, when it goes down we really feel it. These happen a little too often for our liking, however, to say they happen all the time would be an exaggeration.

There are some small usability issues which can be an inconvenience. Changing deadlines often causes the date to jump or change unexpectedly. The application tries to be live so that your colleagues changes happen in real-time. This sometimes causes problems though and it gets confused, showing you old data which you've already updated yourself.

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Marketing Project Manager at TeamSense

The docs could be improved. We need docs where we can manage content management inside of Monday. Ideally, even being able to loop in some basic SEO in a panel on the side like would be a powerful solution and would make it difficult for businesses to pull out if everything is managed inside of Monday. 

It would be nice to see changes made, who made them, and have an approval process similar to Google Docs. Having a panel where you can pull in whatever integrations (like Frase) could help you create documents. 

The more integrated people are into the product, the better.

We need the solution to integrate with Craft. We might have to switch to Airtable as the solution doesn't integrate with Craft.

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Senior Project Manager at Design Force

It would be nice to have more custom automation and also to simplify some steps to better manage a team and a workload for projects. It would also be nice to integrate a billing system in it for agencies to bill their clients.

There are some features that are overcomplicated to implement and that are not great for the user. I don't want to have to call someone every time I want to set up new automation or special board to get help. 

There are some things we would like to be able to do that the platform doesn't have integrated and a lot of other platforms are needed to make it work. 

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Program Director of Leadership Development at Temple University

I wish I understood and had taken advantage of the automation more. it was kind of hard to figure out.

While I appreciate the templates, some of them are extremely complex and not as tailored to non-profit work so they required quite a bit of customizing (but worth the trouble).  

The email log-in sensitivity would be a challenge and would lead to guests being added as members and the account getting overcharged frequently. 

I also wish the software was more affordable as I would love to use it for my small business as well. 

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Assistant Manager- Fund raising at Rustomjee

The constant reminders are very distracting. It should be once on Monday itself and not constantly. 

A walk-through should be provided for every new person enrolled, which should be initiated by the team. A calendar invite for the same should be coordinated and organized. 

It is user-friendly, however, there is still an initial dependency on the team members to understand the software. 

There should be sessions organized with calendar invites which should be sent for every update to the system. If anyone misses attending the sessions, a summary of all the points covered should be sent out to everyone who is enrolled on the system. 

There should be a helpdesk facility that helps in immediate query resolution. It should have actual people trying to identify and resolve issues and not a chatbox. 

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Senior Specialist, SEO and Content Marketing at Adtalem Global Education

It would be beneficial to have the ability to toggle between the traditional pulse view and a monthly calendar view. Sometimes I’d like to see a more high-level overview of what our content looks like for the entire month or quarter. 

For social media management, it would be incredibly useful if Monday could connect to social media platforms so that we could schedule and publish social media content directly from our calendar. For planning purposes, this would also tell us right away whether posts had too many characters or whether photo or video files are small enough for each social platform. 

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Product Development Specialist at Seint

It would be so cool to have live chat with team members when needed instead of having three different apps for work-related tasks. 

Right now, we have our task management service, which is Monday. Then, we have a separate app that allows us to shoot out messages to each other or even different teams to check in throughout the workday. This app is nice because you can let someone know when you’re still logged in for the day, when you’ve logged off, when you’re on vacation, etc. it would be great to just combine Monday and this other service.

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Saipa Article Clerk at a financial services firm with 11-50 employees

If there was an option to print out a report per client that we have time-tracked, it would be really useful. This way we can attach supporting documentation to our clients, with proof of the hours worked on for their company. 

In respect of time tracking, the reports option would be of great help in implementing invoices to clients. As we provide many services to our clients, for example, tax submissions, vat submissions, company, and individual submissions. We also provide registrations and deregistrations of various elements in businesses. Trust is vital. We are able to print out reports to support our time spent on these companies and individuals. In addition to this feature, I would like for Monday to introduce personal chats, this will help communicate and address information to related persons. 

I would also like for Monday to introduce more customizations to the columns, such as notify, approving, etc.  

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Senior Manager of Operations at Clark Nuber PS

The inbox and notifications section is not great, therefore, we don't use the comments field to communicate with each other. We instead communicate outside of the platform in Microsoft Teams. 

It is hard to maintain when you have linked boards, automation, etc. It can doa lot, however, that means it requires a lot of upkeep too. We didn't purchase the Enterprise package. Our representative mentioned that would have provided advice and a roadmap for supporting our rollout, however, we couldn't have known what we wanted out of the gates. Therefore, it was best that we implemented it ourselves, however, at this point it's a little sprawling and on the brink of becoming unmanageable. 

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Assistant Manager- Fund Raising at Rustomjee

If you want to drag a task or rearrange them, it's quite tricky, especially on the app. They need some improvements to allow for the making of real-time changes in the task updates while working on the small screen of a cell phone.

Anyone can make changes to your task, like adding or deleting any sub-items assigned to you. An additional feature that should be included should be a track of all the changes/deletions made by any third person to your task. If anyone wants to do mischief, we could track them down.

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Product Owner at Neobrain

We'd like more automation. I would like more automation between Jira and Monday. To be able to have modifications in the status on Monday when the Jira tickets are updated for example.    

I like the automatic change of status when all subtasks are done. The main task is also done so we don't need a last action from the user.

The translations sometimes are not OK when you change the name of the item. For example, in French, if the item is masculine or feminine, the sentence is not correct so it seems weird.    

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Vice President, Brand and Client Engagement at The Brooks Group

We'd like to see cross-board automation. My marketing department has a board for the content writer and uses that content to pull into the email and social media calendars. She has not been able to figure out a way to make the two boards talk to each other. That can be a user error on our part, however, if it is not, having the two boards' ability to link - like when one project is completed off a board it gets updated and moved to the new board - sort of like a cross-departmental function within the platform

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Executive Assistant at Echo Life Church

I wish I could have different columns for each group. Sometimes I want to plan an event from beginning to end on one board, however, I have to use the same columns for people who registered and tasks that need to be completed. Having an email column with tasks doesn’t make much sense. I usually end up with three boards for one event. Having it all in one would be amazing for tracking updates and seeing at-a-glance where we are and what needs to happen to get to the finish line. 

Subitems could be reworked a little so that they’re more helpful. 

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reviewer1852116 - PeerSpot reviewer
User at Imperial Cabinets & Millwork Inc

I have used it for a year, and I don't see much that needs to be improved. It seems like the updates happen pretty often, and so far, I am very happy with the product. 

The only thing that I would change, and I'm not sure if this is part of the settings that need to be fixed by the user itself, not by the admin, is that sometimes it would be convenient to make your own categories, and it makes it difficult to constantly go and talk to my boss to get them. However, I am aware that anytime you do that, it adds the categories for all the consumers under the same company.

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reviewer1843227 - PeerSpot reviewer

I would like to see create a Work Package Template which could be created and adjusted as per each project but could also be amended via an app on site should this be required. 

In addition, it would be good to have a signature field that clients could either sign via the app or email. This could be then utilized to sign off any jobs or acceptance once the project has been completed. 

We'd like software for all elements of project management including sign-off in one central place without the need for an additional subscription - that would be perfect. 

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Designer & Studio Manager at Root Fifty-Two

The biggest thing missing that would be beneficial to us is a time tracking app.

We currently use Toggl daily to track all our client time. We would much prefer this function to be within so that we can manage all our jobs and time within the same platform. 

It would also help if we could see all jobs under one user's name within a calendar format. I know this is something you offer but at the moment we don't find it very clear. Also, when a user's name is searched, all jobs they are to show, however, this includes completed jobs that we don't think should appear.

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Senior Information Technology Specialist at Reed Elsevier Philippines

Adding more features would be ideal since there are limitations as far as scalability. For example, we'd like a field for adding attachments, especially since, for recording purposes, customers submit documents. It would also be nice if there are training or quick access tools for new features since there are actually a lot of decent unexplored services that we may have not been using. They might actually be helpful in our day-to-day operations if we were aware of them. We continue to use the platform since all our data is stored in one location and the whole team relies on it.  

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Mid-Weight Designer at Mibelle Group

It would be good to have a countdown timer to a deadline date so you could see 'days remaining' to work on a project to help schedule time, as currently it only shows the end date. 

Also, a way to ensure sub-items in a project has a bit more visibility would be ideal, rather than being hidden in a drop-down.

It would be good as well to include some more interactive features within Monday, for example, for mood-boarding ideas and an easier way to live comment/feedback on files without having to leave multiple separate comments in the notes section.

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Senior Marketing Manager at What3Words Limited

The marketing notification emails from are really poor and of little value to the user.

For example, I get an email notifying me that "a team member has started on your item" which is meaningless information to me without actually opening up the platform, which takes time and creates a slow and clunky process. 

A new feature that gives studio teams the ability to upload creative content so reviews and feedback processes could also be managed on the platform would be really helpful. 

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Procurement Specialist at Highdeal Solutions

So far, I am happy, however, I know that Gantt charts and calendar views aren’t available on the entry-level plan - even if you’re paying $24 per month. To access time tracking and private boards, you’ll need to upgrade to the third tier. 

It spams my inbox with many unwanted emails. 

We are using a very simple project, therefore I can't see many drawbacks, however, it looks like if we were dealing with complicated projects, some things would possibly get lost. Therefore, having subtasks is a must; it has to be managed well.

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Executive Director of Marketing Services at EWM NOW

Often we receive technical difficulties on the platform and the entire website will be down. We’ve noticed this happens more often recently which interrupts our internal process as we work on the platform on a daily basis. 

It would be great if the platform has a Kanban look and board to track all projects and tasks from backlog, to to-do, to in progress, in review, approved, and all the steps necessary so all requests are going through all steps to ensure seamless operations between all departments.

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Billing at Bilder Appliance Repair

There is a feature I think should be included in the next release. A message center that is similar to texting or Facebook Messenger would be useful. That way, you could communicate with people in the office without having to comment on a specific board. We have people who work from home and would be an easy way for them to communicate with everyone without pulling out their phones to message. I can’t really think of anything else. We are a small business so it works great for everything we need it to. It has helped out our organization greatly. 

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Senior Manager, Regulatory and Quality at Secure Transfusion Services

I'd like better integration with other services. My best example is the Outlook Calendar integration. When using this integration for time tracking purposes, integrates with Outlook Calendar yet only recognizes meetings I organize - not all the meetings I also accept. When it populates these tasks on my time tracking board it doesn’t properly represent the amount of calls or meetings I am in as it doesn’t recognize all items on my calendar - only those that I create. It would be ideal if it recognized all of them.

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Software Developer at Kermit

The calendar selection for dates is not the easiest to navigate. Sometimes once you select a start date, it is hard to extend the selection out to the end date.  The date selection is confusing. If there was another method that they could use for this that would be better.  

Also, I feel as though sometimes I received notifications for Monday boards that I am not even subscribed to and the notifications, in general, are a bit much.  There should be a way to indicate which Monday boards you would like to receive notifications for.

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Sr. Director of Content Strategy & Delivery at Leaderology

I would like to see more flexibility with sub-items as well as more customization of branding for dashboards and exported documents. I would like to be able to do the same kinds of actions that you can do with regular items (i.e., move them, batch them, etc.) with the sub-items. 

I would also love to be able to customize the look and aesthetics of the dashboards and exported documents so that I can share them directly with both internal and external stakeholders while giving them a branded experience. 

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Laboratory Technician at Hesperos Inc.

The product can be improved by adjusting some of the ways in which the "boards" work. I oftentimes run multiple experiments that, at my laboratory, are repetitive. Thus, many of the procedural tasks are the same for these projects. I typically will copy and paste these tasks into a new project, however, it becomes monotonous as the software only allows me to copy and paste items one at a time. Further, it not only copies and pastes the name of the task and the notes, but it also copies over the exact date and personnel responsible for said task. A great improvement would be including an option to paste only the name of the task and the notes.  

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Manager of Training | Customer Success at Stack Construction Technologies

I often find it difficult to keep track of all the projects I am involved in. Monday has been working to improve this, however, part of that is on me to search, research, review and figure it out. I would like to just have a list of the items that I'm responsible for and involved in emailed to me every Monday or daily (my choice). That's really the only complaint I have. 

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Senior Account Manager at Y Associates

We need the product to keep adding automation - specifically more subitem automation. Subitems have been becoming a valuable commodity for us in helping keep track of all the different parts of our digital campaigns. However, there are only a few options when it comes to subitem automation and integrations. 

I would like to see more ability for subitems and main items to work together. It can be a little frustrating to have to work with the main items so much when the proper details are in the subitems. 

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Senior Acquisitions Associate at First National Realty Partners

In recent months, has been down about once a week. We rely on to track all of our deals, so when it is down and not functioning, our whole workflow comes to a halt. This is detrimental to our business model. We cannot work when it is down, so we have to wait for it to come back on.  

Additionally, sometimes is very slow and takes a while to load. This is also very detrimental to us since we all work from home, and therefore, we often will share our screens in a meeting. When we show it will take time away from the meeting in order to wait for everything to load.  

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Abdallah Mourad - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Business Intelligence at IBM

There is nothing to dislike about 

There are some new features they need to improve within the application. For example, it would be awesome if we had some themes for each project and for each user.

If we could add a new feature to draw the plan as a chart and note priority via color, that would be great.

It would be nice to make a plan according to the historical data that has already stored that's related to the user and the company.

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Influencer Marketing Manager at Fiverr International Ltd

Email notifications from can sometimes not lead to the relevant update I am being notified about. When this happens, I then need to review the email to understand which board the update has come from and then manually find the board with the update I need to address within If the email led me to the specific board, then it'd be a much easier experience and require less of an investment of time.In my opinion, this aspect of the user experience should definitely be addressed within the next release of the platform.

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reviewer1845927 - PeerSpot reviewer

It would be good to include more automated features that are easy to set up between different boards. For example, if the status in one board were to be changed to a certain status, this would trigger an action in a different board. 

It would also help to be able to have a better day view of allocated tasks with due dates. Improved integration with different software would also be helpful to make processing orders much more efficient and reduce the risk of human error. These improvements would help to make the process much more streamlined.

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Juan Carlos Salcedo - PeerSpot reviewer
New Business Manager at Just Media Group

One feature that would certainly improve on Monday is the fact that each group of a board has the same columns. I would find it interesting to put the option of each group having different columns. For instance, a group of data from the final step of a process should have more columns than the previous ones, referring to final activities that correspond to the end of a process. Another aspect of Monday that I'm not such a fan of is the infinite scroll to the right. Other alternatives could be evaluated to improve this.

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Digital Performance Specialist & Project Manager at Sea Digital

The feature which needs more improvement or development is the dashboard. There are many little quirks such as the dashboard, and workload widget that takes all members on our account into the graph and has no feature to exclude or prioritize our internal team before other subscribers. This is an issue I have reached out to support and I have been told it is in the pipeline. 

Automations around connecting tasks status bars across different boards (eg: post-production board to a client board) would be helpful. 

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Senior Marketing Manager at Contentology UK

It is a touch expensive, especially when just starting out. Perhaps a simple per-user scaling that starts small would attract smaller clients who are potentially priced out. 

A new feature would be more sophisticated calendar integration, perhaps deadline reminders. Sometimes, we don't want to have prescriptive minute-by-minute 'calendarization' of tasks, however, a simple list of deadlines for the day/week (similar to 'Your Work') would allow an easy and simple checkpoint for all members of the team.

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Rafael Alves - PeerSpot reviewer
Photographer and Visual Designer at Rafograph

There aren't so many areas in which the software from could improve. 

The solution could use a more streamlined Google Calendar integration. 

The ability to preview Google Drive links that are strictly connected to images, videos, or text files could be a huge improvement for those who work with a collaboration between the two software solutions. 

Also, the ability to match with the Google calendar from teammates with task assignments with visual alerts could be a great addition.

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Senior MHPSS Technical Advisor at The MHPSS Collaborative

I'm can't come up with anything concrete that needs to be improved. It would be ideal if, when you are assigned a task, to somehow link it with your calendar on Outlook or Gmail. I don't know if this is possible, however, I used both to keep track of my tasks and I often have to look at both programs to see what is due and when it is due. 

Beyond that, Monday is a great project management site and it helps my organization to stay on track and stay connected to one another. It also provides us with an overview of all our work. 

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Media Buyer at The Gig Agency

It would be nice to have a general section at the top of each group. For instance, I have my own media buying board that is divided up into "groups" (one for each client). It would be ideal to have a place at the top of each group to write down evergreen information. For example, for me, I could include things like goals, budget, strategy, quarterly to-do's, and other things I am not necessarily checking off or marking as done weekly or monthly. This could also be helpful when onboarding new employees and getting them brought up to speedo on clients. It could also be a place where we link things like brand guidelines and other important documents from the client.  

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Project Engineer at Stourflex

Monday does everything we need it to do. It would be quite cool if it could connect to my Outlook calendar and put the project deadlines in there. I'm still trying to understand the automate feature, however, this looks very promising for efficiency.

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Senior Accountant at a financial services firm with 1-10 employees

Sometimes allocating between team members via the communication tool can be difficult. If one team member is responsible for two or three things at the same time, from the dashboard, the boss can only see one. This could be related to a configuration issue, I am not sure. We tried to solve it, but we haven't succeeded. Whenever one person is in charge of two jobs at the same time for the same project, our boss has to ask again, and again.

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VP at a consultancy with 11-50 employees

It's not that great. It clutters your mailbox. Every time something becomes due and every time you have something due, you get an email. If you are working on several projects, you could get several reminders. For example, just today I was inundated with 15 emails reminding me, of different projects.

It's not necessarily things that are due right that minute, or you're not otherwise aware of.

While it keeps you organized, and you always have a place to look at, you can be overwhelmed. There is no way to disconnect yourself. It just appears automatically. If you have subscribed to something, you will be inundated with messages.

It's still fairly manual. If for example, I wanted to make a change such as a date, there are 10 steps to process, and if I change one, they all have to change but there is no way of doing that automatically.

We have to go and individually update each one. What would be nice is if I had two days between deadlines and adjusted the day if it would automatically adjust the deadlines, even if I had to change one or two that might no longer work, it would save a lot of steps. But, for example, there are at least 20 steps involved in producing a research summary for our research firm. If I change one step at one deadline at the start, I have to go through 19 steps and change the date manually for each one.

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Operations Manager at LG Truck Group, LLC

We thoroughly enjoy and all of its features. Sometimes we did not know we needed feature until the feature was there - and then we are thinking "Where has this been all of our life!" 

I do wish that admins could edit everything, no matter who created a post/board/subitems, etc. There are a few instances that we needed to edit customer info and had to recreated the data so that a new person could add/remove info that had changed over time. 

Everything is great and we appreciate it.

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reviewer1852113 - PeerSpot reviewer

I have never not found a feature I want. is intuitive to use, and color coding and groups make tracking tasks a breeze. The calendar and Kanban features are aces. Being able to store files in tasks also makes organizing and finding large volumes of information so easy, especially over time.

The phone app is awesome and any clients I have ever added to my boards have gone on to subscribe themselves following access. 

I have tried other tools since first subscribing but have always ended up coming back to Monday. Who thought you could ever love Mondays so much?

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Principal CEO at Ark Studios LATAM

It helped us a lot in content management issues for TikTok and YouTube, however, it would be good to have an integration for each social network to get all the data within a single platform. The work analysis could be automated. It would be much more efficient and profitable for all professional content creators and the popularity of the application would rise to 400%.

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Product Design Engineer at University Loft Company

As mentioned previously, having easier access to training videos on how all features can interact with one another would be helpful. Some can easily get overwhelmed with how much flexibility there is causing them to be unsure where to start. This might lead to frustrations. 

Case studies on how other companies successfully implemented Monday could help too. The product and tools are great but some companies may need guidance on tailoring it to their needs. Highlighting the differences between boards workspaces, and dashboards and how they interact would also be helpful. 

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Postdoctoral Researcher at Embrapa Agroindústria Tropical

One important feature that would improve would be an application for desktops (Windows/Mac). I work with many internet tabs open and would prefer having as a separate program - not opened via the website. That could improve the daily managing and practical use of 

I do not use the mobile app, since I concentrate on work-related things on the computer. I also work with several Google Workspaces, so that puts more difficulties for easy visualization.

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Marketing Manager - Global SME at What3Words Limited

As a marketing manager, I'm happy with the current features that we're using now. Within our company, we use different software to proof tasks or amend them so it's no problem. We're using more on a basic level of assigning and tracking tasks and probably are missing some of the nice features. However, it would be ideal if had this feature within itself, for example, if an input PDF or image was within it, then with one click the person can review it within without going to different software.

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Founder & CEO at Maev

I wish there were better notifications and dashboard views with analytics around the status of projects, etc.

We've tried to use the marketing analytics and some of the integrations to pull outside data in, but they've never worked well. It's hard to create views of data on

I also wish there were better logic tools, I want to be able to conditionally color certain columns based on if/then statements or values in other columns. It would be helpful to create a Slack notification based on upcoming due dates and to be able to customize the time delay and channel. 

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Marketing Manager at Go-Vi Limited

We have always wanted to be able to perform a global search for a phone number. There is a facility to search for everything else yet not this. We have found a workaround for this, which is to add a customer's phone number to the notes section of their profile. Then, when we perform a global search for a phone number, we can choose to only see results by the content of any notes. This is not perfect, however, it is a solution. 

As a company, we are really hoping they will add this feature soon. It is something that many businesses would really appreciate. 

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Headmaster at Grace Covenant Academy

There are no missing features that I can think of.            

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Student at City Colleges of Chicago-Wilbur Wright College

We'd like to see less downtime. There have been times when I really needed to use Monday and it would be down for half a day and saying there is an error with the system. 

Sometimes it can be really slow as well. Everything we need is kept on Monday. When Monday is down for half the day it's just a lot of time wasted. There are times we missed timelines to call certain places, as, by the time the system was finally up, the place we needed to call or the person we hired was no longer available.

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Senior Manager at CareerEco Corp.

Sometimes, I had difficulty moving items from board to board and would have to move them twice to get them to successfully move. 

We have an older email system with Outlook (2012) so we are not able to have our email synced to the site. This makes it manual for us to track email communications that go along with the sales leads.

The statuses on the boards don't copy over when I move an item to a new board and that category was not previously on the board. This makes more work as I have to go in and manually add those categories to the board using the proper colors and labels.  

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Marketing Director at BAYA SAS

The dependencies and Gantt chart could be better. I would love it to have personal views with hidden columns per board. Sometimes it can get quite overwhelming. 

I'm not a big fan of the new left panel organization by workspace. Maybe this is due to the fact that we are in a small business. 

We'd like to send emails via Monday. Ideally, being able to cc Monday tasks from our mail account could be better. (ie. sending attachments, being able to cc the task with people not in Monday (they received an error message when replying).  

I'd love it if their could be feature to plan for work time for a task (not a timeline as it shows in your "My Work" view)

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Executive Producer at Envy Gaming

We need more cross-API integration with creative apps in the Adobe Suite and other communication platforms. We utilize Discord a lot with some of our talent and teams. Therefore, having the ability to a quick reference that way would be great. Having the ability to add notes on project files in Adobe similar to and other creative project review outlets would be a big gain. Maybe even having the ability to sync with would be good as well. 

Load times can sometimes be a bit inconsistent on web and mobile. The mobile interface seems a bit too cramped and very difficult to work with on the go.

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Assistant Director of Events for Institutional Advancement at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary can be improved by becoming even more simplistic in settings/layout. 

I have had multiple co-workers tell me about their confusion at first glance of the website. However, they typically get used to it. 

I would recommend creating an even simpler layout of the main screen as well as of the settings. I have had difficulty trying to figure out how to adjust the settings for various items, including setting up notifications. 

Overall, I think is user-friendly, however, improvements can be made.

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Sr. Manager, Brand Marketing & Operations at Aktana

The addition of subtasks was really great. It helps reduce a lot of the clutter on our boards. However, sometimes it is inhibitive to use them as the features available using main tasks don't apply to subtasks. It would be really great if we could calculate some of the same things or use them in dashboards or the different views that are available. 

I know sometimes we can, however, it's not consistent so it's hard to know when we're limiting ourselves by using the subtasks instead of the main tasks in a group.

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Director Of Information Technology at a media company with 51-200 employees

The user administration needs to be improved. The user admin module could be more accessible.

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Junior Graphic Designer at Doll 10 Beauty

The service could improve in its ability to automatically update. In my experience, if new projects are created or old projects have been updated the view of anyone who is already on does not automatically update. This can lead to people working on old or outdated parts of projects. I have found it necessary to manually refresh the page periodically just to be sure everything I'm seeing is current and correct. This would be a nice update to include in the next release.

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Manager, Claims Learning and Development at Allstate

I wish that you could have different columns for each of the groups on one board. 

I wish that you could turn off the sub-item menu if you accidentally enabled it. 

I'm unclear about the notifications feature in that I receive way too many emails. 

I've had requests for once an item is created that it duplicates on another board and automatic updates to both items if they are linked. 

I really like, however, how new features are sent out all the time so I can slowly learn more and more.

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Financial Analyst at Weinstein Properties

The exporting function could be improved to offer more raw data instead of being formatted like the online view. This would be helpful for exporting boards from other departments that teams might need to work from. 

Also, the limited client access could be improved. When sharing boards with clients outside of the company, it can be very difficult for them to navigate to do anything within the board. Monday could add more project management tools and tracking features to make it even better at project management and tracking. doesn’t have subtasks or task dependencies, meaning that users can’t break down project plans to a granular level or allow tasks to be dependent on the completion of others.

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Analyst at Legionarios de Cristo & Regnum Christi

It would help to have the option to use formulas horizontally as well as vertically in order to keep track of certain things that are accumulative.  Also, we would like the integration of mails EMAP for us to be able to use our company email and not only with the Gmail integration. 

Another thing that we would find helpful is to have an integration with Meta Business, so the analytics report would automatically be uploaded to the boards for us to have a report visually with all the other ones. 

Alongside the integrations, a Mailchimp one would help to add tags directly from Monday to the Mailchimp account. 

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Talent Partner at Artium

I honestly can't think of much off the top of my head— has pretty much everything that my team would need to use on a day-to-day basis. Something that might be interesting to see in the future is having sub-items within sub-items so our team can be more granular with things. 

It would be nice to have more customization around the documents, such as different title headings, fonts, etc. Just having more we can do with creating documents so we don't have to switch between and Google Docs would be great.

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Public Relations Specialist at Eventrics Weddings

I would love to be able to have a chat option with's IT so that if I'm looking to add a new view or experience to our planning boards, they could easily talk me through the best option. 

For example, we are looking to fully use for every aspect of business, but there are too many options for us to scroll through, and I feel as though it would help us to go over exactly what we're looking for and a specialist help us out because I'm sure they know more of the offerings than we do. 

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Customer Experience Manager at Playtech Managed Services

It would be good if we could have the option to choose custom colors for the status fields and groups so we can make some boards more branded. 

Maybe automation could be reconsidered and updated a bit. We managed to find the automation that will fit our use case. Regarding automation, I would like to see an improved search area as it's not always user-friendly as well. 

I've gotten feedback from the team that it will be very helpful if would allow filtering by "creation date" and "last update" columns.

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Technology & Software Consulting and Strategy at Timlittletech LLC

The permission settings require workarounds for some use cases. The enterprise plan offers the features needed, however, too many times I've had to set up weird workarounds for permissions with my smaller customers who don't have an enterprise version. 

The license tiers are a little difficult to manage, as Monday sells seats/licenses in bundles of five or ten. Too many times I've had clients with six users who are forced to pay for ten user licenses due to the pricing structure. Since the lowest tier is three users it does make it difficult to have a solopreneur justify the use of the platform, as you are essentially paying triple. At the end of the day it can still often be worth it, however, is definitely a turn-off when signing up. 

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Account Director at Awestruck

The docs feature seems like it could be a little more user-friendly. I would love to be able to use the docs and tag individual users that are directly correlating to individual cards. 

I know you can import essentially an entire section from a board, however, it would be great to just be able to pull in one specific item from a board vs pulling in the entire group of items. I'm not sure if this is possible with the current API, however, I would love to see it work more like a google doc to take notes for our team calls, etc. 

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Support Specialist at

Better integration with Outlook would be awesome. For example, an add-on where the user could write an update on Monday via e-mail will literally elevate the whole experience for our business. It would minimize the time to search for the corresponding item on different boards and update them.

Another great option might be to give admin privileges and elevated access to multiple boards. For example, if someone leaves the company and somehow you need his uploaded work documents you cant exactly get them. It creates an issue that involves contacting the support.

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UX/UI Designer at GAF Materials / Building Materials

We built so many dashboards and information utilizing templates and came into a few errors where information and ways of working with were not as expected. 

Monday markets itself as a project management tool that is flexible to work the way you want. That said, it has more limitations than we expected. It is fine, however, at the end of the day, they need to share more about how to use the platform videos rather than telling us to go off on our own and create something that doesn't ultimately work. That was frustrating and hard to explain where my hours went to management. 

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Director of Creative and Strategy at Chickenango Marketing Solutions

I don't have any comments on current improvements to what is there, however, a new feature that we would love is the ability to create custom reports from our workspaces. It would negate the need to export boards individually and then take all that data and make our own reports with third-party software. We'd even pay for this upgrade as I could see this being something we could gain a ROI on for clients as well.

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Project Excellence Consultant at Leaderology

I would love to be able to hide rows visibility. Currently, this is only available for columns. 

An additional feature I am interested in is the reporting on the forms. I'd like to see options for report templates based on the forms. I occasionally use to generate survey responses, and want a cleaner report template to share with them. 

Other than that, I don't have any other ideas of areas that could improve. They do a wonderful job!

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reviewer1843176 - PeerSpot reviewer
Bid Specialist at Yuritech

They need to improve the user interface of the automation/integrations. They are confusing to some extent. Although they are extremely important features, i found difficulty in creating automation myself. It currently made me feel like a coder or programmer when I have no such experience. It should be made more user-friendly to help people create unique automation on their own as per their needs and desires. 

Furthermore, it would be great if could include a chat feature as well, something similar to Slack so that all task-related communications can be done on Monday swiftly. 

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Customer Success Manager at Quality Clouds

Managing project status and product development may be quite difficult unless you have a project manager. 

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Account Manager at Plan A Advertising

One thing that would be cool is if Monday had a chat feature. Our office mainly uses iMessage right now to instantly communicate with one another. 

The only other software that we use that we wish we could get rid of is Evernote. I would love to be able to share notes with my colleagues in the same way that you can on Evernote. You can also search within your notes by typing certain words or phrases within a search bar.  

Those additions would be the final elimination of any other software that I use.

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People Manager at Ellis Mather Group

I would really like to see the reporting functionality updated. Sometimes it feels as if the reports are too visual and lack the hardcore data behind it. If you could get reports all in one place that would then allows reporting across multiple workspaces and boards, this would be awesome. 

Additionally, albeit small, being able to create smaller more custom automation would be beneficial and would allow for further enhancements to the system. 

Overall, Monday is a good platform and the improvements suggested are minimal and would only support the positive experience. 

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Web/IT Administrator at Rocky Mountain Oils

Load time and glitches do occur on the site. There are times when I have trouble loading a certain pulse, or board because the site would glitch or take a very long time to load. 

There is a limitation to the automation process. I wish there was more variety in terms of the things you can automate on boards/items. Maybe they need to invest in a desktop app as that will run a lot faster than on a website. Plus, all people need to do is download an app on their computer/phone to access their projects from anywhere. 

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Associate Director - Corporate and Foundation Relations at University of Alberta

I have small criticisms since it's excellent and simple to use. 

I would recommend developers to continue focusing on the user experience and putting the consumer at the core of their functionality. Due to the fact that it is so comprehensive, it can be difficult to understand each functionality at times. 

The tool is beneficial for some businesses yet prohibitively expensive for others. 

Something that would be beneficial for me would be the ability to download or export many of the graphs or boards so that I can quickly share them with other colleagues who don't use Monday.

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Publicity Assistant at Harvest House Publishers

A more personalized dashboard displaying each account's unfinished assignments would be helpful (or if this feature is already available, making it easier to access; my homepage just displays the inbox right now). 

One downside right now is that staying up to date on everything mostly requires going through each board regularly to check assignments. Having Monday display those assignments outright on the dashboard would help ensure that everyone is up to date on their work. If this feature is already available, I'm not sure how to access it. 

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Head of Influencer Outreach at Numskull Designs

I'd like to see more integration with outside software such as social media publishing sites and cloud services.

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Programme Delivery Team Manager at CLT International

The ability to implement a timetabling functionality would be really useful for an education provider. Currently, dashboards can only be created with a small number of boards (20 I believe) which can limit the amount of information to view across multiple boards. We can implement more programs within one board, however, this is not always useful when programs need to be archived each sitting. 

Easier reporting functionality or more regular training in this area would also be of great value to the business.

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Administrative Assistant at Anka Metal Coatings Ltd

It does everything we need it to, so I would say no improvements are necessary.

if I had to say something .. a link between boards that takes you to the board in question when you click on it.

e.g. board 1 for samples - related to board 2 production. If I could add a link from the sample to then take you to see what job it relates too (similar to when you click the link on the message area).

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Marketing Associate at OOMPH

I love the email automation and it's great, however, there is something that is still missing. We need to have conversations within the platform. If it's possible to filter certain emails and bring them all into one task and have a full conversation with that person through Monday, that would be ideal. It would save me hours of time trying to find old emails, referencing them, and getting information out of them.

I'd like Google Drive integration where I don't have to leave to look and search on my drive. Quickly linking to files, creating new folders, etc. would be fantastic

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Executive Assistant at Kilberry

It seems that different columns within the same board aren't customizable. The columns are the exact same unless you open a new board altogether. I'd like this feature to be added, as sometimes within the same project or task, I want to add different sections and different columns for each section.

The mobile app is not as user-friendly and as adaptable as I'd like it to be. There needs to be a ton of modifications before I can use it easily on my smartphone.

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Global Sales Coordinator at Al Bayader International

We would like to connect with email solutions such as Outlook.

We would prefer if we could let some entities view specific information like only reports. 

I like the chart of countries, however, if it could add some features for delivery and shipping for export, it will help a lot (for example, in logistics, the port of loading, and port of discharge). 

It could add the tracking of the shipments, for example, what is the status of every shipment. That would also be a good feature. We'd also like to upload some files or photos for each order line-wise.

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Customer Service Administrator at Katie Loxton

I have not found many things that need to be improved. The biggest thing that I have seen is that the automatic animations are sometimes delayed or slower. If the user is moving too many things at one time the automatic animations may not work at all causing the user to manually move the items between sections on the board. This is not a big issue at all as it just causes the user to have an additional step in the process. All other functions seem to work well and it is easy to navigate. 

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PMO Manager at Monster Notebook

In my main table, I changed sometimes the timeline values mistakenly. That should be prevented via a smart warning or some sort of coloring.

In item card, when you need a field, you have to firstly add it on the main table. However, if you need many fields, it is not a proper way to keep the fields on the main table.

When I need like a collection field, I cannot do it. For instance, for keeping related links, I cannot create a field to save an undetermined number item. I need this. I have to create many new fields.

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Office Assistant at Lake Lite

I would like to see an app version similar to Teams, or even have them integrate with Teams. I would also like to have more templates available to choose from on different projects. We need more integration with Office 365.  

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Founder & CEO at TH promo s.r.o.

We would like to have more open boards at one time and more CRM functionalities.

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Consultant at a tech vendor with 11-50 employees

An important point of improvement is the subitems. These are essential in everyday project work and not every comparable tool has this function. However, the functions of the subitems are not yet developed enough. For example, they are not fully compatible with all automation. They are also still limited in the area of dashboards. However, further functions will likely be added here successively through regular updates.

The export options are also not yet flexible and comprehensive enough. Although some things have been done here, all too often you have to rework things after the export.

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Mark Niswonger - PeerSpot reviewer
Directory of IT Controls and Compliance at a wholesaler/distributor with 201-500 employees

It would be great to see additional automation rules and have varied fields per subcategory.

It could have a few more features when it comes to managing projects.

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Director Of Brand Partnership at Flylords LLC

While great, the shareable boards lack some features that normal boards possess and that’s a big burden for us. It’s hard to not know what the client sees and that makes us look a little unorganized. They can also be a little buggy sometimes.

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Senior Delivery Manager at Momentum Design Lab

Story mapping would be ideal. Being able to create topic threads, not as updates and instead similar to Basecamp (in that it becomes a forum) would be useful. 

Timetracking should be a little more powerful. A full harvest integration or something similar that allows time spent vs budget would be good. 

The solution should offer burndown charts.

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COO at a computer software company with 51-200 employees

Some of the automation is having some technical difficulties. They need to improve on that a bit. 

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Managing Director at Ninz Spa

The mirrored columns are not real columns and cannot be used as variables for notifies or other formulas.

We need fewer system outages.

We would like to be able to open Monday from a link directly in the open browser window without opening a new window - which takes too much time.

The speed of the loading process should be better.

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User at a tech services company with 201-500 employees

In my initial exposure to the interface, I did not find it to be very user-friendly. 

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Web Developer at LastMile is always upgrading its features. I struggle to keep up with it all as I am not a tech expert. However, if I had to pick an area that could be improved it would be the user-friendliness of the platform compared to other similar apps. 

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Administrative Office Coordinator at Sutton Eldridge Engineering, LLC

We would love it if the system could communicate with our accounting system, QuickBooks. I keep track of my invoice dates in Monday but then I have to go to Quickbooks to backdate the date of the Invoice to match Monday, for each invoice.  

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Events Coordinator at American Farm Bureau Federation

There have recently been a lot of lagging and loading delays with saving. This comes and goes, however, I have found it difficult to use when boards are unable to save when going back to update. 

Additional features that would be cool would be adding different formats for multiple workspaces on one board. Right now, each workspace has to have the same type of board set up and you're unable to have multiple types in one board. This becomes inconvenient sometimes because you like to keep everything under one topic type but with different layouts.

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Marketing Automation Coordinator at Halmyre

The solution needs easier automation. We had a problem where we maxed out the automation limit. We also struggle to figure out solutions to notify people when certain tasks are complete so the next person can start their work.

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Senior Editor at Distractify

The site could load a bit faster. I notice when I'm in locations with internet that isn't as speedy (like when I'm tethering with my phone) it can lag a bit.

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IT Support Technician at Bambus Group

We would like to have less downtime as it happens now and then!

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Erwin Meijboom - PeerSpot reviewer
Sr. Advisory Consultant at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees

This is a light solution so it's very good for small projects but when it comes to more complex projects and managing dependencies, I don't see the capabilities between tasks and more detailed resource management. The solution lacks the ability to manage dependencies across tasks. If you're dealing with a larger project, Microsoft Projects would be a better product than In some ways, it's just too simple. 

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Health Economist at Lumanity

It would be great to be able to pull an activity report.

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Account Director at Pontoon8

One item we feel we is missing is more board templates that would allow us to work within the agile methodology. 

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Luxury Marketing Manager at Harry Norman, Realtors

This may be out of scope for Monday, however, it would be cool to have an asset management side of things. It may already be in existence and I just don’t realize it. 

Opening up a task and adding content/updates could be a little more organized visually. 

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Processing Manager at Turbo Loans

I'd like to see some kind of way to display our data to realtor partners without giving them access to our entire board. I need something that encapsulates just key points and nothing else. We find that realtors want communication and visibility - that is hard when all you have to use is email.

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Solid surface Fabricator at Mark Michaels

I'm unable to send messages or update any projects from my tablet or cell phone which makes it hard when you are in the field all day and can't be at your desk. It causes you to play catch-up and you cant keep your projects moving.

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Sales Manager at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

I have just started to use this solution, and there are no new features that I need at this time, but it could be more user-friendly.

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Principal at The RBA Group

We would like to see better Microsoft Outlook integration. 

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Senior Data Scientist at National Grid

We would like personal documentation if possible. Even when the person leaves the team, he/she can still access all the files he/she created.

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Sport Event Director at UCPA

We have difficulties playing with automation.

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