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New Relic APM Room for Improvement

Devendra Tiwari - PeerSpot reviewer
Principal Architect at Shadowfax

It offers transactions, but it does not offer an endpoint-level insight at the URL level. When we get a request, we want to know what the life cycle of that service is, and where the cycle is. This is what I am trying to locate with most of the solutions now.

I am trying to research how to find a cycle per endpoint and not at the service level.

It is very difficult to award the service level cycles at an endpoint level. It is important for us to get new insights to create better hygiene around the business use cases.

At the endpoint level, the visibility is not that great, and metrics are not available. It gives you a full view of the entire function's execution and not from the context of the URL altogether.

Also the response time, the latency contribution, and the throughput contribution are areas that need improvement. You can get the throughput contribution from New Relic, but not the latency contributions. You cannot get it at all.

These are the major limitations. When working with AppDynamics, I did not find any limitations, but the same can not be said with New Relic.

The way that it classifies the actual services is a bit ambiguous. It's not perfect. For example, I see there are certain solutions that are listed as extra services, as a dependency, and still I find that among load contribution, it tries to show that those services separately, which is confusing.

With the transactions, when it tries to show a type of "bufferHandler" from inside, it doesn't show what the nature of the request is. Especially with Microservices, it doesn't show what kind of method is present, which makes finding data very difficult. Instead, you need to go to the raw data. I think that defeats the purpose of using this tool.

The transactions do not show the time consumed by the request, from the metrics execution perspective. It was suggested that I did not know how to read it but I have done all that I could. It is very difficult to relate to and requires a lot of experience and time to read through, which it should not.

It should not be difficult to find the latency and throughput for the entire system when requested. It should not be difficult to develop the data that relates to the various types of execution.

It should have complete exposure around the endpoints.

The services-to-service dependency is fine but most of the startups have only one or two services that are all cycled. It does not provide you with a lot of help when you are showing that the two services are dependent.

What all of the dependent endpoints are and how are the cycles being formed is information that should be available in most tools, but not with New Relic and some other tools.

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David Pratt - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior DevOps Engineer Individual Contributor at EML Payments Ltd

There really is nothing that stands out with New Relic. With the insight, I think it will be found lacking for its report aggregation capabilities. How granular I could go down at looking at certain data, especially related to the operations, is limited.

The API integrations that they have for us to automate our configuration was fine, but I think for some of these tools, it was over-engineering for us to try and automate any of that. So, we just use the user interfaces.

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Avinash Goyal - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Specialist at Publicis Sapient

The solution needs some sort of improvement on the synthetic monitoring site.

The product has good documentation for Linux, however, their documentation for Windows is lacking substantially. It's something they need to develop and mature over time.

It would be great if it had out of the box integration with AWS, GCP, and other clouds. For example, if I'm using BigQuery in GCP, I want the data that I am executing in BigQuery to be reflected in New Relic. 

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Benjamin Moukoko-Makiadi - PeerSpot reviewer
Product Manager Cloud at Pricer

I haven't yet had too much of a chance to read up on the product or to compare it to other solutions to see if there are items that are standard elsewhere but lacking in this product. I need more time with the solution to really talk about any shortcomings if they exist at all. 

It would be nice if there were pre-made dashboards. There should be out-of-the-box options that you can have. It would be nice to have something already done, so that you don't need to reinvent the wheel again, to create your own dashboard. 

The pricing might be high if you are a company that goes through a lot of data.

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Fernando Furtado - PeerSpot reviewer
Cloud Solution Architect at FCamara

The older view is much better than the new view that they have. We'd like to go back to that previous version. The user interface just isn't as nice as it used to be.

The solution does not seem to be lacking any features. I can't say that I recommend any specific features for the next release.

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AnandPatel - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Specialist at LTI - Larsen & Toubro Infotech

I haven't come across any features that are lacking. 

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Ilkka Myllylä - PeerSpot reviewer
Owner at RP reaaliprosessi

There has been some problem with the agent, and it is just not working well. It is not able to record information with the application server. They have been able to fix the issue, but it took quite a long time. This is the main issue in the APM products and also in New Relic.

The mobile application monitoring has been pretty difficult to set up and also quite expensive. It should be a little bit easier and cheaper. Because it is pretty difficult and expensive, many customers don't take it.

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Abdulla Pathan - PeerSpot reviewer
Technology Competency and Solution Head at LearningMate

The main reason we switched away from New Relic is that the cost is too high. They should bring the pricing down to be more competitive.

I would like to see the capacity planning improved.

The security standard and compliance are areas that should be improved.

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System Administrator at a insurance company with 1,001-5,000 employees

The solution could improve by having more network monitoring features, such as for all the infrastructure.

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Director - Operations at FranConnect LLC

New Relic APM can improve the information when we dig deeper to check a problem. There should be more detailed information provided.

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Learn what your peers think about New Relic APM. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: June 2022.
610,336 professionals have used our research since 2012.