Valuable Features

COO at KifCure

The types of columns that I'm able to put into a particular board and the data that that captures. I like the fact that I could drop in PDFs. I can't do that with Excel. I can just drop in different types of files which I couldn't necessarily do in Excel. I can drop images into Excel, however, I can't drop files that are PDFs. Most of the things that I'm trying to collect on a particular client are signed documents and working documents. 

It is user-friendly. I like the forms. I can have clients fill out a form. As far as making it easier, I would say the email feature, the automation really makes it special. The email feature where if say a status changes to complete, the fact that I can have a scheduled email to a client to say, "Thank you for doing business with us." I can a personal touch on it and have that go out on a timed basis so many days after they completed a project with us, they will get the message. Things like that have made life easier to be able to automate that stuff.

The sub-items have been incredibly helpful.

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Ben Davidson - PeerSpot reviewer
Front End Developer at a marketing services firm with 1-10 employees

Their flagship feature, what used to be called the pulse is great. Pulse offers great management. Being able to see everything at a glance and check task status, is wonderful. They use subtasks and the simple aspects of task management have been really helpful. Even beyond that, we do some Gantt views and calendar views, however, a lot of it is really just being able to manage large numbers of tasks seamlessly and be able to view them on different dashboards individually, not just per project. 

Previously, that was the limitation. We could look at all of the projects that someone was working on, and all of the tasks associated with the project, however, being able to filter down very specifically to say which tasks were on a particular project for a particular day, the interface was a lot better in our testing of Monday than it was with other similar solutions.

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Head of Projects at Smart Media SA

The boards offer an amazing and clear view of my tasks, campaigns, and progress. 

Automations especially with Slack and Outlook help with keeping my team up-to-date always. 

Graphs and charts are valuable for reporting purposes and to track progress made. 

Workforms/surveys are valuable and a very cool added feature. 

My team uses all of these features. I have a huge passion for What I love the most is how customizable everything is. 

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November 2022
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Founder & CEO at Falkor Digital

Customization is #1 for me. Since I'm using it for a variety of purposes, not just project management, I can customize boards and workspaces based on the needs of that particular workflow. 

Communication tools have been fantastic, and my team has adopted them well. 

Time tracking is pretty good. It could be more robust, however, it's been fine so far. Previewing of files has been fantastic as well. I love not having to download every single file to see it. 

I live in the notifications; it's what I visit first thing every morning to see my team's updates. 

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Information Technology Manager at Big Chief Tire

The communication/update section on each assignment is excellent. The ability to ask and answer questions and update each other on the progress of an assignment, while staying in the confines of that specific assignment, while also not disturbing other assignments or adding confusion is a priceless asset. 

As I included in my previous answer, we were primarily using texts and phone calls to communicate, but by not using an all-inclusive form of communication, a lot of vital information was lost in the weeds and has resolved all of
these issues. allows us to keep all communication local to the problem in question, while not losing the information needed to succeed.

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Timea Barrack - PeerSpot reviewer
Business Development Manager at Imre Borsanyi CPA

There are so many great features. All of them are great.

The filters are extremely useful. Since we work remotely, we can filter down to the task, to employees, to urgency, to everything. Every little detail we can filter down into. The filtering is the best part. 

All of our projects, tasks, and clients are on the same board so we can search for anything and we don't have to ask the others.

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Project Manager at Pell Insulation Ltd.

All of the features are valuable. Especially, creating tickets for projects and assigning workers. Having trackable conversations and archive items for reference. We offer our customers a live update of their project by sharing a board directly with them. This allows them to comment or submit documents directly to We do the same with some of our contractors. They have the ability to manipulate the dates that the project will be worked on and I set it so I get a notification if the date is changed, so I am always up to date with delays in our projects.

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Manager, Operations/Installations at Decor Window Fashions LLC

The automation is huge. We have about 25 employees across three different locations, so communication regarding projects has always been an issue. Now, notifications are sent to the salespeople about their projects with the click of a button. We also use automation to create new items on the scheduling page after they are marked as ready. This is a small thing, however, the couple of minutes it saves on every project amounts to a huge time saver.

The map locations are also a huge help when we are scheduling. Items are color-coded by group, so we can look for unscheduled items nearby and create efficient routes.  

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Marketing Manager at Brybelly Holdings

Big Picture: Being able to add and subtract columns from a board. We see only what we want to see, and it's there, top-level, at a glance. Being able to see the physical status of a single team without having to drill down to the task level is very valuable.

Small Picture: The status boxes are super impactful. The changing colors are visually distinct and powerful, but the wild amount of customization they offer for different contexts, and even being able to comment directly on a changed status adds a ton of clarity to a team's progress (or lack thereof).

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Music Director at Lakehouse Music Academy

I love that has boards that can change with a click from a list, to a calendar, to a form that you can send and collect data, etc. 

Each board is malleable even if you've been using it for a long time. Redesigning and keeping your data is pretty easy. The output of information to spreadsheets is quite simple. 

There are so many other features that I haven't even tapped into, however, I sometimes look for features and there is always some kind of plug-in that has at the ready. There are so many support options to make sure your workspace is precisely what you need to have to improve your own job's efficiency.

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Founder at Givr Packaging

One of my favorite features is the ability to segment work from each department into boards all while giving everyone on the team access to all of the information. We run our entire design department on even given the fact that our team is full-time on-site, full-time off-site, and part-time remote. It allows us to get everyone on the same page at their local terminal without having to sync everyone on ten different software solutions. The mobile app is supremely helpful as well given how easy it is to view, use, and manipulate information. 

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Marketing Manager at By the Bridge with Cambian

There are many features that we've found valuable, however, the main ones being the ability to change status so that we can see at a quick glance exactly where we are with a project.  

The ability to assign various members of the team so that it is clear what everyone's responsibilities are and the sub-items needed is great. Being able to create one project and then detail each element of that project via sub-items has been really valuable. It allows us to see who has done what and when, it also acts as a good process flow for every job - meaning that as soon as one person has completed their part, it can then be assigned to the next relevant person for the next part of the process.

The workload section is also a good idea, being able to easily track everyone's commitments for the week.

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Marketing Operations Manager at Schomp Automotive Group

The customization of dashboards and the ability to see all tasks from a bird's eye view, along with the ability to categorize types of tasks and which clients have requested them to allow us to use the tool to know how much workload we can handle, and at what point we need to add more resources to our team. 

We use it to log projects and tasks. It provides us with data to know how and when to scale. We see which team members are heavy on tasks and if we need to add more resources in the future with certain backgrounds - graphic design, web development, etc. 

The user experience of is exceptional. It's very easy to navigate and customize to our needs. It's an outstanding product.

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President / CEO / Owner at Flatley Read LLC

I love the chat box feature where I can leave instructions for groups or individuals. 

Shareable boards are a great solution for clients who want to track the progress of their work orders without checking in with us directly. 

The filter and search features are also extremely helpful in compiling work orders by month, client, location, etc. 

Document links are a great tool and sync well with our Dropbox Business account. I can share document links directly without having to sort through client files. 

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Troy-Hewitt - PeerSpot reviewer
Deputy Executive Director at Brand New Congress

External facing development boards, countdowns, email alert systems for deadlines, and progress summaries have been great. Having all our stuff in one place, within one tool is extremely helpful. 

Being able to pull entire departments into their own ecosystem, while managing the user access from one dashboard is incredibly valuable. 

One of the best features I can speak to is getting alerts based on status and progress, task by task. Monday has really changed the notion of update meetings for our team- we can view updates at a glance, and get as granular as we need, or take a wide-angle view of the entire organization's progress. 

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Operations Specialist at High Plains Robotics

Automation is definitely a favorite of mine. I use it to create efficiency in moving items to groups as well as triggering reminders to coworkers. This area of alone has helped keep me on track with tasks as well as giving me a level of security in knowing that if I put the automation in place I can go about my day, focusing on other priorities and not having to remember all of my tasks. 

I also really find the linking of boards to stream information across worth its weight in gold as we navigate anywhere from tool tracking and logging to Gantt charts which we share with customers outside of Monday.

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Juan Mendoza - PeerSpot reviewer
General Manager at a tech services company with 1-10 employees

The solution is more of a streamlined Slack.

The solution has a lot of essential features, I would say. 

We need to make a lot of reports and this solution allows us to do this easily.

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Inbound Marketing Specialist at

For me, the update tracker and time tracking help a lot. This helps me properly prioritize tasks that need immediate action. I also appreciate how the interface is so easy to view and easy to understand. 

I also love how you can easily integrate with other communication apps like Slack. With this integration, we can easily communicate with the people who are working with us on a specific project. It is also great that the process of integration is so easy. 

In general, this solution is very user-friendly and I will definitely recommend it to other people if I am given the chance.

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reviewer1848171 - PeerSpot reviewer

I love the time-tracking feature. It allows me to see where my time and energy are going, line item-by-line item. When it's time to reflect and make adjustments, I can be definitive and decisive. I wish the time-tracking column integrated with the workload widget so I can manage my team based on the actual time they've worked rather than estimated time [they will work].

I love that we can mention anyone on our team and everyone on our team from anywhere within the product. If this feature wasn't available, we'd have to all work from the same board to communicate. I'm becoming overwhelmed just thinking about it. I'm glad we have this feature.

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Operations Manager / Bookkeeper at Revolutions Bookkeepers

Time tracking has been a godsend. As many of us work remotely, it has allowed us to keep track of our projects and bill clients appropriately.  

I also love that everything is happening in real-time and that we are all able to communicate about projects within Monday. 

The integrations are fun and useful.  

The email notifications of deadlines are super helpful for our organization.  

Monday is very customizable, which allows each company to utilize its features in a way that is unique to its needs. 

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Owner at

The most valuable feature of Monday is that we have a clear overview of what is actually going on in our company.

I can see in which phase a project is and what the next deadline is as well as if the project is on hold or almost done. 

Each project is categorized between the different 3D renders that get ordered and we can keep track of each individual render step-by-step. 

When I am away my other colleagues can check the Monday board and find the status of each project that I have been working on. The note option makes it very convenient to leave little remarks for my colleagues as well.

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Associate Pastor at First Baptist Curch Cedar Hill

There are many incredible features, however, the ability to tag each other in comments, mark out progress, and get alerts through the app keeps us moving forward. As soon as someone has finished their part of a project, all members are alerted, and the next person can continue on. This also helps us see if there is a problem or if someone is falling behind so we can get the extra help if necessary. 

We often post on instead of sending emails that may or may not get lost in the shuffle. is the best way we have found to work smarter and not harder.

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Owner at Mansur Solar

We like the aspects of adding files, creating tables or workspaces, easy to use tools to update existing information in workspaces. There are a lot of features and once you understand how to use them, it's quite easy to get the benefit out of them. 

Probably the feature I like the most is how easy it is to create a new item in a table. You have several ways to do it and all of them are easy and intuitive. It allows you to create new items, with all the columns available for that item. This sounds like something that is easy and should be a given in every type of platform, however, it is not easy or a given. It is a good feature that makes things easy for users.

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Cailin Diana - PeerSpot reviewer
Graphic Designer at Content Merchants

Personally, my favorite feature on is the Inbox. The Inbox helps me identify the most important notifications as these are the ones that I specifically mentioned. This ensures that I don't miss any pressing questions or briefs from my team. 

I also find that board customization is an incredibly valuable feature, we are able to customize the columns of our boards according to our needs and the role that a particular board plays in our organization. Board customization helps us to make fit our individual needs as an organization.

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Director of Communication at The Loken Group

The most valuable aspects include:


Subitems allow us to more efficiently break down projects into tasks for individual team members. For example, for one event, we need basically everyone's input - copy written for an email, social media posts, graphics/landing pages. Subitems allow us to manage all of these tasks under the umbrella of one main project.


This just really simplifies our workflow. You can see what you need to do on a certain day/week/month at a simple glance.


This helps us work more efficiently. We mainly use it to move projects to other groups based on status. 

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Michael Yinger - PeerSpot reviewer
COO and Co-Founder and Director at Resume Sieve

In order of impact/importance, the three key figures for us are automation, templates, and role assignments.  

The automation feature saves us hours of time reviewing activities, sending reminders, and sending emails. We use this on virtually every board in the system even if it is just to send a completed item to the archive.  

The templates are expansive (and growing), detailed, and battle-tested.  We can often slot something in with little or no modification.  

Finally, the ability to easily and quickly assign someone to something is a tremendous time-saver.

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CEO at Ass

Automation is an essential feature. Alerts come in pretty handy every once in a while just to keep up. However, creating them can get you confused depending on how many members or guests you currently have assigned to an specific board. 

The new UX updates have helped a little, however, since Monday has so many features, I kind of miss a lot of things that might come in handy to me. I really don't know which are the best, meaning sometimes I kind of feel I'm wasting my money as the Monday platform isn't cheap.

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Senior Communications Specialist at Jones Healthcare Group

The most valuable aspects of the solution include:

1. Automatic notifications
This helps us keep track of everything. In the case of leaders of a project, they can see when a change was made within a task or when a task is done. In the case of staff, they get notifications once they're assigned to a task and keep getting reminders so they don't lose sight of the task.

2. Color coding and labels
Color coding and labels help us keep the interface lively and friendly with the benefit of assigning colors to different things such as the status of a task or in our case, different business units within the company.

3. The ability to add new members and keep communication flowing.
This is crucial for us to be able to share what's happening with different members of the organization outside of our department.

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Humanitarian Coordinator at Act for Peace

One of the most valuable features is templates, and customizing templates or creating our own to match our flow. This has meant that we can have a standard way of documenting across the team and supports with an easy way of finding information. 

I enjoy being able to switch between different views of a board, such as Gantt or Kanban, as this provides alternative ways of viewing tasks and managing workload. This also supports prioritization. I can easily see which tasks are outstanding, which are stuck, and which have been completed.

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Social Media Manager at La Boutique du Stationnement

The most valuable aspect of the solution is the fact that we can make the tool as we want, in the way it is the most useful for us. This customization is a strength. It adapts to everyone. For example, for social media, we need a calendar and now we have one. For the magazine, we need a big table and now we have one. 

It's also true for each single person. We have group tables yet we also can create one only for one person. It makes it easier to manage the orgzanization of the tasks we have to manage, with deadlines, documents, reminders, links, pictures, etc.

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Communications Manager at The Bhutan Foundation

I found the task management features as the most useful and necessary.

Task management is very crucial to get things done as per the work plans. This lets us fulfill our goals and milestones for various projects and activities. It is transparent and is available to view and review by all the team members of the organization. The team members can come in and comment, suggest and review anything by tagging them in the update field. 

All kinds of media can be uploaded online for review and feedback. We have specific deadlines and notification features to let the member know of their upcoming task deadlines in advance.

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Andrea  Dumancela - PeerSpot reviewer
Vice Chancellor at Unidad Educativa Vigotsky

The most valuable tools I have found on are the calendar, automatization, and the capabilities to link apps like Google Forms. We have been able to integrate our Google Suite to Monday. 

It is also good to receive reminders about projects and deadlines. Besides that, it has been not hard to learn how to use it. I really love the integrations, we use Integromat to link our Google Forms to Monday. 

It is also a great app for desktops and cellphones. 

I have found many good options to organize my time, my projects, and my events.

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Operations Lead, Vendor Merch Ops at Goop Inc. Limited

Automations are the most useful aspect of the solution. I do half the workload I used to do and can now spend time fine-tuning the process.

The integrations are great as well, especially Outlook, which has allowed me to automate form submissions to be sent to 3rd party email addresses. 

The search function is a lifesaver, allowing a quick and easy view of all locations a PO (most commonly searched value) can be found. We have a launch board, a tracking board, and gift guide boards that allow us to track the entire lifespan of a PO.

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Business Development Director at Payne Auto Group

We like the mobile app, as well as more integrations, calendar features, and private boards. 

The mobile app is super helpful since our auto groups span four counties. 

The calendar view makes everything easy to see.

It has integrations with using all the programs we use too.

Monday is super inexpensive compared to other stuff we use.

It is very easy to maneuver around. I love the search bar feature where I can just search the entire board with the information I need. This makes it very fast and easy. 

In a dynamic workplace where we are working on several campaigns at a time, it's very important to us to have something that helps us move faster.

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Loan Analyst at Bluefire Mortgage Group

I have found the automation very useful for reminders. There are constant reminders of important items that need to be taken care of at a certain time in our loan processes and these reminders eliminate any compliance issues that we may run into by forgetting to send certain disclosures out. The timeline of loans is always on its own timeline and has its unique constraints that make timing very valuable to us. 

The more time we save having fewer conversations about where we are at in the process the more time we have to execute other items.

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Rigging Supervisor, CEO at Lets Rig IT

We really appreciate task assignment features with deadlines and also project boards which are easy to manage. 

The visibility into who has seen the post and how (browser, app) is great. For admins, there is a very easy UI to manage the account and users. We have great search functionality based on filters (Active, Member, Guest etc.). How it affects the account cost is great for cost control. 

We also like Subtasks which keep everything more contained and tidy. 

A great feature is the ability to connect external apps. This greatly expands the spectrum of integration of within specific uses.

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Consultant Project Lead at Marketinger

The tablewise approach, file management, adjustability, ability to invite clients to collaborate are all valuable aspects of the solution.

We can have different boards for different needs. Each of our team has got its own board (design, copywriters, strategists, web developers) and they manage their workload there. Each project is using its own board and everything is interconnected. 

We are using time-tracking on Monday which has changed the way we are working on projects and invoicing them. Also, unlimited storage within tasks is great thing to have as we are able to go back in history to find all materials that everyone worked on really easily.

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System Administrator at Figment Design Laboratories

The mobile application is an absolute breeze to work with. My team is able to provide updates on a whim even when remote. 

Being able to mass update items is a great feature to have, the UI has been well thought out and is intuitive to make use of, we found very little difficulty migrating from our previous platform to as the learning curve was not steep and all our users were happy.

Being able to assign responsibility to a user for a task makes collaboration easy and clears up any potential misunderstandings, if there is anything that is unclear the user can then simply comment on the task and ask for clarity/assistance.

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Head of Media Production at Sacret-Life

The best feature is the form for requests for new projects. This made our workflow much easier. Before the creative request, we tried to enter requests manually, however, that lead to misinformation or missing key features. Since we started implementing the request form, our creative team has more than enough information to start creating and making the deadline. Project tracking is also one of the best features so we know where the project is and how close to the finished product it is.

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Designer & Marketing Manager at Root Fifty-Two

I personally like the visual aspect of Monday. As a team of creatives, It's highly important that we are able to color-coordinate jobs/status and it makes it so much easier to differentiate between clients and tasks. 

The appearance of makes it easier to consume and digest. The search feature is also very handy. As our business has grown, and jobs have increased and Monday has grown with it. We can search for the items we need, however, the boards still also look good and have remained well-organised.

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reviewer1848363 - PeerSpot reviewer

The boards are very helpful in task delegation. Being able to customize the boards to our needs as a dance studio with a smaller staff team has been very helpful. 

We use the "subitems" column quite a bit on larger projects, and being able to assign different tasks within a project is helpful for everyone to see who is working on what. 

The status column is helpful especially when someone is stuck on a task and a question can be asked and answered via the notes section. 

We have also formatted our boards so that when a task is marked "Done" it gets moved to a separate board, so it is automatically taken off of the to-do list.

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Flood Insurance Specialist at Best Flood Insurance

The feature that I get the most use out of is the boards and groups that allow me to track my daily tasks and to mark which quotes or underwriting requests are top priority and which ones have been sitting the longest. 

Monday has allowed us to create a comprehensive database of all of our active policies with each carrier, the total premiums for each carrier, and each individual policy's expiration date to help us keep track of our renewals. 

Before signing on with Monday, we had no idea what the total value of our book of business was, and keeping track of renewing policies was very difficult. 

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Graphic Designer at Celebrity Ink™ Tattoo Studios

The automation process is one of the best. We can organize the workflow through different employees, and after they finishes with the task and updating the thread this goes automatically to a different team member making the project flowing more smoothly. 

The new pages feature also was a big one that all the team is using now. Having all of this features on computer, phone, or tablet makes to keep track even if you are out of the office because any reason. It made the team more put together and involved in the projects. 

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Global Manager, Brand Engagement at Aircall

I found shared boards and their various permission levels to be super valuable. When I show this to clients (and even my mother who I do business with sometimes), they are so impressed at how organized and easy it is to access information. 

I like how I can silo who sees what by board (and not automatically have to allow everyone to see everything in the workspace). Also, while the automations could use some enhancements, the ones that work really work. 

Monday is such a powerful tool. I have used it to integrate survey responses into a Slack group. I have used it to track my personal accomplishments. I have used it for so many things. 

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Sales & Design Specialist at Masaya & Co- Seed to Seat Furniture

The best thing about's dashboards is that they are customizable. People have their own preferences when it comes to visualization. Some like Gantt charts or timeline-based tracking dashboards. 

Also, the design of the platform is nice and clean, it's pretty to look at doesn't look busy, and makes you want to work on it. It is an easy-to-use, user-friendly, and has a customizable interface. 

Also, there are many templates to choose from when you are creating your first board. People can inform each other about what they are working on and where they are in the project. In addition, communication, collaboration, and analysis features allow users to stay on top of their projects.

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Owner at Architekt Music

The solution offers the simplicity of use with no need for 'experts' to build a suitable product for us (like Salesforce does, for example). The appearance as well makes it a right-off-the-bat winner for us. 

The submission form collection and collaborative tools have been amazing for us and have completely changed how we process new leads and related data. The form collection tool eliminated the need for products like iItegromat and other intermediary solutions to move the data from a Squarespace form to a spreadsheet, which wasn't very user-friendly or consistent. 

All-in-all, has changed how we worked for the better and easily saves us dozens of man-hours a week.

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Referral Engagement at Geon Training Solutions

I have found task management the most beneficial aspect. With Monday, long gone are the days of writing notes on sticky notes. task management allows you to create timelines of the task you have and gives you the option to prioritize your responsibilities. If you are someone with a large workload and tend to forget about the little things, you can set a date/time reminder that will prompt you to complete the task, taking the stress away. 

You are also able to see what tasks other people have outstanding that could affect your time spent on a task

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Manager of Customer Success - Onboarding & Support at Curaytor

We use the boards the most. We have one for new client onboarding, upgrade clients (existing clients that are adding an additional service that we have to get them onboarded into), and one for offboards for when a client stops working with our company.

Within the board, we rely heavily on the subitems. These allow us to easily see all the tasks that need to be completed (by either the client or our team), as well as all the tasks that are in progress or completed. We set due dates when a client first signs with us, so we rely on those to keep us on track to hit our desired timeline.

We also use statuses and automation within the boards to see a high-level view of where clients are at and to move people from one group to the next. 

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Senior Web Developer at Property Shop Investment LLC

The date, timeline, and task management features are great. They are really useful to track every project we made and we are able to work on time without any delay. 

We are using the date to put the deadline date of each task we are assigned to. 

We use timeline to keep us on track of how many hours or days we need to accomplish tasks or a project. 

Task management helps us to easily manage our time and tasks and keep us up to date on all the tasks they assigned to us. Also, the sub-item functions also help us to dissect each task that we have. 

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Digital Marketing Specialist at Nonin Medical, Inc.

Our team uses the platform for many different functions, and the ability to have multiple Kanban boards that are integrated into various other platforms our team uses has helped us become more efficient in our content creation strategies. 

We also use dashboards to track how our projects are progressing and view how many open requests we have to complete. 

As I have mentioned before, the integrations between and various other software platforms have allowed us to streamline our communications and content creation processes, thus reducing the amount of time our team spends dedicated to these various tasks.

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Parenting Coach at Parent Coach Atlanta

I love being able to set up alerts. My assistant and I no longer "forget" to send a testimonial request. It also allows me to allow clients to pause their coaching package due to vacation, for example, and it reminds me to resume scheduling my clients. My VA and I are always on the same page and use every Monday (not kidding) when we have our weekly meetings. We literally go through the client boards and get caught up on where each client is in their progress through their packages. We frequently post updates. 

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Director Of Web Development at Beyond Marketing, LLC

I love the automation and level of customization available for the automation. It really helps us all stay on track and on top of our deadlines.

I love the Gantt chart view which allows me to see where projects will potentially overlap or where individual team members may have too much on their plate. allows me to see ahead and plan ahead so we can minimize frustration while maximizing our output.

I love that I can easily duplicate boards - which is a huge time saver when I'm setting up new website design projects.

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Founder at Secrétariat Excellence est facile à utiliser. Vous pouvez le personnaliser pour l'adapter à vos besoins et à votre style de travail. Le produit est beau et intuitif, ce qui rend le travail agréable. 

Les nombreux modèles pré-enregistrés sont excellents. Vous pouvez tester différents modèles pour trouver les outils appropriés. Les différentes vues accessibles, comme les calendriers, les diagrammes, le Gantt, etc., sont essentielles et j'aime passer de l'une à l'autre. 

Les informations manquantes ou les délais non respectés ne sont pas toujours visibles dans le format de tableau classique. Passer à un autre permet d'avoir des données qui sautent immédiatement aux yeux. Je reçois beaucoup de satisfaction quand je vois la colonne "statut" devenir 100% verte. 

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reviewer1848360 - PeerSpot reviewer

The most valuable features for us would be workspaces, boards, and file upload capability. 

The workspaces are clearly laid out and allow us to fill in details of clients and tasks organized into categories. For us, this includes projects we're currently working on, projects we have worked on, and projects we're planning to work on in the future. 

The boards on Monday have meant we've been able to easily assign tasks for ourselves and others, and file upload means we can see all relevant documents in one place. 

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Research Associate 2 at Hesperos Inc

I like the ability to duplicate entire tasks at the same time as it helps when we need to repeat an experiment to just duplicate and change the dates. We are also able to keep the same updates in case we need to save those as well. 

I also like the ability to put a timeline on each task if it spans multiple days to track the time spent on an item. With multiple people on our team, it is vital to have a platform that allows us to track man-hours in order to evaluate whether it is feasible to take on more work.

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Creative Director | Africa at a non-profit with 501-1,000 employees is full of great features which enable collaboration and strategic execution of projects.

Shared boards help entire teams to plan out campaigns with ease and clarity. Adding milestones keeps everything tracking towards the deadline.

The various views available on the boards can give you clear overviews pertaining to specific aspects of the project at hand, seeing at a glance which projects are running behind, where projects will overlap, and allocating team members according to the current workload.

Automation has been a great tool to help things happen in the background, from moving items to different parts of the project, to sending automated emails to external clients.

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Marketing Coordinator at Paul N. Gardner Company

The newest feature of "My Work" is my favorite. It allows me to now see every task that is mine or that I've been tagged on. This allows me to quickly see what my day or week is going to look like based on my task list. 

I also love the sorting features of columns; especially on a shared board. This allows me to sort and see my own interests and determine what needs to be accomplished.

I also appreciate the feature of uploading important files and sharing updates in the line items so that we can have documentation to prove our work.

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Project Engineer - Building Mechanical Services at CBD Facility Management

People not added to our Monday account can also use pulse updates now. We used to manually forward other people's responses to the item.

Files can let us view all the files in one item. Sometimes files are not uploaded to infobox, so files on Monday are a good way to find it. 

Groups in a board is also valuable. I have closed cases and in-progress cases. Whenver a case is closed, the automation moves it to the close section so that I don't have to worry about it anymore. 

The customized automation feature that was recently added is a huge game-changer. We can tailor what we need in each board now. 

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Content Strategist at Form & Function

The most valuable features have to be the ability to create separate boards, both for external and internal communication. Having the ability to add tasks and reminders to our individual board as well as the team board helps keep communication in one place. 

A feature that we utilize daily is the form option (and the link) that we can send to clients. Instead of receiving requests via email, this helps us to keep all client requests prioritized and organized by date as well as the client. This not only helps our team by getting the information we need rather than going back and forth through email but helps the client have one place to put all their requests. 

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Education Coordinator at Turnip Green Creative Reuse

I love being able to "check off" a task by changing its status to "done." It also disappears off the list when you complete it. is one of the few project management tools on the market with built-in time tracking capabilities. Most project management tools only offer time tracking as an add-on. When the time tracking and project management tools play well together, you get a deeper look at how long tasks take, the entire timeline of your projects—down to the minute, and identify your most time-consuming tasks. You can turn the tracker on or off with a click or enter time manually. You can even track time from anywhere using the mobile app and a few taps. 

Thanks to’s automation, you can eliminate repetitive tasks, like notifying your team or moving a card from one column to the next. It's great!

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Director Of Operations at Livable

The entire product is valuable. You can do nearly anything with it given how much flexibility is in the ability to customize for your use case. We really like the dashboards, automation, and spreadsheets. 

The function item on the table view is great to leverage smart calculations and is easy to program. The different views available and the ability to save filters and views really help so that each team member can limit what information they see to only things that are meant for them. 

It's great. It really helps with flexibility.

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Project Manager at 500 Designs

The formulas are great for pulling data from many boards into one board. The time tracking has been helpful.

All of these items allow me to properly track time for my team and figure out how many hours we have used, how many we have left, and what all team members are doing at a given time through pulling data into one board.

The formulas are probably my favorite (although it took some learning to figure out how to use them) as it takes the work off of me to have to manually do the math and flag when we're going over hours. The team can just see it automatically.

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Materials Manager at Howland Technology

The ability to attach files to boards and truly make it collaborative is the most important aspect of the solution. We have been able to make our internal meetings much shorter due to the fact that we all have access to the working area on Monday. It is also helpful that you can set certain notifications to make sure a colleague can address task items.

We also really rely on being able to import data with Excel and export data. It makes reporting very easy. It is an incredibly useful and powerful database of information once populated. The ability to chart information and turn it into a calendar or Gantt chart is also a major feature we use when reporting.

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Executive Director at Visual Anarchy

Creating super-smart to-do lists, intern management, and sales leads lists has been huge. Organizing all the brainstorming and pre-production aspects of a proposed or actual new project, web design stuff for my nonprofit, and film festival entrances (the list goes on) is easy. All of the individual features, integrations, automations, and customization makes it amazing. It also helps keep things organized much better for my team members as well across a variety of different production-related tasks.

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reviewer1843143 - PeerSpot reviewer

We thoroughly enjoyed the automation to help us see where our cases are going next. The entire visual aspect of Monday is also a great resource for our firm as it makes it easy for us to point out certain things and for our management meetings to go smoothly. 

The ability to track dates and times we need cases to be completed has been of great use to my firm. Our attorneys are able to monitor and track our cases with ease every day as they please. It has greatly improved how we track out cases and hit our deadlines. 

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Communications Specialist at Northeastern REMC

The introduction of subitems has been a game-changer. I love being able to group together different pieces of projects under one item. It keeps me more organized. 

I also love having different automation set up to make our workflow between us and different departments seamless. I have boards for each month so I know what I should be focusing on. 

I also like being able to sort projects based on who owns them or how I've tagged them. I've just recently started looking into the different ways to view a board, and I can't wait to dig in further.

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Partner Digital at Porcupine Union

We really use the custom columns quote a lot and also the statuses and the different views. We can quickly review our list but also see what our scheduling is like with the Gantt view.

The Gantt view really helps us make the most use of our productive time and ensures that we do not have any idle time from any of the team. It even helps us plan our leave well.

I myself particularly like the Windows and Android apps as well, so that one can work on the boards even if they do not have connectivity at the time.

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Marketing Manager at Mango Publishing

The features I have found most valuable include the Slack integration which helps to notify myself or other team members when they are tagged or if there's an update which is a really great feature. I don't go on Monday every day so being notified through email and Slack is helpful. 

Another feature is how customizable it is for our teams which allows for greater creativity. One of the things that is especially valuable is the status updates and the options available for those. 

One last feature I like is the fact it's allowing the use of Google links/Google Drive.

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Consultora Inbound at a marketing services firm with 11-50 employees

The productivity tool is great, as is task dependency.

You can create specific groups on your boards and give them color codes. This is really useful.

It is great that you can select if you want to see the project in list, kanban, or Gantt. This is something really useful that other tools do not allow you to do. Usually, you have to use more than one solution. 

You can integrate Slack, Google, Excel, Drive, or Dropbox.

As a company that uses a variety of tools, it was great to have everything in one place, Monday was the solution.

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Office Manager at Fossil Creek Pools

The online file/commenting system for each job is great. We can all see everything going on without scheduling a two-hour meeting. 

Auto emails to clients have streamlined communication with external emails so we can keep people informed without manually adding any hours or tasks to our day-to-day list. 

It keeps things moving without actually doing additional work. The time savings alone is worth every penny and man-hour it took settings up the business profile. 

It took us a few weeks to fully integrate, however, it has been so worth it. 

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Business Development Specialist at Strop

The collaboration capabilities are great. It makes it much easier to know who is working on which projects, as well as who they are working with. It's also been super helpful to be able to 'copy' an item, as so often our projects are similar in nature so I am able to quickly use the copy feature and then change a few details to match the new project. This may only save a few seconds, however, it does make things much simpler and more efficient. I also like the ability to assign a project to another team member where needed, this makes it easier to pass on work when required.

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Shareholder at Shulman Rogers Gandal Pordy & Ecker PA

The flexibility to create any sort of format has been very valuable. That the platform can be adapted for each specific use. The communications piece with other users is also critical, as it allows for task-specific communication that gets stored in a history associated with the appropriate item.

The search function, to identify all tasks that are assigned to a specific person, is critical for staying on top of issues.

The integrations are a useful aspect that will continue to be key for to become an increasingly integrated and permanent part of the work tool ecosystem.

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Developer at Goram & Vincent

I really enjoy all the additional columns you can add to your Monday pulses to cater to what information you need. For example, in my line of work, I do a lot of time scoping and estimating how long a job will take me. By using a column to put in estimates it's easily visible and speeds up my workflow when scoping out loads of tasks for a new project. 

I also like how easy it is to assign different people to the pulses. It allows me to easily look at a board and spot my profile icon to know which pulses I should be looking at. 

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Digital Commerce Executive at Builders Warehouse | Builders Express | Builders Trade Depot

There are too many valuable features to mention in detail. Most notably, the workflow automation and assignment features plus the ability to work in email too have been a game-changer for our teams. 

The email feature is very valuable as the teams work collaboratively with many agencies and this means that agencies do not have to adopt the tool completely and can still "work via email" whilst our teams continue to have the visibility they require on their tasks. 

If only there was a way for the @ feature to work properly via email.

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Director of TRIO Talent Search Program at The Family Centered Educational Agency

The board function allows you to create a digitized to-do list. My agency plans a lot of events - from college tours to large back to school events, to large community events. Being able to keep up with all the different moving parts and keeping it all In one once place is really helpful for me. There is no way I was able to pull off our back to school fest with over 500+ people if it had not been for being able to create a list of tasks and go through one by one and keep track of progress on each task in relation to that event. 

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Plant Manager at Visual Communications Company, LLC

The most valuable aspect of the solution is being able to develop our own task or projects trackers which are adapted to each necessity.

Not all projects require the same level of detail of information. With Monday, we are able to customize each project based on a specific necessity. It is very user-friendly overall.

We can remove, add, and modify a project or task charter easily.

We can also assign access by responsibility levels in order to protect information. This is used by giving access as read-only, edit privileges, or admin privileges as required.

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Owner at Mansur Solar

The board automation is helpful as it narrows down the probability of error in each process. If you can take out the human error factor in some processes, and just automate things the way they are supposed to react over one action or movement in that tasks process, the probability of errors or mistakes is considerably less than having everyone update manually.

Everyone in our team has more time to do what they're best at instead of filling forms, numbers, spreadsheets or every other project management tool, you can think of.

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Programme Delivery Manager at CLT International

Being able to see 'my work' at a glance in the "My Work" section allows me to see what tasks are coming up and which ones are in progress. 

Being able to duplicate boards from sitting to sitting and also being able to upload .csv files for tasks is great. 

Creating a baseline so I can see when tasks in a project should have been completed as opposed to when they are completed helps a lot. This allows me to see where delays occur in the project and change the amount of time given to reflect more accurately the realistic time frame of each task for next time. 

The Gantt chart also gives a really good visual guide to the workload at different points in the project. 

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reviewer1848378 - PeerSpot reviewer
User at Mediacom Communications Corporation

The automation feature makes it really easy to replicate recurring tasks that we carry out each quarter and makes boards much easier to maintain.

Filters for different team members make it easy to see what you have to do on a weekly or monthly basis and stay on top of tasks.

Being able to add comments to line items makes it easier to provide updates on tasks and flag if there are delays or issues in completing something.

The sub-items feature makes it easy to delegate sub-tasks to different members of the team for longer-term, bigger projects.

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Social Media Strategist at Social Beacon Media

Assigning tasks to a person with due dates has been great. Also, the templates for boards make it easy to jumpstart a project through a board very quickly. 

The various integrations have made it easier for us to focus on keeping our information in one place so that we're not spending time (wasting time) trying to find information in different places online. 

Overall the ability to use integrations, assign tasks, and create board templates has been the most valuable features of It's improved our overall performance. 

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Styliana Araouzou - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Operations Analyst at Etoro

It's great for providing a general overview of projects in one snapshot. 

The initial setup is easy.

It's quite a stable product.

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Graphics Manager at TricorBraun

Some of the biggest features have been notes, reminders, and automation. The notes section is great for keeping the most up-to-date project information in case anyone needs to take some time off. All the info is right there. Reminders are great for getting email notifications when something is due. Having that extra ping in the inbox helps these not get missed. The automation is a game-changer too, since there are so many stages of an art project, changing status and having the program do an action right away is a great way to reduce clicks. 

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Marketing Strategist at Eldorado Trading Company

Adding subitems to each task has made multi-dimensional projects easier to manage. We have a lot of projects for the events and tradeshows that we host, and sometimes we need to break down a simple project into multiple steps and assign each subitem to a different person. 

We also love that we can keep track of the status of the project and assign deadlines, as well as have tabs on where the project is in the process. 

Being able to see your own personal specific projects makes it that much more accessible a program and is great for work productivity.  

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Project Manager at Shorr Solutions

The features of that our consulting firm has found the most valuable include the time tracking column, the ability to create multiple boards for each specific client as well as projects/tasks pertaining to a specific area in our company (marketing), automatons that move items once they are complete as well as automation that notifies our team when a task is complete with specific details we've customized (who completed the task, for which client and how long it took them to complete).

The "My Work" section is my ultimate favorite part of the tool. 

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Project Manager at Data Keeper

Basically, the fact that each board inside of is fully customizable in the element that it contains, as well as, the interaction across all of the other boards and different applications, helps solve all of the communication problems we used to have.

The different views help me as a manager properly schedule all of our projects and properly assign them to all the team members that need to be involved.

Integrations with most of the commonly used applications are a huge point in favor as well.

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Client Experience Director at SMB Team

Integrations with Slack and integrations as a whole are wonderful. We want to use as our source of truth. We also use automation and think it's great. When we were looking for a project management software during our sales process, really stood out because of these features. 

We want to be efficient and this software has allowed us to do that. The insights tabs are also amazing. Again, we can run reports on those and make higher-level decisions and see data per person on specific metrics.

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Chief Executive Officer at

The most valuable aspects include:

1) The mirror column which turns Monday into a serious interactive database that can cover all our processes. We have linked all aspects of the business together and there is no more duplication of data in the tables. This is difficult to do if you have never designed a database. In our case, we immediately realized that the mirror column allows you to make boards and powerful systems.

2) Guest access for the client significantly increases their loyalty and understanding of the value of what we do for them.

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Content Writer at Invalley

My absolute favorite is the ability to filter assignments. Since there are other writers in the team, filtering by person lets me see easily which ones are mine, and I could also sort them out based on urgency. 

It's quite easy to accidentally click on someone else's assignment and work on it, but with this feature, that accident can be avoided. In other apps, the focus is personal boards with lots of subtasks within, which I find unappealing. 

I also love the ability to communicate within the app itself by leaving comments. 

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Erik  Hupjé - PeerSpot reviewer
Founder & Managing Director at R2 Reliability

I love that on I can invite as many 'guests' into our account as I need, that has made collaborating with freelancers much easier and more cost-effective. This was one of the key reasons I left another platform - it was simply to expensive to add freelancers as they all required their own paid access. With I can have my core team with full paid access and then get as many freelancers onboard as required when we are working on a project.

There is also a continuous stream of improved functionality that opens up new possibilities. 

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Project Manager at WorK Architecture + Design

The features our company has found most valuable are the timelines, the calendars, and the Gantt Charts. 

Within our company's workspace, we use these features to create production schedules, project schedules, allow employees to make production requests, and make task lists and track their progress. We even use these for general office concerns, lists, and organizing events. 

The ability to assign members to tasks and then have them update the status on them and even ask related questions under the task has been very helpful. The company has absolutely benefitted from this tool as a project management tool and is great for remote work as well. 

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Director of Creative and Strategy at Chickenango Marketing Solutions

The ability to house information that everyone can access in real-time, using a board as a CRM tool and exporting it out to a usable file format like Excel has been a lifesaver for our team - especially during holiday card time. 

The product makes it easier to be in control of privacy compliancy with the contacts we collect on a daily basis. 

We also love the fact that you can create your own automation. This has allowed us to create a project closeout process proprietary to our firm. Monday is so robust that we are still discovering features and enjoying the new ones the team rolls out. 

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Finance Manager at Rustomjee

There are multiple features that are very useful. For example:

1. You can create a group of tasks and can write down sub-tasks under each task.

2. It also has a function wherein you can mention the name and email ID of the external person who is responsible to finish the task.

3. The auto-reminder feature is of great value. Even if I forget my daily tasks, it sends out an email reminding me to update the task status.

4. This acts as a modern digital diary for me to efficiently handle my activities.

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Business Analyst at Strop

The notes/comments section is helpful. It's visible to everyone. Everyone can upload files and random notes relevant to each project. I've been using the notes and comments section a lot, just so that if someone else gets looped into the project but is too lazy to read through the long email thread, they can simply go to this internal note section and download necessary and important files and understand the scope of each project without having to ask your colleagues. It's also good to jot down any information you may need.

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Article Trainee at Capstone Financials

The feature that I have found most valuable is the boards on Monday which allow for allocation, time tracking, and storing of important information. This is quite valuable when it comes to an organization that is big, has many clients, and many employees.

We are able to keep track of clients and what they require and who needs to do what and we can get rid of the old whiteboard/pen and paper, saving us time and money and helping us go green. It is very user-friendly and the interface is clean.

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Post Production Supervisor at LNC Productions

The tabs (color coding) featured is great for distinguishing different areas of our workflow. Say that we have a music file that needs to be licensed - we use the color red (tab) to signify that the music hasn't been licensed. Once we license, we change the tab to brown. It's a small feature, however, the color-coding is something that makes completed tasks almost immediately indefinable. 

Having multiple workspaces is also helpful for different facets of the company so our different teams don't overlap. 

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UK Software Developer at Raise.Digital

Being able to extend boards to include dashboards is very useful. We can have a board summarising an area of our business and see at a glance the status of everything going on there. Being able to build these into graphs and formulae provides good insights into progress (or lack thereof).

We have a large board which provides an overview of our business. The dashboards we have created then give us an instant oversight as to what is happening and what potentially might happen. As you can add multiple dashboards to the same board you can filter them to summarise the data from a variety of standpoints.

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Marketing Project Manager at TeamSense

The templates are extremely valuable. I wouldn't know where to start when creating something new. I like the variety in templates and the ability to customize pretty much anything. Assigning owners is also helpful. Everyone can filter the board by themselves to just see items that relate to them. The filter options give each team member a bit of brain space and allow them to prioritize what is meant exactly for them. I also like the docs to be able to brainstorm free flow, but wish they had some updates so they could be more usable.

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Senior Project Manager at Design Force

The solution is helpful for managing statuses for projects, notifications, and comment sections. I especially like the dashboards where you can combine info from different boards into one. 

I like the system's integration features since they allow me to streamline my work process. The UI/UX is simple and easy to use, making it easy to see where projects are and where they are headed. I particularly like how we can post summaries and project ideas in clearly accessible locations. 

Everything we do is documented, which is useful for both internal and external purposes.

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Program Director of Leadership Development at Temple University

The templates were always the best part as not starting from scratch made the process so much easier.

The various display options and formats were great -especially when you have a large team with varying needs. They appreciated the tutorials and how-tos available with each board as well. 

As someone who has to manage their team’s as well as my own projects and tasks - it made it easier to see everyone and everything from a bird’s eye view. I also really appreciated the daily reminders, progress updates, and little (but impactful) notes of encouragement. 

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Assistant Manager- Fund raising at Rustomjee

The multi-task management aspect is great. It helps in remembering every task. Further, it provides a proper workflow of all the proposed activities in project management. 

It efficiently helps achieve all targets within the set target, short-term or long-term. It helps to go completely digital and avoids the use of pen and paper, which helps declutter work life. 

It helps in tracking expenses and managing them as well, which is another superb feature to help manage and further aim to reduce the same. The entire process flow right from proposal making to every document which is to be prepared and submitted is added to the system and we allocate the same to different people which helps in the allocation of work and responsibility.

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Senior Specialist, SEO and Content Marketing at Adtalem Global Education

Automations have proven most valuable. Most notably, when I mark a pulse as “complete” it automatically tags a colleague. This means I no longer have to manually send emails to colleagues to push items along the approval process. 

It also saves us room for error - if a colleague forgets to send an item to the next person, it no longer costs us time because the next person is already tagged. As mentioned above, these automations also help us to stay on time. 

With the timeline feature, if a content update is nearing or past its due date, the date will turn red and I know to prioritize it. 

It's very simple to use and very useful.

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Product Development Specialist at Seint

Being able to assign our individual tasks helps us a ton. I’ve worked with other companies that did not use Monday, and sometimes things would fall through the cracks as there were misunderstandings about who’s the responsibility it was to do something.

I also really like establishing a focus of the day so I can refer back to it after sitting through meetings or having a break. It helps keep me organized and motivated throughout the day. Truthfully, I do love all of the features on Monday, I can’t just choose one.

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Saipa Article Clerk at a financial services firm with 11-50 employees

My favorite feature is time tracking. It is extremely precise and useful. We also provide accounting services at the firm and it is so mundane to sit with a stopwatch every time we work on a client. 

This feature helps us bill the clients for the exact hours and minutes. Some clients have a tough time believing the time spent on their company. 

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Senior Manager of Operations at Clark Nuber PS

We chose for the flexibility. It is relatively easy to build a basic board for tracking projects and tasks. 

It has a pleasing and pretty user interface, allowing conditional formatting and color coding for easy visual tracking of projects and statuses. It doesn't take much training to get up and running in it. It's easy to pick up and click around and figure out how to build a basic board. 

I like the ability to customize so that we can create a system that works for us, and easily iterate it as things change.  

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Assistant Manager- Fund Raising at Rustomjee

The app is loaded with features. The most valuable feature is getting a reminder email of the deadlines assigned to you on the emails and how the color of the task is coded, like green for the task done, red for pending, and yellow for stuck. Likewise, one can get a pictorial depiction of all the tasks to be carried out and what is the current status of the same. When you will filter out the task assigned owner to your name, you will get a list of all the tasks assigned to you by different departments, so it's easy to keep a track of it.

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Product Owner at Neobrain

The subtasks were super useful to have in order to define actions plans.

The link between the boards and do not need to copy-paste information and not need to update at different places is great.

The llama farm is super fun and helps the team to want to work on issues.

The colors and the style are amazing on

The dashboards are super useful for presentations to the other teams and to follow.

The Kanban view is great for organizing the common roadmap with other teams.

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Vice President, Brand and Client Engagement at The Brooks Group

Automation is great. We have mastered the automation and find it incredibly helpful. I personally like the ability to color-code and create our own labels for things. This way everyone can organize a system that works for them.

Additionally, the dashboards and the llamas might be my favorite part. We have even adopted the llama as our marketing department mascot and have some stuffed llamas around. 

I like that it integrates with Slack. I keep the notifications off of my email and just hear them in Slack to keep my day from getting too chaotic.

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Executive Assistant at Echo Life Church

The form view is incredible. We use this for registrations, gathering contact information, submitting prayer requests all week long, and many other things.

We also love the automation and integrations so we can sync other platforms. 

We plan out our calendar in advance and sync it with Google Calendar so everyone can be on the same page all year long. 

We also love that Monday talks with Mailchimp so we can always stay connected with people. 

The status and color options also make using Monday super fun and appealing. 

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reviewer1852116 - PeerSpot reviewer
User at Imperial Cabinets & Millwork Inc

I found it really useful that when uploading certain files or PDFs, you can have it linked through Dropbox or Google Drive. That way, I can hop onto my phone or iPad, and can easily see the content that is linked within all the devices. 

Also, to add to that, it's really awesome that they are on all platforms. 

It works perfectly and runs very smoothly. A lot of times programs are on multiple platforms, however, they don't seem to work well, or even don't have updates to fix little bugs. This program constantly gets updated, and works flawlessly on all platforms, or should I say very well compatible. Sorry if I'm repeating myself in a different way, but for example Instagram works perfectly on phones. But when you get on the iPad or PC/Mac then it works a little differently and does not allow you to have/get certain features than you would on the phone. My point is, Monday works perfectly and the exact same way on the phone, computer or iPad.

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reviewer1843227 - PeerSpot reviewer

The fact we are able to set automatic deadline reminders means that we will never forget a task that could delay the project and break various project tolerances.

With the work boards easy to convert to Gantt charts, valuable time is saved when preparing for project meetings.

Extracting individual work boards to send to each client to give them an overview and update of the status of their project saves valuable time creating individual RAID Logs.

It's vital when you are managing multiple different projects at any one time. 

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Designer & Studio Manager at Root Fifty-Two has allowed us to list all our jobs on different client boards, and organize our workload as a team and as individuals. Throughout lockdown, this was especially useful, as we could use to communicate and leave notes about each job. The automation options are also very useful as once a job is complete, it can be moved to the bottom of the board, into a different group. Being able to tag multiple people onto one job is also beneficial too us, as we often have two to three members of the team working on one project.

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Senior Information Technology Specialist at Reed Elsevier Philippines

The sales sheet where we keep track of all transactions including transaction history, customers, and all necessary records is great. Every team member has access which makes it easy to tag which customer belongs to who. As for interacting with the project and its tasks, it's very easy. We can set status, assignee, dates, add items, etc. Notifications are a great tool to stay on top of things, especially with customer updates which are critical. You can see all your tasks without scrolling through long items in a project.

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Mid-Weight Designer at Mibelle Group

Timeline and countdown systems have been great for us as well as the ability to "@" team members in comment sections to have collaborative conversations, give feedback, and share files. 

As a design team, we work very closely with the marketing team on bringing projects and ideas to life. It's great to have a system that allows us to do that fluidly and have visible conversations in case anyone further needs feedback or input at different stages on the project. 

Monday provides great capacity for storing files, conversations, and seeing the history of a project.

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Senior Marketing Manager at What3Words Limited

The Slack integration is fantastic for working in a fast-paced environment. It's the quickest way to read, follow and respond to project updates and prevents important updates from being missed, whereas before the Slack integration these updates could easily be missed on the platform. 

The ability to see who has viewed an update or comment on is really helpful when it comes to trusting that work is in hand, or suggesting that something needs chasing. 

Being able to use colors to separate different types of projects is also really helpful from a user-friendly/UX perspective.

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Procurement Specialist at Highdeal Solutions

I like that we can move projects from one stage to another, which also allows user to track the progress. It's really easy to use. When we have new people to on-board it does not take hours to train them on how to use this platform.

Another beneficial part is that we can use templates, which also make a user's life way easier. At the same time, for those who feel like templates are too boring, there is an option to customize the interface. Basically, every little need can be satisfied. moreover, it offers in-app automation. 

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Executive Director of Marketing Services at EWM NOW

The templates they provide are super helpful to make you start off right the way. The automation available is also a great way to take things off of your hands by automating the process behind it. The ability to track the timelines of every single project and see all the comments and updates makes it easier for upper management to easily review work and keep track of the progress we’ve come through. 

We actually base all our internal team meetings on Monday, where we start going through each workspace and client boards. 

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Billing at Bilder Appliance Repair

The features I found most valuable are the Kanban boards. You can communicate with the rest of the office with comments and organize the information by categories and it will automatically send them that way when you choose that category. 

Who doesn’t love sending your co-workers GIFs in the comments section of the board? We can also make side tables to assign and create a special table for a certain group of people all based on the main table. We are a small business so it really helps us stay organized.

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Senior Manager, Regulatory and Quality at Secure Transfusion Services

I’ve found the ability to build dashboards through integrating information from various boards most helpful to ensure the right information is being communicated to leaders and other groups. 

The ability to build dashboards in has given us the ability to automate reporting and opened up possibilities for further reporting. The dashboard capability allows me to go in and quickly understand where my teams are and identify obstacles I can go in to help move for them. The dashboard capability allows me to catch future risks early.

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Software Developer at Kermit

The ability to upload files associated with a particular task is very useful to us.

It helps us share examples of reports with our team members. 

I have also found the task status feature to be valuable. You can indicate whether you have started on a task, are stuck on it, or have completed it.  

I also like that you can add your own columns to each task within a project.  

For example, if you wanted to add a column that's not already included in the Monday app to track a specific item for a project, you can do that as well.

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Sr. Director of Content Strategy & Delivery at Leaderology

The features that I have found most valuable include the dashboards, forms, and item and task tracking. 

I appreciate the dashboards as they give me a high-level, 30,000-foot view of the current business and work that I have going on. It helps me understand the big picture so that I do not get stuck in the weeds. 

I find the forms easy to use, easy to brand, and easy to collect data from internal and external stakeholders. 

I love the item and task tracking capabilities because it keeps me on track. 

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Laboratory Technician at Hesperos Inc.

The most valuable feature is the ability to assign individuals to a task with a specific date and time for said task. Since our projects are run by a network of interdisciplinary personnel, it can oftentimes become confusing when a task is put out into workflow without a definitive purpose. Thus, this feature helps in adding more weight to a "task" and adds a touch of personal responsibility to each input. I couldn't be happier with this system of checks and balances and would recommend it to anyone. 

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Manager of Training | Customer Success at Stack Construction Technologies

The visibility is excellent. The fact that everyone can see the different boards and who is responsible for the project. The sub-items are beyond valuable. The ability to add subgroups to projects keeps the team and individuals involved on-task and organized. 

I use to keep track of agenda items and planning for recurring meetings my team has. It is easy to add recurring weekly, monthly, and quarterly meetings and tasks. Even having set up an annually occurring task ensures it won't be forgotten.

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Senior Account Manager at Y Associates

Integrations and automation make it easy for us to get notified and key on top of our heavy workflow. With integrations and automation, we can notify a whole team when campaigns need changes or sales reps when we need client information. 

We are also able to make the workflow work for us so we can track all parts of the campaign's lifecycle from infancy to completion. 

Monday's integrations and automation make it so the company can work efficiently and on time to maximize our returns and gain new customers.

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Senior Acquisitions Associate at First National Realty Partners

The ability to export to Excel has been huge for us. Every quarter, we will export our acquisitions pipeline board to Microsoft Excel to track our deals. We will see where in the country our deals are coming from, what brokers are showing us certain deals, and what type of deals we are seeing most often. 

The ability to view the Monday board on a map is also very useful. It allows us to see where most of our deals are found. The automation is also very useful and allows us to move items to different groups automatically and save time.

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Abdallah Mourad - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Business Intelligence at IBM

The most valuable features that I loved with are:

  • Notifications
  • Task status and project status
  • colors are friendly to the eye
  • I can task assign to my colleagues
  • The screen size works with others and there is easy sharing of images and documents
  • Automation and set up of automation is done in seconds and leaves your routine tasks in the dust
  • Integration with other applications such as MS, MS Excel, Slack, Google Drive,, Dropbox, and One Drive is great
  • Monday workdocs for workflows are helpful
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Influencer Marketing Manager at Fiverr International Ltd

I like the ability to connect boards. If I make an update to my board to mark a project as complete or content as live, my colleagues in the social team then know that this piece of content is now live and our community manager can begin to interact with comments. This is so useful as it helps to remove any unnecessary emailing/messaging. 

I also like the general layout and the ability to color-code projects/tasks. It provides an incredibly clear and user-friendly format. The ability to expand/contract tasks, edit labels and edit the ordering of projects are also incredibly useful features.

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reviewer1845927 - PeerSpot reviewer

We use the status column quite frequently and the search bar to easily find specific customers and orders. 

It also helps to be able to organize boards under different categories with folders to make them easy to locate. 

We use the collapse group function to help us easily locate current orders and business matters without needing to lose information from past orders. 

It’s been helpful to be able to allocate items to different staff members and notifications help to make sure that we do not forget any tasks.

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Juan Carlos Salcedo - PeerSpot reviewer
New Business Manager at Just Media Group

The most important feature is to be able to import items from Excel and place them in a Monday file. It allows us to drag primary information and establish clear processes of how each item is going to be attacked. It also allows us to add owners so that each person knows which item corresponds to them and can complete their activities accordingly. 

Another very important feature is the placement of dates. It allows us to know in advance when each part of the project would be finished, and thus optimize our time.

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Digital Performance Specialist & Project Manager at Sea Digital

The feature which I found most valuable is the "My Work" section. This update has allowed us to elevate the use of Prior to this, it seemed like a very manual task - checking into each board to see what deadlines we had daily. The potential of tasks getting lost in a mountain of other tasks was great. The "My Work" feature has been able to let us streamline the process of looking into boards and just referring to one section as our "holy grail" - what our day is supposed to look like and what we need to achieve.

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Senior Marketing Manager at Contentology UK

The Gantt chart with dependencies allows for all timescales to move when one changes, holding everyone accountable. 

File upload and communication save hunting for messages or files across devices and shared areas.

The Gantt chart function saves spending time creating a visual that is static. Within Monday a simple update on tasks moves the Gantt chart without removing the history - therefore the archive trail allows us to have a nice record. 

File upload and communication just keep everything concise, neat, and organized. Many firms use Google Drive, Slack, email etc. With so many places to find files, it all gets very messy very quickly. 

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Rafael Alves - PeerSpot reviewer
Photographer and Visual Designer at Rafograph

The notification system is well done. 

The UI is very easy to use and improves progressively. 

The templates provided also are a great resource. The items are well displayed in many kinds of display resolutions which can vary from ultra-wide screens to 13" notebooks. The really impressive and most valuable aspect of the software is the fact that it simply works. From past experience with other similar software that used to be fully packed with as many features as possible, with you can create really tailor-made working boards.

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Senior MHPSS Technical Advisor at The MHPSS Collaborative

That we can take notes and there are different tabs that can be used to organize our work are the most valuable aspects for us. Monday makes sure that we are all on the same page with our work and that we have the same idea about timelines and who is responsible for what. Project management is so important within our organization. 

Having this software is great as it does a lot of the work for us and guides us when needed. We host our meetings and take notes that are saved on the platform that we can refer back to. 

It is also nice that you can color code everything. 

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Media Buyer at The Gig Agency

My favorite feature is being able to create team tasks and assign them to the correct team member with the necessary due dates, notes, documents, etc. 

Everything is held all in one place which makes communication and visibility great. 

It's easy to get siloed into your own department, and when you're working remotely sometimes communication can be hard. Being able to see the progress in real-time of different projects that you are working on with team members is very helpful. 

You can even add clients to the tasks so they can also keep up to date with how things are coming along. 

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Project Engineer at Stourflex

Monday is very easy to use and is very user-friendly. I must say the most valuable feature is the export to Excel feature, where you can take an entire board or just sections of it and put the data in Excel. It's great for data analysis and also to present to your boss as the list of projects you've completed and which of these were won, etc.

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Senior Accountant at a financial services firm with 1-10 employees

The value is that provides us with an overall picture of how much work a teammate has, and for each team member, and how they're doing. I don't think it's an excellent tool to monitor how the team members are progressing, but it's a tool that can be used.

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VP at a consultancy with 11-50 employees

It's very granular. The good thing is that we had a lot of steps in the budget process, and in the development process. It allows you to be granular, and send each step.

They just did a reorganization of the solution. Before if you had one topic, you had to put everything you do under that topic, or under that umbrella. Now you can break things up by task. For instance, we were doing research summaries or infographics. Before, they were combined under one umbrella, and now, if you want to look them up individually, you can do that. It has been better since then.

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Operations Manager at LG Truck Group, LLC

The coolest thing is the way the files or documents can be uploaded to subitems. This allows all pertinent information to be readily available to whomever. If someone is out of the office I do not have to worry about locating a file/folder of a customer. All of the documents are right there at anyone's fingertips. With quick access to everything, leaders can quickly glance over and approve or deny closings and be able to step in when needed. 

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reviewer1852113 - PeerSpot reviewer

I have really appreciated the many features of The most valuable are usually the ones I repeatedly use time and time and time again. 

I really really like the sort by name or dates functions as they toggle and make being able to offer super-quick organization a breeze, especially when client-facing. 

The ability to have timeline and calendar views is simply magnificent - they really help too especially when partnered with the useful alarms functions to remind us when stuff needs to happen.

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Principal CEO at Ark Studios LATAM

The most valuable functions for the agency are:

  • Time tracking
  • Customizable status labels
  • Last modification made by a user

The formula feature is amazing.

The biggest benefit has been that it facilitates the work of our designers and all staff members and thanks to its integrations, we no longer have to leave the application much. 

The security is great and vulnerabilities do not exist in the entire app. 

We love the high availability.

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Product Design Engineer at University Loft Company

The feature I have found most valuable is the automation aspect. As mentioned previously, there has been some rejection to learn the automations aspect to Monday. This could be because of poor implementation on the company's behalf. 

Another feature I find most valuable is the ability to customize the columns on each board. Our quality control board and product samples board has the ability to add pictures, reports, and other necessary information. This creates a single spot where all the information can be found. 

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Postdoctoral Researcher at Embrapa Agroindústria Tropical

The possibility of having multiple boards is indeed a great feature that allows us to see the many projects (and their progress) at a glance. 

The workspaces are also an extremely valuable tool since we can have many separate workspaces for teams with different credentials. That is important to have more confidential projects set aside, and have people only assigned to their assigned projects or assigned tasks at a particular moment. 

Of course, the add-ons are important to integrate the other tools we use.

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Marketing Manager - Global SME at What3Words Limited

I love how we can color coordinate between statuses and how statuses jump into their respective groups automatically once chosen. Although personally, I don't use it often, I like how managers can see the workloads of designers and editors in color coordination, and based on that they can let the marketing managers know who has the capacity or whether the team is full. It helps to be aware of incoming tasks. It also helps us to determine project prioritizing and planning ahead more efficiently. As a creative person, it's nice to see their timeline of jobs done as accomplishments. 

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Founder & CEO at Maev

We most heavily use the task views - including boards, groups of projects, tasks with various metadata (details, documents linked, assignments, due dates, status, etc), and then use a few views like the Gantt chart and the timeline views. 

Those have been extremely helpful for us as we are juggling many projects as a tiny team of ten. We also have several cross-functional dependencies - a delay on one team causes a delay for others as well, and we need everyone to have visibility into that. That makes communication much easier.

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Marketing Manager at Go-Vi Limited

We love to use the automation available on We have many different automations set up for different use cases. Our most effective one has been for sending a Slack notification to an employee/agent when they have been allocated to a task, board, or customer. 

Other examples of automation include automatically creating items in a board when an email is received. While this automation is not perfect (as it doesn't extract information to name the task) it is very helpful when we come to make changes to the task. 

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Headmaster at Grace Covenant Academy

We like the shared boards, forms linked to the board, automation, and dashboards.

The shared boards have helped us to have quicker access to the tasks in each process, and the progress being made.  Especially in our model, employees and teams need quick access when they cannot wait on a response from another person.  

Dashboards have been key in managing revolving tasks and projects.  It has helped us reign in annual tasks that may be forgotten, and weekly dept maintenance tasks.  In effect, Monday is helping us create manuals which can be handed to new staff with their tasks, and explanations - and a means to monitor and manage.

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Student at City Colleges of Chicago-Wilbur Wright College

Group separation and being able to change the colors of some categories are great. 

That has been what I love the most. We used to have everything on paper and everything with colorful tabs to separate things. It's frustrating when everything keeps falling off. 

With Monday, everything is just one click away. Everything we have is separated by groups within groups. Color has different meaning. We know when the tab is green by their name there ready to move on to the next thing. When something is red we know we are missing important documents. My co-workers and I are always on track and knowing what to get done with the hiring process.

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Assistant Director of Program & Impact - Genesee & Teen Center Sites at Boys & Girls Club of Lake County sends email notifications to keep us all on task. I love the email reminders asking me where I am with the assigned task and if I need some help. I have used this to get things done on time, and it also encourages me to acknowledge when I need some help because I have not been able to complete the task.

I can set interviews and move applicants around to different created buckets. For example, I can make a bucket for applicants being considered for various positions and tag our HR staff to ask them to do the onboarding.

When we moved offices, we used to keep us on task, and everyone was given job duties to support the process. I liked how we could set deadlines for everything that needed to get done during the move. serves as a live document, so we can see in real-time when things get done. Specific tasks needed to be finished before we moved on to the next, and we would send emails to ensure everything was completed on deadline.

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Senior Manager at CareerEco Corp.

I like how easily you can add items and move items between boards. 

It is great that everything can be color-coded and that you can update pre-defined types of items and statuses within varying categories. 

I also like how you can trigger notifications and reminders automatically when different statuses are changed or updated. 

It makes it easy to move projects along from different stages or from department to department within the organization. 

Monday has been really key in helping us to manage events and properly track all of the steps along the way.

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Marketing Director at BAYA SAS

Board templates are really good when you have recurring projects. 

Automations are perfect to save time and remind people of various tasks. 

Overall the product is really good and can adapt to any team with specific columns for each board. 

"My Work" gives you a great view of all the tasks that are due and upcoming.

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Executive Producer at Envy Gaming

Getting us to an easier UX/UI experience and away from spreadsheets has been great. Forms for asset requests have been a boon to our design team. It forces people to have to think about what they're actually asking for and spell out the delivery methods, attach references, dimensions, use cases, brand guidelines, etc. Having the ability to work with external teams on Monday also helps us stay in communication with our partners. It also helps communicate with freelancers as well as contractors. This gives us the same level of communication and progress tracking as we would with any and all of our staff.

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Assistant Director of Events for Institutional Advancement at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

The features that are most valuable to us include creating sections of lists in an event, being able to assign tasks to different people (and having them automatically get notified), assigning different aspects like dates/details to these tasks, and also being able to attach important documents to tasks like schedules, menus, and other event details. has been helpful to us in multiple ways, however, primarily it has been great in the ability to think through details and assign them to different coworkers. 

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Sr. Manager, Brand Marketing & Operations at Aktana

The "My Week" view and task list are probably the most helpful for us - it's really great to set a project schedule and assign people to tasks. That way, they can have a preview of their work for the week and stay accountable for deliverables with no surprises. 

It's also easy to adjust schedules right within that view and give updates to the broader team so everyone stays on the same page. 

The added accountability and efficiency allow us to spend time on doing the work rather than figuring out how to do the work

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Director Of Information Technology at a media company with 51-200 employees

The global search is the solution's most valuable aspect.

The initial setup is straightforward. 

The product is very scalable.

The solution is stable. The performance is great.

Technical support has been helpful.

The solution is very flexible.

The pricing is excellent. They make it very affordable.

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Junior Graphic Designer at Doll 10 Beauty

The feature that I have found the most valuable is the project labels and organizational tools. I find that this keeps everyone on the same page and limits questions about who's working on what and what stage that project is in. When those questions arise they can be answered by going to and the team members who are working on the project can continue to work on it uninterrupted by simple questions. It helps keep the flow of the workday running without any hiccups.                    

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Manager, Claims Learning and Development at Allstate

I really like the forms option. It allows us to collect the information we need from our customers upfront without having to speak with them first and it makes the process more efficient. Once the form is completed, the information automatically compiles into a board making the assignment of tasks very easy. 

We have also been able to use the form option to track self-paced learning course completions for smaller projects to ensure the required people are completing their training. 

It also works well for data collection. 

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Financial Analyst at Weinstein Properties

We like creating statuses and assigning line items to different team members. 

The automation aspect is also extremely helpful. We have been able to keep our projects and acquisitions more organized by using the automation features to move line items over new sections based on the status. 

Being able to integrate different apps and programs has also been very helpful with communication with other teams within the company. The suggested automation and integrations are helpful for those who aren't as skilled at creating boards. 

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Analyst at Legionarios de Cristo & Regnum Christi

The Monday features that we find more helpful are these three: 

1. The structure it has, the sites, the boards, and how easily you can transfer information from one place to the other is great. 

2. The integrations. Even though we haven't used nearly 1/4 of the ones that Monday offers, we have managed to reduce time going from app to app with just one integration. 

3. The import option from an Excel doc into a board is great. Sometimes this option doesn't work as well. It appears to have some error that deletes it immediately and doesn't allow us to change the names of the columns.

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Talent Partner at Artium

My team has found the dashboards, subitems, assigning team members, and documents to be most valuable for what we do. 

We don't tend to use the templates that are included in, however, it's really nice to have flexibility over how we house our information and are able to use the platform. 

The one piece that has been extremely useful is the form feature. My team has been able to use that to get candidate information and schedule interviews without as much of the back and forth through emails.

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Public Relations Specialist at Eventrics Weddings

Besides the boards that we use daily to organize our information, we love the survey aspect of too. 

It makes it so easy to create a survey with different answer options for our guests, and effectively collects and organizes the answers for us, which can then be directly exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

For example, we have set up a survey for couples who are organizing rides to and from the airport for their wedding guests and we can change the answers to have multiple choice answers, dropdowns, or even leave a space for the guests to type in their own answer. 

Once all of the data is collected, you can view it all on or organize it in a spreadsheet, which we normally do before sending it to the transportation coordinator.

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Customer Experience Manager at Playtech Managed Services

I can say that all features are vital. I mostly like automation and recently added custom automation so we can brainstorm and find the best fit for our particular use-case. 

I personally like the feature "recent updates". With this tool, I can easily open every board and see quickly what are the recent changes made. Additionally, I like the mirroring column feature it helps us divide projects between a high level and detail and update things on another board without switching tabs. Also, I like reminders and in-app notifications, they're very helpful and could be easily customized.

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Technology & Software Consulting and Strategy at Timlittletech LLC

The most valuable aspects include:

Automations. There are so many automations to streamline everyday tasks and reduce click counts when doing admin work. It is incredible. 

My Work. It is one place that links all my to-do's on one screen on this feature/function is critical to delivering my commitments on time and knowing what my workload is

Dashboards. The ease of reporting on is amazing, they have dozens of report/chart types that create amazing visibility into the day-to-day operations of our business, and visualize projections for sales, projects, etc. The setup for these reports is as simplified as I have seen across any reporting tools.

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Account Director at Awestruck

The ability to upload large files is extremely beneficial to our creative department. It helps to keep everything in one place instead of trying to use outside cloud-based platforms to transfer files. 

Our team also uses the calendar view and board features for time off tracking for our staff. This gives everyone full visibility to see when people are in the office or when they are out of the office, on vacation, etc. 

We also love that you can make private boards for projects that may only involve a few people on the team. 

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Support Specialist at

Having multiple boards and different user-friendly items and visualizations were what we needed to have all employees familiarized with the platform. For example, our business in Facility Management has a lot of personnel where technology isn't their area of expertise. Therefore, having a platform with such expertise in creating features and keeping them with such simplicity is a unique asset that we couldn't find somewhere else. 

Support from makes you feel super comfortable communicating any inquiries you may have. 

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UX/UI Designer at GAF Materials / Building Materials

We really enjoyed the sub-items feature, sharing GIFs, and templates. 

The templates helped me to kick off process solutions for our team. 

The sub-items helped me to incorporate the smaller tasks to get the job done down and visible for management and planing purposes.

For a team where management is still learning the nuances of our work, time tracking the small steps are so important in planning and evangelizing the work.

The GIF sharing helped reinforce a sense of culture and camaraderie amongst our team.

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Director of Creative and Strategy at Chickenango Marketing Solutions

We have found the ability to export outboards to Excel, the schedule and charts you can create, and the ability to connect boards for custom automated workflows all invaluable.

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Project Excellence Consultant at Leaderology

The automation has been helpful in allowing me to automate my projects. I also use the dashboard and Gantt views frequently to track data and to track my projects. 

I appreciate the chat function as well and use it to keep my project team members looped in to any project changes. 

I use the templates function to create standard templates for my project plans that I can easily duplicate and disperse organizationally. 

Another feature I have begun using is the forms linked to I appreciate that I can capture the data and it automatically links to a board.

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reviewer1843176 - PeerSpot reviewer
Bid Specialist at Yuritech

The automation for emails is the most valuable aspect as it reminds me of upcoming deadlines to avoid missing them. I often would forget certain deadlines only to be reminded by my boss after the fact. has helped me stay alert for upcoming deadlines so I don't miss them.

Another valuable feature I found on is the KanBan and Gannt chart views that make keeping track of all my tasks user-friendly. A good view of tasks is important to help prioritize, assign and delegate. The multiple views option, including the calendar view, make things less overwhelming. 

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Customer Success Manager at Quality Clouds

The analytics view is very powerful with Gantt charts and multiple chart visualizations. The integration capabilities to bring in data from external sources like Gmail, Zoho, and HubSpot. Even connecting to Google Sheets is very helpful. 

Prior to, all requests were sent by email, making it difficult to keep track of the workload. With, all team members can view what's in the project file and know where each project job is in the process. 

I really enjoy the customizing features that provides; we have a number of clients that want a tailored experience to make things simpler for both us and them. has so many excellent features, however, if I had to select one, it would be the organization. also facilitates internal and external collaboration. The time management and cross-team functionality are fantastic.

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Account Manager at Plan A Advertising

The automation settings on each board are amazing to me. I love how many options there are. It is extremely customizable to each and every one of my clients' needs.  

With over 200 different templates for creating boards and automation, I always have what I need. 

Monday is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses. It is a one-stop shop for everything you need. 

I also love the trendy aesthetics that it offers, it really steps up the game when our clients receive their own custom Monday board.  

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People Manager at Ellis Mather Group

The best feature for us would be the automation and how they can be set up to email, provide an update, and assign to different people all on different triggers. The possibilities surrounding the automation allows for the platform to run itself with very little manual work behind it for objectives which may have fallen overdue etc.

A further additional feature that is useful is the inbox which allows you to see all updates that have occurred throughout the company on a given day. This ensures you don't miss an important objective update.

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Web/IT Administrator at Rocky Mountain Oils

Items and boards are ideal as they help in keeping everything in a single location without any confusion. Those have been used to help organize each department's ideas/projects so that everyone has a space to bring up cool ideas that can benefit the company. 

Being able to integrate with certain apps helps us in communicating between all of our 3rd-party apps so we don't have to take the extra step in updating those. 

I personally enjoy the number of options you have in terms of columns. You can create almost anything within Monday. 

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Associate Director - Corporate and Foundation Relations at University of Alberta

The number one feature is the ability to automate pretty much everything. This feature has allowed me to save so much time by avoiding repetitive tasks. 

I love how flexible and easy to customize it is. I have been able to build a different board for different projects, and every single time has been able to provide the right tool to build something that works for my team. is a user-friendly platform. It is very intuitive and easy to use. I am able to build new tools or boards in no time.

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Publicity Assistant at Harvest House Publishers

The way it allows our team to communicate with each other and keep each other up to date on many ongoing assignments at once through comments and the subitems feature is very helpful. 

The somewhat recent addition of being able to post due dates in the comments so that the assignment can be passed through multiple people has also been helpful. I liked the subitems feature, but this has proved to be a cleaner way to assign work, and we are less likely to overlook an assignment when it is assigned directly to us, rather than when it is assigned via a collapsable subitem. 

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Director of Collaborative Delivery at a engineering company with 51-200 employees is easy to set up.

It is more user-friendly than others and it adapts well to different project delivery environments.

It really offers us all the tools that we need to cover the design and construction bases.

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Head of Influencer Outreach at Numskull Designs

The most valuable tools are the search function, automated email reminders, and the ability to track changes through the activity log.

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Programme Delivery Team Manager at CLT International

Using the deadline feature to manage priorities has been the most valuable. Having a visual representation of the week and month ahead in the 'My work' category allows for improved organization and workflow planning. Being able to tag other colleagues to support with tasks and allocate jobs when members of the team are taking annual leave has also proved incredibly helpful. The tagged member of staff knows what the job required of them is, has a deadline allocated, and is able to receive further information using the comment feature - it saves lengthy handover documentation.

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Administrative Assistant at Anka Metal Coatings Ltd

All of it is great. It has a section for everything and you can create automation so it fits your needs perfectly.

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Marketing Associate at OOMPH

Automation is by far the most valuable tool ever. By automating things I save enough time to make worth every dollar without accounting for the rest of the features.

As mentioned earlier, I've almost fully automated every repetitive task that I needed to work on day in and day out. By doing this, I've freed up my time and brain to work on tasks that actually make a difference. I like the notifications, file sharing, and most recently, the mirroring and linking of multiple boards.

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Executive Assistant at Kilberry

I love the interface, the layout, and the colors. It makes working more enjoyable. Everything is so neatly organized is definitely another highlight. 

It is also so easy to use. It's probably one of the most user-friendly platforms I've ever used. I've tried others in the past, however, this is one of the best. 

I also appreciate the built-in templates, being able to copy templates, columns, values, having access to tutorials, and the support offered. As a beginner, I didn't even have to view a ton of tutorials, however. It was so easy to figure out myself. 

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Global Sales Coordinator at Al Bayader International

The most valuable aspects of the solution include the charts which are very useful for the reports. The reports are accurate and timely and the boards allow users to add values. It's very good for industrial and organizational structure and functions and has made a big change in the speed of values and information transfer. It provides an interactive, fast environment, and saves so much time at all levels.

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Customer Service Administrator at Katie Loxton

The feature that I find most valuable is the personalization of the pages. This allows us to decide what is needed for each page and section. 

The automation makes moving items around the boards easier and saves us time. 

The automatic notification saves the user time by removing a step in the process. 

It provides a section for anything you may need to add to each board and enough options to use. 

The filters on each board help to narrow down exactly what we are trying to look at at that very moment.

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PMO Manager at Monster Notebook

The UI is so smart. The Gantt view is the most valuable feature for me. The Gantt view provides smart and quick filters to see focused tasks. It has a well-designed user interface, that let the user get to pursue the tasks.

In addition to that, the Gantt view has a powerful setting utility. It provides an easy and simple view settings. I could managed any view on Gantt.

Also, it has a smart Excel export button that exports Gantt views to files. 

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Office Assistant at Lake Lite

The solution is great for notification on changes and updates and Excel exporting and we can easily build and customize new boards. It's sharable and overall beyond easy to use and understand. 

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Founder & CEO at TH promo s.r.o.

The dashboard is great for knowing what's most important and what's next. 

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Consultant at a tech vendor with 11-50 employees

A maximum of insights can be generated from a single data set with the help of different views and connections to other data sets. The handling and administration of are manageable even for beginners. The numerous different views and filters cover the typical use cases in the project management area. In combination with the dashboard, reporting to internal and external stakeholders is ensured. Other tools can also be integrated via the API, making a core enterprise tool.

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Mark Niswonger - PeerSpot reviewer
Directory of IT Controls and Compliance at a wholesaler/distributor with 201-500 employees

What I've found the most valuable is that you can set up a project quickly and track and retract information very easily.

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Director Of Brand Partnership at Flylords LLC

The automations are fantastic for rewarding progress. I also really enjoy the ability to tag coworkers in projects instead of emailing them or using Slack. Also, the shareable boards have been a game-changer with clients. The automations are fantastic for rewarding progress.

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Senior Delivery Manager at Momentum Design Lab

We really enjoy table planning, documentation, instant Gantt charting, and collaboration. Emailing the board in updates is great. It offers helpful kanban views and multiple views in general. We can share it with clients as guests. 

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COO at a computer software company with 51-200 employees

The solution is extremely user-friendly.

The initial setup is very easy.

You do not have to be overly technical in order to use or set up the solution. 

The stability is very good.

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Managing Director at Ninz Spa

The automation capabilities are great.

It allows us to build workflows between departments.

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Web Developer at LastMile

Automation is definitely my favorite feature as it makes our lives so much easier. Also, being able to create a hiring process on which links a form to our website has definitely helped us a lot.

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Administrative Office Coordinator at Sutton Eldridge Engineering, LLC

The most valuable feature of is the ability we have to customize it to suit all of our needs. 

Our IT director has created boards that talk to each other which allows the project management process to successfully create all phases of a project, and show all work done on each project, including when and how much we billed according to how much work has been completed.  

We can glance at a board to see which engineer worked on a project when our clients contact us with the need to speak with the engineer on a specific discipline.

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Events Coordinator at American Farm Bureau Federation

The boards and the sub-boards are great. It helps our team divide up the important topics of each event logistics. A great feature is also being able to add viewers without the cost of a user, this allows other departments to view boards we create and share deadlines with people outside of our team or company. 

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Marketing Automation Coordinator at Halmyre

The subitems! I like planning out steps within an item with dates. 

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Senior Editor at Distractify

Marking the status of deliverables is the most useful aspect.

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IT Support Technician at Bambus Group

The tagging and notification features are great. All of it is perfect.

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Erwin Meijboom - PeerSpot reviewer
Sr. Advisory Consultant at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees

I think the sales aspect of this product and the collaborative functions have been most valuable.

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Health Economist at Lumanity

We like the traffic light system, the auto-notifications, the search function, and the filtering functionality.  

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Account Director at Pontoon8

We love the live updates in real-time for all parties. It is visually intuitive which helps when working with clients that have less marketing and project management knowledge.  

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Luxury Marketing Manager at Harry Norman, Realtors

The different views are huge for us and each member of our team has found a view that helps them quickly see and action the tasks ahead. Not everyone has the same preference for visuals to keep organized. 

The integration with socials would be really powerful, however, we haven’t had a chance to get into that yet. 

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Processing Manager at Turbo Loans

The automation makes this board amazing. I love that status updates move items from board to board.

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Solid surface Fabricator at Mark Michaels

I like being able to customize your views and add what works best for you and you can always continue to learn and improve. 

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Sales Manager at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

The free version provides all the utilities that I need.

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Principal at The RBA Group

The most valuable aspect is tagging certain employees for certain tasks.

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Senior Data Scientist at National Grid

Project management and workload management are the most valuable aspects of the product.

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Sport Event Director at UCPA

The solution is so good.

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