Primary Use Case

COO at KifCure

I use it pretty much specifically with a vendor to some of my other companies. They do have their own board to manage the business between them and those companies.

Since we use an inventory management tool and we're a hemp and cannabis solutions company, we integrate with a number of different software. It's definitely made it a lot easier and I've incorporated it into our SOPs, so it's fundamental to our business at this point.

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Ben Davidson - PeerSpot reviewer
Front End Developer at a marketing services firm with 1-10 employees

We switched to Monday from a couple of other options for tracking task management for our projects. That had proved to be a pretty difficult thing to do, since we kind of straddled the line in terms of a small business versus a big project, project management, somewhere. Particularly the developers and designers on our teams can use some of the larger solutions, however, most of our clients just don't feel that is necessary. It's really nice to be able to scale up when we need to. We had just a lot of issues finding something that was going to be easy to use, not just for developers, but designers as well, and allowed for at least some customer interaction through the dashboard as well.

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Head of Projects at Smart Media SA

We’ve used a variety of media platforms to increase the brand awareness of our clients and are endorsed by the retailers we partner with. True to our entrepreneurial approach, we are always on the lookout for exciting and innovative opportunities to grow and develop the businesses of our clients.

We required a system to assist us in various areas of our company. From managing new project roll-outs for our new media solutions to tracking our advertising campaign status and installations as well as giving us a complete and transparent view of our sales pipeline. has given us that and more. We use for the below areas:

  • Project management (managing the roll-out of our new in-store solutions and new online system roll-outs)
  • Sales pipeline (managing and reporting our sales pipeline)
  • Campaign Tracking (tracking the implementation and status of all our campaigns)
  • Accounts (keeping track of our billing and accounts information)
  • Meeting Minutes (we keep our meeting notes and minutes on by using docs)
  • Work forms and surveys for Adhoc purposes
  • Marketing campaigns. We recently started using to manage our marketing campaigns and calendar

I use to manage my project roll-outs, keep everyone updated on my progress by using the quick chart/graph view, manage ongoing campaign installations and progress, and track the status of our campaigns from the sales pipeline stage to operations and implementation to the final stages of the campaigns and then billing/accounts. 

I will also use the system for Adhoc purposes (ie. the surveys and work forms). I absolutely love this functionality and it is so easy to use. We specialize in and sell in-store media space in retail stores across South Africa (both static and digital media) and we have become in-store advertising experts in the pharmacy environment working closely with Dis-Chem to provide an effective offering to advertisers. We also have a training application where we train pharmacists and employees in the retail stores and educate them on all the products in-store. 

To say I am passionate about is an understatement. I only wish there were more hours in the day for me to work on this amazing system. What I love the most is how customizable everything is. That is what everyone wants and needs - to make a system their own and be able to work for them. Every company is different and this is why is the difference. I have tried ClickUp, Trello, and Favro and nothing quite compares to

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November 2022
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Founder & CEO at Falkor Digital

I have a three-person team (plus myself), where my team works offshore and I'm US-based. We use primarily as a project management tool. However, I also use it heavily as a CRM and personal task management tool. 

I love that I can integrate it with our Google Workspace accounts efficiently. We're a design team, so sharing drafts of work is constant. 

I plan my team's daily workload with detailed steps, often up to 75-100 customizes steps, and respond to drafts across the project journey. 

For the CRM, I am manually entering leads that come through a combination of Dripify + LinkedIn + LI Sales Navigator, although I do wish there was better optimization and integration with that. 

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Information Technology Manager at Big Chief Tire

Our business uses to communicate assignments to each of our departments. Our management then receives the notice of the new assignments, can communicate with other staff in an organized location related to the said assignment, and can do all of this for multiple assignments at once. is a very organized and easy-to-use tool. 

We also use this tool as a way to track the status of online sales. We only have about half a dozen of online sales active at any time (we are 99% storefront retail, with very rare cases of online sales) and allows the storefronts to keep track of the online sale status all in one convenient place that one of our users keeps updated as the status of the sale changes.

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Timea Barrack - PeerSpot reviewer
Business Development Manager at Imre Borsanyi CPA

We primarily use the board, and we use automation, rules, and different groups.

We use for our workflow. But we don't really have any issues with

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Project Manager at Pell Insulation Ltd.

We use to manage our projects as a construction company. We also use it to keep track of many things, such as employees and their safety certificates. We generate emails based on data in the projects. We schedule safety meetings and generate emails automatically. I have multiple boards for the same projects. One is for our orders, one is for a site overview and one we share with our customers. We have a service schedule that automatically generates a covid-19 form that the homeowner can fill out and submit directly to

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Manager, Operations/Installations at Decor Window Fashions LLC

We use to track all of our open projects.  

We have multiple workflows that are separated onto their own boards, with one central board showing all of the projects and statuses using mirror columns. We have a board for items that are ordered readymade, a board for custom projects that require materials and assembly, and also a board for service requests.  

We have recently implemented forms on our website to automatically create an item when a customer fills them out. When projects are ready, they are automatically sent to our scheduling board to complete the project.

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Marketing Manager at Brybelly Holdings

We use Monday primarily as a task/project manager. Some boards are simple "to-do" punch lists. Some boards are for full-team collaborations on product and packaging design. Within our Monday account, a product is researched, pitched, briefed, concepted, reviewed, revised, submitted for a quote, sent to mass production, checked for quality control, launched, marketed, and supported into its future. We maintain due dates, assign responsibilities within larger tasks, critique and punch up creative material, record budgets, and utilize automation to move tasks between teams and internal processes.

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Music Director at Lakehouse Music Academy

We use as a communications solution for our different teams to effectively have individual ownership of completing assigned weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks and projects. 

Our teams using consists of the following: sales, management, operations/administrative, production, and more. 

I have a shared workspace with my co-music director, assistant music director, and SDR, (we'll be onboarding another SDR and assistant music director soon) where we convene weekly via meetings, take notes, then post our weekly directives with deadlines in our main workspace. 

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Founder at Givr Packaging runs nearly our entire organization from inventory to CRM, and from our inbound lead management to our ERP. We rely on to keep everything organized and everyone on the same page. We are a packaging company and we also manage our entire design department across full-time on-site, full-time remote, and freelance remote employees. Our prepress department also runs entirely on Without we would have to use several other software solutions - which sounds like a pain.

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Marketing Manager at By the Bridge with Cambian

The solution is used to manage numerous projects across multiple disciplines in a team of seven. 

Our business works across various sectors and it is therefore important to be able to easily manage projects across all areas of the business.

In the past, this has proved difficult as we work within a small team, and having such a variety of differing projects on the go at once has previously seemed overwhelming. The addition of has meant that we are able to project manage each one and have visibility of the status of each at all times.

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Marketing Operations Manager at Schomp Automotive Group

I run a marketing team that utilizes for all facets of marketing and creative, including: graphic design, web design and development, copywriting, photography and videography, online syndication, radio scripts, and much more. 

We have a team of 13 people with a variety of skills and backgrounds. We utilize Monday to log all of our projects and to keep on task. 

I particularly use it to see our team's workload and ensure that I assign tasks and deliver all necessary information to the team members when we initiate projects. 

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President / CEO / Owner at Flatley Read LLC

We are a small environmental consulting firm with half our staff working remotely. We use for project management and team communication. This allows us to maintain continuity of service for our clients and team members from anywhere in the world. Our Monday boards were an imperative communication tool when two key team members worked in Germany on a large training contract. Status updates were streamlined across all users despite a six-hour time difference and there was no loss of productivity. 

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Troy-Hewitt - PeerSpot reviewer
Deputy Executive Director at Brand New Congress

Monday helps our decentralized team connect digitally. 

Its flexibility allows information that was once only prepared and shared in one way to be presented in a way that is appealing and even more useful for other disciplines, without fundamentally changing the way a person needs to work. 

It also allows us to show aspects of our project to our volunteers in a way that doesn't break the bank. The guests feature is important for an organization like ours, that spends a lot of time connecting and communicating with people from coast to coast.

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Operations Specialist at High Plains Robotics

We use as our primary tracking tool. We have developed several boards to help track progress from sales to employee training and reviews. We have found that dashboard views to be most helpful in giving our staff a visual into the progress of their performance. The ability to communicate back and forth as well as house files essential to the boards right on Monday is priceless to the continuation of managing our projects. That is why we primarily use this as a tracking tool. We can communicate progress and chat in real-time all while looking at the same information.

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Juan Mendoza - PeerSpot reviewer
General Manager at a tech services company with 1-10 employees

We primarily use the solution for project management. We use it as a system for our project managers and for our customers. They submit tickets, activities, and items that we have on the schedule.

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Inbound Marketing Specialist at

I am a Marketing Specialist and we use this solution to monitor the projects we are working on. It allows us to see who is working on a specific project and the level of completion based on the updates. We also monitor the time spent on each work and it helps us identify which area we need to improve to achieve the efficiency required by the client and the company. also makes our productivity review faster and easier as we can easily access projects that are completed on time and the ones that are completed behind schedules. This is very important for our HR in terms of giving out incentives and bonuses to the right people.

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reviewer1848171 - PeerSpot reviewer

I use as a CRM and a project management tool for my business and my client's business. I've been using to create my own to-do lists, manage the performance of my investments, and as a journal of sorts.

When I take a call or a meeting, I can use the time-tracking feature to log the duration. Then I write an update to remind myself of the meeting details. I can highlight any action items for myself and quickly recall what was discussed at a later time. I can house countless meetings and notes under one line item ("communication") and keep things super organized. Even if I can't remember all of the details and deliverables from meetings and calls, I know where to look!

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Operations Manager / Bookkeeper at Revolutions Bookkeepers

We use Monday to organize our clients and employee tasks. Specifically, we work in accounting and bookkeeping. The majority of our employees work remotely. 

I have created boards for client information, tracking of specific tasks such as payroll and sales tax, and individual boards for the employees, to keep on top of their client tasks each month. Our bookkeepers have individual boards on which they track time for client-related tasks.  We also have boards to keep track of monthly billing for clients.  

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Owner at

I own a 3D design studio in Belgium and work with several clients in Belgium and the Netherlands. My team consists of 12 3D artists and three project managers. 

We work on up to 30 projects at the same time which means keeping track of each and every project can be difficult and get very messy sometimes. That's why we use a tool like Monday to keep a good overview of each project and in which phase each project is. 

We track the next deadline, the amount of previews that our client has already gotten, extra notes, etc. Basically, it helps us to be organized and never have a project fall out of sight.

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Associate Pastor at First Baptist Curch Cedar Hill

We are a small church with two full-time employees and two part-time employees. We use to plan everything from weekend gatherings to major community events. This includes every aspect of a weekend gathering or service including, graphic presentations, bulletins, music, the message, who is on security, children's ministry details, etc. 

We usually plan each quarter ahead of time, which helps us mark major events and holidays. Using color, we are able to highlight special occasions with ease. 

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Owner at Mansur Solar

We primarily use the solution for both sales tracking and project management. In the case of sales tracking, we have a list of potential customers qualified in different ways, as well as customers. This allows us to contact customers, review past proposals, and update them. Potential customers can vary in terms of type of industry they are in, the size of the company, requirements and needs, etc. In the case of project management, it's used for customers which we need to perform services for. It also helps us with Gantt charts and budget planning for current customers.

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Cailin Diana - PeerSpot reviewer
Graphic Designer at Content Merchants

We use as our primary method of communication in an entirely remote agency environment. 

The agency went remote at the beginning of the pandemic and needed a communication and file sharing solution as we were no longer sharing office space. 

We use not only to communicate throughout the workday but also use it to manage individual jobs and deadlines for these jobs. We also use to share project files with one another so that we can work collaboratively on our projects.

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Director of Communication at The Loken Group

We use for marketing project requests and management. 

Our work consists of a marketing team (graphic designer, social media manager, copywriter, director of communication, design manager, and VP) getting project requests from external teams.

Requests are submitted via Typeforms and are populated on our boards. We manage some boards that have external guests (all "active" projects live on one board, and upcoming projects on another), and manage some boards with internal marketing team access only, depending on the project type.

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Michael Yinger - PeerSpot reviewer
COO and Co-Founder and Director at Resume Sieve

We started by looking for a task tracking tool - something other than Microsoft or Google. Since then, we have expanded our usage to include vacation tracking, project tracking and management, lead tracking, sales funnel tracking, vacation tracking, hourly reporting and approvals, applicant tracking, and onboarding. 

Basically, we attempt to use for any task we can think of that will simplify our day to day communications and operations management. The tool provides great flexibility for that.

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CEO at Ass

I use the solution for project management for my startup - which involves development. I also use it to invite costumers or clients that would follow up with me in the process of making the projects true before an official launch. 

It also serves to track the time to actually make payments to my assets. Even though is not fully optimized for the new Mac Book Pro line up M1, M1 Pro, and Max, the app still works for our main purposes. Definitely improving the intuitive interface is a must.

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Senior Communications Specialist at Jones Healthcare Group

My team and I use for project management, task tracking, and internal communication. Also to keep version control and go back to the latest version or a final approved version of a particular project. 

In our company we support many business units with different needs and goals, we use to plan our strategic communications and marketing efforts such as daily tasks, product launch progress, ongoing long-term projects, or media covering tracking.

The environment is a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and learn, yet it is very powerful and available in a browser as well as in an app.

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Humanitarian Coordinator at Act for Peace

I work in a fast-paced humanitarian space with a core focus on project and partner management. 

The organization has a need for a platform that quickly processes information and shares updates on tasks and projects across a small size team (less than 30 people). has been most helpful for our task management and documentation of processes and achievements. By listing weekly tasks under specific project boards, these can be updated as progressed or completed, and linked to other boards and members of the team to monitor progress.

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Social Media Manager at La Boutique du Stationnement

At the communication office, we use it to manage all our topics, including what topics we have to make, Facebook ads, our social media schedule, project management, and so on. 

We are a team of 30 people working in communications for a city. We have one folder for each team and we can interact without emails about every single subject we have. We also share all our documents on Monday: communication plans, reporting, data, and so on. We manage the city newspaper on Monday as well, including who will do what, when, about what, etc.

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Communications Manager at The Bhutan Foundation allows you to easily manage and plan all your projects and tasks easily and efficiently. It has endless features you can adapt to your requirements.

From daily task management features to managing donor reports, and publication deadlines, it covers all features to make your daily work easier, more efficient, and professional. We even manage our dispatch records and meeting follow-ups on

This is very useful for non-profit organizations whose work spreads over large project constituents and various thematic areas. 

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Andrea  Dumancela - PeerSpot reviewer
Vice Chancellor at Unidad Educativa Vigotsky

I use this solution for project management and events planning. I manage a school (kids from three years to 17 years old). In my school there are more than 1200 students and 80 teachers, so it has been hard to organize them all. We use the Google Suite, however, we needed a tool to manage the projects and plan the events.

We also use it to organize the documentation we need to have to achieve our quality standards. As we can have a clear view of what we have and what we do not; we realize in what areas we have to work harder.

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Operations Lead, Vendor Merch Ops at Goop Inc. Limited

I use the product for purchase order management. I manage the inbound of vendor POs. There are hundreds a month and I use to organize the transparency of the POs from order to delivery. 

Every day, I bulk upload a list of POs with supporting and necessary information/statuses to be monitored by myself and viewed by anyone else in the company. We use this board to make sure all our POs are being tracked so that our teams have eyes on the product before it launches on site (e-commerce). 

This board has spun off into a few other boards that are now being managed by other individuals.

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Business Development Director at Payne Auto Group

We use the solution for marketing tasks. I manage our social media, photography, and videography teams. We plan out and collaborate on projects, and provide assets, branding guidelines, and resources for the team.

It's also useful for collaboration. We work in a team of about 25 people in automotive and we focus on PR and digital marketing. It's perfect for assigning tasks for events or for new releases. Our designer also communicates there with everyone.

We can use it to store resources. We connect everything through Monday. We use it to centralize as we keep some things in Dropbox and some things in Google Sheets. Now everything can be connected in the same place and we love it.

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Loan Analyst at Bluefire Mortgage Group

We use this solution for organizational purposes including when certain actions are needed from other members of the team. 

It also lets others know what stage we are in our processes. The status updates make meetings smoother by having specific questions based off notes that are inputted into items needing to be collected. The assigning feature also delegates tasks to certain memebers which can be alleviating to those who do not want to constantly tell other what to do. It is a nice touch to just notify someone that a certain task is their responsibility

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Rigging Supervisor, CEO at Lets Rig IT

The product is used for production management in 3D animation - rigging. It's used for sharing news from the industry. We have production coordinators, riggers, and often modelers and texture artists on board. We are considering including clients too. 

It is useful to follow our deadlines and team allocation and to communicate quickly. 

Over the last three years, we did not consider any other solution since the price and value simply fit. also offers interesting options to upgrade and use external tools. We also plan to connect it with our e-shop and add more automation.

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Consultant Project Lead at Marketinger

We use the solution for company project management and projects project management. We are a marketing agency consisting of 25 people. We are using Monday to basically manage the whole company including HR, time tracking, project management, and personal management.

I use Monday to plan and manage my personal and work tasks. We use Monday to manage our teams and also to manage projects with our clients. Basically we would not be able to operate without Monday at current moment. All of our processes are currently build around

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System Administrator at Figment Design Laboratories

We primarily make use of this solution to manage projects and collaborations between various departments.

We build various embedded Linux SBCs running a custom kernel and this as you may or may not know requires many developers to be involved, has made project tracking and collaborating substantially easier with developers who are now largely working from home.

Feedback can be given easily along with some great record keeping. It has become the center of our organization's project management.

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Head of Media Production at Sacret-Life

The solution helps to organize our workflow, to stay on top of projects and too manage team projects and to see if our team is overworked. 

We use it for our graphic department and our video production, making it easy to see where are we with the projects. The request forms saved us a lot of time and made things more organised, without them we would have a big mess and miss communication with our creative team. Our main use case is to track our projects if they are done in time so we don't miss any deadlines or if the team is overworked. 

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Designer & Marketing Manager at Root Fifty-Two

The product is primarily used for collaboration between team members, particularly around project management. We will add design, development and digital marketing jobs, and project briefs and change the status of said tasks daily. We'll allocate team members to projects, use the chat feature, and generally just keep projects flowing within our creative and marketing agency. 

We also use to store client information, run purchase orders and keep tabs on our retained clients. We have various boards not only set up for our clients, but for the business too. Whether that be campaign ideas, staff updates and more.

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reviewer1848363 - PeerSpot reviewer

Our company is a small business and we're using this platform mainly for task delegation and communication between in-office workers and out-of-office workers. 

We are a dance studio that offers classes to students ages 2.5 to 18. We offer over 85 classes per season (August-May) and then we also offer summer camps and intensives. We use for project delegation, scheduling our year out in advance, creating meeting agendas, and much more. As a dance studio, we also use to help with the planning of our end-of-year recital. 

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Flood Insurance Specialist at Best Flood Insurance

I primarily use Monday as a tool to assist in the management and organization of our flood book of business across our many insurance providers. Keeping track of underwriting requests and upcoming renewals that need to be requoted, as well as big picture things for the future of the company that needs to be investigated and researched. 

Monday allows us to track who is working on what task and how long it has been active. We can see how many quotes are processed in a given time as well as how much new business is closed.

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Graphic Designer at Celebrity Ink™ Tattoo Studios

Before all of our tasks were sent by email and each employee took care of their own tasks and deadlines. This process was confusing as we had a huge amount of emails between the team. 

After the implementation, we had an increase in productivity. All the employees reduced their time micromanaging all the tasks they were doing and had a platform already set up with automation to make the job easier and also the workflow between team members. 

Also, the organization of projects and being able to create boards for each project and have the team involved in this project and able to track down the process of everyone is a positive outcome. 

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Global Manager, Brand Engagement at Aircall

I use Monday mostly for providing visibility on shared projects. Before, at my full-time job in event marketing and branding. This was nice to have as my work would involve many people and many moving parts. 

I had project boards for each event or campaign. I had a board to represent my project for the quarter and overall status (for the big picture, for example: for the manager). Then, I had my personal board here where I'd manage all the tasks from various projects I have. 

I've also used this for independent contract work to keep track of things with clients.

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Sales & Design Specialist at Masaya & Co- Seed to Seat Furniture

I use Monday for multiple things daily including organizing my sales, organizing events at jobs, etc. 

I work at a furniture company and we have everything on Monday. Basically, to put a production order from customers, we assign boards where we put all the details of that order. Then in the factory, with that same board and with all the information that we provide, they create the product. And then we can see how they are progressing through the production stages. For sales, we can see how much was sold per month, and by the same means, boards are organized to see which customers were sold to. It is a more organized system.

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Owner at Architekt Music

We have several music schools where we provide students of all ages private music lessons and group classes. We teach private lessons on guitar, bass, drums, piano, ukulele, voice, and almost every other instrument you can imagine. We use for lead management and form collection on our website. 

When a parent goes to our site, reviews what we offer, and chooses to learn more, there is a form for sign-up. We then are able to use the board to efficiently delegate and follow-up on the lead. We also use the form as an organizational tool when building programs for our students, using its powerful tools to help us with logistics and coordination.

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Referral Engagement at Geon Training Solutions

As a training provider, we use Monday to collate information about our learners. This would be private and confidential information. We also use Monday to track people's work, time scales, and productiveness. 

Being a training provider that deals with government funding, we have to keep well-organized files and information about dates, times, and locations. With the platform, you can easily do this and monitor what other members of staff are doing and what they are up to with their tasks to see if you should start your allowing yourself to focus on your current tasks.

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Manager of Customer Success - Onboarding & Support at Curaytor

I am the manager of onboarding and support. I use to manage all clients in the onboarding process. 

I can easily see what phase they are at in the process (through groups), see the statuses of certain parts of the OB process (through the status category), and understand what tasks have been completed and still need to be completed through the subitems. also allows us to easily store all client information in one place so that the team can easily access it. I also used for my own personal note-taking and meeting agendas.

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Senior Web Developer at Property Shop Investment LLC

We are using to manage our projects and tasks. It gives us more ways to handle and see the overview of the projects/tasks. It helps us to track each task assigned to my colleagues. 

We also can depend on because we have all our needs on it. Before we used to have to send files via email or USB. Now we have and we can all share our data and information via the app. 

We are also using to reach our deadlines and accomplish everything on time without any delay.

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Digital Marketing Specialist at Nonin Medical, Inc. helps us streamline our documentation and asset creation process. We also have integrations in our social media environment to assist with the content scheduling and cross-functional communication between the marketing and sales departments. 

Monday has helped us track our open projects, and complete projects more efficiently for our marketing and sales teams, it also provides visibility into the work we are doing and the cycle time from when a project is opened to when it is marked as completed. 

We also use Monday in our weekly team meetings to discuss our upcoming focus areas for the week and prioritize the work we will be doing. 

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Parenting Coach at Parent Coach Atlanta

I am a solo-preneur. I coach moms with spirited children so they can yell less and have more fun with their families. I offer my clients several ways to work with me and so I needed a simple way to manage my many clients and the various packages they have with me. I also have several different kinds of clients and allows me to differentiate my clients all on the same page. also allows me to set up reminders so I can always serve my clients in a timely manner as well as keep them on track for success. 

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Director Of Web Development at Beyond Marketing, LLC

I work for a small digital marketing agency. We use for almost every facet of our business - from managing all of our website design and graphic design projects to Customer Relationship Management to website maintenance requests. 

I personally use for managing all the details of our website design projects. Given that these projects have hundreds of tasks across many weeks, incorporating into our workflow has not only made our lives easier it has also given our clients a level of confidence in being able to see the project fully planned out.

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Founder at Secrétariat Excellence

J'utilise pour suivre mes prospects et mes clients. Je peux envoyer des SMS de suivi via le web et gérer ma facturation. Je peux également planifier mon calendrier éditorial pour les blogs, les newsletters et les publications LinkedIn. Lorsque des articles sont programmés, cela me rappelle de les publier ou de les préparer. peut créer un espace de travail personnalisé pour chaque client. Par exemple, l'un est un installateur de cuisines et de salles de bains sous-traitant pour de grandes entreprises, il doit donc prendre de nombreux rendez-vous pour les installations et les services après-vente. Je peux voir rapidement quels fichiers n'ont pas été reçus ou voir les clients que je dois contacter, etc.

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reviewer1848360 - PeerSpot reviewer

We use Monday as a CRM. We use the boards to organize client details, details of all our projects, and sensitive information such as telephone numbers and addresses. 

We also use the boards to update and provide site reports to other members of the team. In addition to this, Monday has been useful for the team to note down their daily tasks so that everyone is aware of what the team is doing, updating people's calendars, and keeping up to date with completed projects that we have done, so if clients have any questions after the install we can keep this up to date. 

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Research Associate 2 at Hesperos Inc

I use this product to collaborate with my colleagues at a biotech company. 

We are in a fairly small building and are able to connect with each other daily, however, we use the platform to store information and view tasks for the day. We have about four members that work on our team. The company as a whole uses the platform as a virtual lab notebook to keep records and track progress. We have multiple different projects over multiple different disciplines. It is easy to look at what is happening across the company.

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Creative Director | Africa at a non-profit with 501-1,000 employees

We use this tool mainly for the purpose of project management and keeping track of external job tickets.

We also use to plan out our various marketing campaigns - allocating each aspect to the various team members with specific deadlines per task.

We use the form to gather external jobs which our team can approve and allocate as per our current priorities.

We can use it to view the workload of each one of our team members to ensure everyone is supported at each milestone of the project.

We use it for the approval of content.

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Marketing Coordinator at Paul N. Gardner Company

I use it for my daily to-do list. I can keep myself organized by what is on deadline and reassign deadlines easily if I prefer to postpone a project. My personal board allows me the freedom of creating my own columns and settings so I can monitor my work, progress, and deadlines.

The marketing team uses the boards to stay aligned with tasks and focus on priorities based on due dates. I also like being able to assign tasks needed from other team members and able to follow up with notes, and uploading valuable information into the files tab to refer to later.

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Project Engineer - Building Mechanical Services at CBD Facility Management

The product is a platform for all employees to share their: 

  1. email updates (pulse update from Gmail) 
  2. personal updates (write down findings) 
  3. files and information of a case in each site we manage. 

They can also automize some routine admin tasks.

Emails to our contractors are stored in an individual's Gmail account, by updating to Monday, we know what is going on in each case from the different correspondence of different employees.

We use email integration to send out auto emails to chase up a report/document/response which we receive on a regular basis. 

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Content Strategist at Form & Function

We are a marketing and branding agency. We are in consistent communication with our clients and have multiple projects and clients to manage daily. 

Monday helps keep us on track, prioritize, and communicate within our team as well as with our clients. 

We manage creative projects of various sizes; with projects from social media graphics, all the way to the complete rebranding of an organization. 

With Monday, it has helped us to stay organized as well as allow the clients to see where we are on a particular project. 

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Education Coordinator at Turnip Green Creative Reuse

Our education team at our non-profit uses this site to assign each other tasks, to stay organized, and to sort out different categories of things to focus on. 

In addition to its support for a wide range of use cases, the site is loaded with functionality. 

It comes with collaboration features, timeline views, calendar views, time tracking features, and dozens of integrations. 

My boss usually will tag me in task items after our weekly meetings so that we can keep track of them together. When I have completed a task, I enjoy changing the tab from "working on it" to "done". It is so satisfying! 

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Director Of Operations at Livable

We use it to run our back office as well as manage tasks, team communications, and processes. 

We are a fully remote company. We do utility billing and must keep track of several metrics and data points that change each month so we needed a way to keep them all in a place where we could share with our entire team, keep logs, see activity, share tasks, and have insight into what the entire company was doing. Monday helps us tremendously with this. 

We love it. It has really made a difference for us and we are happy with it.

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Project Manager at 500 Designs

I am a project manager at a digital design agency and I use this to plan out all of our projects for the team.

Our agency has many project managers and many teams. Each project manager sets up boards/tasks for their own team members. I usually use my own templates while other project managers set up their own templates based on how they like to use

We are an online-only agency and fully remote. We all work in different time zones around the world and all have different schedules/working hours.

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Materials Manager at Howland Technology

We primarily use Monday for its calendar functionality. We are a small distributor that is working on getting a new ERP. Monday has helped us fill the gaps of our current ERP and has kept us highly organized while we work through the challenges of the current supply chain.

We track all open customer orders and our purchase orders to vendors on our board. We are able to take the working data and come up with supplier metrics such as on time percentage, days late, etc. This has helped us really have a handle on how things are moving along.

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Executive Director at Visual Anarchy is my main organizer for all my video production projects, film distribution projects, future project research, and brainstorming sandboxes. I sometimes use it for social media management as well. It's great for intern management and task liability/tracking.   

I'm also currently using it to review an opening animation for a TV series I'm directing/editing. It's great due to the fact that the Illustrator and I can comment on individual shots and portions of the sequence all separately but under one umbrella as well. It would be a nightmare doing it via email and such.

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reviewer1843143 - PeerSpot reviewer

My office is a boutique immigration firm. We use Monday to keep track of our active cases from beginning to end. 

It helps us organize our different departments and keep track of who had what case and how they are working on it. We use Monday to provide guidance on different cases from beginning to end. We also use Monday for administrative tasks and projects. We are able to organize our different departments and sort out important cases on Monday. The automation helps everything run smoothly. 

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Communications Specialist at Northeastern REMC

Our marketing team uses as a project management system. We are currently a two-person team and this solution helps us stay on track and provide updates about various projects. We look forward to expanding the use of into other departments. 

When I used Monday at my last job, we had a team of four which meant there were so many moving pieces and projects. Monday helped us silo everything we were working on into one place. Our boss could easily see items needing review and could get a status update pretty easily.

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Partner Digital at Porcupine Union

We use the solution for task management and social media content planning. Our content creator would create a card for each post that we do. We then start gathering the content and images or design images as needed. This then goes to our copywriting team for approval and any edits that may be needed. Once approved, we update the statuses. We also make use of guest accounts for the rest of our company to view the content.

Our UX team also works on - we have several projects on the go so it is easy to separate these. We list all the pages that we need to create in a particular flow and assign it and track our time this way.

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Marketing Manager at Mango Publishing

My company is a publishing company. We use it for various different reasons. For example, helps us to allow for greater connectivity throughout the company and to better manage various projects both internally and externally. 

It allows team members to create different teams and is perfect for the case of project management. 

Team members know who is working on what and when the assignment is due. It's also great in terms of tagging other team members for updates, comments, and links as well.

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Consultora Inbound at a marketing services firm with 11-50 employees

I use Monday in my work. I work for a Marketing and Advertising Agency. 

We are a 20-member team. Monday is really useful. The best thing (recently added) is that you can see everything that is asigned to you and keep track on what's on your plate. 

As a small team with a variety of roles (like designers, code developers, writers, social media managers, and consultants) it is really useful to keep everybody up to date.

There is a way you can share a board with clients so they can see in real time how is the project running.

The app is great too. You can work even if you do not have your computer near.

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Office Manager at Fossil Creek Pools

We use the solution for organization and communication in our construction company - including file organization and storage. It is very convenient to be able to leave reminders or updates about each job in their own file. That way, we can come to one central location for each job.

It is also very vital to be able to update field workers quickly as new updates from homeowners come in. With Monday, we have been able to eliminate so many construction meetings as all the information we would previously need is found in the client's file on the system. 

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Business Development Specialist at Strop

Our team manages a portfolio of projects. Each team member manages their own portfolio. We use to track projects, alongside costs, time, etc. If a client sends updates, we keep track of these notes within as this allows team members the ability to stay in the loop with the project. 

We also use to keep record of holidays and PTO (Paid Time Off). We utilize a dashboard that allows visibility into each persons requests to help us plan when we will need additional support to ensure project management stays on track.

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Shareholder at Shulman Rogers Gandal Pordy & Ecker PA

We use the product for tracking clients, client sales progress, legal matters, tasks, and subtasks, and also as a repository for certain key deal documents or links to those documents.  

It's very useful to store all the key background files (existing docs, term sheet, structure chart, list of parties, and their contact information) in a group that is easily accessible every time the matter-specific board is open.

I've also used it as a common dashboard shared with clients so they can monitor progress without having to call or email me.

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Developer at Goram & Vincent

I work as a website developer. That includes client-based work. Monday makes it easier for a client-facing team to get information from the client and put it somewhere we can all see it. 

It's then easy for them to assign me to a task where I can provide constant updates to the client's team on the progress of the task. I can also use it for scoping out new website builds, laying out each task I'd need to complete for the overall project, and providing time estimates for each individual task I've created. 

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Digital Commerce Executive at Builders Warehouse | Builders Express | Builders Trade Depot

The solution is primarily for end-to-end marketing, planning, and e-commerce sales planning. Our marketing team uses the tool to build out all of their previous job bags digitally and create visibility for cross-functional marketing teams to keep up to date with the work the teams are doing. 

Our e-commerce teams use the tools to plan mini-projects, brief digital marketing work required and obtain visibility of all the marketing activities that the teams could take advantage of. 

The primary benefit for me is visibility of all our current work.

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Director of TRIO Talent Search Program at The Family Centered Educational Agency

The solution is used to keep track of time and effort on my job. It is also used to keep track of company projects such as event planning, social media planning, and to-do lists for everyday tasks. 

It's also a great way to stand up to an audit as we are funded by the US Department of Education. I find it to be very helpful in helping me see what my staff is up to on a daily basis and account for what was done and not done in the event of an issue with my boss. Our environment is very fast-paced and there is a lot to do all the time so Monday provides a quick solution. 

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Plant Manager at Visual Communications Company, LLC

We are using the solution for project and task management throughout the organization. Monday is being used a a primary tool at the organization in order to review all workload and tasks, rate them by importance, sort by priorities, and focus the efforts on what is important and with the highest impact based on our goals.

It is also used as a communication tool for the status and notification of every task instead of using mail as an updated tool. This maintains all the information on the same site and can be easily consulted by anyone with access either by using the computer or by smartphone.

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Owner at Mansur Solar

Since the pandemic, everyone on my team started working from home. has been our best ally regarding project management and file sharing. 

The fact that we can automate boards, assign tasks to any team member with a specific deadline, and also communicate thru the platform, it's just a magnificent way to adapt an ongoing operation of more than three members to a new way of remote work. 

We're definitely more efficient than ever and everyone knows what they have to do during each day of work.

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Programme Delivery Manager at CLT International

The solution is used for managing tasks for educational courses to ensure the delivery of the courses for course delivery and examinations. This includes updating course materials, preparing exam papers, and keeping track of academic malpractice schedules. 

It's also used for giving time-frames for working on course manuals and preparing these with authors and design services to ensure these a prepared annually ready for the beginning of a sitting.

Courses in general have a lot of information held within a board so that each sitting is monitored. 

Boards are also used for other company projects to help keep track of tasks and work collaboratively with other teams. 

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reviewer1848378 - PeerSpot reviewer
User at Mediacom Communications Corporation

We use the product for managing tasks within our paid search team. We work across multiple clients and channels. Monday allows us to track the team's progress in one place. 

One of the main tasks we use Monday for is preparing for new quarters and making sure everything is set up for campaigns to go live when planned. 

It also helps us keep track of optimizations we make throughout the quarter. At the end of the quarter, we can then download the board with the complete list of tasks and build a timeline of when different actions were taken and how these impacted our campaigns' performance.

We also use it to track the training and onboarding of new team members as well as annual leave so that we can make sure we have enough team members during peak times when the workload is highest.

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Social Media Strategist at Social Beacon Media

We use the solution to create workflow processes for our team and to manage sales funnels and large projects. We can easily manage different projects each with different tasks and we can duplicate that template for the next project once we have perfected it. 

Our team was struggling with a way to manage and communicate all in one location. has helped us to focus on building a workflow that works for us along with keeping us organized. There are an endless amount of integrations that have allowed us to use as the one central location that we all work from now.

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Styliana Araouzou - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Operations Analyst at Etoro

It's a basic system for me to keep tracking what is happening in my project at a high level. If I don't know and want to go in deep and check exactly what is happening, I use Monday as an overall picture for my monthly projects, let's say.

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Graphics Manager at TricorBraun

I manage an art department at one of the largest flexible packaging companies in the world. Including myself, we are a team of ten people. We use to track our art projects and the various stages of each project. 

Our sales reps also need to be kept in the loop as to where each of their projects is in the pipeline at any given time. With the amount of sales reps and the number of projects we have, Monday really helps us keep everyone on the same page in real-time. It's helped us a lot. 

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Marketing Strategist at Eldorado Trading Company

We use to manage all of our design and marketing departments. It helps us track all the projects in the pipeline, who is the lead of the project, and who is the designer. This makes it easy for our marketing strategists, who are in charge of the designers, to see which projects each of the designers are working on and be able to assign tasks easier. 

We do a lot of events organizing on too. This is why we like to have specifically different boards for our tasks that aren't the same as our everyday boards. 

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Project Manager at Shorr Solutions

As a national medical practice consulting firm, we use to manage all of our team member's daily tasks and all our client projects. We also use to manage all of our marketing, website, and speaking engagement projects, as well as our lead nurturing process. 

We have created boards for each client and are sure to keep track of items that we've worked on for our clients by month and have created a time tracking column where we're able to log how much time was spent and bill our clients accordingly. 

We're able to seamlessly stay on top of all deadlines for our marketing, website, and speaking engagement initiatives and is a huge contributor to our success in staying on top of our lead management.

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Project Manager at Data Keeper

I use as a project management tool. It helps me to assign every single project to the different software development cycle stages and accurately track the status of each one of those projects.

As a support assistant support, helps me triage, plan, and schedule for development for every support ticket that turns out to be an issue that will be corrected.

Given the integration with different tools that we use, we don't have to spend any time looking for items and then updating them as it automatically adds information as needed.

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Client Experience Director at SMB Team

We use the solution as a CRM, track project progress, and keep client notes all in one place. We also use My Work to keep track of everyone's day-to-day at the company and ensure that all deadlines are met. This was a big step for us to implement.

We also use dashboards to track our most important numbers, which are revenue and sales. We also use personal to-do lists and communicate internally as a team. Half of our team is virtual, so has been our source of communication as a whole for the entire company, which is awesome.

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Chief Executive Officer at

We primarily use the solution in our digital marketing agency. We provide services in design, video production, advertising, and web development. Also, our team is often trying to launch our own projects. 

On Monday, we manage our human resources, our equipment as cameras and lamps, distribute the workload, and plan tasks. In addition, we have automated our financial statements, and keep records of sales, contracts, and communication with customers.

I really do not know of any process in our business that does not go through Monday, except that we sometimes communicate in Telegram.

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Content Writer at Invalley

We primarily use the solution for receiving task assignments. As one of my team's content writers, we deal with plenty of assignments each month, and monitoring our own tasks is made easier with Monday simplifies the flow of tasks, starting from the content assignment, completion, and submission reviews, to publications. 

Through Monday, it's easier to monitor where we are in each assignment. We could monitor the overall progress in one quick glance and see where the delay is happening. We could easily identify what stage someone is stuck in and address issues promptly.

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Erik  Hupjé - PeerSpot reviewer
Founder & Managing Director at R2 Reliability

I run a small company with a virtual team spread across three countries and three different timezones. We manage all work through a range of boards on Monday. Whether that is projects like the translation of an online course, or ongoing tasks like keeping track of which expenses are missing receipts in our bookkeeping software, to a recently developed social media posting calendar we are moving more and more towards Monday

We are also looking at customer support (tickets) and a board for company objectives and KPIs.

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Project Manager at WorK Architecture + Design

I work at an architecture firm with 12 employees, two offices, and one fully remote employee. We often have 20+ projects going at any given moment, of varying scales. 

We utilize Monday for project management, project schedules and tracking, and office production scheduling. We use it for a bird's eye view of projects as well as more detailed down to individual tasks per project, depending on the project. We also create a production schedule each week using Monday to assign project tasks to each employee. 

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Director of Creative and Strategy at Chickenango Marketing Solutions

We are a small agency and needed something to ensure quality project delivery as well as something we can use as a basic CRM tool. It has allowed our small team of five to handle over 30 projects going on at one time. We have a large government client where we have projects of at least 15 going on at one time and allows us to create a process for each one that is streamlined. Quality control becomes much easier and giving out tasks to multiple team members is also invaluable for our team to deliver for our clients.

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Finance Manager at Rustomjee

I generally use this solution to manage my daily tasks by noting down each task and assigning the deadlines next to each. It also helps in adding the person who shall be responsible to finish the task.

The auto-reminder feature is something that I find very useful. It helps you remind your tasks as per the frequency of reminders set by you. You can even update the status of task completion status. It also helps me put a remark against each task and the points of action to be taken against them.

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Business Analyst at Strop

Tracking my projects as well as seeing other colleagues' keeping track of different data points such as owner, project costs, types of projects, and adding subitems based on the phase each project is currently in has been the main use case for our organization. 

We also move all completed projects to another board to keep track of our revenue. 

Another board that we use internally is to update our vacation and travel calendar. It's useful due to the fact that you get to see everyone's travel schedule in various formats such as table, timeline, and calendar view.

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Article Trainee at Capstone Financials

I work in an accounting and auditing firm and I use every day.

We use it for many purposes, mainly for keeping track of all the clients in the company as well as what work is required and when such work is due.

We use to store passwords and completed financials, tax returns, and so forth.

Allocating work and keeping time spent on a project is always helpful along with due dates, emails, and reminders being sent and storing contact details, the multiple columns, and pages, does it all.

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Post Production Supervisor at LNC Productions

We are a mid-sized video production company of 15 employees and we are slowly growing. The growth is not only in the number of employees. It's also in the number of clients as well. 

As our workload increases, we constantly look for ways to improve ourselves/workflow to keep us more organized. 

We settled on Monday to help us keep track of the number of in-progress video productions we have. We also use the features to help us understand where at that we are in a project, what needs to be done and what will be done. It's an amazing tool. 

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UK Software Developer at Raise.Digital

We use Monday to help manage our software development projects. Its flexible boards also allow us to easily record a variety of business data. 

Monday's workspace functionality allows us to group boards by relevance. When we have a client for whom we do a lot of projects we can have a workspace dedicated to them. This also allows us to share certain boards with clients where necessary. That way they can see progress and contribute by providing information for marking tasks as complete. 

We also have some administration boards which contain sensitive business data that can be made private.

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Marketing Project Manager at TeamSense

We are a small marketing team of about five. I was the first marketing hire. I chose Monday out of a variety of other solutions as I liked the flexibility of it and my product designer liked the look of it. 

I started managing our strategy and goals in here so our team could stay connected even though we don't live near each other or go into the same office or work in the same room. It helps us all look at the same goals and stay connected to the same mission so we are all moving in the same direction.

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Senior Project Manager at Design Force

We use the solution for project and team management. 

We use this to track project timelines, hours used, and the teams assigned to work on them. We also connect with clients in different time zones using the platform and it has been working great for now. 

There are some things I think it should implement, however, overall, it is a great platform to use for big or small teams. The organization capabilities are the main draw. I wish it had a better integration with Google Drive to share assets though. 

Overall it does what we need which is to keep the team and projects aligned and organized.

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Program Director of Leadership Development at Temple University

I run a coaching and training department that requires me to manage a large team of full-time, part-time and seasonal team members. Our projects vary from month to month and require quite a bit of cross-functional communication and high levels of collaboration. Some projects also require the assistance of strategic partners who were added as guests. All in all, we primarily used this software for Project management because it allowed me to monitor the progress of my team, allowed us to manage hybrid programs and operations (and transition seamlessly), and communicate 24/7. 

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Assistant Manager- Fund raising at Rustomjee

We use it in our organization to list down and delegate tasks amongst team members. 

We review the tasks allocated on a weekly basis every Monday. It helps in planning the project lifecycle systematically and effortlessly. 

Further, the manager can tag the activities to different people, which helps share responsibilities so that the burden does not lay on one person. 

Filtering the activities marked to employees helps to quantify the work distribution to different people and ensure there is an equal division of work.

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Senior Specialist, SEO and Content Marketing at Adtalem Global Education

I use to manage four different content editorial calendars. There are several different approval processes for each calendar, and Monday helps us submit content as updates, and have them reviewed, approved, and ready to publish all in one platform. 

Once the content is published, it remains on the Monday board so we can see which items were completed in the past and whether they need to be updated again. 

In the past, I’ve also used Monday to manage a social media calendar. It was the easiest way to keep track of social media posts, even with ownership of many different platforms. 

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Product Development Specialist at Seint

Our product development team uses this to manage projects as most of our employees are remote. 

Each project gets its own pulse and we maintain updates about the status of projects on each pulse. 

Each week, we have a meeting to review the status of projects and it’s so nice to have Monday to refer to for these meetings because everything is laid out - from designs to copy to production lead times and everything in between. 

Monday is our home base for everything product-related, but we also use it for other teams as well.

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Saipa Article Clerk at a financial services firm with 11-50 employees

My company uses Monday to keep track of tasks for every employee. We set up meetings and engage in active conversations about due dates and timelines being adhered to. 

Monday is used for uploading critical documents which can be accessed by permitted co-workers. We use it to keep track of financial statement procedures. We are a financial and auditing firm, the website allows for multiple boards which we like to use per client. This website has truly helped us keep on board with all our clientele. 

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Senior Manager of Operations at Clark Nuber PS

We are a 35-person accounting services department within a larger accounting firm, and our department uses to track the recurring monthly, quarterly, and annual accounting engagements as well as regular business filings, one-off unique projects for clients, and some of our internal processes. 

We use it as a workflow tool to track various stages and statuses of task in a project, and as our personal work to-do lists. We use it to onboard new employees, as well as a topic tracker to create agendas for our task force department initiatives.  

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Assistant Manager- Fund Raising at Rustomjee

The primary use of this product is to keep a track of all the tasks assigned, update the progress of the tasks assigned, and get reminders in case of meeting all deadlines. 

It's great for keeping track of various works and timelines. At times, we tend to forget things. It's handy in that it can be updated from anywhere, unlike a physical diary which cannot be carried everywhere.

It is a better way to keep a track of all the work that has been done by you throughout the year so that while evaluating your performance at the time of your appraisal you can claim the same if your manager feels otherwise.

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Product Owner at Neobrain

In my case, I have worked on two SaaS products as a PO with It helps me with the product roadmap of my product. It also offers a product roadmap of the whole company. I used it for managing projects and being able to see the specificities of a project.    

We also used it to manage onboarding, as a personal to-do list.   

We use also integration with Jira, to see the updates so the CSM team can see the update from Jira.         

It was used by sales so we could see the sales information directly there.

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Vice President, Brand and Client Engagement at The Brooks Group

We are a sales training company, and the instructional design and creative teams use Monday to keep projects on track, moving from design, to review, to proofing and communicating internally throughout the project. 

We have also started using it with the marketing department, and hope to move the entire company on it by the end of 2022. We have an internal team that is using Smartsheets, so we might use a third-party integration to get the two platforms to talk to each other. However, Monday is more fun.  

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Executive Assistant at Echo Life Church

We use Monday for project management primarily. We can check in on the progress of events and ongoing projects around the office. We also use it as a registration platform and to track people/attendance. 

This is helpful to know how many people are planning to attend, if they need childcare, and to gather contact info to import to Mailchimp for communication. 

We are a church, so checking in on people is super important and we can provide updates to the whole team. Additionally, we use Monday for timesheets as well.

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reviewer1852116 - PeerSpot reviewer
User at Imperial Cabinets & Millwork Inc

I work at a custom cabinet shop, and this isn't the first company I have worked for in this industry.

It is very convenient as all jobs/projects that I have upcoming or in progress, are really easy to keep track of. Once there is progress in the project, it gets organized into different categories so that other departments can see and use the information to their own benefit and progress. 

Once the completion happens from my side, it goes into the next category, which at that point is finished from my side.

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reviewer1843227 - PeerSpot reviewer

We use the solution to manage, oversee, and collate various projects within the telecom, security and IT sectors. The projects are of a great variety and contain many stages. I assign and delegate tasks to all project stakeholders inclusive of deadline dates. When managing multiple projects of no less than 15 at any one time, this software is great to get an overview of where you are and what deadlines are upcoming. With the work boards easy to convert to Gantt charts, this saves valuable time when preparing for project meetings

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Designer & Studio Manager at Root Fifty-Two

We are a design and marketing company and have grown from one freelance designer to a team of ten people. As we have expanded the team, we needed a platform to put all job requests which allows us to allocate each job to a specific team member. I believe we started using this just before lockdown. 

We had previously used a system called Redbooth however we needed something a bit more sofisticated. The main use of this was so we can see all jobs at a glance and also mark them with a status as to where they're up to, and when they're complete. 

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Senior Information Technology Specialist at Reed Elsevier Philippines

We use the product for recording and keeping track of all sales and transactions going on in our company. This includes sales, returns, descriptions and order numbers. 

It provides our company with a customizable web and mobile work management platform, designed to help teams and organizations with operational efficiency by tracking projects. 

We use the platform on a daily basis since all our tracking, status updates, and descriptions are all logged in real-time. Also, the updates are all real-time as well which makes it an important tool in our daily cycle

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Mid-Weight Designer at Mibelle Group

We use the solution for project management for designers, marketing, and comms teams. It's used for collaborating on campaigns and big projects alongside monitoring day-to-day tasks. Our work environment is in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) so we have a lot of fast turnaround projects for multiple brands. 

Monday helps us manage and organize these efficiently while allowing for total transparency to other people in the business, so they can check the statuses of their projects and liaise with different teams accordingly on details or updates.

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Senior Marketing Manager at What3Words Limited

We use to efficiently manage marketing briefs, projects, teams, and marketing deadlines. 

Marketing Managers will submit a brief to the platform and indicate the resourcing requirements. The brief will then be assigned to one or several members of the creative studio team who specialize in delivering work across video, design, copy, and production. 

With a hybrid team that works both remotely and in the office - and sometimes in different time zones - it allows us to manage multiple projects across consumer, PR, B2B, and partner marketing.

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Procurement Specialist at Highdeal Solutions

We use the product to deal with micro-projects that are going through multiple stages, such as quoting products, ordering samples, designing, production and finally shipping. Having all these allows all members of our team to be aware of where we are right now. 

We use different boards too and I like that projects of different boards still can be connected. 

We basically use it as a to-do list as well for everything, even to purchase office supplies, which is great as we don't need to use multiple communication channels.  

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Executive Director of Marketing Services at EWM NOW

I use the product for project and task management and communications between different departments. It's great for design requests and updates on deliverables. 

We use the software at the marketing agency, where having different clients sure gets overwhelming at some points. How we’ve designed our boards, makes it easier to keep track of all the clients and the progress status of their services as well as review the weekly KPI analytical reporting for each client. 

The platform is also pretty easy and straight forward to use. 

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Billing at Bilder Appliance Repair

The primary use case of this solution is for organization and accessibility of information.  We work in appliance repair and order parts, send bills, and have general information all employees need to access. With our parts table, everyone in the office can easily see where a part was ordered, if it was ordered, if it is in and can be set up to go back out, or if the part is back-ordered. This helps our parts department communicate with the rest of the office without having to actually talk to them. 

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Senior Manager, Regulatory and Quality at Secure Transfusion Services

I've primarily used the solution for KPI tracking, project management, and schedule coordinating. Our group has adopted the use of for KPI tracking specifically for changes made to company documents. As all the tasks are documented on, it allows for easy KPI measurement. We also use for project management due to the intuitiveness of the system. It is quick and easy to learn for most professionals and provides reminders for tasks that are outstanding. We also use it for schedule tracking to ensure we have sufficient coverage and everyone is on the same page.

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Software Developer at Kermit

We primarily use Monday to keep track of action items for project management dealing with software development. 

Our team manages multiple projects, and, for each project, we are able to create the individual tasks that need to be completed in order to finish the project.  

We also use Monday to share with our team times that we will not be in the office or be available for team meetings.  

It allows us to see which tasks are being worked on and which ones we have not started. It keeps our team members informed about our activities.

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Sr. Director of Content Strategy & Delivery at Leaderology

Our primary use for is to help us with our project management and sales pipeline. 

We use it to keep the various departments connected so that we know what work is coming in, being worked on, and being closed out. 

We also use it to help us track the work the Marketing team is doing, both in terms of branding, document creation, and marketing campaigns. 

We also use it in some instances to share documents with one another. 

We are a small company and makes us feel very efficient.

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Laboratory Technician at Hesperos Inc.

My biotechnology company utilizes for a number of purposes. Principally, it is used to quickly and efficiently convey tasks for the day on an easily accessible platform. This information is typically inputted for the week via desktop computer and then reviewed on the phone application by myself and my fellow employees. Once (or during) the completion of tasks, we are able to add in comments and feedback in real-time. It is an invaluable tool to my team and prevents miscommunication among the company as a whole.

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Manager of Training | Customer Success at Stack Construction Technologies

As a trainer working under the customer success director, we have multiple projects to plan and implement together with our team members. We also work remotely in different parts of the country, so provides our team a place to coordinate tasks and progress since we don't run into each other in the office to review or brainstorm ideas. 

I use to plan and implement projects and to plan and create agendas for one-off and ongoing meetings. 

We use this platform also when cross-functional teams are working together on a plan or project

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Senior Account Manager at Y Associates

We primarily use as a CRM for our digital marketing agency. Utilizing automation and integrations is key to our success. With we take in orders and break them out into their individual campaigns and disperse creativity and instructions to our entire team within minutes. 

We are also able to keep track of things like campaign timelines and any updates to campaigns and of course we are able to follow our budgets in order to make sure we are spending the correct amount of money for our clients. 

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Senior Acquisitions Associate at First National Realty Partners

I work in commercial real estate in acquisitions. We use to track properties that we are considering buying. 

We post the property along with the offering memorandum, the location, links to our internal memo, purchase price, anchors, demos, anchor term, anchor sales, notable tenants, occupancy, etc. 

We also use to track our process throughout closing to ensure all steps are followed by all members of our team. Members of our team are notified when they need to be, and they know to check the board to see where we are in the process.

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Abdallah Mourad - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Business Intelligence at IBM

The primary use case for the solution is to plan our projects and to put pipelines in place for all the project participants to make sure that everyone is within the plan and making great contributions to the project. 

We start our plan using the Agile approach to set our goals and tasks with the plan that already includes some phases and steps to make sure that the goal is achieved successfully and within the planned timeline.

The user interface of is very friendly and easy to use. It's simple to assign tasks to my colleagues.

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Influencer Marketing Manager at Fiverr International Ltd

The primary use case is for task management and clearly communicating ongoing and planned projects to colleagues across different teams within different geographies. 

I work in the marketing department of a global tech company, which is rather matrixed, so clear communication of current and planned projects helps myself and others to clearly understand where synergies might exist. 

I also use the platform to communicate requests to other internal teams, such as creative and design, and to keep track of the progress of my requests.

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reviewer1845927 - PeerSpot reviewer

We use to keep track of custom orders and backorders. Lots of our work needs to be tracked throughout each stage so we use the different columns to easily link to CRM pages and invoice pages of each order. 

We also use this to keep track of deposit and balance payments as well as add tracking information and delivery statuses. This helps to show all orders and their statuses at a glance. Thanks to Monday, we avoid having orders forgotten or sent at the incorrect time.                

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Juan Carlos Salcedo - PeerSpot reviewer
New Business Manager at Just Media Group

I work in the affiliate marketing industry, where we have numerous content blogs as well as other promotional models. has helped us greatly in the organization and flow of our processes. It allows us to visualize the information in different ways, and therefore have a clear and established process of what needs to be done for each item. It also facilitates the organization and prioritization of our daily and weekly activities. Likewise, I use it to organize my projects and to have a clear and previously established process.

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Digital Performance Specialist & Project Manager at Sea Digital

We use the solution for client and project management. Working in a marketing agency, this is used as our main source of organizing our daily and long-term tasks to complete. allows us to visually plan out what our clients need from us in detail to make sure nothing gets missed. Everything is easily accessible for all members of the project. It is also a tool used for observing the internal workload of each member to see what each day or week is shaping out to be and if additional support is needed for a particular person.

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Senior Marketing Manager at Contentology UK

We use the solution for managing internal resources and client needs publicly. For example, client inductions with a marketing agency are fairly similar, therefore templating the process allows efficiencies in time and ensures everything is 'on brand' and everything is done the way we choose. 

Allowing clients to see exactly where all of their projects are and what reliances are on them saves difficult conversations that may occur later, particularly around timeframes and deadlines. 

Internally, everyone works differently, therefore having a fixed record that everyone defaults to helps amalgamate different working styles. 

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Rafael Alves - PeerSpot reviewer
Photographer and Visual Designer at Rafograph

In our advertising agency, we use Monday to collaborate, schedule tasks, share items, and coordinate among the team. 

It's a solid solution that allows us to create a more streamlined workflow and connect in an organized way with clients. 

With we're also able to share deliverables and get them reviewed or approved by clients keeping everything in the same place. 

The software is used also to coordinate among Collaborating Professionals that can have access to specific boards and have tasks assigned there.

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Senior MHPSS Technical Advisor at The MHPSS Collaborative

We use as a team to organize our work and keep us all on track. We have different channels for our different projects and then have tasks under each project that are assigned to certain people within the organization. This helps to know when things are due and who is responsible for completing them on time. It also shows how long we have been working on a project and if we are stuck or if the project is waiting on an action from someone else within the team. We have a small team and it is nice to feel organized. 

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Media Buyer at The Gig Agency

I work at a digital marketing agency. I am a media buyer, and I am constantly working with other departments on my team (graphic designers, email, project managers, dev team, account managers, etc). 

Monday allows clear communication by task, project, and department and makes it easy for us since we are all in different time zones. I like Monday as it allows me to divide up my work by client. I can color coordinate each client and have all necessary work/tasks/projects under each client. I organize by month to ensure everything is done on time and can start over fresh at the beginning of each month. 

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Project Engineer at Stourflex

We are a small engineering company and we use Monday to keep track of all of our projects. We will include information such as the client's name, project name, who is the project lead, the date received and date that its due back, what type of project it is, how we managed to get the project (via which type of marketing), the project value, quote numbers for the project, total value, etc. It ensures that we never miss a project, which otherwise is very easy to do.             

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Senior Accountant at a financial services firm with 1-10 employees is a project management tool. 

Within our organization, there are 20 to 25 employees using this solution.

In our firm, different people have different roles, and sometimes we need to communicate. Some people are remote workers — some people are probably in Toronto, and other team members are in Vancouver. We use this tool to communicate. Our boss can follow a project and see how far along it is. He can talk to specific people if something is not going very well. 

We don't have to deal with maintenance as is on the cloud. 

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VP at a consultancy with 11-50 employees

We have a wide range of services that we provide from the reports that we write, Podcasts that we do, and webinars. 

We categorize each deliverable by categories, such as a research report or an infographic, or a video, or a podcast. We create a series of steps or deliverables, and we assign people to tasks within each project.

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Operations Manager at LG Truck Group, LLC

The solution has helped us with customer management as well as team communication. We rent commercial vehicles and it is imperative that my team be able to know what's going on. allows our sales team to effectively follow each step of our closing process. It gives the team leaders a quick glance at what's happening without having to disturb the team. The organization of allows the influx of data to be categorized effectively which results in less time spent searching for something. Money is time.  

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reviewer1852113 - PeerSpot reviewer

I work in multiple areas in design, consulting, and managing health businesses, and enjoy my environments being diverse across the board. 

I often will add my clients as guests and sometimes also as collaborators. I am often remote and not office based so having a tool that has a well-functioning app is integral to retaining me as a customer and the clients usually say they love the easy app also. 

I am also a visual/design-motivated person so the aesthetics and UX side of a tool is integral also. 

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Principal CEO at Ark Studios LATAM

We use for the administration of a marketing agency including clients, taxes, archives, integrations, ROI, and clasification of works. The best feature we use a lot is the sub elements for subdividing the work. It helps us to be more specific in our activities and that makes it so that the clients can audit our work. Our reputation is increasingly growing thanks to free partner access that gives our clients greater visibility of progress while growing your confidence in our work.

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Product Design Engineer at University Loft Company

The company decided to use due to the flexibility users have with coding how the product or project will flow through each department. 

Our products flow through receiving, product development, sales, and project management. Monday allows us to see where the bottlenecks are in the design review process. 

We also use Monday to keep track of quality issues that arise in the field. Our quality control board allows all team members to update where we are in the quality review process. 

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Postdoctoral Researcher at Embrapa Agroindústria Tropical

We use the product for managing all the projects and tasks of a non-profit association. 

We have several groups and task forces, and all our board members and volunteers live around the globe. We also have guest members who work on occasional projects and need access for a short period of time. We also have service providers, with whom we share several projects which needed to be on time. 

We have projects ranging from short to longer-term, including our strategic planning, which is also done on

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Marketing Manager - Global SME at What3Words Limited

We use the solution for marketing and creative project management. 

As a marketing manager, we brief on tasks within including all details of the project, such as vertical, status, delivery date, etc. Our traffic manager assigns tasks based on the studio team's availability and priority. 

Mainly, is the main tool for our traffic manager to manage a variety of tasks between marketing managers and creatives. 

Once assigned, we can track who the assigned person is and then track the process. It is a very useful tool for tracking things. 

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Founder & CEO at Maev

I run a ten-person venture-backed startup. has helped us project manage and makes visibility across all teams easy. We plan all of our projects and our six-month company level plan on, including engineering, supply chain, marketing, CX, admin, finance, legal, etc. 

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Marketing Manager at Go-Vi Limited

We use Monday for a variety of reasons ranging from tracking progress on tasks to keeping our client list updated and segmented appropriately to managing agents and contacts. 

Our most common use case of this solution is to help us analyze our product offerings by cross-examining our client base. By doing this, we can see our most popular products, our audience demographics, and which customers are most likely to be upsold to new products or services. has revolutionized the way we work and what we offer.

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Headmaster at Grace Covenant Academy

We primarily use the solution for process creation and then management, remote project and task management, and communication. Specifically, we use the product for admissions, enrollment, human resources, financial tracking, business operations, and project management.  

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Student at City Colleges of Chicago-Wilbur Wright College

I am currently a recruiter at my job. I use the solution to keep track of everyone that is currently in the hiring process. I must say, It's so easy to keep track of everything - including what person needs to do which steps, who is ready to move on, etc. 

It also helps to keep all 3rd parties I do hiring for separate from the others so there is no confusion. A majority of my work is being done through Fountain. Every important thing I need from someone, especially certain small details, is all a click away.

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Assistant Director of Program & Impact - Genesee & Teen Center Sites at Boys & Girls Club of Lake County

We use for recruiting new staff and scheduling tasks that need to be done on a timely basis. Before implementing, we had to email every new applicant, so some would fall through the cracks. Now each applicant gets added to the recruitment pipeline on

We use to assign staff members to various tasks in the hiring process and go through the steps in a quick and orderly fashion. 

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Senior Manager at CareerEco Corp.

We're a virtual events company that provides custom events for colleges and universities, employers, non-profits, associations, consortiums, and more. 

We use this product for project management of sales leads, marketing, social media promotion, and event setup and implementation. 

Monday helps us to track varying stages within each area and move event projects from stage to stage beginning with a new lead all of the way through the event day. Monday is also useful for tracking tasks that are associated with each event.

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Marketing Director at BAYA SAS

We use the product for internal project management for every department in the business: marketing, product launches, finance, logistics etc. 

We also invite our external agencies to internal projects like SEO, Ads and Press.  

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Executive Producer at Envy Gaming

We use throughout our entire company - from sales to content to marketing campaigns. We are a company that has a lot of balls in the air with a lot of tracking required and Monday has been a big help. 

Initially, we used it to track various stages of content production and post workflow and now it has transitioned into intra-department use. We utilize forms for asset requests with our design team. We also use external trackers for our sponsorships team to communicate with our partners on collaborative projects. 

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Assistant Director of Events for Institutional Advancement at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

The primary use case of in our office experience is for event planning, organization, promotion, and execution. It is helpful in the process of identifying what needs to be done, who needs to do it, and when it needs to be done. 

Overall, it is really helpful in the behind-the-scenes processes of event planning. Our environment for event planning is a non-profit educational organization and our events range from 50 to 12,000 people in attendance. We primarily use it for mid-size events, however, it has been helpful in other types, too. 

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Sr. Manager, Brand Marketing & Operations at Aktana

We use Monday for project management across our marketing projects and for budget management for campaigns. We have a small team, so it's really important that we are as efficient as possible and there's just no bandwidth for micromanaging a process. We need it to run smoothly on its own.

For the most part, we collaborate on a process, put it in Monday with assignments, and then the project essentially runs itself as long as we are sticking to the timeline that we set the project up with. It saves us a lot of time.

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Director Of Information Technology at a media company with 51-200 employees

We primarily use the solution for project management.

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Junior Graphic Designer at Doll 10 Beauty

As an email designer, I use Monday to organize copy for emails between myself and our e-commerce manager. It really helps us keep timelines straight and organized with information that could be easily lost in someone's inbox. 

Someone will upload a copy and any necessary imagery, and assign the task to the appropriate person and it helps keep every team member all on the same page.

The archive system is also very helpful for clearing out tasks once they're finished. 

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Manager, Claims Learning and Development at Allstate

We use to track training project status, project, and deliverable timelines, resources, updates, and assign work. 

We also use it to track training completions (through forms) and requests for support (through forms). 

My team also uses it for personal task tracking, team task tracking, sharing of accomplishments, and dashboard summaries. We are a learning team and finding new ways of using the tool all the time. It is a helpful tool to communicate with people outside our group so they can quickly find status updates as guests.

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Financial Analyst at Weinstein Properties

We use boards to track our financial analysis for month-end financials and assign monthly tasks to specific analysts. 

This is helpful to our team. It helps us to keep track of what tasks have been completed so far and maybe what needs to be prioritized and then we can refresh the board back to the original once everything is done. 

We also use it to track potential acquisitions so the executive team and ownership can easily see what is in the pipeline and fill in the big picture. We are able to put in all the necessary information and update easily with automation features.  

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Analyst at Legionarios de Cristo & Regnum Christi

We are a start-up based in Mexico City that's mostly focused on selling online courses and giving consultancies to parishes and universities. We use Monday to keep track of our online presence on social media (followers, engagement rate, and so on). 

We use it to keep track of our database and the CRM of our customers and allies. We also find it very helpful to make forms for events and to channel all the information in one specific board and then at the end of the month to see it all visually really impacts our decision-making process to make improvements. 

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Talent Partner at Artium

I'm a part of our talent team, so we utilize for scheduling candidate interviews, housing important information around our best practices, as well as housing data and metrics. 

We have also used it for process documentation, organizational documentation, and collaboration. 

We have utilized the forms feature for being able to collect information from team members, candidates, etc. We are a team of about 15, and it's been really nice being able to have one centralized area for us to work from.

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Public Relations Specialist at Eventrics Weddings

I work for a luxury wedding planning company. We use for everything. There is a team of five of us, some of who work remotely. helps us organize information internally between employees and also with our couples as we go through the planning process. 

For example, we have an internal board where we have organized all of our vendor contacts, login information, and content creation too. For the couples, they are able to access a board dedicated to their wedding and share feedback with us, all in one place - no more chains of emails.

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Customer Experience Manager at Playtech Managed Services

I work in an online gambling company. We deal on daily basis with internal and external B2B and B2C projects. Our use case includes all possible scenarios: project management (high level and detailed), Teams management, and collaboration via vacation boards and boards with the tasks. We use forms in Monday boards to log in requests from different departments in one place, we use to manage GDPR requests and customer journeys, HR tasks and statistics, we even used board to manage company bookings. Long story short, can suit every possible use case that you may have.

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Technology & Software Consulting and Strategy at Timlittletech LLC

I run my solopreneur consulting business almost entirely on I also have setup workflows on for dozens of companies across many industries (construction, HR, architecture, eCommerce, sales, etc...) 

All my leads and customers are managed in's CRM solution. I have automated workflows to convert them to customers/clients when the deals close. 

Upon close, I manage all my client projects directly on with automated tasks, reminders, due dates and invoicing.

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Account Director at Awestruck

Our entire marketing team uses Monday to manage our day-to-day operations. It is the best possible tool to keep our team organized. Additionally, our creative department uses Monday to manage all of the creative requests that come in, whether that's internal or from our clients. 

It really allows us to fully track projects and communication efficiently, as well as share information between team members quickly. Our entire team would be lost without using, I don't think we could function without it.

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Support Specialist at

Our company started using Monday to track tasks and workflows. Later on, we started using it to keep records of employees and documents. For example, our HR department creates items with check columns and it tracks the required documents of all employees. 

Furthermore, HR personnel uploads all the documents corresponding to the new employee, and then it goes for authorization from the HR manager. Subsequently, when the yearly evaluation comes the department has all the required files in one place and digitalized.

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UX/UI Designer at GAF Materials / Building Materials

We use the solution for project management across the web team specifically responsible for desktop, tablet, and mobile design. Our team used this platform for planning projects, discussing blocks, and triggering the next steps for teams outside of the platform. 

We moved on from only for the reason that there was a proprietary project management tool already taking over the company and since we weren't a part of it we were missing out on visibility to stakeholders. We switched over recently to Workfront in order to maintain that visibility.

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Director of Creative and Strategy at Chickenango Marketing Solutions

We are a small team of five just starting an agency. We have no offices and needed something that everyone could access to track projects, schedules, tasks, administrative needs, contacts, and more.     

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Project Excellence Consultant at Leaderology

I am a project manager in a leadership consulting organization. My role includes managing our leadership development programs and keeping all stakeholders looped in and appraised of my progress. It is a fast-paced environment and helps me stay on track with all my projects and tasks. 

I use the software to manage long term and short term projects, track project expenses and keep my account manager informed of my progress. I also invite key stakeholders as guests to the project plans. makes it easy for me to maintain visibility into my progress.

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reviewer1843176 - PeerSpot reviewer
Bid Specialist at Yuritech

Organization of tasks is the main use case of the solution provided by I have realized that this is the best for my needs compared to other, more complex competitors such as Asana or Trello which are great on their own yet I find in both cases the user interface isn't up to par with

Other than that, this solution has helped me stay on track with my deadlines and miscellaneous tasks that I would otherwise forget about and overlook. helped me create sections of different tasks that I can group according to their nature and priority. 

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Customer Success Manager at Quality Clouds

The product is used for tracking customer success activities and daily interactions with customers. We're using dashboard views to analyse data gathered on the boards and track due dates for customer engagements. It's helpful for product release planning and sharing updates with team members as well as onboarding project management. 

The primary use case, however, is tracking customer engagements and reporting to higher management. We also use for managing training activities for new joiners. We have close to ten workspaces with five boards on average.  

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Account Manager at Plan A Advertising

I work in an advertising agency setting with more than ten people and we use for our internal project management for our different departments including graphic design, social media content, social media ads, google ads, billing, project planning, and website creation and development. We also have a board for each and every one of our clients. 

I utilize constantly via my laptop and my cell phone. The syncing between my phone and computer is flawless and I never have any issues with it.  

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People Manager at Ellis Mather Group

We use in our business as our main and core business strategy tracking platform allowing our strategy to be put in place, assigned to the relevant departments/team members, and then updates provided through the platform. Monday allows for all of this to be put in one place and the constant changes within the system allow for us to constantly grow our business strategy and ensure core objectives are reached throughout the year.

We are an e-commerce-based business that has multiple brands.

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Web/IT Administrator at Rocky Mountain Oils

We use the solution for the organization of projects for different departments. We have different departments including marketing, customer service, production, analytics/accounting, and IT. Having the ability to separate these by department makes our lives 10 times better. I personally found it useful for inventory reports and upcoming projects. 

Overall, we use Monday to help in keeping everyone on track and to assign certain projects to departments in order to fulfill our monthly goals. The cleanliness of Monday helps in doing so.

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Associate Director - Corporate and Foundation Relations at University of Alberta

We use the product mainly as a project management tool. We need to provide an impact report every year to different stakeholders. These reports have different deadlines and usually need the participation of several members of our organization. We are a large organization and we close several partnerships year after year, and the amount of reporting that needs to be produced and coordinated is very high. Also, these reports are crucial for the continued success of our unit.

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Publicity Assistant at Harvest House Publishers

Working remotely, our team uses Monday to keep track of assignment due dates as well as to share files with each other and notify others when files are available. 

I also create personal boards to help me keep track of my own individual work. The many different ways to organize boards, either for the whole team or just for me, have been a very efficient way to keep track of work, as well as a centralized place for team communication. 

The setup also provides an easy way to follow up with unfinished work. 

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Director of Collaborative Delivery at a engineering company with 51-200 employees

We work in construction for an architectural firm. We do the design, and construction in an agile management system.

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Head of Influencer Outreach at Numskull Designs

We primarily use Monday at work as a tool for task management and as a CRM database. Working within the marketing department, we manage a lot of projects at once and speak to a lot of people. Being able to keep all of the information in one place where it's easy to collaborate and upload documents really helps. We also use it as a space for new ideas and brainstorming throughout departments.

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Programme Delivery Team Manager at CLT International

As a provider of professional education, is used within our environment to manage a program lifecycle, assign tasks to individuals, and manage the delivery of our products end-to-end. We use it for tracking workflow from individual programs, informing managers of capacity and availability within a team, and making live requests using the 'form' functionality for website changes (by way of example). provides a holistic oversight of all the activity required to complete a project from start to finish.

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Administrative Assistant at Anka Metal Coatings Ltd

We are a manufacturing company and we use to keep track of our production log. It has simplified our work and all employees can access it from anywhere. 

We also use it for our sample logs, employee holidays and to see the invoice statuses.

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Marketing Associate at OOMPH is used in multiple areas, from being a CRM that I use for influencers, reaching out to new ones, and keeping in touch with long-term influencers. It's also a great to-do list for all my tasks.

It's used for content calendars and approvals. It's easy to leave specific comments on specific posts and how to change them. This way there is no need to go back and forth on chat.

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Executive Assistant at Kilberry

We use to organize and keep track of our work, projects, clients, progress, and workflows. It's great for individual projects and team projects. In team projects, everyone in our team logs the tasks they need to complete or have completed, edit status updates and other relevant information. It essentially greatly improves team communication, making it so easy for someone to take over, and understand exactly what has been done and what's next. It's one of the best tools I've used for managing and tracking projects.

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Global Sales Coordinator at Al Bayader International

The solution is used for interactions, reports, and the ability of many entities to add values and view boards. It's very good for industrial and organizational structure and functions. It saves a lot of time and is a good platform to invest in.  

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Customer Service Administrator at Katie Loxton

This is one of the primary services that we use daily. 

We use it to organize our new customer requests to tell us where they are in the application process. 

Any issues we have with our other systems can be monitored through this. 

It lets the user update where they are in the process and also what needs to be done still. 

It allows us to monitor communications about customer inquiries and what stage they are at. It is helpful in allowing us to communicate efficiently with other teams in the business. 

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PMO Manager at Monster Notebook

I use this tool for product management and project management planning. It shows me resource balance and that makes me able to plan development resources. 

I am a manager in a thirty-member technology department. I work with development teams, product teams, and the project management team. provides a plan and roadmap view for our works.

In addition to that, it is really simple to categorize the project. That makes me have power to focus and manage the different projects.

As a result, it provides well-organized plans.

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Office Assistant at Lake Lite

We use the product for marketing, ordering inventory, new product process tracking, scheduling, and website maintenance.

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Founder & CEO at TH promo s.r.o.

It's a great app for project leading. As an event and promotion agency, we're more than ever very sensitive to all the costs of managing and communicating streams of understanding. We also use it for event and shift scheduling. 

It's great for feedback with clients where you could have all the relevant information associated with a particular project in one place. The solution is great for sharing attachments and links for all photo albums on our Google Drive. 

I definitely use it for my personal goals and projects. 

All the improvements though years are very handy.

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Consultant at a tech vendor with 11-50 employees

We use the solution mainly for project management. We use it as a system for our project managers and for our customers. This gives us, on the one hand, an overview on a high level across all projects, and, on the other hand, a detailed view of the specific project. 

As a result, each role in the team has an instant view of what's going on and what individual tasks are required. Thus, nothing is forgotten anymore and double work has been drastically reduced. The number of emails has also been reduced.

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Mark Niswonger - PeerSpot reviewer
Directory of IT Controls and Compliance at a wholesaler/distributor with 201-500 employees

Our use case is tracking tasks within a project.

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Director Of Brand Partnership at Flylords LLC

We are a small startup media company with a lot going on. As we grew, disorganization became a serious problem. I turned to Monday, which has allowed us to work and flow as a growing team. It has also provided a concrete organizational basis for how we run our day-to-day.

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Senior Delivery Manager at Momentum Design Lab

I use the solution for project planning for software and UX design projects. 

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COO at a computer software company with 51-200 employees

The solution is generally used for tasks such as if you need business functions such as marketing, CRM, et cetera, that can be tracked. We use it with the Jira technical team.

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Managing Director at Ninz Spa

We primarily use the product for:

  • To-do lists
  • Project management
  • After-sales management

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User at a tech services company with 201-500 employees

I do not know which version we are currently using. I do not enquire about such information, as I am just the end-user. 

We use the solution to deliver all the tasks in the marketing team, of which I am a member, and we can monitor those that we we must finish within a week. We also do CRM tasks there. We use it to input the customers' database, so that we may have summary information on them, such as their status or who has just been on-boarded. 

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Web Developer at LastMile

I run a laser treatments business and use to keep all my important information together in one place. 

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Administrative Office Coordinator at Sutton Eldridge Engineering, LLC

We are an engineering firm. We utilize to manage all our projects and our billing as well as our proposals, paid-time-off benefits, and anything that has to do with the coordination of a project from beginning to end.  

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Events Coordinator at American Farm Bureau Federation

We use the solution for project management for upcoming large-scale events. We work with multiple departments on our events and to keep everyone on the same page using

It has been an efficient source for our team. We communicate with our graphics team the most through Monday with deadlines and approvals and edits. 

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Marketing Automation Coordinator at Halmyre

My team uses it at work to organize deadlines and keep track of information. We are a remote organization.

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Senior Editor at Distractify

We primarily use the solution for work, looking at the list of available articles to write, making progress, and the status of deliverables/articles.

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IT Support Technician at Bambus Group

We primarily use the solution to maintain tickets and keep track of them.

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Erwin Meijboom - PeerSpot reviewer
Sr. Advisory Consultant at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees

I use this solution for project management, mainly for tracking tasks. I'm using the SaaS version and we are customers of I'm a senior advisory consultant. 

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Health Economist at Lumanity

We use the solution for our hiring tracker.

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Account Director at Pontoon8

We are a marketing agency and primarily use for resource scheduling. We also use it for Project Management on bigger projects, timelines, finance progress, database, social media planning, and scheduling.

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Luxury Marketing Manager at Harry Norman, Realtors

We use the solution for project management across the different functions of our marketing team. It's also used as a content and social planner.

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Processing Manager at Turbo Loans

We manage our mortgage company through Monday. We are all remote, so visibility for all our loans that are in process is absolutely critical to keeping us on task. This sends out trigger emails when things are updated and keeps track of our payroll (for example, when things have and have not been paid out). We even track leads here and store key data so we have one place to go in order to see key data for our client.

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Solid surface Fabricator at Mark Michaels

We use the solution for managing lots of projects from multiple customers. 

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Sales Manager at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

I am using it for sales.

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Principal at The RBA Group

We primarily use the solution for project scheduling.

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Senior Data Scientist at National Grid

The primary use cases of the solution are documentation for projects and project management.

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Sport Event Director at UCPA

We handle event projects. We are using for driving our projects.

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