Trello Room for Improvement

Anton Mironov - PeerSpot reviewer
CEO at PeerSpot

Its hard to say what could be improved in Trello, because it does what it was designed to do, and it's simple, so it's really hard to come up with any flaws.

If I were to name one, it will be for the solution to have more integrations, e.g. they already have quite a few, but we're heavy users of a CRM called Creational, and there's no direct integration with that particular CRM system, but that CRM system is one of the top five CRMs out there. I found it quite odd and strange that integration between Trello and Creational isn't available, while for Salesforce, it's there. Having more integration with third party tools is an area for improvement for Trello.

I also haven't actually looked too much into it, and I'm not sure if this is currently available in Trello: having something along the lines of WhatsApp, where you're able to hold down a button and leave a voice message for your colleagues. It's an additional feature I'd love to see in the next release of Trello, because I think that's also a very quick and great way to be able to communicate with your colleagues. It'll be so much quicker than having to type long sentences or paragraphs to explain. Having voice messaging as an additional functionality in Trello would be great.

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Priya Batish - PeerSpot reviewer
Group Manager at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees

Trello is already a very rich tool with Analytics and automation capabilities and ability to integrate with multiple storage formats 

One can also customise their categories according to one’s needs and add validation rules to that.

What I have especially found useful are the analytic capability with the ability to create ready to consume charts etc and give various slices and dices of it.

I think the only additions I can think of are possibly enabling Many more categories such as whether it is a risk or defect or issue

And, possibly RAG status can also be enabled at a checklist level 

We are exploring the  Gantt chart capabilities of the solution and would like to see a strong Gantt chart capability to give us a one shot linear view of the project 

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Prem Lingala - PeerSpot reviewer
Customer Success Manager at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees

There aren't as many tracking tools.

If you use Agile as a methodology, Trello doesn't really fit very well. It cannot run at the speed of the team or show pending tasks and backlogs as well. Those types of features aren't really on Trello. Something such as Jira is much more adept at Agile.

The product doesn't handle heavy loads very well. The information does not load quickly once there's a lot of information in the system. IT needs some sort of load balancer to allow it to take on more information and load more quickly.

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Kevin Adamo - PeerSpot reviewer
CEO & Co-founder at Adamo Digital
  1. Video call and messaging for the online conference: 2020 was the time for remote working and online conferencing while social distancing deterred people from going out. I think, as an online collaboration tool, Trello should include an online meeting feature as it would allow members to meet, discuss, and share ideas.
  2. Analytics: Trello could add an analytic tool that allows me to see the performance of each team member, answering questions like whether they meet the deadline or miss the deadline. Besides, I want to know the time spent on each project and the potential issues that occurred.
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Project Manager at Amdocs

We haven't had any issues with Trello. 

I'd like to see features that could help us generate reports or automatically send things to emails. We don't really have any automated features. If they had more automated options, that would be helpful. 

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ValeryTezo - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior ICT Consultant/Project Manager at Qualisys

It is not a scalable product.

There are no features that are lacking. We're pretty happy with its functionality.

They could offer more integration with other tools - especially those that test some requirements in tickets.

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IT Project Manager at a transportation company with 501-1,000 employees

As a team board it did not work well for us. It allows non-permanent members of the company or team to manage or delete posted tasks and notifications. It was a big problem for us that every member was able to delete or edit something posted by another and we felt the need to remedy this. We encountered a situation in which a member of the board deleted every task which he was assigned, which was a lot. We found ourselves trying to refill all the boards so that our stakeholders could have complete visibility of our tasks, a matter which concerned our finances and overall schedule. 

For this reason we made use in the bank of Microsoft Planner, which we already had in place. It has a feature that prevents others from deleting or editing notifications posted by another. This is nice to have when one must deal with six picky stakeholders.

As for the user interface, I am glad that Trello does not make alterations to this. I like that the buttons and colors which appear in a consistent manner and this is one of the reasons that I remain with Trello. 

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Product Owner - Structural Frame Software Group at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees

Pricing can be improved. Maybe it would be better if they offered some extra tiers, so you don't have to go all the way up to the pro level. We're using the integrations on the other side, and I think you only get some of the things if you're not subscribed at a higher level. You only get a certain amount of features. For example, they have this thing called the Butler, and unless you're at a pro-level, you can only use one Butler feature. You have to pay more to unlock certain features.

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Tony Ayabam - PeerSpot reviewer
CEO at Infohob

It could have a bit more customization, especially for organizations that may want to integrate it into their own systems.

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CS/Retention Manager at Catchpoint LTD

Having different actions and maybe multiple pages would be helpful, but I don't know if those already exist because I'm only doing one thing on Trello and I've never really gone deep into it. If there was an option for more pages on it we could actually do other things and see other actions without having to have more programs open. 

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Maher Jaloudi - PeerSpot reviewer
UX Designer at Qalam

It would be great if there was a tour for new users to explain how this solution works. Using this solution for the first time can feel complicated. 

This solution could also be improved by removing the contradiction that seems to exist in the options of filters that can be used.

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Life Leader Coach at Rogers Communications

There should be some quick videos and little bites right there in the app to help those who are new to it to optimize what it can do. I haven't done enough digging, and it is possible that they exist.

If there are pre-done templates or suggested templates for various fields, they would be helpful for me as a coach.

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657,397 professionals have used our research since 2012.