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PRTG Network Monitor Valuable Features

Head of Network Management Solutions at Convergent Wireless Communications

PRTG Enterprise Monitor comes with built-in analytics capability. This means that if there is an incident, it not only tells you that there is an incident, it will also tell you the root cause.  For large networks, this is beneficial as the network team can easily home onto the problem directly without spending time searching for the root cause, which allows them to attend to the problem as the alerts come in. 

Having an Alliance program is very valuable. The Paessler Uptime Alliance Program focuses on making the core network product, which is PRTG, progressively better. It also combines capabilities from any partners in the ecosystem. For example, we have UVexplorer (a US-based company), taking care of network discovery, network topology mapping, and network asset mapping and we have other partners, like CORP-IT, that provide us with the plug-in to monitor SAP and sensors. In other words, it's an ever-expanding network management system.

If you can get everything into a particular environment, you can monitor your factory automation systems; however, they also need to be monitored for maintenance purposes. If you intend to automate factory information, you cannot afford to fail. Monitoring the equipment and receiving dashboard alerts for maintenance is highly advantageous. This is a great feature of PRTG. Currently, we are competing in the market with SolarWinds and ManageEngine. They are good, but we come out winning.

From a security perspective, PRTG provides you complete Secure Socket Layer-based access. If you're monitoring your network or a private network using a BLS cloud, security is automatically ensured because of the way you're deployed.

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Infrastructure Engineer at Lookers plc

It is a central solution in terms of how to actually use it. It has a very easy dashboard. Everything is concise. We are able to create custom sensors. For different parts of the business, we have many products across many environments, and it works for everything.

It is very broad in regards to what it can actually cover. We look after corporate environments for websites and SQL Server, and it's just a one stop solution for us. It also works well out-of-the-box.

The remote probes are great because they lessen the load across to the main server. The probes work really well, and we have probably about 15 of them now across all our environments, which definitely increases performance.

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Regional Head of IT, India and Middle East at Sulzer India

Overall it is a very good tool to use. 

The bandwidth monitoring is a very attractive feature, it can tell you the bandwidth utilization while it is attempting to connect to the host for feedback.

It has the capability to discover a lot of information over the networks automatically.

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Engineer at a tech services company with 5,001-10,000 employees

The feature I like is that it can easily do a lot of mapping. 

I can easily access the maintenance map and the four control maps. By looking at it I can roughly know why the system is behaving as it is, and I can click to the second or third layer to identify the fault. I also like the 365 days statistical graph. These are very helpful for me to analyze the flow and to record the trends.

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Head of Network Management Solutions at Convergent Wireless Communications

PRTG is simple to manage. First, you can create a template for a device, then apply it to hundreds of similar devices. That's a great advantage. Secondly, I can use the 80-20 functional rule for any devices I need to monitor. 

For infrastructure monitoring, 80 percent of parameters are monitored every minute or so. I can define all of them at the highest level, and those definitions are inherited at the lowest level. Then you need to customize the setup for the remaining 20 percent. You can deploy them in various groups and do a group-level setup, which will again percolate down to devices. 

The third thing is the concept of tags. PRTG assigns tags to devices and also the parameters you monitor. For example, if you choose to deploy a bandwidth sensor, PRTG automatically tags it with that parameter while giving you the freedom to apply your own tag. 

Let's say my organization has three or even four ISPs. If I'm globally distributed, the ISPs could be different. Now I can monitor all the bandwidth across ISPs based on the tag, or I can see the bandwidth of each ISP individually. I know my uptime and recovery in case of failure. I can also group by choosing a specific ISP tag and getting a report. I now know which of my ISPs is a better performer, which helps me improve the service and decide who to go with.

PRTG is constantly evolving. You have between eight to 12 releases every year, including enhancements to functionality and performance as well as security and bug fixes, so it stays current with our business requirements. It's a well-rounded product.

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Senior System Engineer at a healthcare company with 10,001+ employees

This solution makes it easy to group devices. It is easy when it comes to dependencies of devices, so if your router goes down, the three or four switches behind it will automatically be paused so that you don't get multiple alerts.

The maneuverability within it is fairly intuitive, especially once you get used to it.

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Head of Customer Service - Advanced Technologies at a logistics company with 501-1,000 employees

Ergonomy is very useful to us. It was really easy to use. It's not really a feature, however, ergonomy and the way I could very simply makeup, let's say, basic monitoring, and then go much deeper when there is a need is helpful. 

The alerts are very helpful to have access to. 

The possibility to make maps is very valuable.

The initial setup is very simple.

So far, we've found the solution to be quite stable.

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Cloud support engineer at grupo cma

We haven't played with many options. I know it offers a lot of different plugins for certain solutions, such as a VPN monitor and also website monitor. We haven't configured those as we are under the management direction, and if they don't allow it, pretty much we use the options that we have and the plan for the department. 

The simplicity of the software is great.

The configuration is not hard to handle. 

The installation is not that complex. 

The best part of the tool is the simplicity of the tool itself.

The product can scale well.

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Senior Network Engineer at Axesat S.A

The solution's most valuable aspect is its ability to make reports. We appreciate that in the tool. It could be to relay corrupt data information, and we tell ourselves that it's gone, however, tools for that are expensive in terms of the labor. To perform your analyses with this solution is easier. We can recover past data and make analysis effectively.

The initial setup is pretty easy.

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Service management specialist at a healthcare company with 5,001-10,000 employees

The Slack integration is fantastic, and I've actually found it to be very useful recently.

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ICT-Manager at Heinen & Hopman Eng BV

It's easy to implement and configure.

The client list capabilities are excellent. For us, the solution is a good fit.

Technical support has been very helpful so far.

The solution has been stable for the six months that we have used it.

We've found that the product is scalable. 

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Director - Operations at Shell Networks & Solutions Ltd

The pricing of the solution is pretty good. We don't find it too unreasonable. It's pretty compatible if you look at it in comparison to the competition.

The solution offers good integration capabilities.

The initial setup was easy. We didn't have any issues with the process and everything rolled out smoothly.

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Senior Network Analyst at New Signal Systems

The up-to-date graphs and the history are very good.

They keep adding services, such as MS SQL monitoring, and email monitoring to keep the different parts of the e-mails going.

The implementation is easy, initially.

Also, the servicing of Linux and Windows Operating Systems are useful.

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Director at a tech services company with 1-10 employees

The capabilities the solution provides us meet our needs. We feel the solution and its features to be valuable.

We like the alerting system, the SNMP monitoring and the customization of the bandwidth. It dives deeply into the information concerning metrics. These are the reasons we chose to go with the solution. 

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IT Manager at a pharma/biotech company with 11-50 employees

It is able to satisfy all our requirements in terms of email notifications and specific errors on the devices.

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President at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

We like the solution's report writing and the way that it compiles the system's information from around the network and brings it all back into the central site and the interface. 

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Senior Manager, Enterprise Infrastructure at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees

One useful feature is PRTG's scripting ability. We can go into the system and create monitoring sensors, for lack of a better phrase. So I can look for something specific instead of just uptime or downtime on a specific asset.

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CEO & Founder at SISTECO

Network Discovery is a feature that our customers like a lot.

The ability to maintain the health of the network is very good.

The user interface is okay.

This is a very lightweight solution.

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Operational Management at a tech services company with 1-10 employees

It is very flexible, and we can monitor many aspects of IT as well as ERP and CRM services. It has a very powerful interface and APIs for customization. 

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Dev Ops Engineer at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

What I've found most valuable is the custom sensor, which allows you to write scripts or code to monitor a specific metric in your environment.

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DevOps Engineer at a insurance company with 10,001+ employees

It is user-friendly. It is easy to set up health checks within PRTG and use scans. It is like a self-service tool, and anyone can configure their own settings within PRTG.

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Senior Network & Security Engineer at a construction company with 10,001+ employees

The solution is easy to manage and the reports are very accurate.

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IT Solution Consultant at PCS

I found PRTG Network Monitor very useful for troubleshooting and monitoring the utilization of either the network or server.

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Network Department MAnager at Engineering Consultants Group S.A.

It gives me a live view of the traffic on the WAN. It produces reports on errors and faulty devices. It also produces a lot of logs on what is afoot. I can produce many reports using it.

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Network Administrator at joplin schools

The features of the solution that stands out are the ease of use and it is trouble-free.

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Network Engineer at a non-tech company with 201-500 employees

The most valuable feature of this solution is being able to see things graphically.

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Operational Management at a tech services company with 1-10 employees

It's great that we can create a dashboard inside software monitoring, and access many other websites, it is a complete monitoring solution.

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Senior Business Project Manager at Bonsai System Ltda

The most valuable feature of PRTG Network Monitor is its ease of use.

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Learn what your peers think about PRTG Network Monitor. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: January 2022.
564,729 professionals have used our research since 2012.