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Commvault Complete Data Protection Valuable Features

Kevin Cronin - PeerSpot reviewer
Co-Founder at Kelyn Technologies Inc.

The backup and restore capabilities are key. The most useful things to us about Commvault, in general, is the breadth of the applications that it can protect as well as the features inside of it, like deduplication and encryption. When people get their data encrypted, Commvault has a way to tell if somebody is being attacked through a cybersecurity threat because their data changes. So, Commvault has what they call honeypot files out there to look to see if anybody is changing these files. Only Commvault knows which files those are, so nobody should be messing with those files. If it changes, then it will alert you to say, "Oh, I potentially have somebody messing with my files." It will alert you to something going on in your environment that probably shouldn't be happening. We deploy that with all our customers so they have this capability as well.

A key aspect of Commvault is having all of these different Cloud Connectors, where you can connect to all these different clouds and applications, managing everything through one pane of glass. We have a number of customers whom we manage through one pane of glass, but then we also have on-prem customers whom we manage that have their installation. We manage that independently because a lot of customers don't yet want all their data 100% through the cloud or managed by a cloud provider. That is why we do a lot of on-prem stuff. Even there, you get a single pane of glass for the entire environment.

Command Center is a great tool because it allows for viewing all of your data in one place. Plus, with the plans, it allows for simple deployments and customers to pick which feature set and capabilities they want. When you have your plans in the Command Center, it really opens up lots of options for customers while keeping everything simplified for us.

One of the biggest things that Commvault does is have the ability to easily restore data. In a disaster recovery scenario, the first thing you have to do is bring up the command and control center of whatever product that you are going to recover with. The initial recovery of Commvault command and control, which they call the CommCell, i.e., CommServe server, is by far the best in the industry. That is where it starts. So if you lose everything, you can start with CommCell. That is the way that they have designed the split indexes of MediaAgent and those types of things. This really sets them apart from any other product out there. 

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David Nahtigal - PeerSpot reviewer
IT System Engineer at a real estate/law firm with 10,001+ employees

Commvault's most valuable features are its 

  • deduplication
  • encryption
  • support for many OSs
  • support for different infrastructures. 

We have VMware, Hyper-V, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL. We have a lot of different systems, and all of them are supported under one licensing agreement. That's one of the benefits.

We use two user interfaces on a regular basis. One is the Web Console, which is simple and has all the necessary functionality. You can add servers, back up servers, and restore. We also have a replication solution implemented and we use the Web Console for that as well. But for the initial configuration and for some deeper configurations, we also use the Commvault application. It's big and has all the fine-tuning options.

The solution's Command Center is very straightforward. It has an intuitive user interface with graphs, tables, alerts, as well as many options for alerting and messaging. Of course, you have to get used to the environment, but it's easy to use.

It is also important that Commvault provides a single platform to move, manage, and recover data across on-premises locations. That's because we have different storage and virtualization platforms. We have no problem if the file resides, say, on NetApp storage and we have to restore data to a workstation or some kind of Windows Server. Also, when we did some migrations from our old Hyper-V cluster to the new VMware cluster, those integrations between different infrastructures were successfully accomplished with the Commvault solution. We have no issues with different types of resources we need to back up.

In addition, the recovery options are pretty straightforward. For example, if you choose a virtual machine, you can restore the full virtual machine, you can restore the virtual machine on a different platform, you can restore just a virtual disk, or you can restore just a file within the virtual machine. You have all the options. In the web-based user interface, you can also restore using download options. You can browse through the files or virtual machines and download the file from the backup. They have a great range of restore options.

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Engineer at a tech services company with 1-10 employees

Commvault's Command Center is one of the best solutions out there. You can rely on Commvault solutions for the most complex and most demanding environments. It can meet the requirements of many Fortune 500 companies. It's great for companies that need a robust solution flexible enough to cope with all kinds of environments and technologies. 

Commvault offers broad coverage by helping us identify unprotected workloads. It helps us get to the point where we have a complete picture of the environment. I think that's a pretty good feature, and it allows us to have a good overview of our protection environment and what workloads are protected and which are not. It's one of the essentials out there for that. 

When it comes to recovery, Commvault is undeniably one of the best technologies out there. It's got all the different granularity levels that a business requires to get your information back to production. For example, we have their commission discovery, individual items recovery, mailbox recovery, databases, and different tables. Some databases can be recovered individually. This level of granularity enables us to get the most value out of the product.

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DilipRamgopal - PeerSpot reviewer
Storage Engineer at a wellness & fitness company with 5,001-10,000 employees

IntelliSnap for snapshot collection is one of the most efficient and easiest ways to back up large amounts of data.

It is user-friendly. Commvault offers all kinds of solutions to integrate with multi-cloud, and it is very easy to deploy and integrate.

Commvault’s coverage for applications, databases, and virtual workloads is very good. I've been working with Commvault for the last 12 years. Commvault can support any workload that you have in your environment. They are also evolving with new technologies. They are being able to adapt to the upcoming and emerging new technologies. You can back up anything by using Commvault. When MongoDB was quite new in the market, Commvault was already supporting backup for MongoDB. Commvault is evolving at a very good pace.

Commvault offers a lot of solutions for disaster recovery. Previously, they had only native or legacy disaster recovery for standalone backup services. Then, they came up with something SQL Log Shipping where you can have two servers, primary and secondary, and you can do SQL Log Shipping between the two. So. when a primary server goes down, it can bring up to the secondary server by restarting the SQL instances. Commvault also offers high availability. It offers global DNS, and there wouldn't be any manual intervention when one of the backup services goes down. So, it supports the cluster mode. These are the three options right now that Commvault is offering with respect to disaster recovery. They are also offering some cloud-based solutions for disaster recovery.

Commvault can adapt to multiple storage platforms. There is a vast list of storage arrays that are supported by Commvault. The software drivers are provided with Commvault. It has the IntelliSnap feature, and Commvault is doing well to support multiple storage arrays from different storage platforms.

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Clay Fosbrink  - PeerSpot reviewer
Computer Specialist at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

What is most valuable to me are the search features, where you can search through large backup data sets and find what you're looking for. Our data sets are so big that we're over the petabyte mark. To find a specific file for a specific user out of 10,000 users is a challenge. Sometimes the user doesn't know the file path. If we can glean from them a general description of where it might be, the search feature comes in very handy to actually locate it and restore it for them.

If you compare Commvault's user interface for managing on-prem, cloud, or multi-cloud environments in one place with some of the newer stuff that's coming out, it may seem to be a little too complex. But it's so powerful that I don't think the newer stuff competes with it that well.

And Command Center is helpful for reporting to upper management because they want to know the total figures, like how much we are protecting. They want to know the value of what we're doing compared to the cost of it. With Command Center we can tell them, "Look, we're doing this much and we've had this many restores." I have to do monthly reports to upper management on how successful we are at protection.

The solution also supports a broad coverage of workloads, absolutely. We use the VSA backups which means we don't have to have a client on each server. That, in itself, reduces a lot of the complexity. The broad coverage also means that we don't need as many personnel to administer things. It also helps with productivity. We're able to meet our SLAs for restores much better than we would otherwise.

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System Analyst at CtrlS Datacenters Ltd

It's a very good enterprise backup solution with multiple features. We are able to take a backup of multiple databases. We don't need to use scripts to schedule any kind of local backups. We have a direct plugin for Commvault so that we are able to take backups of any of our databases or application systems, like SharePoint. Commvault is also enabling backup for PaaS services that are deployed on the cloud.

Commvault provides encryption mechanisms with the latest standards that our customers are looking for.

The CommCell console is very good and user-friendly. I have experience with NetBackup, HPE DP, and Backup Exec, but I'm really comfortable with Commvault. The console makes it easy to identify exactly what we need to see. For example, there are multiple categories. If a backup needs to be performed on multiple systems, we just configure one client or one group and we can push the agent straightaway. That's a very good feature that helps us to complete tasks on time.

We can integrate our multiple CommCells in the single Web Console as well and that helps us easily identify how many servers are getting backed up and how many servers are not being backed up. We can see the SLA and the success rate. And even though our customer is huge, we can give them access and they can easily see the SLA and the success rate of the backups. Commvault also recently launched the Command Center. It is very good, enabling us to deploy server plans. It is very good and user-friendly.

For disaster recovery, there is a feature called Live Sync, and we are also able to export disaster recovery backups to the cloud. If something goes wrong, we are immediately able to recover and continue with business.

In addition, if something goes wrong and a backup fails, we can trace the issue using the log. Each service has a different log that clearly gives us information about the exact reason for the issue and what needs to be done.

We have multiple workloads, including SQL, Oracle, SAP HANA, especially Sybase, as well as file systems, VMs, and Exchange mailboxes. Commvault provides very good support for them. We perform 70 to 80 restores on a monthly basis. Over the past year, I have faced challenges with one or two restores. All the rest were completed successfully. And if we get stuck, we can easily use the logs to identify the issue and to make some changes to the configuration. So we are approaching a 100 percent success rate with respect to restoration.

Commvault has very good procedures for performing backups and restores of SAP HANA databases. As far as I know, no other technology provides an option to perform a restore directly from the backup tool itself. We log in to HANA Studio when we have to perform a restore and Commvault enables this by default. We are able to do the restoration from the Commvault GUI itself.

Commvault also provides workflows. If you want to decommission a client's systems, there is a workflow where we just have to add the client to it and we can easily complete the task. This is useful when we are informed that a customer is moving out. It would be a huge task for the backup team to retain the backups for such-and-such a period of time and to release the license. Running this workflow makes our work very simple and reduces our efforts as well. The multiple workflows really help us in completing tasks quickly.

Overall it has great features that fulfill our customers' expectations.

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Project Consultant at a computer software company with 501-1,000 employees

Commvault can do everything for every operating system and application. Whether it is cloud-based, like Office 365, or not, it is possible with Commvault. 

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Storage and Backups Manager at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees

The most valuable feature is the compatibility with our entire environment.

The embedded deduplication engine is really good because we use a Near Line SAS disk as a repository for our backups, and we don't need to pay for another appliance such as a Data Domain or Quantum so that we can have hardware-based deduplication.

One of the benefits of using Commvault over the years has been that all of our administrators have the ability to perform admin functions. They haven't had any complaints about the interface.

Commvault has support for multiple storage platforms, which is helpful for us. We use block storage for some backups, and we use appliances that have duplication capabilities for other backups. The method in which Commvault fits in depends on how much money the client spends. For example, if they have a higher budget then we use PCI-compliant appliances, or snapshots in the backups to ensure that we don't have ransomware. Other clients pay only for the amount of storage that they use. In some cases, we use replication at the host level, whereas in other cases, it is at the hardware level. The console that we have with Commvault can manage all of the environments and hardware that we have.

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Mahdi Bahmani - PeerSpot reviewer
Solution Architect, IT Consultant at Merdasco - Rayan Merdas Data Prosseccing

Like other enterprise backup solutions, Commvault is very well suited for enterprise-level customers.

Commvault integrates well with all types of operating systems and supports heterogeneous environments. It integrates well with storage solutions such as NetApp, and we haven't had any trouble integrating with hardware such as tape drives or otherwise.

I like using the command-line interface versus the GUI. I find the CLI is easy to use for customizing and generating reports, as well as for managing the software. That said, I think that the GUI is enough for many administrators in a simple environment.

The support documentation is good. Based on the help and documentation, I have been able to generate scripts that I run on a daily basis to get the reports and features that I need.

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RagidKader - PeerSpot reviewer
Lead Solutions Architect at a comms service provider with 11-50 employees

The main solution from Commvault is the HyperScale X backup. Instead of a dedicated appliance, we have a three-node HPE Apollo cluster for backing up. That gives us the best value regarding speed.

Another valuable feature is that, in general, recovery is faster than any other solution we have reviewed. That is especially the case for small, micro files, 2 or 3 KB research files.

The Commvault user interface is very nice and intuitive. It's perfect compared with other products I have used. It's in a completely different world. When running a backup, the display is very clear about the estimated time.

And using Command Center, we know exactly how many backups are running and it gives us clarity on our backup state. It gives us a report and can just send a screenshot of it to the team.

In addition, Commvault gives us a single platform to manage and recover our data. Since we are a research organization, backup is one of the most critical parts of our IT operations and services. Internally, we run it as a managed service, and there is a single console that makes it easy for management to see the performance.

The majority of our file servers are backed up by Commvault. They provide protection against ransomware with their intelligent methods. We haven't experienced a ransomware attack, but I know they have good coverage. They will make sure they recover a backup at any cost.

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Senior Analyst at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees

Backup is the reason why we bought Commvault. We need to ensure that all of our backups are done daily. This is very important because we use it for disaster recovery, and we need this data back. We're a production environment. If we cannot restore in the event of a failure within X number of hours, it has a considerable impact on our company. Five thousand people are working at the factory who depend on this data. If it's not available, they can't work. 

Consistent recovery is also essential. Every day, we have users who delete a file and need to restore it. Our backups must be up to date.

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IT Senior Systems Engineer at Southland Industries

The VSA, the virtual system agent backup, is the most useful aspect of the solution for our organization. Based on our use case, it cuts our costs significantly. Early on, when we had the software at one point, we were using the front-end data protection, the DPE model, with the licensing using an agent. Then, as the technology continued to evolve, they added additional features like the VSA path, VM path model and other things. We are switching from the DPE model to the VSA model. That helped us to eliminate some of the costs.

Once you get comfortable with the solution, it becomes pretty easy to use.

People are going to be very impressed with that kind of support that they get from Commvault. It's excellent. 

It's a comprehensive data management for all platforms. It works with multiple clouds and vendors.

They have a strong development team and are market leaders in the space.

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Abdillah Itcentral - PeerSpot reviewer
Presales Technical Consultant at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

The most valuable feature is Commvault's coverage. It has wide coverage to back up every data center environment. The product can back up OpenStack, OpenShift, and competitive solutions don't have this feature. Commvault can handle backing up any virtual workload or enterprise application.

The solution provides us with a single platform to move, manage, and recover data across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud locations. This is pretty important because our customers have unique architectures. Some only have an on-prem data center, and some only have things on the cloud, while in some cases our customers have both. In the latter case they have data on-premises, but they will also use the cloud for DR. Commvault makes it very simple, with its single management for backup of all environments. This is one of the things that makes it a very useful backup solution. We don't need to go with a different cloud backup solution. We can leverage one solution to back up all the environments.

Another strong feature of Commvault is that we can recover something to another platform. If we backup VMware, we can restore it to, say, Nutanix, or to AWS. This feature helps our customers to move a data center or from on-prem to the cloud. It is a very useful feature.

In addition, Commvault isn't locked in to one storage brand, like Hitachi or Pure Storage. This makes it a very good choice, allowing us to leverage any brand to be used as the backup storage.

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Disaster Recovery Coordinator at a university with 5,001-10,000 employees

The backup feature and the live sync are both really good aspects of the product. Live sync is for databases. 

Commvault doesn't store in an immutable state unless it's in archive-form. That's an advantage. We have found several instances that we have backed up a server and it started encrypting data after we started the backup and it was trying to recount the Commvault. It is very sensitive, and is positive as is very sensitive to ransomware, however, you need to understand it's not a ransomware alert; you need to understand the alert in order to figure out if it's ransomware, however, it's a good heads-up.

The solution has been quite stable.

Commvault can actually come in and assist you with aspects of the implementation - and they are quite helpful.

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Assistant Manager of IT at a consumer goods company with 10,001+ employees

The interface is easy to use. I would rate the interface nine out of 10. It's a single console where you can create, modify, and delete users or you can transfer permissions to other users. Even if I remove the license, the laptop will still be there in Commvault for some time. If your laptop is dead, it's still a live location, so we can check it. If the laptop is connected to the internet, we can see exactly where it is, whether it's in India or the US. Restoration is super easy. From the admin console, we can restore a user's data no matter where they are. If a Commvault instance is installed on that laptop, we can restore it.

Ransomware protection is another special feature in Commvault. They have predefined some extensions. When Commvault identifies a ransomware attack, it will stop taking the backup on those extensions. We haven't had that happen yet, but Commvault can contain and control a ransomware attack.

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Ali Yazıcı - PeerSpot reviewer
IT Manager at a financial services firm with 5,001-10,000 employees

Backing up with Commvault doesn't require much effort. Commvault's reporting features are also excellent and user-friendly. It's easy to find anything we want. The workflow feature is handy, too. For example, we schedule an automated monthly backup and restoration test that we used to do manually. That has been integrated with Commvault's workflows and running automatically every month for four years. 

It runs all the tests and emails us the reports. We take daily, weekly, and monthly snapshots, and I integrate the storage snapshot scripts with the Commvault workflow. The Commvault workflow runs all the scripts and sends us the reports. It also features cloud-side reports and workflows. Commvault has many tools for backing up, restoring, and archiving, but we use another service for our archives. 

Commvault can show us unprotected workloads, servers, and SQL databases. It's a good feature, and I periodically get reports on this. However, it's a low priority because we are waiting for our inside customers to tell us whether they want something backed up or not. They must follow that, but we are using terabyte-based backups. We don't separate the agent— MS SQL or others—and we are only looking at the terabyte trends, so it's predictable for us. 

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IT Senior Systems Engineer at Southland Industries

The virtual server agent (VSA) backup for vCenter is useful and also saves some money. If you use the front-end, which is the agent, then it is a front-end terabyte model, which is very expensive.

Everything is in a single place. I love it. I use the Java GUI console.

Commvault provides us with a single platform to move, manage, and recover our data across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud locations. This is important to us. 

There are a vast number of supported storage vendors out there who can support the Commvault connection, whether you are using public or private cloud. This is something that I really like.

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Systems Administrator Team Leader at a retailer with 1,001-5,000 employees

The visualization backup is the most important aspect for us. It provides snapshot protection. 

The digital application and the compression of the disc at the storage site are great. That's one of the best features of this solution.

Technical support is very helpful.

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Buddika Sandaruwan - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior System Engineer at V S Information Systems

The recovery features are useful. It is easy to recover data. If something happens, we can easily recover data. We have faced ransomware issues twice, and we recovered because of Commvault. 

It provides consistent recovery processes across platforms. In terms of recovery options for our data and workloads, I would give it a 10 out of 10. We can easily recover files and data in case of any issues.

It is user-friendly and easy to use. If you have a technical background, you can easily identify the features and use them. There is nothing complex. 

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Senior Deployment Engineer at a computer software company with 11-50 employees

Commvault is easy to deploy and easy to understand for any end-user or any new system. If it's just a basic VM, or like any Hyper-V backup, it's good to understand and then implement. 

Commvault is easy to architect compared to other products.

We can manage everything from a finger pin instead of going into everything else. Commvault has everything in a finger pin. It's a single console. That's really good.

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Mark Torpy - PeerSpot reviewer
Data Protection Specialist at Tech Mahindra Limited

It's a very good competitor database.

It's very user-friendly. It supports a wide range of workloads. It's quite easy to use, it's very powerful and it's scalable.

It's got the ability to do automation, that's another good thing about it. It's got workflow automation built-in. It enables you to automate certain tasks.

It can create backups, restore, and be used for DR testing. It's got all those features which are better than many other tools out there. It also has good reporting as well. 

It has a very easy-to-use interface that allows you to do everything within a single pane of glass — everything is right there. It's superior to many products in terms of its management interface.

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Especialista de respaldos at Engine Core

The initial analysis for which the test of the Commvault product was carried out, is derived from the client's need. It had different applications and environments, where, in other circumstances, two or more products of other brands would be implemented depending on the environment (Virtualization, Databases, Public Clouds, and private clouds).

With Commvault the integration of the different products is centralized. Additionally, you can also control storages that are responsible for generating snapshots and control them from the same data management tool, as well as replication and in its latest benefits, security protection against ransomware.

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Mithilesh Kumar - PeerSpot reviewer
Manager (Utilities & Offsites) at a pharma/biotech company with 11-50 employees

It is a very good tool for server backup. We can restore any server, e.g., physical or VM, in a very short amount of time.

Commvault Command Center is very good and user-friendly. We can select any user's data or a server in its Console.

Commvault provides us with a single platform to move, manage and recover our data across locations. Especially for our IT, this is a very important part of our data storage.

The recovery option is very good. It is a user-friendly option to recover any data.

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Support Engineer at a media company with 1,001-5,000 employees

The user interface is very easy to navigate. The interface itself is very simple.

Overall, it is doing the job we need it to do. 

It supports whatever line types and support types and systems we have. It supports all types of backup systems quite easily.

The stability has been very good so far. We haven't had any problems with it.

The product is easy to manage.

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Assistant Manager at Shriram Pistons

Prior to implementation of Commvault, we were doing backups manually; shut down the virtual machines, do backups of entire machines, and then restart the machines. The administrative time has been drastically reduced now.

We used do manual backups of every virtual machine. A machine of 50GB would take around two hours to backup. This is the downtime. We had to shut down the machines and take the backup. But with Commvault, the major benefit is that we never shut down the machines. Every server is online and the backup is also online. So we reduce the downtime and administrative overhead.

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Solutions Architect at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

The most valuable features are the integration with the storage center and support for most applications, databases, and security system platforms that exist on the market. 

The user interface for Commvault is quite user-friendly. It is easy to manage the Commvault environment using the user interface.

Commvault Command Center is fully supported and has many features for us to manage the environment.

Commvault is able to do the recovery process from their console, so we don't have to actually log into it. Also, Commvault can direct information to another server. The recovery option is a very good feature.

I can collect the target data, then we connect it to Commvault. There is not another system that can connect to our target database or target storage. This is very important for us, because there is the threat of malware right now. This can protect not only the product, but also the backup data from outside threats.

Commvault supports remote office backup. It backs up the local data, then keeps monitoring and managing it.

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Marditsa Daremas - PeerSpot reviewer
Services Manager at MTI Systems

We specialize in Commvault and IntelliSnap. Commvault covers all our customers' backup needs in one system, and they have complete control over their Snapshot backups. Snapshots are important to our customers because of the size of their data sets. Data has become so big in recent years that traditional backup methods are no longer helpful. Commvault's interface gets more user-friendly with each version. Our customers really like it.

Commvault offers a lot of visibility into the data, which is something that adds great value to the solution. Its ability to work across cloud and on-premises environments are essential for us because our customers have mixed environments, and they want a single interface for managing data protection. 

It also provides broad coverage by helping our customers identify unprotected workloads, which is helpful for customers with mixed and complex environments. Our enterprise customers often have systems from various manufacturers, or they've created silos that are connected through their protection system. I also know that Commvault has an excellent anti-ransomware feature, but I don't have any hands-on experience with it.

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Principal Consultant at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

The diversity on offer is very, very good. Everything is supported. It's great.

The product has a very close partnership with Microsoft with regards to the current implementation, and always has the latest support - or, rather, the support for the latest iteration of software provided by Microsoft or Oracle. It's excellent in that sense.

The solution has been quite stable. It offers reliable performance.

The solution is very scalable.

The pricing is quite good. We have no complaints in that area.

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IT manager at a financial services firm with 11-50 employees

It is easy to use and stable. It delivers what has been promised. When it says it can do something, it can actually do it, as opposed to some of its competitors.

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Kelly Page - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Database Administrator at a healthcare company with 10,001+ employees

The most valuable feature is the ability it gives me to automate backups well and consistently, and to follow up on them as well. It also provides consistent recovery processes. Whenever we have needed to do a restore, it has worked quickly and efficiently.

The completeness of Commvault's coverage for databases is also pretty good. It covers all the bases with the major databases that we utilize within an enterprise.

I also like it because it's pretty easy to use and that it is pretty reliable. The user interface for managing it is good.

In addition, it auto-discovers the databases and that means lower maintenance on my side for individual database configuration.

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Lobna Alkomy - PeerSpot reviewer
Backup & Recovery Section Head at a retailer with 1,001-5,000 employees

The initial setup is pretty straightforward.

The solution is very stable and offers a good level of performance. 

The product can scale if a company needs it to.

We've noticed that technical support has recently gotten much better.

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System Administrator at a government with 501-1,000 employees

Commvault has a very extensive report section, at least in the Java console and web console. There is a transition being made from Java to a web console currently, which offers a more sophisticated, more advanced, and more modern interface. 

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Systems Administrator Team Leader at a retailer with 1,001-5,000 employees

The most valuable features are the ease of use, the graphical interface, and it's high speed.

The GUI is easy to use.

The compression and deduplication ratios are very good.

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System Engineer at Darva

Commvault is easy to use, easy to deploy, and easy to update.

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System Administrator at a government with 501-1,000 employees

What I like about Commvault is that it's very robust. When an interruption takes place due to an incident, the signaling and notification are very extensive. Usually, there is a good direction towards the solution if there is a problem. Commvault is very self-supporting and the software tries to solve any issues by itself.

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Pedro Martins - PeerSpot reviewer
Consultant at a integrator with 5,001-10,000 employees

The main differentiator here is that Commvault has many features. You'll have to explore these features to gain knowledge about them, or you wouldn't know it's there.

Commvault's many features can be explored to get more value from more solutions.

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Diego-Torres - PeerSpot reviewer
Founder at AT Vault

Commvault has a unique administration platform and interfaces, providing backup, archive, reporting and replication features. Commvault has more features than its competitors. Net Backup, for example, doesn't integrate a lot. Commvault has only one platform and this is important for the customer. They don't have a large market share in Argentina but whenever we present it to our customers they like the product and want to do a proof of concept.

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John Askew - PeerSpot reviewer
Systems Architect at The University of Auckland

Scalability, as well as stability, are a couple of important parts of this solution.

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Sr. IT Manager at a government with 10,001+ employees

This product does what it says it's going to do, and generally backs up the data that you want it to back up.

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Owner at a manufacturing company with 1-10 employees

Commvault is very simple to use and it is automated.

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Technical Architect at a computer software company with 1,001-5,000 employees

The solution is easy to use and the duplication is quite good.

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Bhaskar Venkat Kota - PeerSpot reviewer
Sr. System Architect at a tech services company with 201-500 employees

We recommend this product for people who are running the Oracle Virtualization Manager. The support for this from Commvault is better than it is with Veritas.

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Senior Manager Infra/Workplace/Cloud Platform at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees

We can use it on-premises and in the cloud. 

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