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Asana Room for Improvement

Ian Herzing - PeerSpot reviewer
Resource Manager at a non-tech company with 11-50 employees

Their workflows and automation could use a big improvement. I don't even know if they have anything in that regard right now. I would really love to see a way where you can send custom alerts based on a task's completion or status change or an approval coming through. I would love to see a way to get some low-code functionality into Asana because right now, that is a big miss.

On top of that, their dashboards are incredibly lacking. The way the widgets connect to the projects, they don't pull the data in the way that I really want them to. When I build a dashboard in Asana versus Smartsheet, I can't pull in data via a custom text field in Asana, but in Smartsheet, I can. That's a huge advantage because sometimes, you just want to report on really niche tasks or a launch date in a specific project or a collection of projects, and Smartsheet's dashboard features will let you do that, but Asana won't. So, their dashboards are lacking, and the workflows are pretty below where the market is right now. 

I would love to see a complete revamp of how they do dashboards right now. Dashboards are really poor. They don't display information well, and they don't look good. They don't pull in data in an advanced search kind of way. They are very simplistic. If you're a traditional project manager and you're PMP certified and you understand project management, you're going to be very frustrated with Asana's dashboards because they do not speak the language of project management. That's because of the way they are set up. So, I would like to see that completely revamped. It's just not an industry standard.

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Isidro Sada - PeerSpot reviewer
Asana Lead Manager at Izei Consulting Group

One of the main things I've been wishing for is an ID, a short ID, just like Jira. That is another tool that I used before. It has an ID for every task in Asana. So it's a short way to know what task are you writing your things on, and it's easier to control your activities. 

In Asana, there's no way to add a custom date field. That's another thing. 

Both of those functionalities I'm wishing for, or I'm hoping for in the short term.

Occasionally, Asana does go down.

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Immigration Technology Specialist at a legal firm with 501-1,000 employees

There could be some improvements in terms of how projects or day-to-day work is organized.
One of the challenges when it comes to rolling out to an enterprise is the way the projects are organized. It has a kind of setup where you have different projects and tasks, but it is not as organized as Smartsheet when it comes to organizing projects or different teams. It can get really cluttered really fast.

JIRA has another suite to submit the support tickets. It would be good if Asana could branch out to incorporate some kind of workflow. It is great for collaboration and recording work, but there isn't any workflow. It would be useful if they can map out a workflow of who approves what. This is kind of a big ask, and it is not geared towards that.

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Co-Founder at KH&Co

The world is moving to a lot of video-type communication and having a quick way to do video inside the platform or communicate via video from one person to another could be very handy. In a couple of other platforms, I have looked for a way to communicate with the team with a short 30-second video that I can just click on, record, send, and be done with it.

I don't think it needs additional features as much as having a way to onboard the team and having a better way to get everybody accustomed to using it. That's what we need to figure out. I don't know if that's anything that Asana can do as much as it is just figuring out how to build an implementation plan for the product on our end.

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Jovana Pavlovic - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Back Office Manager at a financial services firm with 51-200 employees

If you are not tagged in the task specifically, even though the task is in your department, you're not going to get notified that there is a new task for your department. You need to constantly have the assignment program open, so you can check in and basically do the tasks that are new, to assign them accordingly. 

From my department, if I send a task to a different department unless they open it and tag me personally, I'm not going to see this task anymore. That's a little bit tricky for us. We need that to be changed.

We don't get enough notifications. Everyone has to keep opening up Asana to check and see the tasks. If something isn't tagged, it won't show up in anyone's notifications.

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Manager at a comms service provider with 1,001-5,000 employees

You have to understand some basic functions on how to do tasks. For example, I didn't use any help file or helping tool to try to understand better what it could do. It took me, let's say a few trials to find how out how to import somebody on the Cloud. There just needs to be a bit more direction on how to use it at the outset.

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HeshamFouad - PeerSpot reviewer
Quality and Technical Support Department Manager at dsquares

Auto-shift is an essential feature for planning, but it's currently not there. It should have this feature so that when you move a task that depends on another task, the dates should be auto-shifted. For example, you have two tasks dependent on each other. When the parent task is moved or delayed, the child task should also be delayed, and the date should be shifted. When we have a very long timeline, it's very complex to go task by task and shift the dates on the task. Auto-shift is a fantastic and basic feature of project management, and having such a feature in Asana would make our lives much easier. If Asana added this feature, it would complete the suit and close the project management cycle because currently, there is a gap. 

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Gordon E Braun-Woodbury - PeerSpot reviewer
Marketing Operations practice leader at Calibrate Legal, inc.

For large teams, scalability should be improved.

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KarlMcGowan - PeerSpot reviewer
Co-Founder at MyBenefits

Nothing is missing in terms of features at the moment.

You need to have a plan going in or it might be hard to use. You need to have an action plan, otherwise, it won't be as effective.

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Ralf Wenzel - PeerSpot reviewer
Cloud Architect at infotek-software GmbH

I'm not an expert on Asana. I'm only a user, and it does exactly what we want it to do. We are really happy with the software, so currently, there's no area for improvement.

On the development side for technical project management, Asana is missing features. We only use it for discussing tasks and strategies, and we use it for customer to-do lists. It doesn't have the source code integration that Jira and Jira Service Desk both have. We have Jira deployed on-premises for our development department. Our technical project management is on Jira, while our general project management is on Asana.

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Donee Damore - PeerSpot reviewer
Associate Director Of Project Management at a consultancy with 11-50 employees

The use of Asana can be restricted if it is not set it up the right way. In some instances, there were subtasks where more than one person needed to review it, but I could only assign it to one person. I would have to create a subtask under a subtask and then assign it to other people. This could be improved. 

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Angelos_pili96@Hotmail.Com +35796373151 - PeerSpot reviewer
Operations at a financial services firm with 51-200 employees

I would like to add Asana to other email platforms. If you use Outlook, you can get an email. And since Asana is integrated into Outlook, you can connect this email to Asana, however, this is not so in other mail applications.

We'd like the capability to be able to set up weekly reminders.  Right now, in order to do this, we need to change the date every time. 

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Sam Thomas - PeerSpot reviewer
Product Manager at a tech services company with 5,001-10,000 employees

Better integration could be an area for improvement in Asana. It's hard to integrate it into other parts of our company workflow because our company infrastructure has a lot of security firewalls, but I'm not sure if there's anything Asana can do about it.

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Jaufre Rouanet - PeerSpot reviewer

We tried, but we haven't been successful with it. If people don't have the training, it is not easy to use. You need to make sure that the people are trained to use the system. They can provide more resources in the form of webcasts and videos that people can use to train themselves and understand how to use it.

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