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Oracle HCM Cloud Room for Improvement

Wouter Schaap - PeerSpot reviewer
Account Manager at Qualogy

The absence management can use some improvement. Due to all the flexible working, the part with work schedules could be a little bit more flexible. 

We were demonstrating the reporting tool, and there was one competitor that had a solution that was not yet included in Oracle. Its reporting tool is fine. We had to do a presentation, and there was some other company doing a presentation of a specific reporting tool, and they were able to show a window in a window. That feature was very impressive, and that's not yet possible within Oracle. It might get added in the future. It is nice when you have a kind of dashboard with a graph, and you can easily compare it with another graph.

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Mayank Mathur - PeerSpot reviewer
HR Transformation Lead at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees

The data uploading part and backup could be better. They are a bit complex.
Oracle is continuously changing it from one functionality to another. It's a bit unstable right now, and it's basically on the backend data upload part. If I have to upload, for example, data for 100 employees, it's a bit of a challenge for an end-user.

It can be difficult if you're not a technical person and an end-user like me. I administer the platform, and if I get a request to upload and I'm not a technical person, then I'm just lost. I have to do some research and then complete the task. But it's evolving, and I hope it's more user-friendly in the future.

In the next release, I would like a more stable mobile application. The current version isn't very stable. It takes time to open, and although they have come up with new UI pages, a few open areas need to be addressed.

I would also like to see more robust and user-friendly data uploading techniques that would be helpful for end users like us. We don't have a technical background, and we just want to upload the data for our day-to-day operations.

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IT Manager at a retailer with 10,001+ employees

The solution has much room for improvement in all the modules and we are not wholly satisfied with it. The goal in performance, compensation, learn module, core HR and employee and manager self-service should all be addressed.

The initial setup was complex. 

I would not define the solution as being stable, but as being adjusted. When it comes to the issue of stability, we find the solution to be fading out and must adjust it to the application.

I rate the technical support as a four out of ten. 

The product features and functions and the GUI (graphical user interface) should all be fundamentally improved. There are many features that are absent from the solution. The data is not synchronized and this is evident when an employee transfers from one location to another. 

The visibility of data is not synchronized in the goals and performance module, which translates into a lack of visibility when it comes to the details. By way of example, I cannot see my performance rating or the details from the previous year or quarter in my position as line manager. 

I am forced to go with and open multiple screens and windows.

The learn module lacks flexibility for gauging the accuracy of the completed learning or the assignment details. It has many limitations. 

There is much to be improved when it comes to employee and manager self-service.

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General Manager - Software Solutions at a tech services company with 201-500 employees

I think the interfaces could be improved because when you're going into the landing page,  the interfaces look a bit blunt when they could be more user-friendly. I'd like to see some additional modules around direct integration into healthcare devices. If you have a lot of wearable devices wher the information could be directly put into the system it might be able to predict the probability that someone might go on sick leave, for example. Health and wellness could be incorporated into the system and it would be good to see integration with the wearables within the product. I'd also like to see more integration with AI.

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Partner at a non-tech company with 51-200 employees

In some cases, the price may be lower depending on what is negotiated.

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Associate Vice President at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees

The solution is still quite young, as a cloud service.

They just need to keep enhancing, listening to the customers, and enhancing the business needs of the customers. They need to really get their student administration system out. They need to get that done so that we can purchase that and implement it.

All systems are still growing, and they're enhancing those. I can't say really a specific area of functionality, or feature is lacking. It goes back to overall just listening to the clients and the business needs and enhance from that.

The product needs to keep improving the integration tools and the tools to load the data - that whole mechanism - in order to allow for flexibility in the configuration.

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Feras Ahmad - PeerSpot reviewer
Director : Oracle GRC at Technology Risk Partners

It would be very nice if we were able to roll back transactions from data that was loaded with the data loader.

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Abdul Khadar Jilani Shaik - PeerSpot reviewer
IT Project Manager at Appstec Technology Services

Cloud learning can be improved. There should be better integration with courses from other platforms. The courses should be able to be brought into the system and available for the user's software company.

In a future release, Oracle needs to provide a tool that is easily customizable. It also requires a lot of effort trying to develop in Oracle Cloud. There should be a visual builder tool like they provide for Oracle customer for visual customer services. This visual builder is a similar type of service for all applications that is available and it would be much better.

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WILSON WILSON - PeerSpot reviewer
HR Lead, Citizens Services at SERCOP

What could be improved or added to Oracle HCM Cloud is having it integrated with collaboration tools, e.g. Git. Git is a tool you can use for project integration. I'd like for this solution to be integrated with Git.

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Sai Kri - PeerSpot reviewer
Assistant Manager Business Applications at a healthcare company with 10,001+ employees

It is a cloud solution, so we cannot do much customization. However, if you have a
past license, you can do the customization, but unfortunately, we don't have a past license. If we had that, we would have been 100% happy.

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MichaelZhang - PeerSpot reviewer
IT Director at Guangdong Technion Institute of Technology

I think they should have a larger data center in China, which would significantly increase the access speed from my current workspace.

The access and speed should be increased.

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Senior Oracle ERP Specialist at a tech services company with 201-500 employees

There should be more digital assistance included, like chatbots.

The manager should have more control over direct and indirect reports. In short, the user experience and the user-interface need to be enhanced — especially for management.

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Director & CHRO at a computer software company with 11-50 employees

I was part of a program I went to where I had a discussion on the latest innovation of the Oracle HCM. I think some of the newer technology innovations, such as gamification and consumerization are areas that could be improved. Additionally, there are certain areas of global compliance where there could be improvements. We use a lot of standalone applications for these elements and we are looking forward to having those elements all in one application.

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Consultant at a financial services firm with 1-10 employees

In terms of room for improvement, Oracle HCM Cloud is okay in general, so I don't know if it needs to be improved currently. It's a very complete solution. The payroll has been added to Oracle HCM Cloud, and even its analytics feature is very good, so I find the product okay, though it's not so easy to customize as it's cloud-based.

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Technology Consulting Manager at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees

The solutions could improve by having better performance. There are times when we have experienced some delays. The reports could be quicker.

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Manager at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees

The performance and reaction time can be improved.

Some of the new features that are released affect the stability. This is an area for improvement as well.

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Trang Tran - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Analyst Programmer at Ambulance Victoria

It could be more user-friendly.

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Solution Specialist at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees

HCM's analytics features could be improved.

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Oracle HCM Cloud
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Learn what your peers think about Oracle HCM Cloud. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: June 2022.
610,812 professionals have used our research since 2012.