TitanHQ SpamTitan Room for Improvement

Benjamin Jeffrey - PeerSpot reviewer
Director of IT at M&M Golf Cars

The only thing that threw me off a little bit, when it first came out, was the Pattern Filtering. There didn't seem to be a huge amount of documentation on how to properly use it. If you want to block the term "hot dog," it's pretty straightforward. You just select, "if the email contains this phrase, block it for everyone." 

But, if you want to block an email address with .com.biz, which seems like it's legit but that .biz at the end throws it off, you have to get a little more detailed regarding how you type out what the Pattern Filtering looks for. You can't just enter ".com.biz" because it will then block everything that has .com or .biz in it. It takes a little more regex coding.

If they had a little more documentation explaining how to use regex, or if they could include that inside of the cloud interface so that it generates regex code based on the parameters you input, that would be a lot more useful for people who aren't familiar with coding languages and HTML. When you use it for a while, you get used to it, and you understand what it is that the pattern filter is looking for, but a regular user who doesn't know anything about regex has to learn a type of coding before they're able to successfully use that filter properly.

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CEO at EOPEN Solutions Inc.

Before, I didn't know what some of the things would do if turned on, i.e., things that we hadn't used previously. Now, I see that they give you further information on it and take you right to a web page. That is something that I wanted done before and can see that it is there now. I did check this just the other day. That would have been a complaint, but it is not now.

Sometimes, things can get caught back in spam that you had previously released. Without going in, releasing the whole domain, and opening it up, since you don't want to do that often because the company can get infected as well, I have a couple of things that I previously released show back up again. I don't understand why this is happening, but I would like to know why it happened, e.g., did an algorithm change? It is important to know if I released an email last week why it was caught in spam the following week.

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George Kajaia - PeerSpot reviewer
Head of IT Infrastructure Group, IT Operations Department at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees

In history on the reporting graph, when you are trying to search for sender by address, it won't search by domain. I could send an email from SendGrid with my domain, but with SpamTitan, if you search by that domain then it wouldn't search it. It only searches from the field, not in the envelope field. Unfortunately, mass mailing companies, like SendGrid, send email with the form address and that completely differs from the domain envelope form address. There is no way to search for the envelope form. So, I gave them an idea to improve this filtering. For example, if I have to search an email sent by SendGrid, then I am forced to search by the recipient, then find the emails marked as spam. This is quite a huge hassle. They told me that they are aware of this and will try to add it, but they haven't added it yet.

I would like to implement a secondary delivery pool for mass mailings, having an alternate pool for mass mailing lists since there is only a single mail queue with SpamTitan. For example, if 10,000 emails are being sent, then the queue will be large. Unfortunately, without a secondary delivery pool, legitimate emails will wait in the queue to be delivered to my email. Therefore, I would like to have two queues: one for everyday emails and another for mass mailings. Now, I have to decide whether to buy a second SpamTitan license just for this reason because I am very satisfied with the functionality of SpamTitan overall and don't want to use another sender's appliance for this.

From 2020 to 2021, there was a huge switch in the types of spam coming in. SpamTitan's anti-spam should be enabled to catch this spam. The spam catching rate went down over the last three to four years. I think this is because spammers are evolving and using different methods to send spam emails.

The phishing rate of SpamTitan is not great, even Exchange Online Protection catches phishing better than SpamTitan. The most worrying are the phishing emails. I would like SpamTitan to upgrade and improve the phishing catch rate.

The sandbox of the Bitdefender engine is not working correctly. They sent me an email that they pulled it because it was not working as it was intended to work. So, they are working on this as well, and maybe the sandbox will be fixed. The sandbox is for viruses. If something goes through then it is sent to the sandbox for analysis. However, I am not using the sandbox right now. I am just quarantining this type of attachment right away.

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Simon Davison - PeerSpot reviewer
Director at Revolution Phones Ltd

I have noticed that TitanHQ adds new features quite frequently. If I have one little feature request, it would be that they shout a little bit more about the new features they're adding. I haven't blocked them from sending me marketing emails and I wouldn't be averse to having more of them, particularly for the new features. That's really important because it gives us an opportunity to go to customers and prospects and say, "Look, this is our preferred product, and here is what they've just brought out now."

Also, false positives may be an area for improvement. It's very rare that we see false negatives, but false positives might be an area where I, myself, could put some more effort into looking at the settings. There are various settings that could probably be optimized. Perhaps that's something in the user interface that isn't hugely clear. There is a spam score threshold through which you can reject spam when an item has greater score than the setting. I wouldn't call it counterintuitive, but it takes a little bit of thought. Having set it up, it works very well, so I am happy with it.

Finally, a minor point is that I looked at another system that had the ability to deliver to multiple inbound servers, which is something I don't think SpamTitan does, although I haven't followed up by going back to my own installation of SpamTitan to see if could I set that up there. But it's not a big deal. Most people are not going to be doing really complicated things like having multiple inbound mail servers with completely different addresses.

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Information Technology Manager at a financial services firm with 11-50 employees

The training for end-users could be improved. I would like to see a video that says, "Here's the solution and what it will look like." It would be helpful if they had something like that to set expectations.

For example, some of our end-users would go in and delete a message through the solution but they didn't know there was a popup that was part of that process. They weren't allowing popups. And then they couldn't understand why the message they had deleted was still in their mailbox when they knew that they had deleted it.

There was a disconnect regarding how things function, so they need something to show the end-user, very simply, what to expect and how you do things. They have it documented in text and with screenshots, and we went through that, but these days all of our training is done with short, three-minute videos, and people prefer that. They're not going to read anything.

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Andrew Dalman - PeerSpot reviewer
President at ActiveCo

I would rate the overall intuitiveness as eight out of 10. It is not that bad. There are just a few things. I don't know if it is a limitation of Microsoft or just a limitation of the design. There is a spam/ham button that they have. I love it, but it is not necessarily as intuitive. It is a bit tongue-in-cheek as far as a marketing ploy of good versus bad: fake being spam and good being ham. Most people who are already super self-conscious about their computers, knowledge, and skillset, they don't know what that means. To me, I love it. I think it is hilarious and clever, but I don't think it is that great for the intuitiveness of people who don't use it regularly. Those menus and options are buried in the ribbon on a separate add-in feature page versus where McAfee and other solutions used to bolt in right on your main email page. Anytime that you need to click two or three times to do something, that is always a pain in the ass. It would be nice if they had something where you could click right away in front of you and the buttons would be, "Mark as spam. Mark as good." Or, something like that, but it is their business decision.

The overall GUI is utilitarian. It has a spreadsheet feel versus a nice software that is guided. I am sure they're going to improve it over time. It could look a little prettier. It needs some lipstick. They should get rid of unfamiliar words like ham and spam, helping the user to better understand what they are clicking through.

For the couple of clients who have those unique needs that don't do business the way we do or have emails as clean as us, we have just turned off the actual spam quarantine boxes. I am finding that we are starting to do that more often, where the mail will just get forwarded through to junk with a subject line like, "***Spam****," and then the message. Having it quarantined and held in their online part makes it very tough to go check right away. You need to do multiple clicks plus sign-in. No one remembers their sign-in accounts. You need to go find an old email, which is just not great. 

If I want quarantine reports sent to me, then I get them all at 3:00 AM. As opposed to getting one sent to me every hour, then I can go check if there is something rather than delivering the malicious emails or spam. That would be something of improvement. It is just a better way to fine-tune or dial-in on reports.

Thousands of our customers really don't like the reports. They can't fine-tune or adjust when they get delivered. They have a lot of spam senders, e.g., newsletters, where they are expecting whomever they are dealing with to send them invoices, quotes, etc. This creates a whole bunch of flags of why it would be counted as spam. Logically, it all makes sense. They are not going to go buy a new ERP system for something like that. However, our customer is now super frustrated because they are now getting penalties on late payments or different things because the invoice went to their spam box.

It is easy to white label, but the damage was already done because they went and got a new vendor. They already did something else without us knowing, so there is no way to know that we have to white label it. We hear quite a bit of noise from our customers as far as just how they have to interact and manage spam.

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John Cole - PeerSpot reviewer
Managing Partner at Mean City Media

SpamTitan is not particularly configurable. I basically have to accept their parameters for a lot of things.

There are also delivery limits, something like five emails per minute per mailbox. They do that, they say, because they want to maintain compliance, but I can't configure that. I can't be more aggressive about that if I want to be. 

Another example is that I have a couple of clients that send out membership emails, and that causes some problems because we're not able to configure SpamTitan to enable those emails to go smoothly. I have to do a work-around at our end for that.

There are a lot of parameters that, if I want changed, I've got to ask them to make the changes. In short, I'd like them to make it more configurable. To be fair, it's a small price to pay for what they're doing for us, but a bit more ability to configure limits would be good.

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James Martin - PeerSpot reviewer
Director of IT at Southeastern Site Development, Inc.

Sometimes when I'm trying to pull up reports, the speed can suffer. If I'm looking at the last seven days, if I pull up just today, when it's retrieving the message history, if I pull up with the last hour or the last, or that day, it's fine. However, if I have to go back several days, it could take a little longer than I'd like it. That said, I'm usually not in a rush. Still, sometimes it does get stuck there for maybe a minute or two. It makes me question the network, however, when I check the network speed, it seems fine. It's not a major, major concern. However, if I had anything, I would ask that they try to find a way to retrieve those older messages faster.

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Network Administrator at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees

One of the areas that can be improved is the GUI. The product works well but finding things in the interface can sometimes be a bit difficult, just because it's so in-depth and covers a lot.

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Kevin Walgren - PeerSpot reviewer

If the interface made it a bit easier to get to a training library that might be beneficial. Obviously, their techs have access to something like that. If they were to share that, I might be able to go to find the answer myself.

Also, the interface could be updated a little bit. I definitely wouldn't want it to be more complex, but I would like to see it a little bit more polished. And if I had to actually find a negative, it would be the speed. I wish that the interface were faster. We have very fast internet, but there is definitely some sluggishness between pages on the interface. Does that deter me? No. I just wish it were quicker.

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Nanyo Nanev - PeerSpot reviewer
Managing Director at Sidney Group

There are some minor technical aspects of the portals and management interface that could be improved, but there's nothing that prevents us from doing the job. 

Most of the cloud-based service providers allow us to dive deeply into all the customers from a single console. Currently, I can only see our company on the console and not any of the customers, i.e. a multitenancy approach is required for every partner portal tenant. A single pane of glass.

The geo-blocking features could have more customization options. For example, our technical operations are based in Bulgaria. Same for VMware Bulgaria, HPE Bulgaria, etc. If you geo-block India and Bulgaria, there is no way to communicate with the HP call centres.

The big problem is that many companies have a very basic IT setup. They can improve security at the foundational level at least. Any product like SpamTitan will do much better because most of the issues will be removed.

SpamTitan will be busy with the tricky parts and not the basic ones. If you install and start using SpamTitan, where the IT maturity is low, you'll have a lot of false positives, and it will ask the user for suggestions. The customer might say, "Actually, this new product is not very good. It's asking me for everything." I would say, "Yes, it's because your organisation didn't do your job before that."

In other words, SpamTitan isn't the whole solution to the problem. SpamTitan needs someone to sort out the IT security audits and rectify the discovered issues or vulnerabilities to ensure all the prerequisites are there. After that, SpamTitan will do a proper job, but not every managed service provider or IT company understands that well. Again maturity is critical and it is applicable against MSPs, not only the customers.

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Ryan Shepherd - PeerSpot reviewer
Solutions Architect at a tech services company with 1-10 employees

The authentication functionality could be improved. We liked having a single sign-on approach in that our customers could use the same username and password for their workstation, email, and spam filter. That integrates very well in an on-premise environment. Microsoft has since moved away from some of its legacy authentication methods, so it's no longer possible for our clients to use the exact login details for SpamTitan and Microsoft 365. SpamTitan has yet to introduce modern authentication methods. Although we can use the solution's native multi-factor authentication, it isn't compatible with Microsoft 365's MFA, requiring the use of different usernames and passwords. It would be great if TitanHQ could improve that to be compatible with modern authentication. 

There is room for improvement in automation; better wizards for deployment, for example.

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Tech Person at a computer software company with 11-50 employees

They really just need to continue to roll out new features. They constantly develop this product. We get updates at least once a quarter and sometimes multiple times per quarter. We investigate new trends for spam relays or malware, and the SpamTitan team constantly adds new features to it to address what we find. They constantly improve what they've got, which we appreciate and we hope they continue to do.

They can increase some of the reporting around user logins. In order for us to make that determination, we have to pull down reports. They could make it a bit easier.

The finesse of the reporting could probably be improved. Being able to filter and generate reports and being able to ship those reports to different users would be ideal. It's got some of those features built-in, however, increasing some of that could be beneficial. For the work that we do and with the way we administer it, oftentimes we have to pull down logs and rig through the logs to find out what happened. Maybe some additional reporting as to why it flagged spam would be useful and the reasoning behind why it actually flagged email X. Or, if we get a false positive, then explain why. Right now, we do a manual process where we go through the logs. If they increase the level of reporting, we’d pretty much have a perfect product.

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Chris Anzalone - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Network Engineer at Vermont Telephone Company, Inc.

The admin user interface is very granular. Anyone who is in IT can relate to the statement: "With anything granular, there is going to be a little bit of complexity." It can be difficult, on a layer-by-layer basis, to wrap your head around it.

Because the administration interface is so granular, some of the categories and some of the settings end up in really odd places. It's hard to figure out where a certain setting is sometimes. I brought up the issue to our sales guy and, from what I understand, they're working on that.

But it's also something I can appreciate because it gives me the flexibility to delegate control to anyone in our organization, whether it be us, as the global administrator, or our tech support people and I only want to give them access to certain domains. I can also give control to a customer who registered a domain through us and who wants to manage their own domain. I wouldn't say it's super-intuitive, but it is granular.

Also, a little bit more email that is categorized as "clean" is coming through nowadays. But with that said, it's doing a great job at blocking a lot of the more obvious, blatant spam—the newsletters and the marketing stuff that you can usually unsubscribe from. Those are the types of emails that 90 percent of people don't want. But compared to our last spam filter, it does let a little bit more email through that is categorized as "clean."

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Cindi Cockerham - PeerSpot reviewer
Network Engineer at Purple Language Services Co.

It took some adjustment and some getting used to when it came to where to add the users and the general layout. It wasn't very logical or intuitive. That functionality was under the Anti-Spam Engine instead of Domain or User Policies.

It could be a cultural thing. I'm in the U.S. and the solution comes from Ireland, and cultures are very different in how they label things. It wasn't very logical for someone in the U.S. in terms of the labeling of the tabs and finding where to do things. We also came from a tool where things were labeled a little differently. But once you get used to it, there are no problems at all.

It would help if we could customize it a little bit. But that issue is so minute.

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Vipin Malhan - PeerSpot reviewer
Network and Security Engineer at Total Outsource

When an email is quarantined, there are a couple of different search filters to help find what you're looking for. Having more choices would be helpful because as it is now, we can search for inbound or outbound, the score, the subject, and the email address. I would like to see a filter for searching inside the message content when it is quarantined.

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Anil Melwani - PeerSpot reviewer
IT Director at a healthcare company with 1,001-5,000 employees

The only improvement that comes to mind is updates. We are technically on TitanHQ's private cloud. We are responsible for updating our platform when a new version comes out. I would personally prefer to have SpamTitan just notify me, and say, "At this specific time on this specific day, we will be upgrading you to the newest platform."

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Assoc. Dean at a university with 51-200 employees

It could be improved a little bit on the speed side. When I am trying to troubleshoot a mail message that somebody is looking for in SpamTitan, sometimes setting up the filters for the quarantine is a little bit pokey.

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Walter William Holliday - PeerSpot reviewer
Enterprise Architect at Unified System Solutions, Ltd.

Because of the nature of my business, and because I'm a contractor, I get an awful lot of organizations that are spammy in nature with respect to trying to recruit people. SpamTitan is a little more aggressive than I'd like it to be with respect to filtering some of those out, especially when I'm looking for a contract. But it's easy enough because I can go into the quarantine area and say, "Oh, this guy I want to look at, that guy I want to look at," and release them and unblock them if I need to. But for the most part, I would rather have them be more aggressive than be less aggressive.

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IT Director at Pitre Auto Group

I'm not 100% sure how well they scan certain attachments. I know spam filtering is a huge game in a constant battle, however, sometimes you'll get some just obviously bogus emails coming through with an attached file that they're just praying for you to open. I don't know if there's something they can do to help catch some of those. Other than that, just keeping up with day-to-day changes, it's a constant battle with spam, so there's never a perfect solution. That's never perfect 100% of the time.

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Andy Arnone - PeerSpot reviewer
President at Direct One

The user interface of SpamTitan is fair, at best. They're coming out with a new one. The current one is a bit hard to navigate, and that was the biggest part of what made it a steep learning curve. It took three to six months to learn how to find stuff in there. It took us a while to ramp up everything. I would rate the intuitiveness as "low" because you can't find things. Now, I know where things are, but initially, it's a steep learning curve when we have new people come on board.

There are also some issues with false positives. And when 15 to 20 people reply to a mass email, either in-house or an external one, SpamTitan blocks them, which causes issues. They go into the outbound quarantine, where users have to go in and manage it. That becomes a false positive, although it's actually doing what it's supposed to. But it can be annoying to the end-user.

In addition, the problem with the daily quarantine report is that our customers can't whitelist or blacklist based on it. That is a feature that may be coming out. There was an Outlook add-on, a toolbar, but that doesn't work reliably across different versions of Outlook, or even the same versions of Outlook.

The biggest beef we hear from customers is that they can't manage it right from the email. They can do an "allow" from the email, but they can't block a spam email without the toolbar or logging into the portal. That means they have to go through multiple steps and that's the part that they don't like. We hear that a lot. With other solutions, if I get a junk email I can open it up and at the bottom there will be a footer that says "block." That's not available with SpamTitan. We try to have customers look at the daily report, and they can allow right from the report, but they can't block. They have to go through multiple screens to block an email, without that Outlook toolbar, which has had issues. TitanHQ is aware of all of this.

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Network Administrator at a government with 501-1,000 employees

SpamTitan's logging features could be improved. The logs are hard to deal with because you need to download the log as a text file. Then you need to search through this text file to find what you need. 

At the same time, I don't have too many problems, so I don't have to look in the logs that often. It doesn't bother me that much, but it would help if I could view these logs in a more user-friendly way.

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IT Consultant at Arcadia Ambulance

I am not sure it does URL filtering or checks for phishing, but if it does, then great. That would probably be my room for improvement. I would like it to check for DCIN violations from locations where the email is being sent. Also, I would like it to do sandboxing, e.g., if an attachment is on an email, then it opens that at a different location to ensure that file attachment does not have any malicious aspects to it.

There is some room for improvement. Some of the biggest ones are better scanning of emails coming from what source and scanning emails for the content in the email. For example, determining if the email has malicious content in it by scanning the email and attachment. If it does that, then great, but that is very important to my clients and me. It is very important that you know what is in an email before it gets into an office's location. Not only where it is coming from, but what is in it, which is probably more important than where it is coming from. It could be coming from a client's partner or a business that they work with, but what if they get compromised? The perpetrators or bad guys start sending emails to Arcadia Ambulance, and they are infected with scripts and bad stuff. They think, "Okay, this is a legit user," since they get emails from them all the time, then they get hit. That is how a lot of really bad stuff happens.

The stability of SpamTitan is equivalent to other email security solutions that I have previously used. Some of them have more bells and whistles that you can add. For example, inside the email subject line, you can put in the words encrypt secret, or secure. Then, it will automatically secure that email and send an email to the person who is supposed to receive it. They can identify it for themselves in a series of different Q&A questions. That is sometimes a deciding factor for clients.

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Owen Aaron - PeerSpot reviewer
Information Systems Manager at a performing arts with 11-50 employees

The big issue that I've had is that the length of time that an email is kept in quarantine is only seven days and, in some cases, it is not even seven days. For example, on Monday this week, someone reported she had received some automated messages on Friday night. But by Monday, because it was a DMARC, she couldn't retrieve them and I couldn't find them either. It's great that it grabs things, but I wish that I could tune things more. Perhaps I could have a second quarantine area. Maybe users wouldn't need to access things older than seven days, but if I had a 20-day or 30-day repository, if someone came to me and said, "Hey, I can't get this back," I could end up getting it to them from the archive. 

That would make my life a lot easier because there have been a few times over the last year when someone has come to me and I said they haven't been able to retrieve an email because it had been simply deleted.

Even if it went into some type of cold storage, so it wouldn't cost much, it would give me a way to access them, if need be, even if it took 24 hours for me to access them.

Another feature that would be nice would be a button in Outlook to be able to report something as spam so that the system could learn. If an email doesn't get reported as spam and comes through, there's no way to tell it that it is spam. That type of button is important for that feedback because it improves the algorithm. They are working on a button but it still hasn't been implemented.

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Director Of Information Technology at CBI Group – Culture-Based Interiors

It would be nice if the reporting feature could be updated. 

Also, the feel of the web interface is a little dated. It has been the same ever since the days when I first started learning it. It's nice because it's familiar, but I could see how it might turn people off because it's not necessarily flashy.

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Johnny Zodrow - PeerSpot reviewer
Service Manager at OnSite

We have submitted requests for a feature which would be a total control panel. It would have a footer at the bottom of every email and list things like

  • the original source of the email
  • what its spam score was when it passed through the system
  • original or source IP's
  • other, more technical information.

Our previous spam filter had that type of feature and it saved us from having to log in to the panel online, search for an email, pull it up, and figure out where it came from originally and why it got the spam score it did. That would be a huge improvement and time-saver because then we wouldn't have to log into the web portal for that. It would be at the foot of every single email that passes through the system.

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Solutions Consultant at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

The admin management portal needs a facelift. I've asked them for a way to authenticate admins of the organizations that want to admin the SpamTitan product itself. Adding additional management security would be a great feature. 

There are a few tiny improvements they could also make. For instance, the GUI itself is a little outdated, and it could be more user friendly. The same goes for ArcTitan. It's got a horrible GUI that's worse than SpamTitan. It also could use that authentication mechanism upgrade as well. I would also suggest combining the two products into one control panel. 

The spam filters could always improve. The standard spam protection is probably the least perfect feature. It does a great job with viruses and phishing. The spam filter isn't bad. It's just that spam filtering is its primary purpose, but it's the thing SpamTitan does the least well. That's not a complaint though. It's just a fact of life. You get billions and billions of emails. It's impossible to get a system that perfectly filters out all the trash. 

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Milovan Milic - PeerSpot reviewer
Head of IT at Ichthus College Veenendaal

The way it rates what is spam and what is not spam can be improved, although that is true with every system.

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Bornwell Mwenya - PeerSpot reviewer
Head of Technical Support at ZAMNET

The interface is not so user-friendly at the moment. We did attend training a few months ago on their new interface. They have a new GUI that is quite user-friendly and easy to navigate.

We would like to improve the number of quarantine reports received per day. At the moment, only one is received within 24 hours. So, there are a number of complaints that we get from customers who want to improve the reporting of the quarantined emails since they only get one copy per day. This means they may not receive other emails that have been received after they get the report. So, we would like SpamTitan to improve on the frequency of the quarantine report.

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Owner/President at a tech services company

We had problems initially when first implementing eFaxing. We had problems trying to get eFaxes to be recorded correctly and come through correctly. That was resolved fairly quickly. However, if you are heavy users of E-fax, I would suggest that you test your eFax before implementing so you can have that ironed out before going live.

We had to do some stuff with eFax in order to get eFaxing to come through. Had we known that ahead of time, we could have had that ironed out before we went live. However, we just didn't realize it was going to interfere with it. After we implemented it, we realized it was interfering with some of our eFaxes, so we had to go figure out why. SpamTitan's tech support was very good. They helped us figure it out. We got it implemented pretty quick and fixed pretty quick. But, in hindsight, that would probably be the one thing where I would say, "Go check your eFaxes. Make sure that they all work."

When we first implement SpamTitan, there is a report that gets sent to the end users on a periodic basis. Basically, the email comes with three links on it, and it says, "If you don't want to receive this, click on this link. If you want to receive this once, click on this one. If you want it to continue to come through, click on this one." It's a pretty straightforward, well-written email. However, we get customers who, for some reason, don't understand it. I am not really sure why. I think it is pretty clear and easy to understand. If there is anything that could be improved, it would be that process. I am not really sure what you could do to improve the process since my tech support guys, who work with us are saying, "Why don't people understand this email?" I am like, "I really don't know." We don't see why they don't understand it. It is not everybody either, so it is not like everybody doesn't understand it. There are just a handful of people who are like, "I don't understand it." It is like, "How can you not understand that? It's pretty well-written."

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DevOps Director at University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics

The interface needs to be improved; some elements aren't where I expect them to be, so it could be more intuitive. 

The solution isn't intuitive enough for me to go in and write specific rules and exemptions.

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IT Specialist at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

What would be helpful to me is an alert if there were an increase in the number of threats that have been picked up. In that case, an alert could be sent to the admin in our company, to inform us. It could say something like, "Generally, about 20 percent of your incoming emails have been threats. Now it has jumped up to 30 or 40 percent." Something like that would be beneficial. That way, we could check to see if it's a result of something inside our company. We could be a bit more preventative, more proactive. That would help me greatly as a network administrator.

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Walter Matesa - PeerSpot reviewer
IT Consultant at Garrtech Inc.

The user interface is good, but it could use some improvement. There's a little bit of an issue with certain feature not coexisting with another feature that has similar functionality. But once you get to know it, it actually is quite simple and quite quick to navigate, and find the settings you're looking for.

The UI is a little dated-looking as well. Other than that, it seems to do the job that I require it to do, and does it quite well.

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IT Systems Administrator at Nylene Canada Inc.

When in the control panel, the context menu that appears when you right-click on an email should present options for adding the sender to the whitelist or blocking them. If we installed the Outlook plugin for our users then it could be done using that. However, we don't install that plugin because it will complicate their lives. Using a context-menu selection should be as effective as going in to manually add it.

As it is now, I have to have three different tabs open with the control panel. One is the dashboard, another is watching quarantine, and there is a third one for adding people to either the allow or block lists. Having the ability to right-click and bring up a context menu would be the best answer in that case.

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Attorney at Wegman and Levin

SpamTitan doesn't quarantine when it blocks things based on the remote block list or greylisting. It just deletes the email. When I try to look at these blocked items, it tells me they're gone. RBL or greylisted items aren't saved, so you can check them. There may be a setting somewhere that I haven't seen. 

We get some false positives sometimes. Once we spot it, we can add the sender to the safe list. Then it's no longer a problem. It seems kind of random at times. For example, I got an email last night from the fraud department at Chase Bank informing me that my card had been compromised. It was flagged as spam, so I logged in and released it. It's a balancing act between a spam solution that's overly aggressive or too loose about letting spam in. I think SpamTitan falls on the aggressive side, but it's usually not enough to cause any problems.

I would also like more control over reporting. The reporting is limited to once daily. With the old product, we could get reports multiple times during the day with all the emails quarantined since the last report went out. We had one report at 8:00 a.m. to tell us about all the overnight traffic. We'd also get notifications at noon, and 5:00 p.m., just before people went home.

Over the course of the day, only a few hours would pass before we reviewed a quarantined email. SpamTitan sends its report in the middle of the night, so something can be trapped there for 24 hours. There's a workaround. If somebody tells you an email they were expecting hasn't come through, an admin can go into the portal and release it. That's a hassle. 

Also, there's an attack where a hacker generates emails with the correct domain name but hundreds of different user names. SpamTitan bills by the number of users, and they don't allow you to distinguish between real users and bots. I think I have a limit of around 30 or 35 users, so if somebody hit me with hundreds of phony names, I would get reports generated for each one of those fake accounts and be billed for it. It hasn't happened, but it could. I'm not crazy about that aspect of it. I think it would make a lot more sense if I could give TitanHQ a list of all valid email addresses and tell them to bounce any other email addresses.

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Deployment Manager at NetUniverse

I believe the product is configured for the US or European market, not the Latin American market, and the scoring system is a little too strict for our market. Most companies in Latin America don't even have proper domain configuration, which can cause their emails to be filtered as spam. They might not have DMARC or SDF configuration, so we often have to change the scoring threshold to let legitimate emails through. It's not SpamTitan's fault, but the optimization isn't the greatest considering our market.  

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Ryan Rood - PeerSpot reviewer
Information Technology Manager at Copp's Buildall

One of the things that I have been asking them to do is add the ability to scan a domain's age. It seems like the majority of spam right now have been registered with brand new domains. They are utilizing and abusing them for two weeks until they make it onto all the blacklists, then they pick a new one. They just move on. So, if we could scan a domain's age, and just say, "Outright block domains that are less than two weeks old," then it would make SpamTitan even better. They absolutely should be doing that. I would love it if they would do that.

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IT Support Consultant at a non-profit with 1-10 employees

There was a situation in which I needed to change the cloud server. From SpamTitan, I had to specify which server we were on for the integration into Office 365 and I actually only found that out because there was a problem. It would have been better if they had advised us of that first.

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Ray Kiesbrink - PeerSpot reviewer
CTO at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

I'd like to see something like "My First SpamTitan," by which I mean, "Guide me through the things I need to set, and tell me about the things that you're setting already." That way I would get a good feeling for setting up the product, rather than having to figure it out by myself, which is what I did. It wasn't a big issue because I've configured spam filters before, but I think someone else might be overwhelmed with all the options you can set.

They can either keep it as it is, which is rather technical in looks and in management, or they can have more of a "My First SpamTitan" interface, which would guide you through things and give you a good configuration at the start. Later, you could perfect it by tuning it yourself. Something like that would be nice.

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Director of IT at a non-profit with 201-500 employees

I wish there would be less false positives. 

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Abdul Ali - PeerSpot reviewer
Business Analyst at Eviva

The documentation for how to configure it could be better. Sometimes, it was confusing. When we were onboarding with them, the documentation was a little bit vague on how to configure the DNS server and our email server. It took a little bit of time, but we were able to actually reach out to their support. 

For the UI, I would like to see clearer verbiage of the links. When you go to the UI, the wording can be improved, e.g., how the description of features is displayed. Other than that, it is pretty self-explanatory.

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Klaus Nielsen - PeerSpot reviewer
CEO - Owner at XPConsult

As a Danish company, it would be great to see a Danish translation for the UI.

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Mikael Jordan - PeerSpot reviewer
Help Desk Manager/Information Security Analyst at Eureka College

The only downside is that there is a delay when we're waiting for a report to be generated. It normally takes between 30 seconds and a minute when you're dealing with more than a million emails.

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Ricky Brewster - PeerSpot reviewer
Heldesk & Internal Systems Manager at Active IT Systems

The SpamTitan user interface is not amazing, but I don't mind it. I know they are releasing a new one soon. I have seen it and it looks a lot better. That has been an area that needs improvement.

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Owner/Founder at Nexxous Computer Centres Ltd.

We're so used to it now. If anything, there should be more ease of access for the users. If you're on our mail server, there should be easier access for you to better manage your own mailbox.

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Director, Information Technology at a government with 1,001-5,000 employees

The interface could be updated. I wish it was a little bit more modern. It's been the same interface for ten years and some aspects are hard to find, even after using it for years. If you don't go to a certain feature often, you have to dig around to find it sometimes. Therefore, the layout or structure of it could probably be better. 

In terms of intuitiveness, the main daily admin use is fine, however, some of the special configuration areas don't seem to be logically laid out compared to other products that we use.

The only other issue we've had is with searching the logs. It has a field for searching the "from user", yet does not have a "header from". Sometimes it's difficult to find an email when the "from" and "header from" are different, as we're only able to search the from field. This is difficult compared to other products that we use.

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Joe Connor - PeerSpot reviewer
IT Technician at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

The user interface contains quite a lot of information, so it can be a bit confusing when you first start to use it. It takes a bit of time to get used to, but once you know it, and with a bit of training, it's got everything you need. I can't really complain about it having too much information because it really helps out when you need it.

The interface looks a little dated and could be modernized.

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IT Manager at Supreme PLC

Specifying your own filtering rules can be somewhat tricky. You can leave it alone or add your own filter rules using regular expressions. It would be nice to get a little more help configuring the regular expressions. That is quite complicated, and it's something I struggled with. 

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Senior Manager, Enterprise Infrastructure at a manufacturing company with 1-10 employees

The documentation provided is very rudimentary. The tool itself is very easy to use, also very rudimentary. The quarantine email message that users get on a scheduled basis is something users generally don't pay attention to, like every other communication they get from IT. The formatting of the quarantined email report that goes to the users on a regular basis is a little confusing for them. That could be improved.

And that makes user communication and user training, up front, paramount to ensuring that the tool works, so that a critical email is not being blocked by the spam filtering tool.

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Senior IT Consultant at a consultancy

They need to keep up with the latest technology and add new features as they arise, e.g., artificial intelligence, new and improved updated lists, or new ways of tracking spam. They need to just keep up so the product is effective. Because, if all of a sudden viruses or spam starts getting through, then we might have to look at something else. However, so far, it has kept up and done a great job. So, we are happy.

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Igor Kim - PeerSpot reviewer
IT Systems Manager at a transportation company with 1,001-5,000 employees

Within the reporting part, when you look at the history of the emails, it would help if it were more intuitive. If you don't know where it is, you have to go through many things to find it. Once you know, it's fine. It's only an issue at the beginning.

I would also like to see SpamTitan improve on its antivirus software. I believe they're using Bitdefender and ClamAV. A problem with them is that they sometimes miss Trojans and malicious sites. We have internal antivirus software as well, and when we receive emails we see that our local antivirus software has found Trojans in them. SpamTitan should find better solutions for the antivirus. What they have is not so bad but it's missing some things. Of course, no solution catches 100 percent of what's out there.

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Information Technology Manager at a manufacturing company with 201-500 employees

I would like the ability to have users be able to send the reports more than once a day or specify when they get their spam report, since I don't think we can schedule that.

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Charles Laverdière - PeerSpot reviewer
Technical Specialist at 6tem TI

The interface is a little outdated. The menus are simplistic and visually, it's pretty old. The comments that I received from people were that they did not find the interface very intuitive. They had to do a lot of searching for things. This is something that could be improved.

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Rami Al-Bader - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior System Administrator at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

SpamTitan doesn't allow you to customize the frequency of reports. Sometimes our users complain that they cannot control how often SpamTitan's report comes. Users get a daily report, but some would prefer a notification every time an email is quarantined. 

Our previous solution sent out immediate alerts when an email was quarantined. Some people prefer it, but it doesn't matter to me. I get the report when I start my day, and that's fine. 

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Cloud & Infrastructure konsulent at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

Its GUI can definitely be improved, both the look and layout.

The naming and placement of some of the menus need improvement.

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President - CEO at Micro Computer Enterprises

They could improve on the color of the interface.

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Larrie Case - PeerSpot reviewer
Owner at Case Computers

Some of the menus on the dashboard could be easier to navigate. It takes a little while to find things. 

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Adrian Buenaventura - PeerSpot reviewer
IT Technical Manager at a construction company with 1,001-5,000 employees

The inter mailbox email flow needs improvement. If you are in the same domain, it does not have the capability to transfer one email to the same domain through SpamTitan. They need an API for Office 365 which is currently being developed.

In an upcoming release, it would be beneficial to add DNS filtering or something that is capable of identifying the URLs that are harmful to a computer if it is clicked. We are currently looking for these features. However, we have been told they are currently in development and will be available this year.

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Jeff Edwards - PeerSpot reviewer
President at Energy Control Systems

There should probably be a little more explanation on why one day, the email from one company goes into quarantine, and the next day, it doesn't. To me, it is a little bit random at times.

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Senior IT Administrator at a manufacturing company with 51-200 employees

The solution is very slow, it crashes and we have difficulties getting emails.

In an upcoming release, I would like to see a cloud version of the solution.

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