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Microsoft Exchange Online Room for Improvement

Principal Cloud Architect at a wholesaler/distributor with 1,001-5,000 employees

There were a few short outages where mail delivery was flaky.

I don't really like the response time of the web GUI for administration. All this seems a bit slow and not responsive enough. They should provide a far simpler solution for sending mail from machines as this is not really intuitive.

Due to the restrictions that Azure and Microsoft impose on sending mail, for example, if you have an Azure-deployed server that is sending out mails (for a shop system or something like that) it's not really simple. Also, it is not really scalable to use Office 365 as a relay server.

There's not really a useful backup tool that comes along with Exchange Online. You have lots and lots of storage for each user, yet you have to buy extra backup tools just to back it up with an Exchange on-premise. You could do this just with onboard tools, however, there's no such thing in cloud deployment.

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Director of IT ISO at a financial services firm with 51-200 employees

Right off the top of my head, I can't think of anything that I would change to improve Exchange.

The pricing could always be better.

Right now, I'm writing documentation to upgrade the existing Exchange and Active Directory from 2016 to 2019.

When you migrate from on-prem to cloud, if you choose to or are forced to do the hybrid, they need to devise a way to undo the hybrid. At present, once you establish a hybrid organization between cloud and on-prem, there's no way to undo it. Fixing that would be most beneficial. At the last organization I was at and did a migration, I had 31,000 users, and my largest mailbox was 90 gigs. It took three months to complete the migration.

We had no choice but to put it into hybrid mode due to the period of time. The MX record can only exist in one place. Therefore, you can't route mail from one system to another system. All the mail had to be routed through the on-prem and then synced from the on-prem to the cloud until everything was in the cloud. Then we were able to move the MX record from being on-prem to being in the cloud. Then all mail could be received in the cloud. However, then there was no way to tear down the Exchange organization on-prem. We are still left with a server, server maintenance, licensing, OS upgrades, patching, and everything on the on-prem server. The on-prem server is literally sitting there doing nothing except filtering air in the data center, costing me power, time and cooling. Therefore, fixing that would be awesome.

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Delivery manager at a computer software company with 201-500 employees

The solution should have more integration with other platforms. It is more integrated to the collaboration suite and other document management systems. 

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Ololade Olotu - PeerSpot reviewer
Project Manager at Dell EMC

The solution could be a bit cheaper. 

I'd like it to be more voice-activated and to have more AI so that it becomes easier to use. The world is moving toward more AI and machine learning, and likely they will adopt more of it in the future. 

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Khizer Saleem - PeerSpot reviewer
Assistant Manager Technical at Ironbridge Systems (Pvt.) Limited

They should tighten their cloud security. If you are using Microsoft Office 365, the responsibility of backup is not on the part of Microsoft. It is on the part of the customer. Microsoft Office should give some kind of built-in solution with the Office 365 subscription regarding the backup of their online mailboxes.

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Muhammad_Irfan - PeerSpot reviewer
Sr. Network Administrator at ACMC

The ActiveSync services and the mapping services could be improved.

There are a lot of issues with security. We had one issue, a bug, with the Active Directory services.

The cost of the license could be lower, and the security features could be better.

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TahaZaki - PeerSpot reviewer
Azure Cloud Solutions Architect at cloud hiver

The solution could improve with the integrations with some of the known applications is still not possible, there must be more connectors.

There should be a feature when sending the emails it pops up and gives the confirmation of the real details when you are sending them out outside. There's an option for the alerts, but there's no double-check. We cannot double-check it or re-confirm it again. This option would be nice to have.

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GlennHutchinson - PeerSpot reviewer
Manager - Infrastructure at a government with 201-500 employees

The problem with Exchange is that the attributes aren't flexible enough. I'd like to see more interaction with Office 365 and tighter integration between on-prem Exchange and Exchange Online. There's still a disconnect between mailboxes and the cloud. 

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Harcharan Mittu - PeerSpot reviewer
Founder and Managing Director at XOR BIT INFOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED

The demo version we were provided had issues with emails bouncing or being delayed. This hasn't happened since we purchased licenses, but it shouldn't happen even in the demo.

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manager of SAP department at Standard Sharing Software

I would like to have the option to have my electronic signature posted on my emails by default. I am able to add it manually but cannot get it by default.

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Key Account Manager at Bechtle

This is a single solution and if it's the first time you've used Exchange, it's extremely difficult to get users onboard because it's much more complicated than you'd have with 365, for example. 

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Technical Account Manager at Softline Group

Microsoft Exchange Online could improve the management usage, it should be more user-friendly.

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IT Strategy Expert at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees

For non-technical people, some configurations might be a little bit difficult. We can use it on our laptops or our portable devices like mobiles and others gadgets, but we have had repeated problems with syncing. That is, when using different gadgets and devices, there are issues with syncing. The configuration could definitely be improved.

Technical support is needed for any log-in credential problems and other related issues.

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Sanjay-KUMAR - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Manager at Havells

There is an annual enterprise subscription could improve by having more features.

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Engineering Manager at a manufacturing company with 51-200 employees

The licensing price of the solution could be lower. 

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Principal Analyst at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees

I don't like it in general. It sort of has that Microsoft flavor to it, which is just the style they use and the way they color things and lay them out. 

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Boris Kaluža - PeerSpot reviewer
CEO at Enter++

Despite being a Microsoft-certified trainer, I am lacking some information. I don't know what each product does and how it is linked to other products. I'd like to see more updated documentation which is currently lacking. I'd like to see a smoother connection between Microsoft products and integration with other companies into the Exchange environment, particularly those that fill gaps in Microsoft. It's difficult to know where to get information for testing, tuning, and so on. I'd like some centralized way of logging. 

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Sami Alomaisy - PeerSpot reviewer
Manager at global trading

The solution should have a stand-alone application instead of us having to go through an internet browser.

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IT Specialist - Technology Services at a educational organization with 10,001+ employees

This product is too complex to use.

It could be more streamlined because it offers an overabundance of features. It's simultaneously offering you to do 10 different things and it's confusing as to what we should do first.

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Information Management Specialist at a government with 501-1,000 employees

The integration could be better if it could integrate well with other products and software.

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Director - Testing CoE at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees

The SaaS platform performance could be improved. At a previous company, we used this same solution on-premises. The data exchange was much faster compared to the SaaS platform and we sometimes experience lags. 

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Carlo Du Plessis - PeerSpot reviewer
Security Specialist at Engen

We would like to have more automation with Microsoft Exchange Online.

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ICT Consultant at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

The solution could improve by making the user interface better.

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Microsoft Exchange Online
July 2022
Learn what your peers think about Microsoft Exchange Online. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: July 2022.
619,967 professionals have used our research since 2012.