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Centreon Valuable Features

System engineer at a financial services firm with 51-200 employees

For servers and applications, it was very, very efficient.

The flexibility and customizability of Centreon's reports, analytics, and dashboards are good. It is of very great value that we can create a graphic map. It gives a good understanding to managers and directors about the importance of monitoring within the company and, as a system engineer, to have a very efficient vision of what is happening when your app is not working. You can be informed before your customers. Afterward as well, you can better communicate with your customers and can let them know that you are resolving the problem. It's the best tool on the market for that at the moment.

It's not sufficient to have only this tool if you would like to anticipate a lot of problems. You can add other tools. However, it’s really useful in particular to keep this tool and to understand where the problem is, and who’s working on it. It's important that the company invests money in monitoring tools and the business.

Centreon's dashboards help you see all of your customers in one place. We use only one dashboard for some applications. For example, we made a dashboard for a critical app with all of the equipment of the app as the server. We put everything on the map. I work only with IT teams with interns. I don't work in an IT department or work with professional customers, so it’s hard to assess dashboards fully.

We use Centreon Plugin Packs Connectors, for the database with our SQL. It was very comfortable to use the plugin directly and it was very simple to implement.

Certain devices and equipment have plugin packs that helped our organization support and/or integrate. For example, a Windows Server component, and a Linux component. We have some tools in which we know what we need to supervise on a server for the database. We have some metrics that we are using, however, it’s easier with the pack.

We can implement a project very fast and we don't have many things to think about. There's no fear of forgetting something important. It was very comfortable and to use with all the free components it has.

It’s important that we have ready-to-use connectors and integrations for helping to provide a clear, comprehensive view of our organization. It's very easy, and it's not very complicated to implement. It's very well developed, and you can be confident using it.

We did use Anomaly Detection to help alert unusual dysfunctional behavior. It was a project, however, we don't use it every day. It was a project that we developed for the ability to anticipate some problems in the IT system. For example, a server that will be crushed or a problem with the CPU. There are some tools that can alert us about future issues. However, I haven’t fully implemented anything due to a lack of time.

Centreon is great for helping to monitor our IT infrastructure and cloud-to-edge and providing holistic visibility. It's very efficient. It's graphically very simple to find task user information. 

Another thing that we love about it, is when we work for example, with the Army, they prefer to work with French projects yet take, for example, a US solution. It's great in France to use a French project.

For more than ten years they’ve developed new things every year. They like to always be on the top of the market with their project, and the progress they make year after year is incredible. Three years ago, I discovered that if we have money to spend with them, they have some teams of developers and we can share with them our budget and they can then develop something directly for our company. Afterward, they’ll use part of the work to improve themselves. I found this a very smart way of working.

Centreon helped measure service performance by modeling IT service maps for business-critical IT workflows. It was more informative according to my use case. We can make some weekly reports, daily reports, or monthly reports.

Centreon is great for helping to drive business performance and excellence and aligning IT operations with business objectives. It improved performance in terms of understanding the past. If it's very well configured, someone can fix a problem quickly. There is some progress that can be made in anticipating the future and trying to improve the performance of the future as a company to avoid problems and prevent incidents before they arise.

The product is helping to consolidate all alerts, KPIs, and business maps, as well as managing metrics across domains. For example, if we have a team who doesn't know how to contribute, or how to implement these parts, it's possible to solicit consulting assistance. They can help us remotely, or they come to our company to help us to configure items. If someone works with a big company, for example, they can get help from someone to come in for a few days or a week and assist them.

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Thor Myhrstad - PeerSpot reviewer
CEO at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

The reports are definitely good, although, to us, the most important thing is that action is taken. When events and things happen, it's important that they're acted upon and dealt with, and that we're notified. Reporting is one of those things that can be used to show a customer that you're doing your job, but the most important thing for us is using it to do our job.

The single-pane view provides us a view of all of our network infrastructure, and it is one of the most important tools that we use to see the status of our customers' networks. Being the monitoring environment, it doesn't really do remediation, so it is not our only tool. We have three core applications that we use, and Centreon is one of those very important applications. If you're a carpenter you need a hammer, or if you're a doctor, you need a stethoscope. It's one of those core tools that, if you don't have it, it's hard to do your job.

The most important thing in any kind of monitoring system is that it's set up correctly. If this is the case, where all of the correct relationships and workflow are mapped out such that you will see only the most important details, then the single-pane view is very useful and it can save a massive amount of time.

It provides a nice benefit when it comes to helping align IT operations with business objectives. The top-down views, dashboards, and business context reporting are things that are nice to have because you want to be able to show the customer that everything is working, that problems have been addressed, and that you're providing value. The customer is the most happy when there are issues that you uncover and they're quickly addressed.

It has certainly reduced our mean time to resolution. This is because it is set up properly so that we can figure out what the issue is as quickly as possible. Reducing noise is very important and it also helps increase the accuracy of the alerts that we're receiving.

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Thomas Curutchet - PeerSpot reviewer
Managing Director, CANADA at eva

The most valuable feature of the solution is the flexibility, the ability to integrate all kinds of equipment. As long as something has an IP you can monitor it. What we try to achieve all the time is not only saying a company's system is available, but to give additional data on the performance of the equipment. So the flexibility is what matters the most to us, where we can script everything. Centreon has a lot of Plugin Packs, meaning they support, by design, a lot of devices. And on top of that, we have the ability to add our own scripts and do whatever we want and display the data as we want in the central dashboards.

The customizable reports and dashboards are really flexible. We started this partnership with Centreon, when we were looking for a solution, because of the flexibility of the reporting. That's what we found to be most attractive in the solution. You can display the data as you want. It's a bit tricky at first to understand how it works, how the data is organized, but once you go through the learning curve, the tool is really powerful.

Also, because we are able to segregate the data within Centreon, by customer, using the dashboards, we are able to see all our customers in one place, and bring all the relevant information to us directly.

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Florent QUILICHINI - PeerSpot reviewer
Network Engineer at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees

The most valuable feature is that we can manually configure everything we need. After it comes inside the interface of Centreon, you can display it. Because the interface is quite user-friendly, you can manually configure the configuration very deeply, which is very pleasant and useful because you can monitor and see everything on your service list, dashboard, or MAP. The most useful feature for me is that you can create your own plugin and monitoring query.

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Massimiliano Faraon - PeerSpot reviewer
CEO at Artesys Orion

You can concentrate and orchestrate several other solutions from other vendors. You can consolidate those solutions all in one place, then maintain and monitor from that single point. This creates ease of use. It is a very powerful solution from this point of view.

Centreon has some additional modules. Through these modules you can have all kinds of reporting and dashboarding, which are fully customizable, not only from the content point of view, but also from the graphical point of view. You can design, implement, and deploy real maps representing your services from a geographical and service point of view. So, executives can view their services, e.g., if there is an impact and which are the services impacted. In this way, you can strictly separate the dashboard for the technical stuff and create a separate dashboard for executives to see business information. These are the specific capabilities of Centreon. 

You can do some predictive metrics using the tools of Centreon. Therefore, you can have an alarm of sorts before some events can occur.

Connecting to any system, such as traditional on-prem, cloud, virtualized, or edge devices, is very simple. There are hundreds of plugins ready to be deployed with several key monitoring indicators that take place. This is very powerful because you can simply pick up the connectors made available by the plugin's package. 

You can use the API to develop any type of integration. The plugins for users are capable of covering the major vendors and other kinds of software, e.g., the major types of ticketing software that are widely available. 

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DevOps Engineer at a computer software company with 501-1,000 employees

The most valuable feature is the ability to build an abstraction of service visualization. You can add services to an entity called Business Activities and you can see the state of these activities.

It also provides a nice dashboard, or what's called the Centreon MAP, and you can extract information very well from that for building reports for customers. It gives you a representation of service and business activities. You can access all the information in one place.

We also use Centreon Plugin Packs. They help us support Linux servers' operating systems. When it comes to monitoring things, you can set an agent on the client's operating system or you can have agentless access. For the agent-based monitoring, you need to install it directly on each OS that you want to monitor. For agentless monitoring, you can simply click through the interface to provide a Plugin Pack, and you can run it directly.

It can also help you look at KPIs because calculations can be done directly in Centreon.

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Engineering Manager at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees

The best features that we've come across enable us to create our own monitored instances. For example, we have a SQL script that is being run by Centreon, and it gives us a specific metric on the dashboard that we utilize for monitoring the performance of a third party. We integrate with third-party companies or, in this case, government institutions, and they do not give us any guarantee of the service, and they also don't give us the ability to monitor the service. However, from our side, we can monitor the throughputs with the SQL script that we have running with Centreon.

In addition, the flexibility, customizability, and analytics of Centreon's dashboards are all very good. The dashboards help us see the whole network map, and that is quite valuable for us. In addition, the dashboards have helped to improve our visibility and ability to proactively ensure the right data is available at the right time. Our service desk staff spends most of their time on the dashboards, and they use the proactive monitoring to log service requests to the L2 and L3 support. They've been invaluable in that sense.

The flexibility has given us the ability to add in our own monitoring metrics and that has been quite interesting and very useful for us as well.

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Network Project Manager at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

I've only really worked with the basic features of Centreon, including the monitoring and simple reporting for dashboards. 

I have seen on the demonstration that there are a lot of other features which could be interesting, however, I have not had the chance to really see them or deploy them for our customers. 

We have the business activity monitoring, the map, and the MBI modules and they are all very good.

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Mamadou-Diallo - PeerSpot reviewer
IT Analyst at La Corporation D'urgences-Santé

You have one single view, which is good. As the administrator, the permissions are the same for every account in the Active Directory. 

We use the solution’s Anomaly Detection feature. It helps our teams to predict potential issues. I like this option for its graph. The graph is very good for when you want to look at evaluating your system over time. It also automates the alerting process. 

It is very easy to manage because the visibility is good.

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