TitanHQ SpamTitan Valuable Features

Benjamin Jeffrey - PeerSpot reviewer
Director of IT at M&M Golf Cars

The filter rules are valuable. The software itself will automatically filter out things that it thinks are suspicious. However, the filter rules are the most helpful because, if we need to, we can block entire domains and subdomains with the click of a button. In addition, if one specific email address is a problem, but not the entire domain, we can drill down and specifically block it without affecting anyone else in that domain.

They also have something called Pattern Filtering, which has been a godsend. While the software can only do so much, as far as detecting things that look suspicious based on what it's seen from all of its users, with Pattern Filtering I can use my own terminology or search terms. For example, if I don't want any email to ever come through that has the term "hot dog" in it, whether it be in the subject, the title, or anywhere else, I can immediately block such emails, company-wide. That has saved me so much time. It also works for blocking specific document types or file types. All it takes on my end is going into the Pattern Filtering and selecting what I don't want to come through or what I want to go into quarantine, to warn me first before we allow it through. It's one of the most helpful, but also one of the easiest-to-use features, that does the most for our company. It has saved me hours of work a month when it comes to filtering out all the new stuff that keeps coming in from different countries and scammers.

When we started, geo-blocking wasn't a feature but they added it within the last year. I also do a lot of network security for our company. If there is a specific country that we don't do business with and from which we're getting a lot of requests, or if we have multiple attacks coming in a specific country, or if we keep getting a lot of emails from the same IP subnet from a certain country, instead of having to block every single new IP that comes in from that country, I can literally just block the country and any IP that tries to send us mail is immediately stopped, which is fantastic.

Those features are the ones we use the most, and they're also the most helpful for filtering out the most junk. And a lot of that is done automatically, once it starts detecting our blocking patterns and the stuff we aren't allowing to come through. With the subset of those things that do actually get through, because the senders either found better ways to mask what they're trying to do or they're sending stuff from different IPs that weren't blocked originally, I can just go into the solution and block them. Including login time and getting to the screen, I could have an IP address or an entire country blocked in less than two minutes.

In addition, the UI is not extremely flashy, which is fine for the people who need to be in the online console and determine what gets blocked and what gets released. It's very straightforward without animations or graphics. It has tabs that you click on that say, "If you click here, this is what you're dealing with." The usability is fantastic. It doesn't give me more than I need so that I have to drill down through 20 different windows before I get to what I want. I actually appreciate the fact that it's as simple as it is.

Another good feature is that you can see how much is being blocked based on date ranges.

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CEO at EOPEN Solutions Inc.

We have just one place to go and look at things, which makes it a lot easier for us. Our users like the fact that it is granular when they look at it. Some guys are really proficient in certain areas and this lends itself to that, which is good. They can then learn the other parts that they didn't have when we were on other systems. You can just log into the back-end and can see everything or whatever you want to see. If you need to actually go through the email and look for one to release, it is easy to find. 

When the client gets it, we show them how they get daily reports. SpamTitan is easy for them to use and they can manage their own spam.

There is a built-in antivirus, we keep that turned on. It is really great.

We have set the attachment filters for inbound and outbound. We educate our people about attachments coming in. They will say that so-and-so sent us something, but it didn't come through. Well, it is not going to come through.

They have a huge amount of things that we haven't even probably thought about.

We aren't trying to develop software. We just want something to use. However, when you get into it, you can control the RBL servers as well as add ones to it, if you want to. There is your Sender Policy Framework (SPF), which is good because a lot of government agencies started using it. It is great that you can use it yourself and keep things compliant.

There are top-level domains if you want to start blocking at that level. You have all kinds of granular things. 

There are SMTP controls. 

I don't have to go into the server and do the updates. We just set the server to automatically stay updated by hour, week, etc. 

You can turn on macro scanning, which is kind of neat. 

We have the state-browsing database turned on that Google uses. We have that on ours. 

The patterning filtering is neat. Once you start along the patterns, you can see what is going on. This will sort of help with that. It is kind of interesting to see how these patterns formulate, then all of a sudden, you see what is going to happen. 

If you want to schedule and archive reports, it is great if you had to do an investigation down the road, then you can go back and look at that stuff. Because in those reports that you run, patterns will be there. Those things are really useful. 

When someone is looking at it, they find it intuitive and easy to get around on the back-end to do what needs to be done.

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George Kajaia - PeerSpot reviewer
Head of IT Infrastructure Group, IT Operations Department at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees

It is easy to work with.

SpamTitan is visible right away. You go to the portal, log into your page, and everything is visible there, e.g., your whitelist, blacklist, etc. So, it is very good.

SpamTitan has a cool vehicle called IP delivery pools. We have 20 domains with various products and are using this feature to send mass emails.

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Simon Davison - PeerSpot reviewer
Director at Revolution Phones Ltd

One of the most valuable features is the opportunity to quarantine things. In addition, the option to have somebody manage the quarantine on behalf of users, or to let the system send out daily reports so that users can manage things on their own, are both very straightforward.

Slightly larger customers in particular have different requirements from those at the very small end. For the larger ones, applying global rules is difficult because, even within one organization, there are many teams, such as sales at one end and accounts at the other end. That means that the types of emails that each team is processing can be very different. If all you have is a solution that looks at every piece of email and applies the same types of rules, you don't get a very smart solution. Whereas, if you can do it per mailbox or per domain, like you can with SpamTitan, that means you are effectively able to configure it almost per-user, which is great.

The user interface is fine. It's fairly quick. Sometimes it's a little bit slow in loading a quarantine list, but it's nothing that's too painful or a problem. The user interface is very workable. In terms of the solution's intuitiveness, it all makes sense.

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Information Technology Manager at a financial services firm with 11-50 employees

I'd read that the portal software was dated from the UI perspective, but when I use it, it is very logically laid out. That is one of the things I like. I'm able to get to what I need to very quickly and manage it efficiently. Once I understood the model of how they were doing things, it was very easy to work with.

In addition, I looked at the reporting and about one-third of things that come are not spam, but they are blocked and they need to be blocked because of our rule sets. They're failing DMARC; SPF records are nonexistent. Another valuable feature is "nonexistent recipient." That eliminates a lot of noise that we would get, such as things coming in for former employees. We just don't need that mail.

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Andrew Dalman - PeerSpot reviewer
President at ActiveCo

SpamTitan’s geo-blocking feature helps allow us to block spam emails entering our network and servers, reducing our spam intake. We use this feature regularly because we have customers who have offices around the globe. Especially before COVID when it was safe to travel, people (from our customers) were always circumnavigating the globe. Being able to either turn it on for temporary usage or block it altogether, that versatility was a key feature that we needed. This feature is perfect for us. It gives us everything we need. Everything has been versatile enough for us in terms of allowing exceptions based on trusted vendors' ID, IP, domain, or email address.

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John Cole - PeerSpot reviewer
Managing Partner at Mean City Media

The fact that it does exactly what it says on the box is what I find most valuable about SpamTitan. They've reduced our spam by about 99 percent.

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James Martin - PeerSpot reviewer
Director of IT at Southeastern Site Development, Inc.

The spam blocking has been good. I like the fact that I can go back in and review old messages that had been tagged as spam before my users can get to them and either delete them so they can't approve them or allow them through.

We use SpamTitan's geo-blocking feature. I have many rules set up. Obviously, in the spam world, the spammers find ways around not being tagged as spam. We tend to get the same type of messages over and over again. Therefore, I have phrases set up to block messages. We're blocking mail by region as well. The geo-blocking feature for restricting emails from specific destinations based on IP or country is fantastic. It works great. All of our business here is done throughout the U.S. and therefore we block most of the stuff from other countries. If I start to see a bad habit form I can block that country or region.

It's not always just spam. A lot of times it can be phishing attempts. There may be people trying to email, saying "Here's your invoice for this product," and it was obvious it's not a product that they had ever ordered. In this day and age with phishing and ransomware, things come through via an unassuming email. We need to protect ourselves against ransomware and this works great. I don't care about junk messages that come through about buy this, buy that, and all this stuff. It's more of the ransomware that I get concerned with and we're trying to block it.

The geo-blocking feature allows us to block spam emails entering our network and servers, reducing our spam intake. In terms of spam reduction, it does equally as well as some of the other items that we've used. However, I really like the features. I would say it easily catches 95% or more of spam. Occasionally, you do get something that slips through, and it's always going to happen.

The user interface experience of SpamTitan is "easy peasy." I like the user interface. It's fairly self-explanatory, fairly easy to figure out, and if I ever have a question, I can call them up or open a support ticket and get an answer really fast. Their support team is fantastic.

It has helped to improve our false positive rate. We don't have very many false positives. The only time I have false positives is from rules that I created. I get people that will sometimes use a phrase or something that will get caught up in the filter. False positives are my own fault, from me tightening security down even further than it should, as I have certain phrases that I use in there, and if somebody puts one of those phrases in, word for word, then they're going to get blocked, and that's happened a couple of times. However, it allows me to go through to check. The users will say, "Hey, I was waiting for an email from this person. They say they sent it and I haven't got it," and then I see them, I see that message in there, and I release it.

It probably saves employees some time. I've never asked them directly, however, I know it has to save them time as they don't have to go through all those messages and figure out what's good and what's bad.

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Network Administrator at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees

The most valuable feature is the protection that it offers against spam, phishing, viruses, and other such attacks. That's the biggest benefit of the product.

We use the geo-blocking feature, which helps to reduce our spam intake. There are known locations that are notorious for sending spam, viruses, and so forth, which is one of the reasons we use it. Right now, our filter is blocking approximately 75% of the mail that hits our door. Only 26% of the mail we get actually passes.

We use the geo-blocking feature for restricting emails based on country, and it works well. However, if something does pass that is spam or a phishing attempt, then we may block by IP address if necessary. This is very important to our organization because spam email is bad, and it's a problem for us.

We are able to create exceptions based on a trusted sender's specific location or IP address, and it works fine for that. We don't have a large rule base and in most cases, the senders, who are typically customers or vendors that we deal with, do not have their email exchange set up properly. They don't have the proper checks in place, so we add exceptions for them.

The user interface is good, and it's pretty easy to use once you learn your way around. That said, there's a lot to it and it's in-depth. There are many aspects to the interface, and there are a lot of tabs.

Overall, in terms of the system's intuitiveness, it's okay. When you click on a tab for system settings, as an example, there are multiple tabs that you can drill down into from there. Sometimes, it can be a little bit difficult to find out where you want to go, just because there are many layers to the interface.

It is difficult to say how I might improve it. There are many pieces to it, and a lot of layers, but the way they have it set up is fine. Sometimes, however, you have to search around a little bit to find out where you want to go.

There are eight main tabs and once you click on one of those tabs, it takes you into another area where there can be up to eight or ten other things that you can click into. Then, when you get in there, it might be another six or eight areas that you can look at.

If you go into system setup, as an example, and then go to static routing for network configuration, that's three layers deep. You would probably figure that the network configuration is going to be in the system setup, so you would start there intuitively, but it's a lot of options.

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Kevin Walgren - PeerSpot reviewer

One of the most valuable features is that it's very straightforward. It's a really simple interface. With our previous products, you could spend a week, if not more, training on those products just to figure out the interface. With SpamTitan it took an hour or two or three, tops. Most of the time you find things on your own. SpamTitan's interface is designed to do just what you need to do and not a lot more.

We are using the geo-blocking because we don't do any work outside of the United States. We simply don't need to receive anything from .ru or .cn. I look at where the security risks are and, obviously, Russia, China, and Argentina are on that top-10 list for hacking attempts and spam. The ability to very definitively block those definitely helps out a lot.

We do have a select set of domains and websites that we do want to receive. We want to make sure that they get through. Some of them were initially blocked as spam so we added them to the filter and now they come through just fine. Others that we specifically do not want to receive from can be easily blocked, so that we don't have to worry about them as well. It's a very simple interface.

While I haven't looked specifically at how much the geo-blocking is blocking, I would estimate it is somewhere in the 40 to 50 percent range. It is almost like a "pre-block." It's that first level, eliminating emails we definitely don't want.

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Nanyo Nanev - PeerSpot reviewer
Managing Director at Sidney Group

SpamTitan is perfectly suited for MSPs. It's easy to use and sell. It's also straightforward to configure and monitor. In my opinion, software developers at TitanHQ did an excellent job with SpamTitan. 

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Ryan Shepherd - PeerSpot reviewer
Solutions Architect at a tech services company with 1-10 employees

I like that advanced features such as DKIM signing are integrated into SpamTitan. It works well, and setting up DKIM can be cumbersome for many email servers, particularly with Microsoft Exchange. DKIM signing verifies the sender's authenticity by applying a signature to outgoing emails, and it was straightforward to set up within the solution.

TitanHQ support is very helpful and responsive. When we wanted to make changes, needed assistance customizing the solution, or had any concerns, they are there for us, and that's a key feature.

When clients approach us looking for tech services, we put together a proposal to address their needs, and if those include email security and anti-spam, we pitch SpamTitan. The price is per user, and we set up the solution in front of the client's email service. The product filters all incoming and potentially outgoing emails, allowing only the clean ones through. 

We appreciate how customizable and flexible the solution is. It allows us to operate how we want, especially as we have our own instance. We have two of them in a cluster for redundancy, and we can go in and make whatever changes we require with no problems. 

We have a good partner relationship with our TitanHQ sales rep. They are very responsive in terms of support; our concerns are taken seriously and resolved appropriately. We are an SMB and work primarily with other SMBs, so vendor relationships and trust are essential to us. When partnered with a gigantic company, there is a risk of our voice going unheard when we have complaints, which hasn't happened with TitanHQ. 

Regarding filtering emails, we have two main requirements: reducing the spam cluttering users' inboxes and, more importantly, filtering out malicious emails containing viruses, malware, phishing attacks, etc. The product has done a great job filtering those out, and when it comes to security, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The consequences of a malicious email getting through are potentially very severe, and the system could be compromised. 

It can be hard to quantify as users aren't even aware of the viruses, malware, and phishing emails SpamTitan rejects before reaching their mailboxes. I'm sure it's saving employees' time, as just one malicious email can cost a significant amount of productivity. If someone's account is compromised, even if there are no other adverse effects, we still need to reset their credentials and multi-factor authentication. The more significant concern of an account being compromised is data leakage; if a bad actor got in and saw our emails, what sort of information can they glean from that, and how can they use it? We saw cases before we started to use SpamTitan, or in our clients who don't use the product, where malicious actors got in and were able to run financial scams because they could get into the emails and see invoices being sent to customers. Preventing these situations is one of the key selling points of the solution, and it has increased our spam catch rate and reduced the number of false positives. 

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Tech Person at a computer software company with 11-50 employees

SpamTitan Plus is another feature that we use, but it's primarily an email filter or email security facilitating appliance.

The features that we're finding to be most valuable are mostly those that leverage the quarantine and some of the reporting functions. We like all the blacklist details and the day-to-day reports that it generates for spam and users. All of that is highly tunable, which is much appreciated.

The new SpamTitan Plus with the Link Lock feature is great. We implemented it and use it as well.

We use SpamTitan's geo-blocking feature. It allows us to block spam emails that enter our network and servers and reduces our spam intake. Some of those features are also fantastic as they enable us to report on, for example, who's the most active spam relays. We can see all IPs when going into the console. We've integrated a process where we review SpamTitan and then add those kinds of details in order to block both efforts. If a user has any issues, I can use the reporting feature and see what is being blocked through geo-blocking or what is being blocked by our firewall appliance.

It saves us time. All of our changes are really pretty quick. As far as time-saving goes, if I compare it to a previous solution like Postini, which is an old Google product that was very similar, SpamTitan is easier to navigate. When I started to use SpamTitan, I discovered that it was actually much easier to administer than Postini, which helped save admin time.

In terms of geo-blocking, most of the reporting functionality is baked into SpamTitan, it relays all those details and shows us what IPs are relaying spam. We go through a process where we start wide, and we don't open up a lot due to the geo IP blocking. It can be really dangerous if we don't use that sparingly. By looking at the reports that SpamTitan generates, we can go and add those details to the geo-blocking feature and make some decisions based on that. This is mission-critical. It's the first line of defense. Email is something that every organization leaves exposed to the internet and it's constantly being attacked. Email is where the number one cause of phishing scams originate which is why it's 110% mission-critical.

SpamTitan helped save employees time by not having them sort through junk and spam emails. Being able to create that and have it generate the quarantine reports, keeps everything consolidated. I can dial it in to what I like. If I want to go extreme or want to go light, it gives me those options.

Quite a bit of time was previously spent sorting through unwanted junk. That was one of the biggest complaints. When I started to dig into it, I was pretty amazed at how quickly I was able to rectify just going through the console. It has options too for being able to go and administer user accounts, so as an admin, I can go through and make decisions and choices before the user even sees it. Typically, we require that people check their quarantine at least once or twice a day. As an admin, I may go through and see what is happening before the end-user notices it. With one person we can tackle that task versus everyone in the company having to do it individually, which compounds exponentially.

The spam catch rate and false positives before versus after implementation were night and day. When I first started it, they hadn't done a lot of the tuning. Then, once I started to ratchet down the tuning it changed overnight. At that point, I was getting compliments from the staff.

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Chris Anzalone - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Network Engineer at Vermont Telephone Company, Inc.

There are two things I find extremely valuable. They are among the most important things for ongoing administration purposes.

The first is that the product offers both inbound and outbound spam filtering and it enables amazing reporting. It's very specific and very easy to track down.

For example, if somebody calls us and says, "Hey, I'm having a problem not getting an email," or, "I'm having a problem sending an email," or, "I sent an email and it's not showing up," the discovery work to resolve those kinds of things has gotten so much easier because we can see what's going on right at the edge of our incoming and our outgoing email. A regular tech support dude can log in and type in very little information about what the customer is calling about, and get a very practical view of what is going on from address to address or regarding a subject line. They can filter on all sorts of different things.

That's probably the most important feature because we do get a lot of people who question our mail service. Now, unlike before, those requests don't come to me. They're very easy for our tech support department to look into and give the customer an answer right then and there.

The second valuable feature is built-in rate limiting. I haven't played with it yet because we have our own rate-limiting solution built into our mail solution on site. But when that needs an update or when that stops working, you better believe that's going to be something I'm going to lean on in the cloud because it's already there. It's already set up. I will just have to type in what we want it to do. That is a value-add. And my boss, the CTO, spoke up and was excited about that as well.

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Cindi Cockerham - PeerSpot reviewer
Network Engineer at Purple Language Services Co.

One of the features I really like is the layout of SpamTitan.

It also gives us more control over the spam functionality. We were able to customize the emails for our end-users. Branding things is very important. It makes it so easy to manage and change, as we've merged with other companies and we're now using a standardized name. There are some more changes coming up and, from what I've seen, it looks like making those changes is going to be very simple to do. I really appreciate that.

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Vipin Malhan - PeerSpot reviewer
Network and Security Engineer at Total Outsource

SpamTitan is good at catching zero-day viruses and spam messages.

One feature that helped us a lot in the past year is the Link Lock. It will check the URLs that are included in messages and if they're not trusted sites then the link will be blocked.  For example, our users will receive an email that says something to the effect of "Your password is about to expire, so please click on the enclosed link." If they click on the link, it causes a huge headache for us. Now, it's automatically blocked, which saves us a ton of time.

The Link Lock feature will check every URL in your email against a database of legitimate URLs. A malicious URL might go to a phishing site or a hacker site but if it isn't in the list of valid URLs, it will respond with a message that says "Blocked by SpamTitan Link Lock". It re-writes the URL so that it goes through their server, rather than the URL itself.

We just recently turned on the geo-blocking feature to block emails from Russia and Ukraine. We don't monitor the email that is blocked, unless it comes under the "relay denied" classification. That is approximately 2% of our total intake.

We use the whitelist feature to allow exemptions based on trusted senders. This is an important feature because we have approximately 12 sub-companies, and there is a good deal of marketing material sent between people. We configure them as trusted senders so that the messages don't get classified as spam, due to a large amount of marketing material. The whitelist allows them to communicate with each other and not get filtered out.

The user interface is great. Everything is in the browser; it is easy to set up and there are not a lot of tabs.

Most of it is simple to use and the side that the user sees is pretty intuitive. That said, there are grades of difficulty based on user experience.

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Anil Melwani - PeerSpot reviewer
IT Director at a healthcare company with 1,001-5,000 employees

The ability for users to manage their own allow and block lists is its most valuable feature. Daily, at 3:00 AM, we have configured it so users will get a quarantine email that shows all their messages that were blocked from the day before. They can go in and release the messages themselves or they can block them if they don't ever want to see them again. They can allow them permanently, if it is a valid email that they should be receiving on a regular basis. Therefore, it really gives the end users the power to do their own thing and reduces the number of help desk tickets that my team needs to respond to.

We just implemented SpamTitan’s geo-blocking feature in the last couple of months. It has been great. We have only seen one false positive and that was a company that we partnered with in California. Their messages got blocked because their server was in Germany. Germany was one of the countries we happen to block with geo-blocking. They were like, "Oh, that is really bizarre because all of our stuff is here in California." Turns out that their hosted email that they were using was going through a failover test or something like that. So, they were rerouting their servers through Germany at that particular time. It definitely did what it was supposed to do.

We used the geo-blocking feature to restrict emails from specific destinations with a Google search. We went through some of the security forums and platforms out there and looked at the top 10 countries that cybersecurity professionals recommend blocking. We then added those to our geo-blocking list.

Primarily, we are a California-based company and don't really do business with companies outside of the United States. So, the geo-blocking feature is just an extra layer of security and extra piece of mind. Therefore, if any spam out there is trying to purport that it is coming from the United States, but really isn't, then we would not let those messages through.

Since we turned on the geo-blocking feature, we have definitely seen a reduction in spam. I don't sift through the thousands of messages a day that I see in the dashboard to see which ones were blocked by geoblocking. I am sure there are filters and things like that, but I don't necessarily get the time to deep dive into it like that. 

The user interface is really straightforward. I haven't had any issues with it whatsoever.

The overall intuitiveness is really good. We have been able to run reports, set up quarantine emails, and integrate with our Exchange server. That has all been extremely straightforward. 

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Assoc. Dean at a university with 51-200 employees

We have had no cases of malware slipping through since we have had SpamTitan.

At times, I have used the geo-blocking feature. There are some hostile countries for whom I try to filter out traffic, be it through email or the perimeter firewall. We have to be careful with it, but it is good for cutting down on the amount of noise that we have to sort through.

The geo-blocking feature has worked well. Certainly some of that stuff can be spoofed, so it is not going to be 100%.For that really spammy spam, a lot of times the spammers don't even try to hide where they are originating from. For that, it has been good. There are a handful of countries that we just consider hostile, so being able to block those has been a good thing.

The geo-blocking feature seems to work fine for allowing exemptions based on a trusted sender's IP, domain, or email address. We haven't had any issues with it.

Over time, you set up additional filters, change the sensitivity level, and set up exceptions. The exceptions are powerful, so we don't accidentally filter out emails from a party that we work with. That has been great. 

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Walter William Holliday - PeerSpot reviewer
Enterprise Architect at Unified System Solutions, Ltd.

I can't tell you the number of times that their web interface has saved me. I had server issues but I still needed to be able to look at what emails I would have received if my email server had been working correctly. SpamTitan has a reporting functionality that showed me what emails would have been sent. I could actually see the content of those emails. For me, several times, that has been a real lifesaver.

The solution has a lot of automated filtering based upon metrics that I'm sure it receives from others or from some mechanism unknown to me, so I wouldn't be able to employ those mechanisms myself. I'm sure that there are other companies out there that block, based upon rankings that they get from SpamCop and organizations like that. I'm sure that SpamTitan has that all built into what it's doing, so I don't have to worry about it.

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IT Director at Pitre Auto Group

Its spam protection is excellent.

The user interface experience of SpamTitan is great. It's pretty intuitive. They do an update once and I don't have to call and ask again as it makes sense where you click and it hasn't changed. That's one thing that's nice. Every update is all the same in terms of the UI. They don't move things around. 

In terms of overall intuitiveness, I'm highly impressed. Some of what I use daily, if I log in and try to look up a report, add an email, block somebody or search histories, how to get there, find it, and set the filters seems very intuitive. I don't get into it very often - maybe once or twice a month if something comes up. However, I'm always able to easily now give my way around without having to go look up old notes or call support again and ask another question.

SpamTitan has helped improve the false positive rate although I'm not sure by how much. It does a great job of validating and inspecting emails and making a decision on scoring mechanisms. There are also other options where I could go in and add other levels of features that I want to score against. I don't find very many emails being captured that shouldn't be. 

I've worked with different spam filters and I actually like SpamTitan the best. It's great and it's also a lower-cost option. It seems to work better than any other option I've ever used. Participating with end-users and the quarantine email seems a lot more simple for them to understand and to just click and release, allowing options. It's very easy for me to go into, make changes, and navigate. 

SpamTitan has helped save employees time by not having to sort through junk and spam emails. I don't get many calls where people are trying to find an email and are having a hard time. Once a month somebody says, "Hey, I can't find this email." Or they ask a question. However, in general, it saves a lot of my time.

Getting users to clean up their mailbox really has nothing to do with a spam filter. That's another story. However, this definitely helps reduce the number of garbage emails they receive. The other solutions have got more passing through than this one would, or probably a lot more false positives where the legitimate email they're looking for was being intercepted. This product definitely is more productive.

In terms of time savings, it's been easier for me as the person responsible. I don't have to deal with phone calls when there's a problem. I had more issues to deal with using the prior solution than I do with this one.

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Andy Arnone - PeerSpot reviewer
President at Direct One

Among the features that led us to choose SpamTitan are the 

  • ability to lock down
  • multiple layers of security they have built into it
  • ability to scrub inbound and outbound
  • higher-level SPF and DMARC capabilities that were not really built into our previous product.
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Network Administrator at a government with 501-1,000 employees

TitanSpam's security features keep malicious occurrences from coming, and the spam features prevent all the garbage from coming into our inboxes. And the geoblocking helps us automatically block email from regions we don't do business with.

The user interface is also highly user-friendly. I didn't know much about this system when we got it in 2018, but I could easily navigate it. It's intuitive and straightforward with tabs, so you can access the settings you need to get to. 

They also let you customize it to match your organization's feel, so it looks like a product from your organization. I like when companies do that. Our city logo is on it when you log in to this system. 

After we configured SpamTitan to our liking, it pretty much took care of itself. It even provides spam scores on all the emails that come in. You can determine the highest score you want to allow. 

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Rick Shepard - PeerSpot reviewer
IT Manager at RCI Systems

It gives our users the chance to interact with the program. They can decide if there are things that are junk mail that they don't want to be messing with, on an individual basis. Of course, I can always override that or control it from a company standpoint.

We use the geo-blocking feature to block a few countries, but for the most part, we leave most of them open. We deal with manufacturers that have office locations and factories in many countries, including Russia and China. But we'll block something like Afghanistan because we're not getting any business from Afghanistan. The geo-blocking may not have reduced our spam significantly, but it does block some.

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IT Consultant at Arcadia Ambulance

Sometimes, sources considered spam try to attack the client who has put in a filter. I don't know what they are trying to do, as they might be violating SPF records or attempting DMARC DNS violations. This solution prevents that spam from coming in. The client can then see that in their digest on a daily basis.

The digest and the quarantine are the most valuable features. I can go into the quarantine and see everything that was quarantined. On an individual basis, you can easily whitelist an email or address coming in, if needed.

The user interface experience is easy and intuitive. I don't think I have ever run into a situation where I don't know how to do something or don't know where something is at, then calling up someone at SpamTitan. The product is a little more powerful and user-friendly now at Arcadia Ambulance, then when I used it as Arcadia Ambulance. 

SpamTitan is easy to navigate. It is in a format that the end user can understand. I don't really need to handhold clients who are using it. They understand it is very intuitive. If an email comes in, and they don't want that to come in, then they can block the email as an email that they don't want to receive. It is fairly easy for them to navigate and manage the spam filter service.

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Owen Aaron - PeerSpot reviewer
Information Systems Manager at a performing arts with 11-50 employees

It has a quarantine bank where it keeps emails that it believes are spam so that users can access and retrieve them if need be, and say they're not spam.

It works as it should. It allows users to manage emails that they receive, meaning they can set up whitelists and blacklists. 

I have an administrative panel to globally add whitelist or blacklist entries. Also, if I need to look for an email that was quarantined because a user isn't sure how to access it, I have the ability to look into everyone's quarantine and take some kind of action on them, such as delivering them. We usually deliver them to the employee instead of them having to wait for the spam report.

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Director Of Information Technology at CBI Group – Culture-Based Interiors

I'm a real big fan of the new Link Lock feature.

I also use the solution's geo-blocking. The only downside about that is that our owners are from the UK, so I have to be careful about that. But the geo-blocking has resulted in about a 5 percent decrease in spam emails and that's big, given how many emails we have coming in. And geo-blocking is very easy and very intuitive to use. If I want to block country X, but allow these other countries, it is very easily managed.

Another nice feature is how tailored it is so that I can adjust the domain reputation score. At certain times of the year we run marketing campaigns and I can raise the score a little bit and that way we get feedback more readily. And during Christmas time, when the bad guys try to pull people in, I can turn it down and make it a little bit tighter. People will then let me know, "Hey, I need this email, I'm blocked," and I can do that within five to 10 minutes,

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Johnny Zodrow - PeerSpot reviewer
Service Manager at OnSite

The big aspect of TitanHQ’s technology, when it comes to acquiring new customers for us as an MSP, is the way it sandboxes all incoming email attachments. That feature allows an email attachment to be run as if somebody had opened it, without causing any threat or concern to our customers' environments. The solution can open the attachment, run through it, and make sure there's nothing malicious about it. If there is something malicious, it destroys it. If there isn't, it passes it on. 

On average, it does that in less than a second and that means a customer never feels that something is scanning their attachments. Nobody is going to notice a one-second lag in email delivery. It provides a lot of security and peace of mind for us, but it doesn't bother or interrupt a customer’s day-to-day functions.

The customer-facing panel, what the customers actually log in to, is where they can release spam email, or allow and block email addresses or domains, was also a big selling point for us. We like how customer-friendly the interface is.

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Solutions Consultant at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

I like the fact that SpamTitan filters out phishing and spoofing links. They call it AI-driven threat protection. Though I'm a highly educated, advanced computer user, I still like not having to pay attention to where the link is going. I can trust that SpamTitan will filter it out nine times out of 10. 

It's a huge value add for clients who aren't tech savvy because they often click on links in their emails they think are legit, installing some type of malware or virus on their PCs by doing so. Anti-phishing is a new feature, but the standard spam protection, filtering, and antivirus are good too. It has two antivirus filters: Clam and Bitdefender. I think it's great to keep the viruses out of email boxes.

We use geoblocking internally and for our clients. I believe SpamTitan does that by default, so I don't know if there's a specific setting for that, and I don't spend much time in the control panel. I know that you can manually block a domain. It's handy to block spam from a domain that you now isn't legitimate. That's a nice feature.

SpamTitan uses artificial intelligence to train itself and assigns each piece of mail a rating from zero to whatever. The higher the rating, the more likely it is to be spam. If the score is below 10, it's usually not spam. It does a pretty good job of determining whether it's going to be garbage.

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Milovan Milic - PeerSpot reviewer
Head of IT at Ichthus College Veenendaal

SpamTitan has two main features included in it. One is like ClamAV and the other is like Bitdefender. It scans for viruses. There is also content filtering and many other options. For example, you can set up filter rules, you can block email addresses and domains, and you can do pattern filtering.

These days there are a lot of emails with macros and that's a really dangerous situation. A lot of schools are being attacked. We have set it up so that anything that comes with a macro goes into quarantine first. We then get an email notification that there is a macro and we check it. Sometimes it's a false positive, but this way we can control what is released and what is not. You never know what a document with a macro can deliver. It can infect your whole environment.

We have a dashboard where we can see how many emails are legitimate and how many are spam. When people come to us and say, "Hey, we got some spam," we can say, "Look at THE dashboard. Something like 70 percent of the emails coming in are spam, so be happy it blocks all of that email."

And, we moved to something even better than that because we're now using SpamTitan Plus. It has an extra feature so that if you receive an email with a link, it goes to the TitanHQ server and that link is also checked. That is probably the best feature. It is good for security because lots of spam happens via the links that people click, or through emails with viruses and macros.

SpamTitan is also easy to use. You just set it up and everything works the way it should. The user interface is easy to use and navigate. We can quickly do system updates ourselves because we have a private cloud with access to our own server.

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Bornwell Mwenya - PeerSpot reviewer
Head of Technical Support at ZAMNET
  • The quarantine feature
  • The reporting feature
  • The content filtering feature

With the reporting feature, we were able to have broader insight on emails that our clients send as well as the emails that get to our clients. We are able to analyze when we get complaints from clients as to what happened to the emails that they sent to their clients, who sent it at what time, and the content in cases of complaints where the client did not get an email from the sender or their emails were not delivered to their sender. We are able to view at what point did the email drop, who sent the email, and to whom.

We use the geo-blocking feature based on IP addresses. We also use it based on the country and the top-level domain. We are able to block any of those three. For example, we get a lot of emails from Japan. Therefore, we have blocked the top-level domain .jp at the end.

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Owner/President at a tech services company

It is a very easy product to use. There is one interface that services all our clients' health. Once learning the interface, we don't have to learn another one for each client. It is the same interface, which is valuable. Therefore, we find the single interface the most valuable since I have a very small team. I don't have one or two people dedicated to just SpamTitan. We all need to learn the interface and be fluent in it. So, having a unified single interface is a big deal for us. I don't have to teach my people five different interfaces in order to be managing a product. They use one interface for all our clients. It is a single pane of glass, which is huge for us.

The geo-blocking feature has reduced the amount of viral intrusions from foreign countries, especially recently. We saw an uptick in attempted viral intrusions in SpamTitan right after Ukraine was invaded. Most intrusions were coming from Russian pilot countries. The geo-blocking feature stopped a lot of that.

The geo-blocking feature is very easy to use. We pretty much set the filter up, then blocked a set number of countries. If another country comes through, and we see garbage coming from it, then it is very easy to block. If we have specific sites where we have to allow site X through from that country, that is also very easy to do.

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DevOps Director at University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics

SpamTitan is flexible and highly configurable. 

The solution keeps a copy of inbound and outbound messages for a period, which is a handy feature. It makes it easier to determine precisely what is happening with an email, where it came from, why it isn't routing correctly, why it is or isn't being flagged etc. If an end user forwards us a problematic email, the header information can be lost, making it harder to figure out what's happening.

Geo-blocking is a great feature. It's simple, and it works; we pick a country, and the tool blocks mail from that country. There isn't a list of countries to select from, we have to type in the country name, and it brings up matches, which is a little cumbersome, but it still works quite well. The feature is good to have, but we don't see a massive influx of emails being blocked. 

A huge feature for us is the link rewriting configuration; we can set exemptions for link rewriting from particular organizations. The rest are rewritten and checked against the SpamTitan database of problematic sites and email sources. The user is notified of the outcome of the check, which is excellent when it's hard to determine if an email is legitimate or not.   

The solution saves employees' time. Many of our faculty are physicians who don't have much time to check their emails, especially if they need to scroll through and delete spam mail, which can hide important messages. A cleaner inbox is easier to use and saves time, probably an hour a week per user. That might not sound like much, but we had physicians with inboxes so full of spam they stopped checking their emails, which is no longer the case. Our catch rate is up significantly, and our false positives have dropped considerably, saving the end user time.

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IT Specialist at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

I like the fact that we can review any email that the solution deems to be a threat, before it gets into our environment. It could be a valid email, but if at any point that email appears to be a threat, it is held and we can check it out, see if it's a legitimate email, and then release it.

Also, the user interface, in terms of usability, is rather straightforward. It's very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Any basic user who has never traversed the SpamTitan interface can understand it. We have never had any complaints from new users about difficulties in working with emails that are held.

Another feature of SpamTitan that I like is the reporting. We are able to identify the users or accounts that have been attacked most. We can see information that shows us the sites that the user goes to, and that helps in launching an investigation of that user and how they use our resources. That's a very good capability for us. If somebody has been using a machine as a bot to launch or carry malicious activities, we have been able to detect that. We have been able to prevent a couple of cases of ransomware attacks thanks to SpamTitan.

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Walter Matesa - PeerSpot reviewer
IT Consultant at Garrtech Inc.

There are two things that make it really attractive to end-users. The first is their ability to manage their own spam queues via the end-user reports. It allows them to determine if there are any false-positives. Ultimately, every solution has false positives, but enabling the users to handle that aspect allows me to spend less time managing it. That's the most valuable feature for me.

The second is that the price is fairly reasonable. Those aspects make it an inviting solution for clients looking to protect their environments, especially because we know that email is the number-one source of hacking these days.

I also use the built-in geo-blocking feature quite extensively. I ran a report on one of the sites to see how much geo-blocking was happening, and I was quite surprised that there was a lot. I've looked at where the majority of spam was coming from, in terms of IPs, and put in blocks on those, as well as on the obvious ones such as North Korea and, certainly, Russia these days. The report I ran showed me there is a lot of potential for compromise and a lot of malicious actors in those locations.

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IT Systems Administrator at Nylene Canada Inc.

The most valuable feature is the Link Lock, which prevents our users from clicking on links that haven't been verified. This is the feature that sold us on the product. We already had an anti-spam engine, but it didn't have that feature, and SpamTitan is what solved that problem for us.

The interface is easy to learn and easy to use, even for beginners that know nothing about the product. One can just pick it up and go.

The sensitivity of the setup that determines what's spam and what isn't, including the scoring in order to quarantine, block, or allow emails, is well done.

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Attorney at Wegman and Levin

I like the ability to go online and view mail that's been quarantined. SpamTitan lets you look at the mail and decide whether you want to release it or not.

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Deployment Manager at NetUniverse

The way we can customize filters is excellent. Other solutions tend to be restrictive with their specific profiles, but with SpamTitan, we can create them from scratch.

The solution is straightforward to deploy and very quick to set it up. We can get it to work in five to ten minutes, which is excellent for demonstrating the product to potential clients. Another main factor is the price. I believe it's usually less expensive than all the other solutions.

There was an event two or three months ago where one of our clients had a problem where their domain was spoofed. We solved it by running the outgoing emails through SpamTitan and using the DMARC register. They stopped receiving spoofing emails, which is how we usually solve these problems. 

The solution doesn't just save us time, but money as well. We had a case with one client where their accounting department received spoofed emails requesting all kinds of payments. When we implemented the DMARC configuration for outgoing emails, they were protected. Regarding saving time going through spam emails, I would say an average amount of time is saved because anti-spam isn't the main focus of the solution. Our clients already use Office 365 and Google, which include spam filters for incoming emails. Our primary use for SpamTitan is security, the filter for incoming emails regarding buyers. Anti-spam is a bonus, but we care about security the most, and in terms of security, I would say SpamTitan performs above average. Since implementing the solution, we have received less complaints of false positives from our clients.

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Ryan Rood - PeerSpot reviewer
Information Technology Manager at Copp's Buildall

The new Link Lock feature seems to help protect us a bit better than before. We have been pretty happy with it. The Link Lock feature is probably one of the better ones that can help better protect our end users. I know that they are still working on it, so there are some challenges here and there. However, for the most part, the features and functionality are pretty awesome.

It is pretty easy for us to use, add new features, and add licenses.

We use the geo-blocking feature to block by certain country domains. There are a chunk of regions that we just outright drop as soon as they hit the server. This reduces our spam intake by 5% to 10%.

We block .ru, because we have had a huge intake of spam as well as stuff from Japan. Since we don't do anything in those countries, there is no reason for us to be getting email from them. That is why we do it. We just don't have a need for emails to be coming in from those locations.

The geo-blocking feature is easy to use. Some of the users can waitlist. Then, on the admin side, we can also add stuff to completely allow a top-level domain, if we know that we are having some issues with them, and they haven't quite fixed their stuff. It is very easy to do that and use it.

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IT Support Consultant at a non-profit with 1-10 employees

We really like the fact that we get a quarantine report because we can identify for ourselves which emails we want to keep and which we want to get rid of. It also gives us the option of directly allowing emails, which we really like. That way, the next time we get such emails, they're not blocked.

The user interface experience with SpamTitan is great. On a scale of one to 10, I'd give it an eight or nine because it is very straightforward. Overall, the solution is intuitive, particularly for my end users. I'm the one who implemented it, but my end-users find the reports very easy to use when they want to delete or block somebody. We're impressed.

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Ray Kiesbrink - PeerSpot reviewer
CTO at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

What I like the most is the filtering and the granularity with which you can really zoom in on the spam that's coming in and configure it exactly so that what you don't want is blocked.

What I also love about SpamTitan is that you can deploy it on your own hardware, so if there are any performance issues you can just upgrade the hardware and you'll be fine.

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Director of IT at a non-profit with 201-500 employees

The user interface has been really good. There is an option to send people an email with what has been filtered on your stuff. Given everything else that our users do, I thought, "Let me just hold onto those keys right now, and I'll just review," because we only have 200-and-something users. So, I have been just filtering it for them. Some people report, "Hey, this guy sent me an email. I haven't heard back." I immediately go and find it, then release it. That has been working well for us.

The solution works really well. For a small nonprofit like us who don't have a large server footprint and rely heavily on cloud services, this is great for all our emails and the mobile workforce that we have. This is a great way to manage the traffic, hopefully keep our people from getting the phishing emails and stuff like that, helping to mitigate the risks.

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Abdul Ali - PeerSpot reviewer
Business Analyst at Eviva

The most valuable feature would be the customizable policies that we use for routing emails. Since spam is evolving every day and finding new ways to attack, we have to do some tweaks in email policies, how to deal with the DeMark configurations. 

I like the zero-day attacks blocking feature. We were able to block a ton of spam emails and phishing emails coming from the outside. 

Sometimes, when there is an email thread, one of the emails doesn't have the same score of protection as the other emails, then the system might trigger that this is spam and graylist it. However, it looks at the overall thread and doesn't block the email. We were using a spam filtering software before that was very aggressive and that was blocking a lot of clean emails.

The geo-blocking feature really works. We can identify certain IPs based on geolocation, e.g., known IPs as well as identify a lot of databases based origination. It has been really helpful in blocking these kinds of emails. The geo-blocking feature has reduced our spam intake by 95%. Every once in a while, we get emails that bypass the geolocation, then we end up getting the spam. 

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Klaus Nielsen - PeerSpot reviewer
CEO - Owner at XPConsult

The overall system is straightforward to use, and the UI is excellent. It significantly streamlines the process of dealing with spam emails.

We previously used a Barracuda anti-spam product, first as hardware compliance boxes and then as virtual machines. SpamTitan works better for us as an MSP, and the pricing is right for our SMB customers.    

It's very easy for us to do business with TitanHQ. They have a no-nonsense attitude, provide good support, and their financial department helps us out. The system works well, and they take care of us.  

The MSP setup differentiates TitanHQ from other providers. We don't make any investments as it's a hosted solution. It is there for us to implement for our clients and profit from it. 

There is a significant productivity gain from filtering most spam emails away from end-users. These days, clients expect their MSP to have high-level solutions, and SpamTitan works perfectly.   

I don't know precisely how much the geo-blocking feature reduces our spam intake, but it's a substantial amount of spam that never gets to us.

SpamTitan's general configuration works well, and we use the geo-blocking feature for several clients who require geofencing. It's a feature we don't necessarily need very often, but it's there and works well if specific clients want geofencing in their solution. 

The solution allows us to set up exemptions and whitelist certain agencies which don't follow standard email rules. This is sometimes the case for government clients, for example, a tax agency.  

SpamTitan saves employees' time via automated spam filtering and threat protection. If customers use the built-in Office 365 email protection, they must decide whether an email is spam or not. SpamTitan does that for us and offers excellent security due to its high threat intelligence. I would say the product saves us at least an hour a week and profoundly impacts our catch-rate. We need this solution, as our stats say 50% of all emails coming through our domain are spam. 

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Mikael Jordan - PeerSpot reviewer
Help Desk Manager/Information Security Analyst at Eureka College

The most valuable feature is the reporting on bounced emails. If an email has been blocked or bounced, or a client tells me that they're not receiving a certain email, I can go into the reports and rather quickly look to see if it's shown up at all. If it has, I can either release it to the client or tell them what happened with it. Overall, the reporting is excellent.

The interface is very user-friendly and you can access it from anywhere in the world. It is easy to use, very well thought out and doesn't have a steep learning curve.

This product is excellent in terms of its overall intuitiveness.

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Ricky Brewster - PeerSpot reviewer
Heldesk & Internal Systems Manager at Active IT Systems

The aspects of TitanHQ's technology that help us acquire new customers and add value to our services are its ease of use and functionality. It's a brilliant product. It sounds amazing when you first look at it, and it does what it says it will do.

The key differentiator of TitanHQ for its partners is the Sandboxing Service. The email filtering will open up any attachments and run them through two antivirus sandboxes before they reach you. You can pretty much guarantee there's not going to be a virus in them. I've not seen anyone else do that.

Also, the solution's overall intuitiveness is fantastic. Everything, from our experience dealing with the people at TitanHQ, to setting the product up, where you can literally change every single setting down to the fine details, has been great.

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Owner/Founder at Nexxous Computer Centres Ltd.

The mail scanning is most valuable. They've been very good. We've used other ones, and everything else seems to be substandard than this.

The other thing that I found helpful with SpamTitan was the ability to import rules from other appliances.

The ability to contact their tech support and have them build in custom rules for us is also very important. For instance, somebody submitted a staff member's email address to some spam, and he was getting hundreds a day. They created a custom rule set for that mailbox. That really helped to stabilize the app. It saved hours in going through all those emails daily, which is a huge waste of time. Emails are critical, and if your mailbox starts to get spammed and they're blowing through these predefined rules, you need somebody there to help build custom rules. That's exactly what they did.

I've been involved with other solutions, and I've been through the interfaces of Barracuda. I have also tried some free appliances, and I feel that its interface, once you get used to the lingo, is good. It is very easy to use, at least for me. They're doing pretty good.

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Director, Information Technology at a government with 1,001-5,000 employees

Their general spam filtering and the logging of the history are helpful.

They have a low false-negative detection. We have a lot of control over what is filtered and what isn't through creating our own rule sets.

We also use SpamTitan's geo-blocking feature. We started using that when it became available as we were doing that ourselves on-prem. We started using that when it became available last year. It allows you to block spam emails entering your network and servers, reducing your spam intake. Being able to block a whole country that our customers don't deal with is just an easy way to not even have to process those spam messages. 

I'm not sure if I can approximate by how much we've reduced our spam intake by using this feature, however. We tend to geo-block based on the country, not the IP. So far, it works. It's easy to set up and easy to make exceptions, based on either IP or domain, in case there is some email from a country that we're blocking that we have to allow through. It's very important due to the fact that we're a government agency. Blocking emails from certain countries, especially during times like this, where there are a lot of attacks coming in, helps keep us safe.

In general, the user interface is good. SpamTitan's overall intuitiveness is okay. 

The solution has saved us time. We went from doing work every day to maybe a couple of times a week to make sure the emails we are getting are clean.

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Paul Adrignola - PeerSpot reviewer
President at Record Printing

They have a feature where you can export your email addresses, so they can go onto the whitelist or blacklist. I think I am supposed to call them allowed or not allowed now, but I like this feature a lot. 

I like its reporting. I can tell a lot about the activity and things that are going on with my people, I can see it in all their reports.

The solution's overall intuitiveness is pretty good. I am pretty experienced at web and computer stuff, and I had no trouble.

You can go through SpamTitan's report a whole lot faster than you can just go through all your emails because the spam ones just never hit your email.

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Joe Connor - PeerSpot reviewer
IT Technician at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

The most valuable feature is the way it quarantines spam email.

The quarantine feature is easy to use. It has many different filters and you can easily find messages that our users are struggling to get delivered. It makes it easy to find out why it is that messages were blocked in the first place.

This product provides an email filtering report for our customers. A lot of users are set up with this report so that they can see the details themselves, before having to come to us.

SpamTitan has a geo-blocking feature and it reduces our spam intake.

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IT Manager at Supreme PLC

The user interface is intuitive and straightforward. All the functions are self-evident from the titles on the menus. They're crystal clear, and the in-application help is handy.

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Senior Manager, Enterprise Infrastructure at a manufacturing company with 1-10 employees

The most valuable features are the 

  • reporting
  • overall filtering functionality

The reporting interface is quite simple and intuitive and provides all of the information that one would need.

The user interface is an eight out of 10. The user interface for regular users is quite intuitive. The email report that they receive is pretty self-explanatory. The online interface for administrators is simple yet really quite effective. It's really a set-it-and-forget-it, and everything is available when needed.

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Senior IT Consultant at a consultancy

Very effective in blocking spam and viruses and can be deployed as an appliance. SpamTitan supports clustering thus eliminating single points of failure. The geo-blocking feature is good to have, to protect against offending countries and the user interface is clean and very simple to use and works quite well. Customized report generation is excellent and the product is very easy to maintain.

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Igor Kim - PeerSpot reviewer
IT Systems Manager at a transportation company with 1,001-5,000 employees

Geo-blocking is a great feature. We like it. Every spam solution should have that kind of filtering. We don't work with African or Asian countries. We're mostly focused on North America. Blocking those regions helps a lot in protecting us from spammers who are trying to reach us. Before we implemented this feature, we saw a lot of spam coming from Vietnam, Russia, China, and India, et cetera. The geo-blocking has reduced spam a lot.

Another good feature, related to geo-blocking, is the ability to specify exemptions. We discovered that some of our customers, even though they are located in Canada, have an Exchange Server sitting in Japan or in the Netherlands. It seems they have branches or their head office in other countries. Having this exception feature is helpful.

The SpamTitan user interface is pretty straightforward. I don't see it as very complicated or difficult to navigate. It's very user-friendly. 

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Information Technology Manager at a manufacturing company with 201-500 employees

I like the daily reports that go to our users. They are very user-friendly, easy to use, and basically transparent.

The user interface experience is very good. It sends a report to everybody's email. They can look at all the spam and use a simple button to click and delete. The quarantine reports are really simple to use.

SpamTitan's overall intuitiveness is very good. I like it a lot. 

I really like the impersonation feature of SpamTitan. We used to get emails pretending to be other users. This solution is smart enough to filter out using name filtering. If I want, I could block based on our CEO and president's name. Then, if an email came from them, the solution makes sure it is internal and not somebody who is external trying to spoof their name.

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Charles Laverdière - PeerSpot reviewer
Technical Specialist at 6tem TI

We make use of the geo-blocking feature for our clients. For example, we are currently blocking emails from Russia. I have not specifically analyzed the results since putting this in place; however, I was seeing an increase in threats from Russia and this was what we did to address the situation.

The geo-blocking feature is very important to us because it's an easy way to block possible threats. There are some countries, such as smaller ones in other parts of the world, that our customers have no reason to communicate with. Considering the fact that many threats come from such countries, the ability to block them based on geography is a wonderful feature. It's also easy to put in place.

We are able to put in geo-blocking exceptions based on a trusted sender's IP, domain, or email address, although we have no need for that at the moment. 

The quarantine report is easy to navigate.

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Rami Al-Bader - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior System Administrator at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

I had some ad emails getting through the filter from time to time. I don't get them anymore with SpamTitan. It's always moved to the junk by default. SpamTitan has some intelligent features for learning which emails should go to the inbox and which should be flagged or quarantined. 

URL blocking is helpful. It will block any URL sending out lots of spam or phishing. It will rename the URL itself and send it to the user. The admin will block it, or you can allow users to release it if you want. 

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Cloud & Infrastructure konsulent at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

The granularity of the setup is most valuable. It has all the features we need from global settings to per-user settings. This makes it possible to really fine tune the spam filter. We are pretty happy with it.

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President - CEO at Micro Computer Enterprises

The user interface and user experience of SpamTitan are very good. It's easy to use and very intuitive. No end-user is going to buy the product. A company or a reseller is going to buy it for them. As one of those resellers, I know that our users get a daily report and they can un-quarantine something, or block it in the future.

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Larrie Case - PeerSpot reviewer
Owner at Case Computers

SpamTitan's individual spam reports for end-users is probably the best feature. It saves me time.

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Adrian Buenaventura - PeerSpot reviewer
IT Technical Manager at a construction company with 1,001-5,000 employees

I have found the feature that creates seamless categorization of emails valuable. This is most likely done by having a large database to compare and to identify what are the domains that are currently spammers.

The antivirus scan engines that they have incorporated with the solution are powerful.

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Jeff Edwards - PeerSpot reviewer
President at Energy Control Systems

It lowers the amount of junk email you have to go through and delete.

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Senior IT Administrator at a manufacturing company with 51-200 employees

The solution is not hard to manage.

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