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Perception Point Advanced Email Security Valuable Features

Director of Office 365 Services at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees

The most valuable features of the solution are the ones that are related to finding impersonation attacks and detecting attempts to steal credentials. In scenarios where attackers get you to follow URLs to a malicious site that looks similar to a good site, and then ask for the user credentials to try to steal them, it is very useful.

It also has features for detecting branding impersonation.

And specifically, when it comes to protecting our VIPs and avoiding BEC (business email compromise) attacks, that is another important part for us.

It scans pretty much all content, so it's full-scale. We see in our dashboard how emails are categorized by different engines. There isn't just one engine that determines whether an email is malicious. They have a multi-engine architecture for detection of malicious emails. They provide full scanning of email.

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Operations and Information Security at a tech services company with 1-10 employees

The way that they scan all embedded links in an email. One of their features is a scan engine. It scans every link, then tries to determine if it is an active site. So, if they saw a threat and the website was down, then it is not really a threat. If there is a link in an email, they still pass the email through because they can't determine that it is a problem. However, when they scan them and see a problem, then we can see these results in the portal, which is good as well. 

If we have clients who say, "Hey, I didn't get this email," or "Look at this," we can view a lot of this information in the portal. 

With Office 365, the nice thing is that if an email does slip through, we have the feature enabled where we can notify them or log into the portal, then it will take the email out of our customer's mailboxes.

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VP Cyber at R-MOR

They don't have a lot of features. They have very straightforward basic features. As a mail relay, I am very satisfied with the product because it really defends against all malicious activity from the Internet. It catches a lot of stuff, such as attachment files on body headers. 

It really works well on SharePoint when you upload a file or save a file. Advanced Email Security scans if it is malicious and identifies issues. It can do some forensics on its console, which is nice. 

The UX/UI is quite straightforward and good. You don't have a lot of settings to mess around with, which is great. What you see is what you get.

As far as I know, it provides full scanning of all incoming mail content. Incoming-only is good enough for me. Once you have malicious activity within your domain, e.g., your Office 365 or any type of mail service, it doesn't really matter. It really matters what is coming from the outside into the organization.

If you are an E1 or E3 user in Office 365, this will complement your solution quite nicely, without spending a lot of money. I don't think that Office 365 gives you a lot of security in terms of your mail infrastructure, unless you know how to configure it correctly. Here, you don't really need to configure anything. You just change the DNS record, and there you go. So, it is really good.

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Senior System Administrator at UAS

The most valuable feature is the hardware-assisted platform module. The HAP is hardware-based and does not exist in many products. It is a unique CPU technology that can detect ransomware attacks.

The notification system is helpful. We received two notifications a day, which include the false positives.

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Chief Security Officer at a hospitality company with 1,001-5,000 employees

Email is still the first victim, e.g., it is number one for hackers to use. This is why you want to have the best protection against those attempts. The mechanism Perception Point Advanced Email Security has against malicious, phishing attempts and all these hackers' attempts via email was the main reason to use this solution. It protects the company from all the email attempts that can put the company at risk.

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Head Of Security Operation And Response at a hospitality company with 1,001-5,000 employees

Almost everything is a valuable feature. Among the most important are the sandboxing and the levels of pattern and sophisticated techniques they are able to detect. As far as I know, and I've worked with another product before, Microsoft Defender for Office 365, other products are not able to detect those kinds of malicious files or URLs. Perception Point is our second layer, and it always catches them. 

Another feature that we really like, one that was introduced a few months back, is the way it categorizes threats into groups, such as Emotet, Qbot, Formbook, and the like. It's not only telling you that something is malware, but it's also giving you insight into what kind of malware, which category tried to exploit you. For a security team, this kind of information is very critical because it's a type of intelligence. You understand what you are facing and whether you are a target for a specific group of threats, and you can defend better against them.

And something that has really improved in the last few months is the Incident Response team, which comes as part of the service. The SLA is really amazing. This was the biggest advantage. When you are working with MDO or Proofpoint, for example, you will never speak to a human. You can open a case and they will reply, but we have a Slack channel with Perception Point. We can reach out to them and they answer immediately, meaning within five and 30 minutes. For us, that's like real-time when working with a vendor.

The main goal of the Incident Response team is responding to incidents, of course. But the way we use them is that when we identify a false positive, we ask them, "Hey guys, can you check why we got this false positive?" They do a great job checking and fine-tuning as a result, so that the next time it will pass through. The same goes for a true positive. What is unique about the product is that, in the end, it's not only a machine, rather there is also human interaction. A human will sometimes go over the tagging and decide that the system gave the wrong verdict. This is how they make sure that the system gets better and better all the time. In the backend, they have machine learning. But to optimize the model, somebody has to fine-tune it all the time. You cannot expect that the first model will be bulletproof, and that is the way they are doing it. That is why they are so good in this domain.

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CEO at IGuardU

It keeps my emails safe. This is the main feature.

The solution’s effectiveness when it comes to detection is very good. It has a very good mechanism. It scans our emails. It identifies any threat or phishing attempts and phishing campaigns as well as any bad reputation, servers, or links, then it blocks them. This is what I find to be very good about this system. This is what we are always looking for.

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Technical Director at Channel Next

Finding a delicate balance between user experience and security is the toughest challenge while looking for a security solution . We found perception point is extremely doing well much beyond our expectations. Faster delivery of emails is one of the key feature we really liked the most .Simple implementation for enabling the protection is the second , since it is a Integrated Cloud Email Security solution which based on API ,we can configure it without changing the MX record. In depth analysis , reporting and quick technical support are the other features we liked .   For any malicious content found in emails, it gives in-depth analysis reports to end users. If you log into the console, you can see in-depth detection and how it happens. 

We receive SOC analysis reports from the Perception Point X-Ray console, where you can view a majority of the incident or SOC reports. If you are an exchange admin, you can extract all  information from the report. You can also configure customised  reports. Still if you need any more in-depth analysis  just take a screenshot and send it to the support. 

Perception Point is hosted on AWS S3. This is why we can very quickly scan emails. If you are receiving an email with an attachment, it can be received in two or three seconds. Its detection and delivery are very fast and false positives are really less.

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CISO at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees

The most valuable feature is the ability to identify malicious content and phishing emails and reduce the workload we have to do in terms of security. The quarter before we used Perception Point, we had about 400 positive identifications of malicious content being used by employees, probably getting them via email. Since using Perception Point, we have almost nothing.

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Principal at a financial services firm with 11-50 employees

One of the most valuable features is the service provided by the incident response team. There have been cases where we have suspected that emails were fraudulent or something was suspicious. In those cases, we immediately contacted the incident response team through the platform, and we had a response in less than a minute. They confirmed that those emails were not fraudulent, and we were able to continue with those emails. The response and the capability and the professionalism of the team have been some of the good aspects. It has been very positive on the customer service side.

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Security Engineer at Global-e

What's really good about this platform is that  

  • you have full visibility 
  • it has a very nice and very friendly UI
  • it's quick
  • there's no latency in the scanning. 

I'm able to log into the system to see what's happened. I do that every day because in the company I work for things are a bit sensitive. I don't trust any solution 100 percent, so it's not just Perception Point. I like to see things myself and decide.

And the speed of scanning is very quick. The time it takes is almost nothing.

That's what we need. It pretty much gives us the perfect solution for our requirements.

In terms of their detection, if there is malware they detect it. For nine months we haven't seen more than a couple of true negatives, meaning malicious emails that did get through their scanning system. It has helped to prevent hundreds of threats.

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Chief Information Officer at a legal firm with 201-500 employees

This is the only solution that I know, which filters emails and secures mail relay. It is scanning all our emails and gives us advanced security information about it.

The solution has helped to reduce our false positive rate.

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IT Department at a transportation company with 201-500 employees

I find the solution very valuable. It does what it is supposed to do. It works. 

The solution’s effectiveness when it comes to detection is very good. It is stopping malicious emails and tagging emails noted as spam. So, we are able to disseminate those emails, get what we need, and block clearly malicious emails. It saves us a lot of valuable time. It keeps our users safe, e.g., the majority of emails that they would have gotten in the past don't even make it into their inbox.

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Learn what your peers think about Perception Point Advanced Email Security. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: January 2022.
564,143 professionals have used our research since 2012.