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Planview PPM Pro Valuable Features

Sabrina D'Aurora - PeerSpot reviewer
Business Analyst II at a financial services firm with 501-1,000 employees

I like that it's so customizable and it's so easy to customize. It's not overly complicated. We can get pretty much whatever we need out of the system. If it's not there, we can add it.

For example, the whole request process was built from scratch. We customized all of the fields that we wanted to capture as part of our initial submission and then the fields that we wanted to add on through the gating process to gather more information before final approval is submitted.

The solution enables users to create reusable project templates that reflect their own project management life cycle. We have only a few templates set up right now, however, that's something that we'll develop further as we go.

It makes our project management process more consistent across the board. We have probably 13 different project managers, from an FTE perspective, and we have a lot of consultants. Therefore, having the template already built-in keeps everybody on the same page.

It does not take long to create a new project using the solution. It's fast due to the fact that they all come through as a request and it's just a matter of adding it to the project and everything is pretty much there. You're just talking about turning a request into a project which takes less than five minutes. Previously, we were on spreadsheets and Word Docs, et cetera. As far as having the template with the tasks already in it, that obviously saves a lot of time for the project managers.

Task management features are so customizable that they're working for us based on exactly what we need. We also can always build as we grow as an organization. I like that tasks can be assigned to specific individuals so they can work on things themselves and update them in the system, as opposed to the project manager having to go in and manually do everything themselves.

With this solution, in terms of time savings, we're averaging a savings of three days per month, if not more.

The solution's time tracking abilities and allows for timesheets allocating hours. Before, we used a spreadsheet where we had to find the project in a list of 100 other projects that were going on at the same time. Being able to pull up a timesheet and only feed those projects that I'm assigned helps me as far as tracking my time. 

The solution is great for viewing projects and timelines. Their reporting feature is so robust and they keep adding to it all the time and the ability to set up your individual portfolios - however you need to - and being able to report on those, is a huge advantage.

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Client Support and Portfolio Management at British Columbia Lottery Corp

The resource management feature is certainly the most valuable for us. It is the supply and demand. Like most companies, one of the hardest nuts to crack is understanding where your people are and getting them to do the right thing at the right time. So, certainly, out of all the functionality, this has been the saving grace for us because it now provides us with the insight to do future planning and stop taking on more work than we are physically capable of doing as a company.

I've worked at many different companies in the past, and the customer service and the support from Daptiv are unlike anything I've encountered before and far excel any other company I've worked with. I always say to people that Daptiv is like another department in your own company as you do not realize they're a vendor.

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Program Manager at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees

The project entity in PPM Pro gives a lot of options for us to capture information, manage, and control it in a very detail-oriented way.

The timesheet management features give us visibility to the overall capacity planning and how much actual effort is going into the programs monthly. The risk and project status information gives a helping hand for stakeholders to understand how the programs are progressing. We have only explored a portion of it so far. The other features that we are exploring right now are the what-if features that seem to be helpful for future planning and project program management. We are aiming to get that rolled out as quickly as possible.

PPM Pro enables us to create reusable project templates that reflect our project management lifecycle. This includes many factors like fields used in a particular type of project, information captured in selected fields, tasks, attachments, dashboard links, calendars, risks, roles, team members and staffing information, etc.

When a project is running, there are several aspects of this that come into the picture. Gate structure, task structure, resources, roles, and settings etc. Also, the information we capture varies from project to project. When a project is completed, if we see that something is a potential candidate to be converted as a template, we extract the necessary information/setting from the existing project and create that as a template asset, so that in future, projects can be created based on that template. Multiple templates can be taken from one project. It takes hardly a minute and a half, maximum, to create a project in PPM Pro with the system defined mandatory fields. When it comes to a project, each customer will have a set of requirements (mandatory fields) in terms of what they need to capture for it.

Building a team is tricky. There are two ways I look at the team in a project. One is based on the staffing aspect; another one is just as a team. For building a team, if it is just a team grouping into a program, it is very simple and straight forward. You can add the members directly into the team. But if it is a staffing-based team, it is a bit complex because we deal with the role demand as well as resource planning. So, we need to plan it out first before it goes into the system at present.

In terms of PPM Pro’s task management features, we have not created any complex structures yet, but recently we have identified that it is more suitable in terms of complex structure management. And also helps to roll-up the information from tasks to project to Program to BU level. As of now, we only use around 50% of the potential from a task status. The structure we currently have is very straightforward and simple from a task point of view. It is possible to capture a lot of details in the task structure. It is really impressive that task structure can capture that kind of detail.

The time-tracking abilities like timesheets and allocation of hours are good. It is efficient and practical. PPM Pro gives a comprehensive insight into projects and empowers project/program managers to make informed decisions. We create reports and dashboards in PPM Pro that show the overall status and progress of each Business Unit with the details of projects with required KPIs. Please note that these KPIs will differ based on requirements from each BU/Customer.

Stakeholders also get a view of the timesheets at a high-level and are also able to drill down to the necessary details. This helps them to see whether the team is spending more or less time compared to the original plan and they can revise the planning, which will become more efficient for further project execution. We have set a platform for stakeholders in the system with dashboards and reports based on the KPIs needed for them to evaluate. This helps them to make decisions and also helps us to improve the system to get more out of it.

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Planview PPM Pro
September 2022
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IT Project Manager at Orange Business Services

PPM Pro is based on ITIL methodologies, so it is useful in our day-to-day work for developing timelines for our project management activities. It gives a clear picture of the progress and status reporting for our senior stakeholders at any point in time. 

It has a nice dashboard view, so you can analyze the progress of a project from a single place. It provides a nice graphical representation of all the project management with visualizations of Gantt charts and customized reports. You can easily track all your progress on project tasks and flag any issues. 

PPM Pro comes with various project templates, and you can create your own templates based on your requirements, so you can use them for all your project management activities. If you're using readymade templates, it is quite easy to create new project management activities. But if you have special needs and the template doesn't fit your requirements, you can create your own templates and share them with the team members and stakeholders. It's a straightforward process.

The team collaboration features are perfect. Building a team for a project is also smooth because we have sets of credentials for every team member, so they can easily log into the application and start using it because we have assigned project and sub-project tasks to various team members, like development, engineering, product, data analytics, sales, marketing, and consulting. They can use the solution anywhere at any time and plan their work accordingly. The level of visibility PPM Pro provides comes in handy in our day-to-day work because everything is moving to the cloud. More people are working remotely or doing hybrid work in the office. It gives them the flexibility to use the product from anywhere.

It is used by developers, junior developers, testers, marketing staff, etc., and we have a repository of all the contact details for each resource. We can easily track or easily reach team members when any requirements change. So it is quite efficient and quite easy.

The time-tracking capabilities are also excellent. We haven't experienced a single issue while developing timelines and the Gantt chart for each project. It has a nice notification system that informs us when we are approaching the deadline for a project or task, so we can update the senior stakeholders.

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Prateek Agarwal - PeerSpot reviewer
Manager at NISG

Scenario planning is the most important feature. You can easily align strategic management and the portfolios within your organization. It helps you visualize all your strategic plans and the KPIs. It provides that information on a unified dashboard, in which you can track all your resources and the portfolios. It helps senior stakeholders and executives with clear reporting about project intake and demands, in real time.

It also has some built-in, reusable templates and you can modify them according to your requirements. You can also create templates and workflows from scratch, so that you can plan things accordingly.

The team collaboration is nice compared to other tools. You just add your team members, provide them access and, according to the user's level, they are able to use the application. For example, when we create a new project, we create work streams, timelines, and the sub-tasks. Then we have to think about how many team members are required—the skills of the developers, testers, QA teams, consultants, and marketing. We add those team members to that project and provide them access to their tasks so that we can track their progress in the real time. That really helps us. We might have 35 to 40 team members in different locations using this product simultaneously.

In addition, the task management features are useful when you have timelines for project completion and for progress. It shows you any gaps or timelines that you have breached. Task management is very useful, and that would be true in any project management tool.

Another helpful feature, because we define timelines in the grant chart for each project, is the time tracking. It is very crucial for us to complete a project on time and meet the deadlines for our clients. The way PPM Pro tackles these is great. It provides a notification to us when a timeline or a sub-task within it is approaching the deadline.

Integration with PPM Pro is fine. It provides APIs and the integration mechanism for third-party tools and applications, like Microsoft Office and Microsoft Project. We have only integrated it with Microsoft Excel because we generally capture the requirements and the timelines offline. Because the solution doesn't work offline, in situations where the internet is not available, or we are on-the-go with a client, we capture the requirements in Excel. The integration means we get the data from Excel into PPM Pro.

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GabrielMorales - PeerSpot reviewer
VP of PMO at a insurance company with 1,001-5,000 employees

Daptiv is a project management tool, so it's pretty straightforward. The ability to manage projects and programs has been beneficial for us.

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Planview PPM Pro
September 2022
Learn what your peers think about Planview PPM Pro. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: September 2022.
634,590 professionals have used our research since 2012.