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Planisware Room for Improvement

Project portfolio systems consult at a pharma/biotech company with 1,001-5,000 employees

Historically, some releases--even with extensive delays from initial announcement--had minor, yet troubling glitches. Planisware now has sufficient critical mass to retain additional qualified personnel for improved regression testing. Version 6.3 benefits customers from Planisware's intensified commitment to robust quality assurance.

Planisware downplays customer use of Pro Web (L2) by emphasizing that substantial configuration capability is available in Intranet Server (L1). With SaaS service agreements, access to L2 for production environments is essentially forbidden for customers in order to maximize contracted uptime. On the positive side, L1 capability is  becoming more extensive in V6.3, reduceing user need for L2 access.

 SaaS provisions that Planisware provides in relation to security are superior to what smaller organizations can afford. Planisware SaaS no longer relies upon third-party providers. Faster data response time is a user benefit.

Availability of Planisware software as a service (SaaS) contributes to operational stability; your team still needs to keep the configuration responsive to evolving business needs. Each customer has responsibility for continuing to grow "know why" as well as "know how."

In my experience and discussions with fellow Planisware customers for almost two decades, commitment to achieving and sustaining deep product proficiency is a key best practice. At cost Planisware certification courses can provide training for a corporate customer's advanced users (those responsible for maintaining L1 level changes).

Here is a longterm issue to weigh: When only Planisware's staff makes operational and development changes to your production environment, technical capabilities on the customer side may not mature, resulting in over-dependence on the vendor. If your company is prepared to pay a premium for ongoing consulting on your organization-specific configuration from Planisware, that may be workable for your specific circumstance. That cost is above and beyond the SaaS maintenance.

Planisware decision makers have not placed priority on product changes or evolution requests that are not customer facing. For example, in Pro Web, control-A highlights visible lines for copying, but in my experience, only 300 or so lines actually copy in one operation. This fragmentation is supposedly ample for developers.Waiting for Planisware resolution--copying like the Pro tool in prior versions--may take many years, if ever.

Some longstanding legacy features introduced in OPX2, such as update and deletion macros, are not available in Planisware Enterprise. Future releases may "restore" macro functionality.

V6 can be addressed via mobile devices; having large monitor(s) provides better data visibility. 

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Senior Manager at a comms service provider with 501-1,000 employees

More integration is needed with other kinds of products for better collaboration.

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