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Nakivo Valuable Features

Senior Software Manager/Chief at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees

What I like most about it is their solution runs either on Windows or Linux or even on something like Synology. Nakivo is versatile and able to work with other systems.  

The lack of that capability is one of the big reasons that I do not like Veeam. Veeam is strictly a Windows solution. That is a big negative in my opinion. Plus Veeam is good — it is not that it is not good, it works great — but it is also expensive.  

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IT Systems / Security / Communications Administrator at Bennett International Group, LLC

Cloud integration is valuable because the ability to not only backup locally, but to the cloud, has been a great addition to the already fantastic product.

It's a much cheaper solution and a better performing product than many of its peers.

This product is fast and the speed of backups is a valuable feature. This product works faster than its peers, and its reporting features are fantastic.

Updates are well tested before put into general use. We have never had any issues with moving from old versions to new versions.

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Leading IT Engineer at a tech vendor with 11-50 employees

The solution is a very cheap option. It's a clone of Veeam backup and it works in a very similar way for less cost.

They offer great support. The product offers chat options that are available right on the user interface, so at any time, you can reach out to support for assistance. I haven't seen a similar feature in any other solution. The Nakivo is the first one to have implemented it.

The user interface in general is very good. It's very lightweight. It's a web interface, which is quite good. In comparison, their main competition, Veeam, has an external web interface, which requires an additional component to be installed on the server which is not ideal.

The initial setup is simple. 

They continuously implement new features. For example, they have brought support for storage devices recently and they are bringing support for duplication appliances. They're constantly growing. 

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System Administrator at Tecnoteca s.r.l.

The ability to backup Virtual Machines on the un-licensed version of ESXi is the main selling point for us.

The backups, especially of the incremental type, are really quick (ranging from five to 10 to 45 to 50 minutes depending on the size of the VM).

The recoveries are also quite quick, of course, depending on the host system. Generally, it recovers over the network and does not take more than an hour, again, depending on various factors unrelated to Nakivo.

The ability to retrieve individual files from a backup is a welcome plus which we discovered and found pretty useful.

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User at a tech services company

The first really good thing about Nakivo Backup and Replication was the fact that I could install and configure the trial version in maybe half an hour and had a successful backup of our file server on the same night. I used different repositories to test - a Synology NAS with Nakivo Transporter and a CIFS share on a Windows bases server. Both worked without any problems. Then there was another point, that was really important to me: having an offsite backup to a Synology NAS at an office branch. I had to take a look at some options to optimize data flow, but the backup copy job works like a charm.

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The test reboot of replicated VM and screenshot verification is great. NAKIVO is easy to use and pretty easy to set up. I use the appliance for all of my VM backups and replications. It runs as its own VM and you connect via a web browser. I have found Edge works best. The ease of purchasing a license from Nakivo has been one of the many features I have appreciated. I could not dislike purchasing a Veeam license more than anyone else in the IT industry. Having to jump through the hoops at Veeam and then after 10 plus emails, you might get an order from Techdata. It's just a joke.

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Director at A-Tech Services Limited

Many of these have been mention already.

The direct support from Nakivo has been excellent when we have had issues. The built-in link in the web console to request support and automatically include a support bundle with all the relevant configuration data for your system makes requesting support easy - not that we have had to do it very often.

They also seem to be listening to the customer base. It is one of the few products where you feel you are getting value for the ongoing support costs. There is a continuous stream of useful updates and new features.

The speed of the backups and replications is fantastic and, for the most part, the simplicity of use has been wonderful.

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Manager at Integrasindo Mitra Sejati

One feature that we like most is network acceleration. It also makes process backups between sites that we have more reliable. 

We like the site recovery system that Nakivo offers because it helps us with orchestration site recovery on our VM from one site to another site without having to deal with any manual processes. 

The transporter is one thing that we often use when we have installed a new server for our system. 

The chat functionality with Nakivo Support in the web interface is very unique and we love it.

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ICT Manager at Rossall School

Creating new jobs is quick and easy, with only a few clicks and you're done.  

The backup copy option is handy if you start running out of space. You can just move backup sets to alternate locations.

The ability to fire up replicated VMs and grab a screenshot of the running OS as proof the replication has worked is great for peace of mind!

The web-based GUI on Nakivo is rapid and the ongoing development of the product is steady and sensible. Not just a case of adding every option under the sun as some manufacturers try, and fail to do.

The simplicity of Nakivo is its best feature. It does exactly what it should, which is to create restorable backups!

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Technical Director at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

The backup and replication are great. 

We like the comprehensive email notifications with attached reports. This reporting is very very easy to set up and is saved in PDF format, making it extremely simple to both share and organize. A complete history trail can be shown with this product from inception to end of life.

It also has allowed us to replicate such servers as SQL and Exchange which is invaluable in areas of disaster recovery and other SOS situations. In the past, this has been a lifesaver and has even gotten us accolades from one client in particular.

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Systems Engineer at SRC

The most valuable features are the possibility to include a free ESXi Hypervisor into the backup, because of budget constraints, and it is lightweight. I do not need a very powerful machine to run Nakivo and can use my ESXi host for the VMs.

Deduplication saves around 50% of drive space, which is handy.

Migrating to a new environment is also done quickly because you can store the configuration and restore it in another environment. The license is also migrated.

The self-backup feature is also handy, ensuring that the solution itself is backed up regularly.

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System Admin

It is easy to manage all of the individual backup jobs, check the status every day, and it can even send an email to keep us informed. If there any problem, we can fix it before the next backup.

There is centralized storage, where the compressed backup data is reduced by almost half of the size, compared to the actual data. This means that we save a lot of space.

Another great feature is the VM backup. The job creation is clear and only needs a few steps. Once it up and running, it keeps data safe for a long time without any interaction from us.

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Manager at a integrator with 1-10 employees

The first good thing about Nakivo Backup & Replication is the installation and configuration process.

The web interface is intuitive to use. The dashboard is simple to read and very clear. The navigation between pages using links is very useful too.

The built-in feature to send requests to support is very useful. The support team is very efficient.

The upgrade process is manual but very simple to do.

Other features like search and calendar are good.

The last new added features, including the Immutable Repository and 2FA, are important ways to help us increase our backup protection.

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The feature that we have found most valuable would be the backup solution using bandwidth throttling.  

While we need to back up our infrastructure, we also need to maintain operations and this allows us to do both.  

We have our repository in the cloud which provides a backup solution in the event that a true disaster strikes, such as the building catching on fire and losing all equipment.  

In order to maintain data integrity, we had to store the repository off-site and Nakivo has provided a solution that meets that requirement.

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IT infrastructure manager at Indicom eDocument Care

We have found many fundamental features in Nakivo Backup & Recovery.

The main ones are: 

  • The ability to use multiple transporters in parallel to have very efficient speed savings
  • A very clear graphical interface and guided procedures in a simple and fast way
  • The method of restoring the various backups that allow you to restore even the individual
  • Virtual Machines on the same Hypervisor but with a different name or the ability to choose a different destination network. 
  • Finally, the data compression that the software is able to carry out by saving costs related to disk space. 
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IT Architect at MFL GROUP

It has a simple and intuitive user interface and the fast learning curve is amazing.

Another very useful feature is VM backup verification. Nakivo B&R takes the backup, boots the VM, and takes a screenshot. In this way, I can be sure that the backup or replication job is consistent.

Another great feature in version 10.4 is the immutability of the backup repository. This is a must-have in order to protect against ransomware attacks.

Nakivo offers direct support through the graphical interface and this is great to have if you need quick help.

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Operations manager at Füssner Computersysteme GmbH

They offer a built-in link in the web console to request support. They also automatically include a support bundle with all the relevant configuration data for your system which makes requesting support easy, however, you really don't need it very often.

The transporter is one thing that we often use when we have installed a new server for our system. 

The ability to use a variety of cloud providers rather than being tied into one is a huge bonus.

For me, as a reseller, not only the product is important - it's also the people behind it and how they behave. This I can only praise. They have a great team.

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Information Technology System Engineer at Unione dei Comuni della Bassa Romagna

Nakivo has a lot of features that are very interesting.

For my purpose, I find VM Backup to be the most useful, as it gives me the ability to create image-based, incremental backups of VMware, Hyper-V, and Nutanix AHV VMs.

Instant Backup Verification permits me to instantly verify VMware and Hyper-V VM backups and to get a report with screenshots of test-recovered machines.

Backup Encryption protects my data in flight and at rest with AES 256 encryption.

Instant VM Recovery is useful because I can boot VMware and Hyper-V VMs directly from deduplicated backups.

Instant File Recovery to Source is helpful because I can browse, search, and instantly restore files and folders back to the source.

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Senior Director, Production Engineering at ATOS

Nakivo is very easy to set up and configure, and I chose the simplest install option possible. It is an OVA running on their server, which plugged right into their environment.

Nakivo's installation and background documentation is on point, answering a few simple questions I had.

This product has a very clean and intuitive GUI.

After running this for a week, I've found that the data compression and data deduplication is extremely valuable and efficient.  The server also has a very low overhead impact on the VMware server.

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IT support manager at SharKom Srl

The solution offers many useful features, including Flash Boot, transporters on different platforms, native QNAP APP, and virtual appliances with no need to install a Windows machine to install the "app". 

The virtual appliance does not need to maintain a dedicated Windows machine, with its antivirus, security risks, added costs, and other issues.

The coverage reports are well designed and give us the ability to have a fast check on what is protected or not.

The SW automatically protects a VM if it is added to a protected VAPP.

The SW is very flexible and complete for our use cases.

There are many license types and levels so that every customer can find the right balance between cost and features.

The web interface is convenient and easy.

The SW is very scalable in every aspect.

The product is good for protecting very low-budget offices, whereas other solutions fail in terms of cost and footprint of the VMs involved.

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Owner at Daedalus Computing Limited

The ability to install a solution to a stand-alone, low-cost NAS and run and manage from there has been a very helpful facet of the projects. The ability to eschew manual media handling is an essential change in SME environments, where the staffing overheads for media handling and storage in the age of cloud backups was becoming onerous. 

The main advantage from our perspective is the ability to plug this solution into an existing infrastructure on a cheap device and point the backup at the server targets and configure the backup options in a simple menu; linking to a cheap cloud resource for a simple solution for off-site storage.

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Sviluppatore, Sistemista, DPO at Areadati srl

The most valuable feature is the support, as it is directly from Nakivo and it is possible to send a support request that contains all of the technical data on the environment, as well as the software, required for the answer. The response is very quick and most of the time, the problem is solved within the first answer.

Secondly, it is possible to install Nakivo in every environment including Windows, Linux, virtual appliances, NAS, and more.

Third, is possible to use as a backup repository many kinds of destinations. The ones we mostly use are CIFS and NFS shares, but also, amazon EC2 and tapes are supported.

The installation and configuration process is quite simple, yet rich in options to customize the solution.

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System Administrator

The most valuable feature is full-VM recovery from ashes. If there is a data loss or a virtual machine in the VMware environment gets corrupted by a cyberattack or storage failure, there is a full consistent backup in the Nakivo backup repository. It can be recovered to the same hardware, or to a brand new VMware ESXi environment in less than half a day, even if there is a lot of data.

We have been covered by this software over the past year, and the recovery has been tested in our production environment. As such, we are satisfied with this solution, even when compared to others.

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The following aspects are the most valuable:

Quick Backups. Nakivo backups operate quickly, generally around 50 to 100MB/s, depending on your environment. This speed combined with only incremental changes being uploaded allows for quick hourly or nightly backups that don't bog down your infrastructure and take resources away from other needs.

Lightning-quick restores. Restores can run directly from the Nakivo Repo. You don't need to transfer back to the datastore until you have the time to do so.

Low Price. The price is much lower than competitors that do the same function.  

Support. Support has been friendly and responsive.

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One of the most valuable features is the logical and clean mechanism behind the management console. It's easy to use, with a very clear and logical structure.

It compresses the backed-up data very well, and even after compression, from time to time, you can reclaim space from the backup repository without data loss. It's a very valuable feature.

The first time we set up all the jobs, and ever since, it has handled the daily tasks and manages errors, if it has any.

The Transporter module works well and it is fast, too, over the local area network. It saves us a lot of time, starting with the fast deployment and configuration, through to the daily backup jobs, controlling the processes, and watching the data storage space.

The repository management features are good.

There is a self-healing feature that works great if there is any file system damage that occurs.

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IT Manager at Smith Neufeld Jodoin LLP

The most valuable feature is the ease of creating a backup copy job to get the backups to a second device.

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Help Desk Manager at Alter Solution

The feature that I liked the most and that I personally found most interesting is the rapid recovery of the VM. This feature is very useful in case of disaster recovery, as in my business scenario, we want to avoid downtime and have a minimal impact on business operations.

Being able to start a virtual machine, in case of emergency, directly from the backup repository, allows me to have more time available to restore the virtual machine. This effectively eliminates the downtime that might inevitably arise.

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One of the features that we like the most from Nakivo software is its interface. It is very intuitive and easy to use once you become familiar with it. Moreover, backup copies can be configured manually and we can do it whenever we want without interrupting the working hours of the clients. 

The features that we like the most are the Backup Copy and Active Directory Integration. They have helped us to save a lot of time since we do not have to make the backup copies “by hand”. Furthermore, we have also saved a lot of time whenever we needed to recover a backup. 

Active Directory is very important for us in order to manage our informatics system.

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Cloud and Security Architect at ARPITEL S.R.L.

Being able to back up without using VMware services is for sure the best opportunity we have when there is a disruption impacting VMware products. An additional feature that would be appreciated is disaster recovery automation. it could be improved using vCenter features.

Nakivo Backup and Replication does not have many other background areas where it can be improved, and we are satisfied.

Since we use Nakivo Backup and Replication, we can perform operations that would be very expensive using our VMware license. We are really satisfied.

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Membro at IT-Group

We really appreciate the simplicity of the solution. Every tab in the web interface has a simple target, and everything is structured such that it can be found in a few seconds.

Another great feature of Nakivo Backup & Replication is support for backup to the Wasabi cloud infrastructure. This allows us to offer a complete solution to our customers.

Setup on a NAS device helps us to have a distributed backup solution, in case the customer has many remote offices. We can install a little NAS on the remote site and have a bandwidth-optimized offsite backup.

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Systems engineer and analyst at twsweb

VM replication is a great solution. Now, I can also duplicate VMs without the need for a vSphere vCenter server. It's with easier ESXi hosts. Also, for system administration purposes (tests, upgrades, etc.) it offers perfect functionality. 

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President and CEO at DimenXional Cloud Technologies

1. Most valuable for DimenXional Cloud is the API provided by Nakivo which allows us to implement the software in all types of solutions.

2. It has all the features we need for our customer base.

3. The solution is very competitively priced.

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System Administrator at tech

The most valuable feature for us is Nakivo's flexibility in the server platform. We use it directly on our QNAP network-attached storage, so it can run regardless of the Hyper-V server. We also like its very good deduplication and compression, so it doesn't overload our network. 

The scheduling is also very well done in Nakivo. Automatic backups are a must for us because we don't have enough time to perform manual backups. 

The updates are problem-free, so we can keep Nakivo up to date on the server and NAS too.

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Owner at Bit and Bytes

The fact that it works with Synology is a big valuable point. Also, that we can check the functionality of a backup so easily. Cloud integration is valuable because the ability to not only backup locally, but to the cloud, has been a great addition to the already fantastic product. We can save so much time with Nakivo and are very happy that we found it and loved to use it for our solutions. 

Last but not least the support is absololutly perfect. Every time we had a problem they helped us instantly.            

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President at a tech services company with 1-10 employees

Nakivo Backup and Replication's web-based management interface enables intuitive, rapid, and seamless configuration and management of all backup and recovery functionality across the enterprise.

It is not necessary to needlessly waste valuable time and resources figuring out how to configure backup and replication repositories, add source physical and virtual machines to inventory for backup, configure and schedule backups and replications, or recover full machines or granular recovery of specific files and folders.  

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Technical Manager at Automate-IT

The most important feature besides the easy management of the different backup jobs is the automated e-mail notification functionality. It gives us the confidence that whenever an unexpected failure occurs, we will be informed, can check the root cause quickly, and re-run the backup job manually.

We use the Nakivo API to integrate the Nakiov backup solution into our automated server provisioning process, to make sure that every production server gets backed up without any additional manual effort.

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Mede-eigenaar at Bricad Automatisering

I like that Nakivo can be installed on Windows, Linux, and on a NAS. This gives flexibility in the way we can offer solutions. Other than that, I like the core features. The back-up and restore functions work great and it's easy to use.

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Founder at Turkish Everhub Bilişim Technology LTD. ŞTİ.

The features that I have found most valuable are that it is a cheaper price and user-friendly.

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Managing Partner at DelComps LLC,

The backup for physical machines and replication for the virtual environment are the most valuable aspects.

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CoOwner at a tech services company with 1-10 employees

The centralized cloud console for many tenants is great and clear. The first implementation is a bit difficult but once is up and running is rock solid and extremely easy to manage.          

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IT Specialist at Silk Road Bank

The solution has a user-friendly interface and is easy to configure.

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Vice President, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at MyBusinessHub LLC

Nakivo is easy to use but includes many advanced features like crash-consistent backups for MS SQL, etc.

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Founder & CEO at NIFTY Computers

I appreciate the management that really does respond quickly. They reply immediately to any query raised from us as a technician or consultant and they know the pulse of the market and keep updating the features in such a big way. Kudos to the team.

I appreciate the motivation and confidence. It helps to sell Nakivo products when outstanding support is provided and its well-performing software easily beats competitors.

The product license and support delivery have been great!

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Assistant manager at Fiiitjee Ltd

The initial setup is very straightforward. I love the Linux version as well. Also, NAKIVO is scalable and stable.

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Manager IT at tecpap

We have found all the features of Nakivo to be useful and the solution is easier to use compared to Proxmox. It is user-friendly, we are very satisfied.

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IT Architect Servers and Storages at AM Integrator Group

The user interface is good, and it's user-friendly. I also like its usability with hyper-convergence products like Nutanix and others in the data infrastructure.

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Director de Tecnologia at itbrasil

A feature I have found most valuable with the application is  deduplication, compression and wan acceleration. 

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Learn what your peers think about Nakivo. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: January 2022.
564,643 professionals have used our research since 2012.