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Nakivo Room for Improvement

Senior Software Manager/Chief at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees

I do not know that I see a lot that needs to be improved with Nakivo. It seems maybe that the interface could be a little bit better, but it is what it is. You can always improve on the interface on anything.  

For me, I just work with the product in a simple way. For instance, I have not even looked into whether you can hook it up with Active Directory which may be helpful if you are going to add different users and give them the capability to back up or do certain other tasks. You might be able to do that already now. I just have not had the need or opportunity to look into it. If it is not there it is the type of thing that might be added.  

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IT Systems / Security / Communications Administrator at Bennett International Group, LLC

I would love to see BackBlaze B2 implementation in the future, as that would be our preferred cloud destination, but Amazon and Wasabi are both very great choices in the meantime. Other cloud initiatives would give this product a distinct advantage over other products. 

Other than that, I don't see any other areas that I can see for improvement. The product has several different tiers, all of which are easy to understand. The product works just as well as advertised, and is easy to implement into an organization.

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Leading IT Engineer at a tech vendor with 11-50 employees

It would be ideal if they offered a support portal for users. They should have a portal where the customer would be able to show all cases and the status of all cases and maybe create a new case. Instead, they support the solution directly on the graphical user interface inside their product. While it is easy to create a case in this way, a portal would still be an improvement. 

Due to the fact that we are HP and Fugit partners as well, it would be nice if Nakivo would allow support for HP and Fugit storage.

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System Administrator at Tecnoteca s.r.l.

Personally, I would like to have the ability to backup older legacy systems on the new versions as well.

I'd like the ability to perform individual backups (so a backup from inside the system instead of on the host side) - which right now is limited to newer Operating Systems, which, while is a good thing from a security point of view. That said, sometimes there is an older machine or VM which could use backups like this.

For our usage, we've found the connections to remote shares (like CIFS or NFS) while quite easy to set up are a little bit prone to interruption. Of course, in the next availability check performed autonomously by Nakivo, the connection is restored. This could of course be a problem with the destination share, however, it's really the only "issue" we've had with this software.

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User at a tech services company

At the moment, there are actually not many features I am missing. It would be good if I could have a remote upgrade of our Synology Transporters, but the manual upgrade is easy and no problem at all. 

Some SNMP features to configure our monitor software would be great since emails sent to me sometimes could be lost in all those other mails. 

Some customers from Germany might have a problem when contacting English speaking sales and support team, but that has never been a problem to me, although my English hasn't been used much in the last couple of years.

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Updating VM Tools on a replicated VM could be better. I think one of the most important things NAKIVO can do is stop releasing a new version several times a year. It's important to "get it right" on a version release - too many updates will cause an issue. Also, any version update should include the ESXi Host as well as the vCenter. Not taking into consideration the vCenter version is a huge mistake and no updates should be released unless they also support the current vCenter version. That came up and I had several issues before I figured out it was a vCneter update compatibility issue.

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Director at A-Tech Services Limited

The interface can be a little clunky at times. I guess this is partly the nature of the beast, being as it is a browser-based console. The benefits of the browser-based console, for the most part, far outweigh the occasional clunkiness of the interface.

Support for the backup and replication of virtual machines is excellent, but improved support for physical machine backups would be very welcome (I believe this is already on the way). 

With the current pricing model, the per workstation costs can soon rack up, so as to make it prohibitive to have a blanket backup policy for all workstations.

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Manager at Integrasindo Mitra Sejati

In my opinion, Nakivo should consider having native abilities to be able to backup and replicate several applications. For example, an application based on a microservice such as a container app or orchestration using Kubernetes would be better if Nakivo had the ability to backup or replicate without depending on a hypervisor. 

Right now we know that Nakivo has the ability to back up as an incremental process and restore backups across several criteria. However, it would be good if we had the ability to backup a system like PostgreSQL.

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ICT Manager at Rossall School

My first thought was maybe the GUI could be improved, although it works.

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Technical Director at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

There is a familiar error that pops up and that is a VM error as much as it is a Nakivo error.

It says that the job couldn't calm the VM and restores might be impacted. That error is, to say the least, a bit scary. I have seen this type of error on other backup systems also. I'm not really sure what can be done with VSS writers, et cetera, however, maybe VMware and Nakivo should get together and solve the issue. A reboot of the VM and/or reinstallation of VMware tools nearly always solve the issue on the specified guest.

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Systems Engineer at SRC

Automatic updates do not work, and every update has to be done manually. I've upgraded twice, from 10.0 to 10.0.1 and then to 10.1.1.

A mobile app for administration would be appreciated.

The user interface could use a bit of refreshing; however, on the other hand, it runs very smoothly, so if that would change I can live with the user interface looking a bit dated.

I would like to see some more detailed data regarding backups. For example, a pie chart representing the various virtual machines or other backups and how much space they need would be helpful to have.

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System Admin

I would like to have a built-in SNMP client, which is important if we want to monitor it using Zabbix, Nagios, or another monitoring solution.The snmp protocol can be used for monitoring systems,to ask the statuses of all process.If the software has some problem,freezes etc,it cant send an email of its status,but snmp can discovers problems.The snmp client can be installed manually.So altough its not a big loss,but nice if we have it built in.

It would be helpful if there were more cloud services supported as a backup repository.Now only amazon services is available,but there is other smaller cloud providers too.

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Manager at a integrator with 1-10 employees

There are not many features we are missing at this moment with Nakivo Backup & Replication.

If it would be perhaps possible to add some more details and information in the activities tab or links from graphics to logs, that would be useful.

For HyperV, we need to extract VMDK from OVA files and convert them to VHDX. It would be easier to have a direct download of VHDX files.

It would be a good thing to have some use case and architecture examples online to understand integration in complex infrastructure.

Visio stencils are missing. They would help us build schemas.

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Nakivo's implementation documentation could use a little beefing up. There was a section of the implementation where we got stuck and had to contact Nakivo support to fix it.  It was a very simple fix, and once we got past it, the remainder of the implementation went very smoothly.  

In addition, Nakivo's support team is very easy to work with. They were quick and got us up and running right away. Ideally, we would have preffered to have the documentation accurate so we didn't need to engage with the support, however, it all worked out in the end.

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IT infrastructure manager at Indicom eDocument Care

The Nakivo Backup & Recovery product is already a very complete product and fully satisfies all of our current needs. Lately, thanks to the personalized presentation that was made to us by both the marketing and technical teams, we have learned about the new features released in the latest versions. Among these, the ability of having the replica of our Virtual Machines in a dormant state and ready to be activated in case of problems on the primary site has great value on the Disaster Recovery site. 

In the press releases, it would be useful to make sure that the manual space reclaim procedure does not have to be performed but that it happens automatically, thus optimizing the use of space.

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IT Architect at MFL GROUP

The solution needs a high availability feature in case of loss on the primary site. This would be very attractive as a part of configuration backup.

Another great additional feature would be an automatic upgrade of the transporter package in case of an upgrade of full product. In my environment, I have many transporters at different datacenters and I need to perform a manual upgrade process at this time.

Storage snapshot integration for the EMC Unity appliance is another missing feature.

Log and report creation can be improved. 

The graphical user interface can be made better.

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Operations manager at Füssner Computersysteme GmbH

The feature that has a backup repository, like QNAP + ext. HDD's could be improved. We sometimes have trouble with that and it would be nice if they had a solution on the way.

Updating VM Tools on a replicated VM could be better.

Support for the backup and replication of virtual machines is excellent, however, improved support for physical machine backups would be very welcome (I believe this is already on the way).

A mobile app for administration would be appreciated.

The user interface could use a bit of refreshing, however, on the other hand, it runs very smoothly, so if that would change how it runs I'd rather live with the user interface looking a bit dated.

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Information Technology System Engineer at Unione dei Comuni della Bassa Romagna

In the future, it would be nice to have support for Zimbra email, Collabora Office, and the NextCloud content collaboration platform.

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Senior Director, Production Engineering at ATOS

I would think that as it's used in larger environments that might be more than one server, and you're going to need a better authentication mechanism. For example, integration into Active Directory or some other form of LDAP would be helpful.

I had to manually install SNMP, which wasn't hard, but a step I had to take, to plug this into the monitoring system.

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IT support manager at SharKom Srl

There are many features we have not had the opportunity to try, such as Tape Backups, Office 365 backups, and many other things.

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Owner at Daedalus Computing Limited

There has been a slight tendency to bloat, where each new feature uses slightly more resources. It would be helpful to be able to have a custom footprint so that only the required features are installed.

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Sviluppatore, Sistemista, DPO at Areadati srl

From our experience, the main factor that could be improved is adding more cloud services that are supported as a backup repository. Many customers have active subscriptions with services like Dropbox or Google Drive and have asked us to use those as the backup repository. For now, those services aren't supported.

Another minor thing that could be added is the capability to granularly recover objects for more types of databases, including some open-source ones like MySQL or PostgreSQL. This could be useful in some full Linux environments, avoiding having to recover the whole virtual machine.

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System Administrator

I would like to see support for backing up from other platforms, such as physical machines.

The mail recovery options could be improved. We used this feature often but it's a bit slow.

Sometimes, the backup speed to the NFS repository that we use in our environment drops from 400 MB/s to 50 MB/s, but it might be a problem in the network, which is something that we're investigating.

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It would be great if they had a Let's Encrypt integration. Since LE provides free SSL certificates, it would be great. 

If you already have an internal CA authority you likely wouldn't need this, however, LE integration would allow shops without an internal CA to easily and freely (at no cost) auto-renew SSL certs. As it currently stands, you need to process your SSL renewal on another machine and then import it into Nakivo. It would be nice if Nakivo integrated LE and supported both HTTPS and DNS Validation for those machines behind Firewalls.

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In the future, I would like to see support for backing up data to more cloud platforms, besides Amazon. It is a great start, given that Amazon is the largest cloud provider, but smaller companies use smaller clouds.

The tape backup capability can be also improved, perhaps by adding a cache for older and slower tapes.

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IT Manager at Smith Neufeld Jodoin LLP

Really not sure about this, because everything works great!

The only complaint I might have is that restoring Exchange and AD objects seem to require some tweaking. So far it has always worked, but I have had to look up the database, rather than have Nakivo Backup and Restore automatically detect it. This is not a big deal.

In the loading of a backup, choosing what to restore seems to be a lengthy process, but it has always worked in my restore tests.

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Help Desk Manager at Alter Solution

It would be interesting if it were possible to integrate a mobile app to monitor the system in real-time.

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The web interface is very complete and it has many useful options. When starting to use it, it can be a little difficult to understand every option that it has but, when you get used to it and work with it, it is a very comfortable tool. 

There is a lack of native (web-based) update functionality. To update the Linux appliance, you need to download a script and run commands from SSH. This is unacceptable. 

There's a lack of appliance format in Hyper-V format (why only a VMware native format? They should release a VHD file appliance).

Overall, the evolution of the product is good.

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Cloud and Security Architect at ARPITEL S.R.L.

I'd like to see backup and replication without using vCenter. That's a feature that would be appreciated. If the vCenter should go down, it would be very difficult to recover the infrastructure, so some solution is needed to avoid restoring vCenter first and then to later restore the virtual machine from Nakivo's Backup and Replication.

An additional feature that would be appreciated is disaster recovery automation. It could be improved using vCenter features.

Nakivo Backup and Replication does not have many other background areas where it can be improved, however, we are mostly satisfied.

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Membro at IT-Group

What must be improved is the response time to technical support requests.

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Systems engineer and analyst at twsweb

I have no remarks. I need no more valuable features for backs-up. I have not yet tried the latest release, however, I have all the features that I need. The web interface is very usable and easy to understand, as is the planning of backs-up. The granular recovery is very useful for the ordinary activities of users. I have no comparison with other products, so I can't imagine other features.  No remarkable features are missing for me.

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President and CEO at DimenXional Cloud Technologies

While the solution provides mostly what we need, it would be ideal if there were some additional feature capabilities for the API.

I can't really specify which features are missing, as they've done everything that we've asked for so far. Our plate is full of getting what they've done into the marketplace. It's going to take us another two, three months to do that, including engineering work and testing and that type of stuff. I wouldn't be able to answer the question of if there are missing features for at least another three to six months.

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System Administrator at tech

The only thing we have encountered that we would like to see improved in the future are error messages. They could be more detailed and helpful, without the need to send logs to support. Failing that, the part of the log related to the error could be displayed alongside the error message, so I can investigate the error without looking through all of those logs that I'm able to download. In the future, I'll be glad for implementing AI that could automatically assume what backup plan and retention do we need.

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Owner at Bit and Bytes

I see two things that could improve:

  • The way encryption is currently working could be improved. Currently, it's not possible to encrypt the backup to an NFS share directly. It needs to have the encryption within the Transporter/VM to enable encryption, which isn't optimal. So I'm hoping that in the near future this function will be implemented.
  • Sometimes there is strange UI behavior with changes not being saved without any good message as to why.

But those are only small points and they are not very painful. 

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President at a tech services company with 1-10 employees

While many useful cloud-based improvements and enhancements are added with each release, we would like the ability to do raw metal restores from bootable media. Using an independent bootable media to restore full physical machines would enable physical machines that may be serving as Nakivo Director or Transport machines to be reliably restored to service without undue delay, ensuring that an enterprise's local environment remains intact.

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Technical Manager at Automate-IT

As we are using the product for only three months, I don't have any important improvement points that I can mention here. So far, Nakivo backup works fine and does exactly what we are expecting from it.

From an administrator usage perspective, the interface is very intuitive, but maybe the wizard for creating and modifying backup jobs could look a little fancier. I consider this to be only a very small improvement point and it definitely has no impact on the capabilities of the Nakivo backup solution.

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Mede-eigenaar at Bricad Automatisering

At the moment I am pleased with what Nakivo does but I would like more reporting functions and if possible, integration with my RMM system.

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Founder at Turkish Everhub Bilişim Technology LTD. ŞTİ.

They have improved some documentation to simplify technical issues. But still some licenses are not clear. For example, when you are reading the Pro Essential license features they don't identify the differences between Pro and the Pro Essential license types, or between Enterprise and Enterprise Essential license types. This is important.

In terms of what could be improved for the next release, I would probably answer better documentation and licensing models.

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Managing Partner at DelComps LLC,

They need to add a failover feature to the Essential Pro license in case the environment is a simple virtual environment and the client does not need to upgrade.

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CoOwner at a tech services company with 1-10 employees

At the moment the solution is just great for our needs.                                                          

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IT Specialist at Silk Road Bank

In the next release, it would be good to have ability/feature to backup only Oracle database from the Linux OS beside backing up whole VM.

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Vice President, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at MyBusinessHub LLC

We are satisfied with Nakivo, but if anything could be improved, I think it would be more real-time as opposed to email support availability.

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Founder & CEO at NIFTY Computers

I'm okay with the solutions they are providing. Their product is good and it meets our requirements, however, new features are also most welcome and we never hesitated to try new features.

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Assistant manager at Fiiitjee Ltd

Integrations maybe helpful for NAKIVO. I think end-to-end backup and user backup will be useful to have. The price could be reduced as well. I also think that AD integration should be more available.

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Manager IT at tecpap

There could be better integration with other solutions, such as Amazon S3.

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IT Engineer at a comms service provider with 201-500 employees

The backup speed needs improvement.

In the next release, I would like to see more functionalities.

The interface could be improved.

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IT Architect Servers and Storages at AM Integrator Group

It'll help if they offered some automation and more usability for partners.

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Director de Tecnologia at itbrasil

There are some errors that we need support to correct. We would like the bugs and glitches to be fixed. 

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Learn what your peers think about Nakivo. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: January 2022.
564,643 professionals have used our research since 2012.