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LambdaTest Valuable Features

reviewer1488366 - PeerSpot reviewer

The most valuable feature is reliability. My team automates multiple tests in parallel across hundreds of browsers. The automation grid from LambdaTest is robust enough to execute them without any surprises, every time.

Integrations are very helpful and I have lost the count of integrations that LambdaTest has. The platform is cleverly coupled with all of the other platforms we need on day to day basis for our development needs. Pushing the bug on Slack is a click away, for example. LambdaTest's Slack app gives results of screenshot testing from the Slack command itself. We in fact integrated it with Trello to mark bugs in our tasks and stories. And, we integrated our Jenkins jobs with LambdaTest using its Jenkins Plugin.

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Dina Dzousa - PeerSpot reviewer
QA Automation Analyst at EY

Mainly, we used it to serve the needs of remote cross browser testing during COVID.

Additionally, it helped to make our deployment faster with parallel testing.

While it is simple to use, LambdaTest is also integrated with our existing tools Jenkins, Microsoft Teams, and Favor.

For responsive testing, they have LT Browsers with a side by side view. It is helpful software for quick fixes around responsiveness.

We are impressed with the stability of the platform and the promptness of the support team. Even during COVID, they were available 24*7.

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Romila De Munshi - PeerSpot reviewer
Automation Tester at Airsweb

LambdaTest easily integrates with leading project management, bug tracking, and CI-CD tools like Jira, Asana, Jenkins, Circle CI, and more.

As we use Asana, it was good to see that LambdaTest provides support to the tool, as it made our task much easier.

The support documentation is precise and could actually help you get started, without the need for the support team.

We can test on local environments faster with CircleCI Orb with an extensive range of browsers and devices to test on.

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Jane Wang - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Software QA Engineer at ESC Corporate Services Ltd. (Formerly Securefact)

LambdaTest Grid integrates with a variety of CI/CD tools. It provides a variety of browsers, OS, devices, all on the cloud.

Consistent with browser updates when new versions are released, they even provide beta versions of browsers.

Our test execution time was reduced to 16 mins from five hours when executed in parallel on multiple VMs. This has been extremely helpful!

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Tolga  Ovali - PeerSpot reviewer
QA Analyst at Tabcorp

Test statuses such as Lambda Error and VM allocation allowed us to quickly troubleshoot any build that failed while executing, as we were able to identify whether the script is failing or is it something wrong from LambdaTest end.

In case something goes wrong at LambdaTest end, the Support team is extremely responsive to analyze any platform-related issues. They even helped us shift easily from our local instances to their cloud platform.                                              

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Matt D  Burch - PeerSpot reviewer
Software Engineer/Software Lead at Boeing

The support docs are precise and you can get started with them easily.

The Underpass app provides a one-click launch to test on development environments.

The LT browser offers a comparison view with pre-set mobile devices. Plus, we can add custom devices to it.

The location-based tests helped us provide a unified experience to our customers.

Integration with Bamboo CI was an added benefit.

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Lee  Jelley - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Consultant at Contino

The feature that stands out for us is geolocation testing, where all you need to do is run the capabilities and test the website for the desired location.

I also use the LambdaTest Automation insights frequently to analyze trends of the pass/fail rate of our tests, which helps me analyze the suites that are prone to failure and what can be done to eliminate it.

The tool allows me to filter data up to a year and for different test types and users (if that's in your plan), which I found interesting and productive to analyze.

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Martin  I. - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior QA Engineer at PaperCut Software

LambdaTest offers geolocation testing in automation, which is amazing! You can select browsers, timezone, and country, then run the capability to start testing instantly.

We could scale up with parallel testing in local environments without any maintenance cost.

Support documentations are of good help to run tests parallelly.

Also, it offers integration with project management tools like JIRA, CI/CD tools like Jenkins, and Gitlab, which makes our cycle easier.                                             

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William Osser - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Test Automation Engineer at BlackRock

The availability of legacy browsers and OS have helped us test rare combinations.

Geolocation testing is as straightforward as ticking checkboxes of browsers, operating systems, and countries. We can ensure that our content is localized and see how it is reflecting on our preferred locations.

The scalability of the testing process helped us deploy faster.

It provides free access to LT Browser to perform responsiveness testing. This is a super intuitive tool for responsivity testing.

Integrations with CI/CD tools like Jenkins and CircleCI discounted a lot of operational load.

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Dan  Bovey - PeerSpot reviewer
Frontend Web Engineer at Poq

This product offers out-of-the-box geolocation testing in automation, which is amazing!

You can select browsers, OS, country, and start testing instantly.

Further, it offers integration with CI/CD tools like Jenkins and GitLab, which makes our cycle easier.                                                                            

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Lewis Coldwell - PeerSpot reviewer
Software Engineer at Vamp

The UI is pretty clean and easy to navigate, and we were able to figure it out very quickly.

The choices of browsers are massive and responsive testing becomes easy.

Integrations and convenience are the win points here.

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Thelma	 Powell - PeerSpot reviewer
Web Developer at SimbirSoft

The Docker tunnel integration for local testing can be extremely useful to run on multiple instances in parallel.

The fact that it integrates well with tools like Jira and Slack makes team collaboration even easier.

Also, it is worthwhile to mention that the support team is actively listening to your feedback and issues. As we wanted to get our product tested on the latest Safari 14 browser, our request was considered and they updated to the browser within two weeks.

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Technical Architect at WCG

The most valuable features are that it's essentially on-demand, and you only focus on getting the code that needs to be executed without having to worry about the OS, hardware, etc.

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April 2022
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599,220 professionals have used our research since 2012.