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SolarWinds Web Help Desk Room for Improvement

Margaret Auld-Louie - PeerSpot reviewer
System Administrator at Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

The interface feels clunky to me compared to some other systems that I've used. I used ManageEngine Service Desk prior to this at my previous job and that had stuff like categories that we use that I don't see in SolarWinds. It was a little more intuitive to use as far as understanding how to respond in the ticket and get an email to go to the user, things like that. This is less intuitive as far as understanding how to use the interface.

It could be more intuitive, it doesn't have as many features has either Service Desk did or ServiceNow, which I used prior to Service Desk.

It doesn't have a way to put PCs into it and tie to the user or ticket that I can see. In both ServiceNow and Service Desk, you can have your PCs in it and then tie that to the user or the ticket. 

The program seems buggy to me. Not infrequently, when I click to add a Note, the Notes section disappears instead of opening a box to add a Note. So then I have to close and reopen the view of the ticket and try again. And sometimes I have to try 2 or 3 times to make a change in a ticket and save it, as it doesn't save the change. This is particularly true when selecting an option from a dropdown, such as selecting a tech for the ticket or selecting "closed" to change the ticket status. I select the option then click the save button and it doesn't save the option. So then I have to select it again and click on save. Sometimes I have to do this 3 times before it sticks and saves it. 

The other issue that some of us encounter is that the Refresh will change itself from "1 minute" to "Disabled" and then it stops refreshing the view so that we no longer see new tickets. So we then have to manually change the refresh back to "1 minute". 

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Anil  Rao - PeerSpot reviewer
Vice President Delivery & Operations at Rezilyens

They can build on providing product knowledge to the sales teams. They are not familiar with all of the product capabilities, or the comparison between similar products.

I don't feel that we receive an adequate amount of help or cooperation from technical support.

We would like to see automation included in the next release. We would like to eliminate the L1 and L2 support, by at least 80%. To do this, we need automation with AI (Artificial Intelligence) in combination with ML (Machine Learning).

As an example, consider that we are monitoring a storage system, particular server storage, that is going to breach its threshold very soon. Based on the learning of the day-to-day running, or day-to-day transactions, it should be able to understand that there is a number of GBs occupying spaces every day and a number of GBs left over, and within another 10 days or 15 days, it will breach the threshold. 

I should be notified on whether there is a place for me in the storage and some other LUN where I can provide the storage for it. Otherwise, I have to order another storage system. 

This is the kind of automation we are looking at.

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