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IBM Power Systems Valuable Features

Shan Ahmed - PeerSpot reviewer
System Analyst at Freelancer

The availability of a solution depends on the requirement of the customer. The most valuable feature is the virtualization. You can have this one system or you can use it for many. They were using almost 120 servers within that specific service.

Within those two servers, there were 150 and then 30 LPARS running, and they were running all their core banking applications over that, from T24 to Oracle Financials, and their Oracle databases. It supports a variation.

You can use the same systems in the telecommunication industry as a middleware. Now, the whole scenario and the whole application are different. IBM Middleware is an application that is supported by IBM. They support these applications on their own platform.

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Fahim Ahmed - PeerSpot reviewer
Server Support Specialist at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees

Micro-Partitioning is where you can slice your physical code. If you have one code in a system, you can further slice it up to 20%. You can assign one virtual machine, which is called LPAR, 0.05 of a code. It allows you to more effectively use your available system resources. That includes your physical processes, your code, your memories, and allows you to dynamically increase them and decrease them whenever you need without any outage.

There are other features like Live Partition Mobility that allows you to move your workload from one physical Power Systems to another Power Systems, without an outage to the business. 

Active Memory Sharing dynamically adjusted your memory based on the requirements of the logical partition. 

Active Memory Expansion allows you to compress your memory on the run time to allow you to have less physical memory available, but provision more memory to your partitions, as everything will be compressed on the fly.

Reliability, availability, and serviceability of the IBM Policy Systems are unmatched. 99% of the maintenance activities can be performed online without having any outage for customers.

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System Administrator at a energy/utilities company with 10,001+ employees

What we like the most is the ability to upgrade the scaling of the system itself. Whenever we need extra storage, we can do that. Whenever we need extra memory, we can do that as well. It's fast and it's available.

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IBM Power Systems
June 2022
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General Manager Applications at a tech services company with 201-500 employees

I'm working for an IT company and our work is to sell the products, I'm not really a direct user of it. I can't really say much about the features as I'm not an end-user.

The product does offer co-marketing services to their partners.

The solution is the best product on the market.

The technical support that clients get from IBM is excellent.

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VP Innovation at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

It's very secure.

I can have what they call multi-tenancy, meaning that I can have multiple tenants within the same server.

The reliability of the solution has been excellent.

The solution is stable.

Technical support is exceptional.

The scalability is very, very good.

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System Administrator at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees

Power System is like a dream solution for every IT person because it has redundancy, and it doesn't stop. It doesn't get affected easily.

I don't see any weaknesses in this solution. At the moment, we have Power8. It is stable and runs smoothly. We have a big load, and it is working very well.

The redundancy in Power machines is very important and it gives stability and feasability on all levels. Power systems can integrade different types of storage, which gives the advantage to combine all your storage capacity especially if you go for virrualization.

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Computer Engineer at GCE

The performance is the solution's most valuable asset. It has one of the highest levels of performance I have ever seen. It's quite remarkable, in that sense.

The memory is great. We can have a huge amount of memory. However, the main reason to work with the solution is the performance, since inter-servers cannot be compared with the cores of both systems.

The PowerVC make it so simple since we can deal with it just like VMware, just like virtual machines, and it's really simple.

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Sector Manager at ESky IT

We value the stability and technology capability of this solution the most. It is very stable, and the processor technology of IBM is very good. When you have a CIO and you are dealing with C-level every day, you can, without any doubt, support the core banking or critical applications with this solution. 

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Gerente CPD-Dcloud at a tech services company with 201-500 employees

The main feature that I have found most valuable is PowerVM - its virtualization feature which is the most powerful.

With the new POWER9, and even with the POWER8, processor, IBM has incorporated Linux compatibility into its platform. All its new developments on this platform are great. I really don't see anything at the moment which would be improving the platform. I'm totally grateful for the possibility of using Linux and AIX in the same hardware.

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I.T. Head - Infrastructure, Network and Security at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees

Some of the most valuable features are the processing power, stability, and security.

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Advisory Sales Specialist at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees

When it comes to reliability, availability and profitability, nothing can beat IBM Power Systems. The machine has great availability and is very serviceable. One can do so many things while the machine is up and running. There is no need to shut anything down. This is how we have been conducting our business for the past few years. 

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Md Al-Amin - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior System Analyst at Thakral

Power Systems' best features are that it's reliable, stable, and easily available. It's also really scalable and can be virtualized without third-party software support. Power Systems has its own PowerVM where you can make VMs and have multiple systems in the same server, which benefits customers in terms of licensing.

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Raul Tapia - PeerSpot reviewer
Director of the Office of Technological Infrastrure at mef

The most valuable feature of IBM Power Systems is its performance.

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Senior Business Consultant at a tech vendor with 10,001+ employees

I use the hypervisor of IBM Power Systems a lot.

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Systems PreSales Engineer at a computer software company with 51-200 employees

IBM Power Systems are secure and have fast processing.

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Getachew Zeleke - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Custormer Engineer at Afcor PLC

The most valuable features are Power Server, Power5, Power6, and PowerForce.

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Buyer's Guide
IBM Power Systems
June 2022
Learn what your peers think about IBM Power Systems. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: June 2022.
607,127 professionals have used our research since 2012.