Cisco Secure Endpoint Room for Improvement

Neal Gravatt - PeerSpot reviewer
Sr Network Engineer at a real estate/law firm with 1-10 employees

The endpoint agent on a machine doesn't provide much data. 

And the thing I hate the most, which they have not fixed, is when it creates duplicate entries within a console. If you have a computer and you upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, or you upgrade your agent from version 6 to 7, it creates a new instance in there instead of updating the information. Instead of paying a license for one computer, I have to license two computers until I manually go in, search for all the duplicate entries, and clean them out myself. There are features that are supposed to work that don't that reduce the duplicates.

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Mark Broughton - PeerSpot reviewer
Level 2 tech at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

We were using a third-party help desk. One of the ways that they were fixing problems was to delete the client and then add the client back if there was an issue where the client had stopped communicating. Any improvement in the client communicating back to the server would be good, particularly for machines that are offline for a couple of weeks. A lot of our guys were working on a rotation where the machine might be offline for that long. They were also terrible about rebooting their machines, so those network connections didn't necessarily get refreshed. So, anything that could improve that communication would be good.

Also, an easier way to do deduplication of machines, or be alerted to the fact that there's more than one instance of a machine, would be useful. If you could say, "Okay, we've got these two machines. This one says it's not reporting and this one says it's been reporting. Obviously, somebody did a reinstall," it would help. That way you could get a more accurate device count, so you're not having an inflated number. Not that Cisco was going to come down on you and say, "Oh, you're using too many licenses," right away. But to have a much more accurate license usage count by being able to better dedupe the records would be good.

I also sent over a couple of other ideas to our technical rep. A lot of that had to do with the reporting options. It would be really nice to be able to do a lot more in the reporting. You can't really drill down into the reports that are there. The reporting and the need for the documentation to be updated and current would be my two biggest areas of complaint.

Also, there was one section when I was playing with the automation where it was asking for the endpoint type rather than the machine name. If I could have just put in the machine name, that would have been great. So there are some opportunities, when it comes to searching, to have more options. If I wanted to search, for example, by a Mac address because, for some reason, I thought there was a duplication and I didn't have the machine name, how could I pull it up with the Mac address?

When you're getting to that level, you're really starting to get into the ticky tacky. I would definitely put the reporting and documentation way ahead of that.

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Nicola F. - PeerSpot reviewer
Infrastructure Engineer at TeamSystem

When we first installed the solution, we faced significant issues, as the server needs to be rebooted when the agent upgrades. This isn't easy in a production environment, and we relayed our concerns about this problem to Cisco.

The Linux agent is a simple offline classic agent, and it doesn't support Secure Boot, which is important to have on a Linux machine. The Linux agent has conflicts with other solutions, including the Exploit Prevention system found in Windows servers. We didn't find a fix during troubleshooting, and Cisco couldn't offer one either. Eventually, we had to shut down the Exploit Prevention system. We didn't like that as we always want a solution that can fit smoothly into the setup without causing problems, especially where security is concerned. The tool also caused CPU spikes on our production machine, and we were seriously considering moving to another product.

However, Cisco has improved its product, and version 7.1 ended the need to reboot machines for updates. It's also more stable than before, though I still think they have a lot of work to make this a genuinely stable product. Cisco Secure Endpoint is a developing solution, but they need to do more. It doesn't match up to the offerings from CrowdStrike, FireEye, and perhaps Carbon Black.

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Sagar Ghumare - PeerSpot reviewer
Sr. Network Engineer at a comms service provider with 201-500 employees

Because the software is doing such a good job, we barely have any recommendations in terms of what can be changed. [However], at this moment, in terms of integration with other software, that could be helpful. 

And in terms of the user experience, if the UX design could be much simpler [that would improve things]. Because I'm an engineer, I understand what I'm looking at and [for me it's] intuitive in terms of what is there and what is not. But [if] another engineer or someone at the management level or C-level is looking at the portal of the webpage, if they could make it more intuitive for someone who is not an engineer so that they still can read what's going on in their webpage and understand, that would be something. If they could improve [on that], that would be great.

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System Administrator at a manufacturing company with 201-500 employees

While I've attended a lot of their training webinars, they were mostly high-level. They just say that these are the feature, and this is how you access them, but I would like to see more scenario-based information. They should provide us examples of how to resolve something when we see something happening. They should give us an example of the flow on how to resolve it.

In Orbital, there are tons of prebuilt queries, but there is not a lot of information in lay terms. There isn't enough information to help us with what we're looking for and why we are looking for it with this query. There are probably a dozen queries in there that really focus on what I need to focus on, but they are not always easy to find the first time through.

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User1#2% - PeerSpot reviewer
Application Manager at Financial Corp

Like any other security tool, there's always rooms for improvement. Some of the ways the product can be improved are:

- Vendor needs to understand a one-size-fits-all approach will not work with addressing TAC cases and service requests. For "once in a blue moon" cases, most approach still sound like the engineers are acting off of a runbook. In this case the recommended solutions will not totally align with the scenario

- Since customers do not have the ability to allow or decline console updates, there have been a number of instances where the console GUI appear buggy and functionalities do not work correctly after an upgrade. This can be improved by informing customers prior to the upgrades.

Other additional features that should be improved in next releases include:

- The dashboard is great for quick visibility prior to deeper dive, however, making the dashboard more customization will improve interaction, grant the ability to filter out irrelevant outputs and encourage personalized drill-downs based on daily requirements

- Integration with enterprise monitoring applications and ticketing systems that differentiates noise, forwards events, generates tickets and have them automatically assigned to application owning group.

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Director of I.T. Services at a non-tech company with 201-500 employees

This product has issues with the number of false positives that it reports. Especially when updates are released for Chrome, many detections report a virus when it really wasn't.

Another problem that I notice is that Outlook 2016 creates cache files of attachments, and when this product detects them as malware, it can't delete them. I assume this is because Outlook still has the file open. This means that I get notices about the issue but I can't do anything about it until later, after Outlook has closed them. This may not be Cisco's fault as much as it is Microsoft's fault.

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Gassan Shalabi - PeerSpot reviewer
Manager at UCloud

They could simplify the solution and make it a little bit easier to understand how things are happening or if something serious has happened. They could improve the main dashboard to more clearly show me the things that I want to see. When I open the dashboard right now, I see a million things and they are not always the things that I need.

I would also like it to update itself so that I don't need to click to make that happen. Of course, having to click is not a hard thing to do, but I would like to see things done automatically as much as possible.

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Marian Melniciuc - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior IT System Administrator at ScanPlus GmbH

Actually, we don't need others features or improvements of this product. It is a complex product and offers us exactly what we need - security and trust.

We chose Cisco because we wanted security and trust. That is what we needed from Cisco, and what our customers expected from us.

We are using many Cisco products, and, with every new product, every new feature, the trust in Cisco security is growing.

We think that Cisco covers all of the security aspects on the market. They continue to innovate in the right way.

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Felipe Guimaraes - PeerSpot reviewer
Sales Director at Samsung

It could be improved in connection with artificial intelligence and IoT.

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Pardeep Sharma - PeerSpot reviewer
Network security engineer at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees

The GUI needs improvement, it's not good.

There are false positives in emails. At times, the emails are blocked and detected as malware when they are not.

They should work on some of the signatures because of the emails that have been blocked and detected as malware that can never be opened.

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Cisco Secure Endpoint
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