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Check Point Harmony Endpoint Valuable Features

Network Security Engineer at a financial services firm with 51-200 employees

We love that we don't have to upgrade it anymore. They take care of that.

The upgrade process was nice with the new Management Station compared to the old one. I like how they have the clients already available. I didn't have to download them and upload them as I did with the old Management Station.

We're happy with the solution overall as it takes away the administrative overhead of operating it and patching it and being able to also sign in through the web browser anywhere as opposed to just having to VPN back to our work and connect to the Management Station in order to use it. We can just use the Check Point portal and just use any browser anywhere. That gives us more options, which we like. 

I've noticed they're constantly updating the interface and making it easier to use, which I appreciate. When we first started using it, it was really laggy and it was really slow and it was hard to sort some of the computers and users, however, they make updates almost every time that I log in. It gets better and better every day. It has gotten better and it's not as slow as it was.

There seem to be constant improvements happening, which you can't say for everything. We don't have to upgrade to get the benefits of the improvements, either. That takes a lot off of our plate and allows us to focus on other things. We're taking the good with the bad and the bad seem to be one-offs and we're looking forward to the future.

Therefore, the most valuable feature is its ability to take the management and the administration of the product off of our plate and onto their plate. We don't have to worry about upgrading it, creating downtime, working off-hours, doing all the research and stress of seeing if it's compatible, if there are problems, letting them test it. That's nice. Previously, we would upgrade our products or patch them maybe two to four times a year, depending on if there's a security vulnerability. Each time we do something like that, it was about three to four hours of downtime. Now, that process doesn't exist. 

Before, with on-premise, we had two Management Stations. One was primary, one was secondary and there were two different data centers in case one data center was down. The other one would come up and be the Management Station for all of the clients. Now, in this case, we only have one. It's in their cloud. Their cloud is in AWS. It's a great thing. It's resilient by design and it provides redundancy in a single source of administration for us. We like that too

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Network Technical Specialist at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees

It's pretty complete for preventing threats to endpoints. Its capabilities are great.

The solution's automated detection and response capabilities are pretty good. It really depends on how aggressive we want to be with it. We've not deployed it in the most aggressive way you can, such as shutting down everything, because we've not deployed it in a greenfield site. It has not been deployed with that in mind. It has been deployed as an add-on service. As such, we don't want to be as aggressive as some top security firms would recommend we should be.

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Sumit B. - PeerSpot reviewer
Consultant at Cognizant

SandBlast Agent is always working in the background collecting sensitive data, forensics, and notifying users whenever there is a chance of a brute-force attack into our systems. Otherwise, it has been protecting our data at various geographies along with the endpoints that we set up on the cloud. They have been able to filter out or thwart any attacks from the very word, "Go," and make our work very safe and smooth. 

We set up reports, which were weekly or biweekly. Then, our admins, who are mainly working with SandBlast Agent, were able to look at daily reports or even more granular reports, hourly or daily, based on their customizations.

The automated part keeps it running in the background. It only gives us notifications when there have been major attempts to breach data. We also have reports that show logs for what external, unauthorized systems tried to access the data. Through those reports, which are automated in the background, we are able to do what we want in order to keep our systems secure. We feel the automation part is pretty good with this application.

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Buyer's Guide
Check Point Harmony Endpoint
August 2022
Learn what your peers think about Check Point Harmony Endpoint. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: August 2022.
621,327 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Basil Dange - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Manager at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

Harmony Endpoint provides complete EDPR functionality using multiple modules and features that are available with the solution. These include Compliance, Anti-Malware, Media Encryption, Port Protection, Firewall, Application Control, Full Disk Encryption, Remote access VPN, Capsule DOC, URL Filtering, Anti-Bot, Anti-Ransomware, Behaviour Guard, Forensics, Threat Emulation, and Anit-Exploit. This group of features is able to protect the endpoint from any next-generation attack. Any of the modules can be enabled or disabled based on the organization's requirements.

Harmony Endpoint is able to detect, monitor, block, and mitigate attacks on the endpoint and it builds and maintains relevant logs for later inspection. The agent sends telemetry/metadata to the centralized console for forensic purposes.

Policies for endpoints can be created based on the username or endpoint.

Integration with the Threat intel platform is helpful for blocking any attack at an early stage.

The complete solution can be hosted on-premises or SaaS on the cloud.

Remote access VPN is provided as default in the base license.

A different Policy Server can be configured and hosted at each location so that the agent does not have to reach a central location to receive policy updates. Policy servers are created using an OVF file, which can be installed on any Virtual Platform such as VMware.

It has secure communication between the Policy Server and the Management Console using Certificate/SIC communication.

The agent footprint is small on the endpoint.

It supports integration with other security solutions for sharing threat intel within an organization or over the cloud.

The anti-ransomware module is very strong; it's able to detect any ransomware attack at a very early stage.

Host-based firewall policy configuration is simple, which helps to access an endpoint if the machine is not in the organization's network.

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reviewer1521789 - PeerSpot reviewer
Information Security Analyst at The VPS Group

The most useful feature so far has been having a functioning and up-to-date anti-malware scanner. This has found multiple dormant threats that have existed within the business that other anti-virus products could not detect.

In addition to this, threat extraction & threat emulation have been a big benefit to give the users more autonomy. For example, allowing them to release their own spam emails that were captured by our spam filter, knowing that the files that are released will be scanned and checked for known viruses.

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Jacob Imo-Abasi, Jr - PeerSpot reviewer
Business Analyst / Developer at a tech services company

The sandboxing feature: I like the entire process. It's one thing for it to detect, but another thing to have a remediation plan. It actually extracts out what we need to make it a clean file. 

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Mantu Shaw - PeerSpot reviewer
Sr. Technology Architect at Incedo Inc.

The features available are all good. One of the best features is the Ransomware Protection Feature. It is great and is a way to protect endpoints. It protects as well as it saves original file copies to prevent data loss.

Zero-Day Anti-phishing detects phishing sites in real-time and prevents users from any data and other losses.

Forensic Analysis provides a complete analysis of threats via detailed reports. Threat prevention with an included detailed threat landscape is very good.

The VPN connectivity and compliance check are also very good features. 

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LuisRodriguez1 - PeerSpot reviewer
Support Manager at Sefisa

The fact that everything is centralized is great. For example, the management is centralized on one portal in the cloud. 

We like the fact that we have a lot of visibility with this solution and the protection is very good. I have seen cases where customers, get attacked by ransomware and it is very easy for Check Point to restore a file that has been compromised with ransomware. It's 100% effective. 

They are developing new technologies. For example, they added SASE to their portfolio with Harmony. They also have Infinity SOC. If one of the Harmony Endpoints gets compromised, Check Point Infinity SOC is going to see it, and it's going to highlight that.

They're on the very edge of technology and are very fast with implementing new technologies. 

The solution is very stable.

They have a great knowledge base that you can leverage as a user.

The product scales well. 

Technical support is knowledgeable and responsive.

Every now and then, every vendor does have a vulnerability that is discovered. For example, when many vendors were using open SSL, they had to do some fixes on their software in order to fix that particular vulnerability. Check Point was the first one to fix that. It's clear that, unlike the competition, it is always keeping up with the patching of its own software.

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José Javier Dominguez Reina - PeerSpot reviewer
Project Manager at Junta de Andalucia

What we liked the most about the product, apart from detecting any attempted attack, is the graphical interface.

The graphical interface is very easy to use and intuitive, which greatly facilitates the work and greatly facilitates the work and the location of threats on the users' computers.

We also highly value the anti-ransomware functionality, which creates a copy of the files on the computers and in case of infection by ransomware is able to restore them to a date when the computer was not infected.

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Jorge Andrés - PeerSpot reviewer
Presales Engineer at Data Warden

Without a doubt, the best security feature is Full Disk Encryption (FDE). In cases where the endpoint is stolen or lost, you are sure that the information will not be accessible without the access password being the correct, maintaining the confidentiality of files at all times.

In addition, if someone tries to extract the physical disk and places it as a removable disk in a PC, they will not have access to the information either, since the files are still encrypted, ensuring that this method of extracting the information does not work without the decryption key. 

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Adriamcam - PeerSpot reviewer
Cloud Engineer at ITQS

Check Point Harmony Endpoint features different types of features but one of the most useful is an up-to-date and working anti-malware scanner.

The threat extraction and threat emulation have been a great benefit to give more autonomy to users.

On the other hand, it cannot be left out that it reduces the number of malicious attacks. It has helped us to properly monitor what has been happening with our network traffic and prevent individual attacks from accessing certain sites where we want to have restrictions or limitations.

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T. BalaMuruganandhan - PeerSpot reviewer
Sr. Manager at Incedo Inc.

All of the available features are good (for example Threat Emulation/Threat Extraction, Antibot, Anti-Exploit, Anti-Ransomware protection, UBA, Zero-day Phishing protection, Behavioral Guard, Encryption, VPN, and compliance), however, the one I have thought to be very valuable is the Ransomware Protection Feature which has been used widely during the pandemic. It protects as well as saves original file copies to prevent data loss.

Forensic Analysis provides a complete analysis of threats via detailed reports. The threat prevention, which includes a detailed threat landscape is very good.

The VPN connectivity and compliance check are also very good features.

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IT Manager at a renewables & environment company with 51-200 employees

Cloud management and reporting are great. The management interface is very simple and easy to navigate. Just getting a logon to start is very helpful. The Check Point support at this stage was great. While it was very simple and intuitive, having someone talk over the defaults provided recommendations that helped us jump forward very easily.

Again, the cloud management service has a several inbuilt default reports which are easy to customize and provide more visibility than we have had previously with several solutions. 

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Senior Security Specialist at Tech Mahindra Limited

    The solution allows us to reduce the attack surface via:

    • Host Firewall
    • Application Control
    • Compliance
    • NGAV: Prevent Attacks Before They Run
      • Anti-Malware
      • ML based NGAV
        GAV: Runtime Detection and Protection
        • Anti-Ransomware
        • Behavioral Guard
        • Anti-Bot
        • Anti-Exploit
          Web Protection
          • Zero-day Phishing site protection
          • Corporate Password Reuse Protection
          • URL Filtering
          • Malicious site protection
            Attack Investigation and Response
            • Forensics collection and detection
            • Forensics report – incident visibility, MITRE mapping
            • Automated attack chain full sterilization
            • Ransomware encrypted files restoration
            • Threat Hunting
              Data Protection
              • Host Encryption
              • Media encryption and port protection
                Mobile Protection
                • iOS Protection
                • Android Protection
                  Centralized Management
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IT Security Manager at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees

The most valuable features are threat emulation and threat extraction. Despite some false positives, it gives quite good security for file downloading.

Phishing form detection based on on-site similarity (not only on URL) has at least 50% efficiency in real-life examples that passed our antispam systems (and most of the false negatives are pretty general forms, which are not so convincing to the user).

The forensics allows us to search retrospectively for an URL or file opened by users, for example, when you need to quickly check who else has clicked on a phishing link.

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Meet vataliya - PeerSpot reviewer
IT Specalist at vTech Solution

The product offers advanced anti-malware and antivirus protection to protect, detect, and correct malware across multiple endpoint devices and operating systems. Proactive web security is available to ensure safe browsing on the web. Data classification and data loss prevention are there to prevent data loss and exfiltration.

SandBlast Agent defends endpoints and web browsers with a complete set of real-time advanced browser and endpoint protection technologies, including Threat
Emulation, Threat Extraction, Anti-Bot, and Zero Phishing. 

The zero-day prevention is very valuable.

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JurajMackovič - PeerSpot reviewer
Sales ManagerService Delivery at K_CORP

The solution is easy to use and easy to manage.

The security in regards to phishing, viruses, and so on, is very powerful. 

For mobile devices, encryption is excellent. 

From our point of view, Check Point is really easy to implement and really easy to manage. From the customer's point of view, the main reason was that the Check Point is the best brand, one of the best brands in our region. When they evaluate in comparison to competitors it comes out on top.

The solution is stable.

It's easy to scale as needed. 

Check Point Harmony covers everything.

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We found all features valuable - other than the encryption since we were already using that feature. Since we required some application to safeguard ourselves in this work from home situation. We were evaluating anti-malware products specifically. 

There can be scenarios where this encryption feature will be applicable and fruitful if it is implemented with proper planning and organized with respect to a particular organization. There have to be proper requirements gathering and a plan to work effectively.

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Engineer at Harbers ICT

The Harmony Endpoint browser plugin is powerful tooling that is visibly present and doing its job. 

Previous antivirus packages that we used and our customers used did not include a browser plugin. Now that users see that the endpoint really does scan everything on the browser page (such as username and password fields) they also see the added value of an antivirus package on the computer. 

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Chief Technology Officer at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

My customers choose Check Point Harmony Endpoint because deployment is easier and because it's cost effective and more secure.

It is also a stable and scalable solution.

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Manager of IT Security at a healthcare company with 5,001-10,000 employees

The set of features is quite comprehensive.

The Endpoint security solution integrates with the Check Point firewall services, so it's a combined approach to security.

A unique feature with this product is that it will detect if the user is entering their password on a website, and then block it.

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Cloud Support - Security Admin at a tech company with 1-10 employees

The characteristic that most attracts our attention is the administration portal. It doesn't require a management server since its licensing and management are through the Check Point Infinity Portal. It is very intuitive and easy to implement.

The way in which the agent is installed on the computers is very easy, it does not consume almost any performance of the server or final computers, in this way there is no need to worry about increasing resources to be able to protect them with Check Point Harmony Endpoint.

We love the reports and monitoring they provide. It helps us quickly see what vulnerabilities we have on our endpoints.

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Daphne - PeerSpot reviewer
Project Manager at Junta de Andalucia

Right away, we noticed when using Check Point's Harmony Endpoint tool, was the ease of deployment. In our case, it was deployed without too many difficulties, considering the deployment involved several tens of thousands of devices. 

Once deployed, the dashboard and all the inventory information that we had been able to obtain and that we did not know about before proved to be very interesting. 

One of the strengths of Harmony is its power to detect threats and keep us safe. Also the ability to apply policies specifically to users or groups is very useful.

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Sandeep Sehrawat - PeerSpot reviewer
Information Technology Security Consultant at Sify Technologies

The functionality is quite good. It can run well on mobile devices. 

You can also create profiles for individual mobile devices. 

It is easy to set up and implement. 

The product is stable.

It's very scalable. 

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Brand Manager at Corporation Sekiura S.A.C.E.I.

All of these features quoted below are valuable for us, as the set of solutions is what makes the solution really valuable. 

  • Endpoint Threat Prevention features
  • Web Protection (malicious sites/URL Filtering)
  • Anti-Ransomware
  • Anti-Bot
  • Anti-Exploit
  • NGAV
  • Anti-Virus
  • Forensic collection and automated reports
  • Threat Hunting
  • Sandbox Emulation and Extraction (CDR)
  • Endpoint Access Control Features
  • Endpoint Firewall
  • Application Control
  • Port Protection
  • Endpoint Compliance
  • Remote Access VPN

If we had to choose one, we really like the EDR included.

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Field Services IT Desktop Support Supervisor at a government with 5,001-10,000 employees

The solution offers disk encryption, anti-malware, and BPM blades. For example, the Disc Encryption Software Blade is actually a part of this endpoint security solution. The whole thing is good for us.

The product has been proven 100% effective with us. We haven't had anything related to any threats passing to us for the past five years.

The solution is easy to use. It is self updated when there's a new version. It updates seamlessly, no matter what features you have. However, depending on what we use, there are some features that they will not apply in the clinics. We don't have the preview screen. We can customize it in a way that it doesn't disrupt our operation depending on if it is a laptop, it is a desktop.

The security is very good.

The solution is very straightforward.

The solution scales well.

We have found the stability to be very reliable. 

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Project Manager at SANDETEL

When starting to use Check Point's Harmony Endpoint tool, the first thing that strikes us is its great ease of deployment. In our case, it has been a deployment without too many incidents considering that we are talking about a deployment in the tens of thousands of devices. Once deployed, the dashboard and all the inventory information that we have been able to obtain and that we did not know before are very interesting. Of course, one of the key points of Harmony is its great ability to detect threats and keep us safe.

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Head of IT Operations at Puerta de Hierro Hospitals

The endpoint agents, which can be installed in one go, are great. The communication with the console is very dynamic and remote, without the need to return to the computer locally. 

From the administration console, we can generate content filtering rules and labels, as well as run an analysis of emails and downloads that the collaborator does to fulfill their functions. Informing the administrator of threats by mail gives us the facility to detect real-time vulnerabilities in order to continue fulfilling the objective of safeguarding the information of the organization.

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Security Analyst at Infosys Ltd

I found the fact of working across multiple attack vectors easy and more beneficial. 

It has helped with USB to human errors to website issues to all types of threats and bot attacks. 

I also found the features of provisioning a VM for some security requirements and the fact of access across SSH and remote terminals also beneficial. 

Client-based access and the suite of products from SaaS API and Browser Protection are also very beneficial. It follows the ZTNA which tells that the VPN model of security would come to be obsolete in a few years with the Harmony benefit of Check Point.

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alvarado - PeerSpot reviewer
Cloud Support Leader at a tech company with 51-200 employees

Emulation and extraction of threats is a great feature. It avoids any type of vulnerable file or threats that can affect our infrastructure. 

It is very fast which makes it perfect for avoiding delivering infected files to the end-user and for evaluating all files to avoid delivering any with potential threats.

The integration of this tool with the other Check Point technologies is very easy. It is very good and quite robust. We are totally pleased with this implementation.

Please, if you implement this solution, review the logs and monitoring. It helps a lot.

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Anil Redekar - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Network Engineer at Infosys

The below features are most valuable:

1) Anti-malware

2) Threat protection with signature

3) Anti-ransomware

4) Anti-phishing (support for all leading browsers)

1) Anti-malware (to detect and prevent malicious activity)

2)  Threat protection with signatures to prevent the threat on the basis of a signature. Signatures are stored in the database. 

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Manager, IT Infrastructure and Security at Control Southern Inc.

The anti-ransomware blade is great. It stops device encryption automatically and has caught hundreds of cases on client laptops. 

One of the coolest features is that it provides an HTML report on the laptop and the endpoint console for the administrator. It will show you the forensic report of where it came from and if it spread to other systems that have the endpoint client installed. 

The best thing is it never gets past the first client as it looks for bad behavior. If needed, you can open the console and allow it.

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Kirtikumar Patel - PeerSpot reviewer
Network Engineer at LTTS

The most valuable feature is the Zero-day protection, which covers our on-premises users, and well as those users who are outside of our network. 

With Zero-day protection, we have complied with our customer-specific policies as well.

Most of our users are working on customer-related projects and today, everybody is looking to have zero-day protection at the endpoint level, as well as to protect against unknown threats or viruses.

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IT Security Officer at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees

The sandblast agent, policies implementation, and logs are quite valuable aspects of the solution. 

Threat emulation and anti-exploits are great features to protect the endpoints. 

The remote access VPN within the endpoint agent is quite easy to set up and use. 

The Harmony portal allows us to do a single sign-on using our active directory which makes the life of admins easy. 

Harmony Endpoint scans all website before opening and also scans fields on the website that protects from XSS and CSRF attacks which is really an advanced level feature. 

The endpoint scanning tools are quite enhanced and detect most malicious files. 

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Supervisor Tecnico at Grupo MCoutinho

The management of all endpoint settings from a single portal does not need to use more than this one to set all the policies. We used the deployment of this product to push drive encryption to some of the more sensitive users of the company since we haven't had any solution to this problem.

We're also using application control to block some unwanted apps from being executed on clients, however, sometimes the management of those apps can be a little time-consuming due to newer versions being released often.

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CISO at a financial services firm with 51-200 employees

Overall, it's a good tool. It's doing a good job for what it is designed for.

It is easy to set up.

The solution is stable.

It's a scalable product as it is a cloud offering.

You can layer in this solution with others. I like layering myself with various technologies, depending on the environment we're working in.

The product offers good pricing.

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Jane Adams - PeerSpot reviewer
Information Technology Specialist at RBC

The best thing is that it fits into all environments, which gives any organization a chance to use it intuitively without worrying about the nature of their industry.

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Engineer at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

The most valuable feature is forensics.

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JamesYa - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Solutions Architect at Cloud4C Services

The solution has all the standard features you would expect for endpoint protection.

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Assitant Manager - IT Support at a outsourcing company with 1,001-5,000 employees

The anti-malware and port protection, etc., are good. We have about 200 endpoints on this solution being maintained. We like that its server is cloud-based and that our in-house IT team can handle the installation and configuration on endpoints. It's great for securing our endpoints from any external attacks. We can control access to end-users. 

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reviewer1489602 - PeerSpot reviewer
Network Security Assurance Specialist at Visa Inc.

The Sandblast Agent really made a difference for the organization. It integrated well with the existing Check Point environment we had in place. It was used both for threat protection and remote access VPN.

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reviewer1399449 - PeerSpot reviewer
Network and Security Engineer at Information Technology Company

The most valuable features are the availability, the ease of checking current logs of blocks,  and the option to update the system easily. 

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Pre-Sales Engineer at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

The most valuable features in this solution are the EDR tool and the integration.

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Cybersecurity Architect at a computer software company with 201-500 employees

I have found the Zero phishing and IPS features the most useful in Check Point Harmony Endpoint. Additionally, threat emulation sandboxing is effective.

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Director at esupport Solutions Pvt ltd

Harmony's endpoint sandboxing is really good.

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Buyer's Guide
Check Point Harmony Endpoint
August 2022
Learn what your peers think about Check Point Harmony Endpoint. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: August 2022.
621,327 professionals have used our research since 2012.