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AuraQuantic Valuable Features

Guillermo Perez - PeerSpot reviewer
General Manager at XIMPLEX

Everything in AuraPortal is good. Everything.

I think that AuraPortal has the best price for its process. That's why it's not a whatever solution, it's a very high-class solution. If you want to sell this solution to clients, you have to look for corporate companies that need to have problems solved around their processes. That's why this solution pays for itself.

Another thing is that if you use traditional development solutions such as programming, you have an index of 18 to one, 18 months versus one month. It is very good advice to simplify the problem that you want to solve. You have to know that if you want to make an information system, you have to do a lot over many days or weeks or months to make an analysis and develop a code system. In AuraPortal, you just have to know the certificate to make it real. This includes if you are an executive of a company and you have minimal knowledge of a process, you can still do it by yourself. That's why AuraPortal helps organizations improve their work.

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Founder at AC Lean

AuraPortal is very user-friendly and flexible. 

It's really interesting for me, and I'm focusing on this application and BPM because it's really complete. I mean, you can model or design a process. You can simulate a process before you automatize it, and you can see the impact of its implementation. 

It's really useful because any process can be digitalized, any type of project, and you can define it. For example, if you buy an application on our system, you have to change your process to implement and to be able to use the system. But in this case, you can define your own process and digitalize it the way you want, and you can change any processes. If you implement the process in this application, in the future, if you want to change it, you can change it. It's very flexible. You can define it as you want and it's really useful in this way. You can automatize a process very quickly.

If the person or employees know how to use this tool, it's very powerful, and you don't need to know how to code. It's very easy to automatize a process. It's effortless to use, and you don't need any training in programming. For example, you don't have to be a technology technician to use it. If you received the training to use the application, you could quickly be a process modeler and process automation specialist. It's really easy to use.

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Guillermo Perez - PeerSpot reviewer
General Manager at XIMPLEX

AuraQuantic's most valuable features are the zero code, user-friendly mode, and integration.

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