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Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform Room for Improvement

DevOps Consultant at a government with 501-1,000 employees

Some of the modules in Ansible could be a bit more mature. There is still a little room for further development. Some performance aspects could be improved, perhaps in the form of parallelism within Ansible. 

Also, some of the Ansible versioning or backward compatibility, or Python changes, could have been handled a little bit better. 

But all these challenges could potentially be offset by the way you use Ansible. For instance, you could have Ansible Docker-ized and that would make your Ansible environment fixed and static and fully controlled. That way you wouldn't be worried about your server or your local workstation that is used for deployment.

These aren't huge issues, they are just things to keep in mind, but it all depends on how you use the product.

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Student at ARTH

Ansible is great, but there are not many modules. You can do about 80% to 90% of things by using commands, but more modules should be added. We cannot do some of the things in Ansible. In Red Hat, we have the YUM package manager, and there are certain options that we can pass through YUM. To install the Docker Community Edition, I'll write the yum install docker-ce command, but because the Docker Community Edition is not compatible with RHEL 8, I will have to use the nobest option, such as yum install docker-ce --nobest. The nobest option installs the most stable version that can be installed on a particular system. In Ansible, the nobest option is not there. So, it needs some improvements in terms of options. There should be more options, keywords, and modules.

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Linux Platform System Administrator at a healthcare company with 10,001+ employees

When you set up Playbooks, I may have one version of the Playbook, but another member of the team may have a different vision, and we will not know which version is correct. We want to have one central repository for managing the different versions of Playbooks, so we can have better collaboration among team members. This is our use case for using Git version control.

Collaboration across teams is a great goal to accomplish, but that would necessitate more visibility to other teams of what Ansible is capable of with the database teams and other individual applications. Because we have so many applications, I don't know if they are aware of how Ansible could be beneficial to them. That would necessitate a broader conversation within the IT infrastructure application teams.

While it saves time with fewer moves, there could be still room for improvement because we do not actually manage the VMs. Instead, this is managed by the Windows team, who spins up the VM. Then, once the VM is handed off, we do the security hardening. If we received the request from the application owner to spin up the VM to hand it off, then we could take that entire process and get it streamlined. Whereas, it is handled by a different team right now.

It would be great if we could leverage Ansible Tower and Red Hat Satellites more. 

API integration would help because right now our security team uses Splunk, and they are independent of my team, which is the Unix team. Therefore, if we could tie in Splunk with products, like Ansible, Cylance, and Rubrik for backup, then we could get all that information in a central console. We have not previously raised this suggestion because our Ansible Engine needs to be upgraded so we can get support for the Ansible product.

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Operations Executive at Infosys Ltd

The area which I feel can be improved is the custom modules. For example, there are something like 106 official modules available in the Ansible library. A year ago, that number was somewhere around 58. While Ansible is improving day by day, this can be improved more. For instance, when you need to configure in the cloud, you need to write up a module for that.

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CEO/Founder at Zen Networks
  • Accessibility. Ansible uses a CLI by default. Those accustomed to it can find their way and adopt the YAML files easily over time. But, some users are more comfortable using UIs.
  • Ansible Tower's upstream project, Ansible AWX provides a web UI. But, it can be improved to make it more user-friendly.
  • Overall, the learning curve could benefit from an easy to use UI.
  • Network gear support is still not that great but evolving. We definitely would like to see a general direction towards those. Especially since there are so many vendors and managing them all from the same platform is a rare plus.
  • For Windows, support is getting better, too. 
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Learn what your peers think about Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: January 2022.
564,599 professionals have used our research since 2012.