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Qlik Sense Primary Use Case

LesCampbell - PeerSpot reviewer
Audit Data Analyst at a energy/utilities company with 501-1,000 employees

I was working for a power utility company, so our primary use case for Qlik Sense was consumption data and customer billing.

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IS Sr Reporting Specialist at Community Health Network of Connecticut, Inc.

The primary solution was to provide a centralized way to access siloed cross-functional reports. 

By using Qlik Sense, we were able to combine data from our BI solution, ERP, and other systems, to provide daily reports, plus analytics capabilities with high performance. 

As Qlik Sense is an in-memory solution, the performance is fast and provides real-time insights. 

Also, with their ETL capability, we were able to perform ETL without a true data warehouse. It saved us a lot of money by being able to postpone the DW project and gave us time to think of other solutions, like data lakes.

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Manager at a tech services company with 201-500 employees

We use Qlik Sense in sales. We analyze all the information about sales channels, customers, and SKUs. We work with all the final information, such as P and L, DSO, and other indicators. We have a lot of indicators from finance, such as information about quality. We are a pharmaceutical lab and have information about the number of lots that we import and released to the market.

We have connected Qlik Sense with SAP and Salesforce. We analyze the information of Salesforce and SAP, such as the number of cases that we receive, the number of the marketing campaign, and the amount of money that we are spending on them.

All the department has that analytics on Qlik Sense

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Solution Architect at HSBC

We have 2 primary uses:

1. Technology-created, defined story-driven analytics providing Dashboarding to users that allow drill-down of information to pre-created aggregation levels.

2. Self-service reporting that allows data SMEs to create and manage their own visualizations.

Both use cases are heavily catered for in our business, and we have 80,000+ users across the company.  

Utilizing the Qlik API layer, and a set of React components we are also able to embed Qlik reporting into existing web applications providing fantastic opportunities to bring multiple data sets together into highly customizable portals.

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Marcelo Galano Nuñez - PeerSpot reviewer
Analytics Technician at Eurofragance SLU

I've been an user for many years and also a developer that's working as a consultant. I use Qlik to develop apps to extract, load, and transform data from different sources and then use this data to make apps for different departments in my organization. 

I am a consumer of this data as well, as I work for the Controlling Department. We also use NPrinting to send reports to different people in the organization and this saves us a lot of time on manual tasks. 

We extract data from: SAP, SQL DB, Excels, Success Factors, Sharepoint, Oracle, and more. 

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Piyush Gaud - PeerSpot reviewer
Business Intelligence Manager at We Love X GmbH

We are in the affiliate marketing industry. We are using the Qlik Sense Cloud to visualize our marketing-related data. Qlik Sense allows us to visualize the complete funnel from the customer visiting the Google/Bing ads to the product sale. 

We are also using Qlik Sense as a platform where we integrate the data from other data sources and make the insights from it which otherwise would have been quite a difficult task. 

The Qlik Sense cloud insights advisor helps our business users to get the answers to their data questions so that they do not have to rely on IT/BI resources every time they have some data request.

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Khuzema Tikiwala - PeerSpot reviewer
Manager - Enterprise Analytics & Business Intelligence at Meritor

We use Qlik Sense as a Corporate Analytical Tool. It is used by every functional group for creating their dashboards including but not limited to Supply Chain, Purchasing, Finance, Operations, Quality, Engineering, Warranty, Legal, etc.

We are using Qlik as a self-service analytics tool. We are using Qlik to implement some of the self-service processes, too.

We also use Qlik NPrinting to complement our Qlik Sense environment. This is mainly used for automated report bursting based on certain conditions. This takes away a lot of the manual process of creating Excel-based files on a recurring basis.

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Mark Shannon - PeerSpot reviewer

We use Qlik Sense as an on-premise enterprise self-service BI solution with a single physical Windows server.

We also have value-added products to support our solution including Qlik GeoAnalytics and Qlik Nprinting. We have dual-use licenses with QlikView for all of our users. All licensing is based on individual user names and access, which allows for unlimited use per user.

The end-users range from senior-level executive management to individual contributors such as data and business analysts.  All development is performed via web browser and no desktop client is necessary.

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Petrus Van Biljon - PeerSpot reviewer
Co-Owner at Alvarium

We use this product for data visualizations and interpretation. We are having success with identifying opportunities through seeing our weaknesses. In my time coaching the sales team, I had to find a way for everyone to have access the as much information as possible. Qlik made this very easy for us. Giving the sales team access to data empowered them and also provided them with confidence and the resolve to take all the opportunities that were available in the market. I am amazed at how well this worked.

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Michel Lalancette - PeerSpot reviewer
Business Intelligence Developer at Bonduelle

Our primary use case of Qlik Sense is as a dashboard. It replaces some Excel grids we used to provide to people. We are currently serving only a few business units but are working on expanding to all other BU over time. We normally use this tool by loading data from our data warehouse into a QDF (Qlik deployment framework). This allows for better reusability at the cost of duplicate apps. We have also recently begun using Qlik Sense to load data from other sources, such as excel to help other business units that previously had no BI at all.

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Jim Vaughan - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Software Engineer at Ingram Content Group

My company is a distributor.

We use Qlik to surface information regarding sales, inventory, ordering volumes, customer data, and other key pieces of information to decision-makers in our company. We primarily use Qlik internally.

To date, we have created more than 1300 dashboards for various business teams within the organization. We have five developers who help create and maintain the dashboards. Some of our advanced users have also contributed sheets to our user community to augment the existing dashboards.

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Dave Elliott - PeerSpot reviewer
Global Solutions and Data Innovation Manager at MAYBORN GROUP LIMITED

We use Qlik Sense to deliver enterprise-wide analytics covering various business units, including Commercial Finance, demand planning, aftermarket performance, ICT, eCommerce, procurement, master data management, sales forecasting, and market share analysis. 

The flexibility of Qlik Sense and the addition of 3rd party extensions allow us to extend the use of Qlik Sense beyond analytics and bring the platform to the core of our digital workplace, augmenting analytics with workflow, and team collaboration.

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reviewer1412682 - PeerSpot reviewer
Data Management Specialist at Marsh Limited

I work in the Data Solutions team at Marsh (Insurance company). We build Qlik Sense dashboards for Client Executives in the Specialties team, tailored to their requirements.

The Client Executives can view their client's portfolio over several years and also see how Marsh is performing in the space. These visualizations help them with client and insurer meetings.

Currently, it is being used for new client wins, client retention, negotiating with insurers, providing time efficiencies, and providing consistency in presentations.

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Anh Thi Pham - PeerSpot reviewer
Data Analyst Manager at Ho Chi Minh Securities Corporation

Dashboards and reporting: we host a dashboard and reporting system for the whole company with a full set of rules of governances. Mashup pages or embedded iframe are good choices to manipulate Qlik Sense dashboards to any formats.

Ad hoc data analytics: with strong data load engine and in-memory processing, we could use Qlik Sense to do most of the statistical tasks or data minings task, or even export processed data to do further advanced analytics by another platform.

Self-service BI: in-memory processing make self-service data analytics become a joyful activity. 

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Steve C - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior BI Consultant at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

Qlik Sense is used as a Business Intelligence and analysis tool as part of a dual BI tool strategy. The software is hosted on two multi-node environments; production and ad-hoc.  

The production environment hosts the main reporting suite of apps, while the ad-hoc environment is used for one-off or ad-hoc analysis as well as pre-development. A third environment is used for testing releases or developing extensions and features. 

NPrinting is also used to supplement the capability of Qlik Sense in cases where the users aren't able to access the environment. This happens, for example, with external or third-party reporting, etc. 

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Saurabh Deora - PeerSpot reviewer
Safety Data Analyst at Novo Nordisk

We are in the Pharma industry and we get a lot of patient-related data for our products. This data contains post-marketing cases and clinical cases that my organization conducts, and we use Qlik to analyze the data.

We also use Qlik in some of the reporting we do with health authorities with different affiliates. We track the information sent to affiliates, whether the reporting was done on time or not.

We use the GxP setup, so it is very controlled and split by three different environments: Dev, Val, and Production. 

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reviewer1246062 - PeerSpot reviewer
User at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

We primarily use the solution as a self-service for business users without heavy knowledge of IT products. It allows them to create their own content either on custom data or pre-prepared structures and calculations by IT.  On top of that, there is also IT-prepared end-to-end content and global reporting covering mobile reporting mainly in big pharmaceutical corporations. 

We are running an on-premise version in the cloud on Amazon EC2 and Azure

We are using also additional Qlik products such as Mobile, GeoAnalytics, nPrinting, Alerting, and Qlik Data Catalyst

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Or Medina - PeerSpot reviewer
Head Of Business Intelligence at Israel InterUniversity Computation Center

Qlik Sense is the BI platform for my company.

At Carasso Motors, we use Qlik Sense and QlikView as back and front end tools for building data warehouses that are used across the company. We also build a variety of data GUI models that are also vastly used.

The main operation of the company is selling new and used cars, which is our focal point on building decision support models that are used by managers of all ranks.

In order to support all fields of operations within the company, we needed a platform able to connect to different kinds of data sources. Qlik Sense makes it easy for us.

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Thales Azevedo - PeerSpot reviewer
Gerente de BI at a government with 201-500 employees

This solution is an analytic platform and we are in the early stages of development for our data center.

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Mattheus Roux - PeerSpot reviewer
Project Engineer - Overhead Lines at University of South Africa

We primarily use this solution for operational and financial dashboards and reporting. We now have the ability to share insights on the Qlik mobile platform.

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