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Perfecto Room for Improvement

IT Quality Control at a insurance company with 10,001+ employees

Its performance should be improved. Anything to speed up the user interface would be a great help. We've had a lot of pain with their migration from a product UI that was based on Adobe Flash to the new product that is based on HTML5. Migrations like that seemed to be very painful and not a real smooth process. We're still sort of recovering from that migration from old technology to new, and we haven't got all the functionality ported over that we used to have on the old UI.

It is sort of unfair to ask, but we don't have SSO right now. So, we're working towards that. If that had been available from day one, it would have been super awesome. Once we get to that point, it would be a whole lot better. There could be some additional administrative tools and reporting tools to get more direct hands-on reporting for usage, user database, and things like that.

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Prin IT Bus Systems Analyst at a healthcare company with 10,001+ employees

We bought this solution because it is supposed to be proficient at both web and mobile testing. It does well for mobile testing, but when it comes to the web aspect, it is lagging a little bit in terms of execution. Specifically, if it is a native app then it does really well. But, with a hybrid, or it is a native mobile web app, it seems to be lagging.

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Regional Head Customer Experience at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

We have had challenges while using this product.

The main problem has to do with OTP. OTP comes on the SIM but there is no SIM card in the cloud, so it makes it a big challenge for us. It is available in development but because we don't have the OTP API exposed, we don't have it in production.

We have had some issues with performance, which is something that should be improved.

The price of Perfecto Mobile should be lowered.

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