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NetSuite OneWorld Valuable Features

Harry Paulison - PeerSpot reviewer
VP of Operations at a manufacturing company with 11-50 employees

It helped reduce redundancies in workflows by at least 25% or so.

It's easy to find records, POCs, sales orders, et cetera, as they are all connected.

We didn't have to add headcount or lose employees. We simply retrained them using this process.

The solution saves us a lot of time. It automates a lot of processes.

It allows us to track every aspect of an order to learn about if we are meeting deadlines and why/why not so we can further adjust our processes.

The solution is very good with integration. We were able to integrate DocuSign with NetSuite. That gave us another layer of automation that allowed us to get digital signatures. We did not have to take a lot of extra steps - such as printing, signing, scanning, reattaching, sending via email, et cetera. The system also allowed us to email automatically directly out of the system. We aren't constantly having to jump out of the system to do other processes. It was all contained and thus the communications stayed with those transactions. It really greases the skids all the way through.

We could work in multicurrency, which is what OneWorld allows you to do. It also allows you to have different setups for different city areas based on the company structure that you use. We were able to add and manage multiple virtual warehouses. You can have as many as you want. 

The reporting is user-friendly. You could create any kind of reports you wanted. 

The dashboards allow you to have all that information available to you as soon as you log in. For example, in accounting, once fulfillment is done, they know exactly what can be invoiced as it would show up in a saved search list and they knew exactly which ones they could invoice. If you set the dashboards up correctly, it provides that information at a glance along with financial reports and other things that it provides.

The ability to customize it to create custom fields that are reportable, and then to be able to write script behind it to automate other processes that might otherwise be manual is great. For example, we had a situation where there were certain fields that need to be updated as a result of other fields. What we did was we created custom fields so that if that field got updated, a script would run overnight. It got updated and it would go and populate the other field, which would normally have to be a manual process. Instead of having to compare and make updates, the system was doing it automatically, saving additional time. With all that time that we saved, we were able to redeploy to customer-facing activities, which were more important rather than maintenance of the system.

Its ability to maintain those customizations in that scripting, upgrades, and updates to the system notwithstanding, was phenomenal my experience previously was anytime you made customizations and there was an upgrade, things would get wonky. In NetSuite, that doesn't happen as they're upgrading the core functionality and you get that as a user, which they do twice a year. You never have to worry, however, as all your scripts and customizations are never touched. They're not impacted by those changes, which is really a great benefit to anybody who's been down that road.

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Gene Hammons, MBA - PeerSpot reviewer
Director at a consultancy with 1-10 employees

Most pre-commercial, pre-IPO pharma developments are running on QuickBooks, which is fine for early stages. This is not so good when you get into SEC reporting, advanced analytics, what-if projections for lifecycle, and acquisition decision-making, along with the historic providers of pharma ERP: SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics AX, Lawson, etc. are million dollar investments (granted), and if actual manufacturing is present, these are all excellent solutions. 

For a niche pharmaceutical, that is always going to have a moderate volume with outsourced manufacturing, NetSuite has a ton of advantages. More emerging pharma companies are going this route for these reasons: Lowers costs, produces higher efficiencies, while maintaining a leaner staff and produces advanced financials. It is all there. 

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Antonio Lira - PeerSpot reviewer
Territory Manager LATAM at It Business Edge

Embedded business intelligence, no need to wait, for extract functions, each transaction is reflected in the system dashboards in real-time are valuable features.

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