Mendix Valuable Features

Somnath-Ghosh - PeerSpot reviewer
Solution Architect and LowCode Practice Lead at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees

What I found most valuable in Mendix is that it's very much suitable for mobile apps such as native Android or IOS supported mobile apps. The multiple features of the platform are very, very attractive and very popular. Mendix has technical features such as microflows and nanoflows. You can also access data models in the platform. These are the features that are very, very strong in Mendix. I got my hands dirty on other low-code platforms, but I have not seen such strong features in them compared to the microflows, nanoflows, and data model access that are in Mendix, including creating and integration. The platform has out-of-the-box adapters or out-of-the-box-connectors that you can integrate with different interface applications such as SAP, Salesforce, Oracle EBS, etc.

Another valuable feature of Mendix is that if you want to connect with any legacy applications, you can write custom Java code because Mendix supports Java, the universal language. My company can write custom code and connect to any legacy or home grown applications for any enterprise ecosystem or IT ecosystem. 

These are the strong benefits I see in Mendix.

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Sameer Verma - PeerSpot reviewer
Consulting Manager at Deloitte

Their native mobile capability is very good. In general, the way they launch the product has been great. Their product launching strategy is far better than any other platform. I work in OutSystems and Mendix. OutSystems is good for legacy mod or transformation end. With this solution, the product launching strategy is very, very agile. I really like when they roll out their updates, which are very, very frequent. 

Mendix is currently leading in the smart manufacturing, and connectivity space. The integration they have built-in is great. No one else has gone that far.

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Robert Bloss - PeerSpot reviewer
Solutions Architect at a computer software company with 501-1,000 employees

The solution is just very quick and responsive. 

The initial setup is very straightforward, and those implementing the product do not have to be very technologically advanced in order to manage the process.

Their app store has been revamped in the last year, and it allows basically anybody who creates a widget or a module inside of it, to share it with the whole community. It's got a very, very robust shared community, which is amazing.

There are free online learning and certifications if a user would like to learn more and better understand the solution.

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November 2022
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Hardy-Jonck - PeerSpot reviewer
Managing Director at AgileWorks Information Systems

One of the most valuable features in Mendix is its declarative model-driven development capabilities. Declarative development is important for the future of business software development; it allows us to rapidly model solutions without having to tell the computer how to do the basics. It allows us to focus on rich business logic rather than spending time managing boring technical details as is required with classical imperative development.  

Mendix helps reduce the total cost of ownership: It validates workflows and system flows and this saves significant time when developing and maintaining apps. Refactoring is much easier in Mendix and done with more confidence. 

Mendix apps are relatively quick to develop because it is a low-code platform. It's very robust, flexible, open, and scalable. It's for a low-code savvy customer. The tooling is also really good and it has good mobile app development capabilities with a platform suited to integration and publishing app services. 

So in a nutshell, valuable features: Mendix declarative modelling, finely-grained security model, easy data modelling, easy app integration, tooling, validation, mobile development features, ease of debugging, extensibility and attention to detail of the Mendix core team. 

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Jaroslav Krecek - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Product Manager at Deutsche Börse

We like Mendix a lot. In terms of technology, it is really good. 

We find it intuitive and easy to use. 

We are quite happy with the solution and look forward to moving to the cloud. We have it hosted in the Docker systems on-prem. When we move to the cloud, we can see that it will be simple. 

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Bondoc-Popescu Marcian-Petrut - PeerSpot reviewer
Junior Automation (Mendix) Engineer at Emergn

The ability to model data and relationships between entities is easy, and the ability to write microflows and nanoflows is great. By that, I mean flows, in general, that achieve something which will function. Those are things I really like. On top of that, they are fast to learn and put into practice after a bit of experience. 

Overall the platform is really good. I like it. I wish I was better at it, as there are plenty of things to learn, especially on the front-end side. I like the fact that you can integrate react widgets. It's really cool. The integration is really good.

The debugger is perfect. It's the best I've ever seen. 

Technical support is great.

You can scale the solution.

It's easy to maintain. 

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Marjolein Pordon - PeerSpot reviewer
Software Test Analyst at Squerist

The one feature that I like best yet, which also makes it complicated, is the microservices. They are really what sets Mendix apart from other platforms.

Since my company also works with Menditect, which makes a test automation tool for Mendix, we are quite involved. My coworkers also leverage Mendix. We really like that it's usable for test automation since not all platforms can due to no unique IDs and things like that. With Mendix, we can use the platform very easily for test automation.

The initial setup is easy.

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Mohammed Sulty - PeerSpot reviewer
Principal Consultant at Palmira

The most valuable features are the integration and UI customization.

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Principle Technology Architect at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees

The user experience is great. Creating the user experience is fast and the development speed is excellent.

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Industrial Engineer at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees

Dashboards are valuable. It is easier to visualize data.

It is low code, where the developers can still develop in Java. That to us is very appealing.

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Mahmmoud Mutawe - PeerSpot reviewer
Chief Technology Officer at RealSoft

You can really minimize the time-to-market, which is great.

It is easy to set up.

You can scale the solution.

It's stable. 

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Siti Rochimah - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Lecturer at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember

There is a free version of the solution you can use. 

Mostly, the students are very excited about the product due to the fact that they can make applications without coding.

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Dhanasekar Mohan - PeerSpot reviewer
Solutions Architect at Indium Software

The most valuable features of Mendix are the drag and drop functions, the data entities, domain models, and all the related features.

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Tristan Webb - PeerSpot reviewer
Chief Technology Officer at AskIf

The features that I have found most valuable with Mendix are its business process management and its minimal low code, both from an interface perspective and from a process perspective. With Camunda, we were looking at it from our business process standpoint. Appian and Mendix were one size fits all.

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Dr.-Ing. Emile Mokouabeka - PeerSpot reviewer
Project Leader / IT Architect at Hamburg Port Authority

I enjoy the low-code nature of the product.

It's user-friendly and very easy to handle.

The product was easy to set up.

It is stable.

The stability is good.

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System Analyst at a government with 10,001+ employees

It is a development platform which assists in accelerating your developmental lifecycle. This is one of its most valuable features. This solution also offers a good set of components that are readily available. 

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November 2022
Learn what your peers think about Mendix. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: November 2022.
656,474 professionals have used our research since 2012.