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4 months ago
Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) from first-hand experience because of: * Ease of setup of the environment * Productivity  * Range of tools in addition to the integration flow platform, OIC comes with some major tools like:       - PCS - a full-blown BPMN executable…
8 months ago
@Jang-Vijay Singh An update on the improvements since I wrote this comment:  *XSLT editing in code mode is now possible.  *DBAdapter updates after schema changes (like columns added/removed from a DB table) also works fine via the designer wizard - it only needs slightly…
Over 1 year ago
Contributed a review of Oracle Integration Cloud Service: Good flow design interface, scalable, and provides a good variety of connectors
Over 1 year ago
Total cost of ownership - identify how much the platform costs to run for a given volume of messages/requests or data per unit time. Secondly, identify how much would it cost to develop and deliver actual functionality on the platform (typically involves data flows,…


Over 1 year ago
Oracle ERP and e-commerce integration, reconciliation solution
ERP and e-commerce integration, reconciliation solution for a major healthcare provider in Northern Europe (sub-contracted by lead Contractor to design, develop, and deliver specific usecases)  Applied the complete software engineering lifecycle (SDLC) for my…

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