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Trend Micro Deep Security Room for Improvement

Technical Director at a security firm with 1-10 employees

The main drawback is that it's complicated. With Trend Micro solutions, everything is complicated. Deep Security has its own management console, and every product in Trend Micro has its own management console. Everything is siloed. Now, they are trying now to connect everything inside the main control management or reporting console, however, it's still not a central management console. It makes for a lot of work when applying policies and security solutions.

The product isn't very user-friendly.

It's a bit old-fashioned in its design and approach.

While, for example, McAfee might have a new version every two months, Trend Micro might not release a new version for two years. While it's very stable, it could be a bit too long in-between versions.

It would be ideal if the solution communicated better with other security solutions from other brands. This is an issue. They need to open up their API or give access, or exchange information with other security products so that everything can communicate together, learn from each other, and block malicious threats better.

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Senior Security Advisor at a healthcare company with 1,001-5,000 employees

The risk is very complex. We need our tools to be more intelligent, more automated, more detectable. They could improve all of those aspects. I'd specifically like to see automation in terms of detection and auto mitigation.

The integration could be better. When we need to integrate a full console to manage endpoints and servers in the same place, we need to understand better how to deploy it so we don't need an agent or something else to deploy the solution to monitor everything.

The initial setup can be difficult. 

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Nadeem Syed - PeerSpot reviewer
CEO at Haniya Technologies

It should have XDR and EDR integration. It would be nice if they can tie it up with an XDR or EDR.

Its price is also quite high. It is more expensive than other products for patching. So, it would be nice if they lower its price.

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Trend Micro Deep Security
September 2022
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Head of IT & Systems at Thal Industries Corporation Ltd

Pricing is on the expensive side and could be more affordable. The technical support for Trend Micro Deep Security also needs improvement.

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Security Engineer/Architect at Telecom Italia

One problem with this kind of  products is scaling. If you go on large sites you have to have an external database, which would increase the overall solution cost.

The solution offers many features aside from antimalware, lile Host FE and IDS/IPS, File integrity monitoring and so on, but if you use it to protect deliering agents on hosts you'd better verify the amount of host resources (ram)  utilized by DS agent itself.   

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Nagendran Ponnan - PeerSpot reviewer
DGM-IT at a construction company with 10,001+ employees

Deep Security's reporting functionality could be improved. 

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Business Development Manager - Security at a computer software company with 201-500 employees

I think more work could be done on Deep Security's ability to handle dynamic threat scenarios. 

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BobenGeorge - PeerSpot reviewer
Sr.Customer Engineer- Projects at a tech services company with 201-500 employees

There should be more tools to trace back. Some sort of module needs to be included to attach all the things. 

It should be more stable, and the traceback feature should be improved. There were cases when we got virtual analyzer or CMC errors. We got false-positive malware notifications, but we couldn't trace them. I raised a case with Trend Micro two or three times, but they couldn't resolve it. Their support should be improved in terms of technical abilities to troubleshoot complex issues. They should be more knowledgeable.

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SYEDALI13 - PeerSpot reviewer
Management Trainee Supply Chain Excellence at fatima group

I am not sure about what could be improved. I don't look at the solution from this angle. Some other person from our team is managing that at the moment.

The solution could use more integration. I've heard that if we are going to deploy the XDR of some other solution, it'll not be integrated. It would be helpful if everything could come together. 

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Principal Solutions Architect at a computer software company with 201-500 employees

Deep Security's biggest shortcoming is its reporting.

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Consultant at a computer software company with 51-200 employees

What this product lacks at this stage is the ability to have automated workbooks to do the response. At this stage, the response is more manual, and it is not automated. If there is a response functionality in Deep Security, similar to what we have in EDR these days, to automatically respond to some of the threats, it would be cool. So, we'd like to have an automated response. There should be a response functionality.

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Manager at a non-profit with 1,001-5,000 employees

Some of the reporting and integrations could be more robust.

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Anand Dhouni - PeerSpot reviewer
Assistance Manager-IT at ONGC Petro additions Limited

I would like to see better pricing. The pricing could be lower.

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Bussines Develop Manager at Empower IT

We have had some issues when it drains some of the resources of the server. When that happens it slows down some of the processes and causes the CPU to run a little harder.

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Technical Manager at Digital World

The biggest drawback with Trend Micro is even when it is connected to the server, it will show as offline.

Another issue is, if I want to suggest this solution to a customer, we won't get the pricing immediately, which is a major problem.

I would like to see cloud-based integration.

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TitleGeneral Manager at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees

The cost is very high. it would be ideal if they would work on the pricing.

Technical support could be much better.

The product should be able to host a vulnerability scanner. Right now, we need to pay extra. It would be ideal if they could do a vulnerability scan of my endpoints. 

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Natthapong Prayadsub - PeerSpot reviewer
IT Infrastructure Manager at a computer software company with 51-200 employees

I would like to see an EDR function for the servers, as that would be useful for us.

Detection and Response directly to the servers.

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Ahmet Burak Aydin - PeerSpot reviewer
Security Engineer at Intertech Information Technology and Marketing Inc.

I would like to see a retroactive alert. If it had the capability of generating retroactive alerts it would be helpful.

While it is stable, it has room to improve.

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Solutions Architect at a comms service provider with 11-50 employees

Trend Micro Deep Security security and scalability could be improved.

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Karthikeyan Balasubramani - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Technical Consultant at Unicorp Technologies LLC

Their support should be improved. We need support in the UAE, but it is always going to some other country or region, and the time schedule is not suitable for us. 

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IT Security Specialist at TT Systems LLC

I would like to see XDR features and endpoint sensors become available.

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Cyber Security Technical Engineer at a tech services company with 1-10 employees

The licensing structure could improve.

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Raul Poma Astete - PeerSpot reviewer
Technology Support Engineer at a energy/utilities company with 501-1,000 employees

An additional feature that should be included in the next release is the ability to scan more document types.

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Senior manager at SBI Cap security

It would help if they would reduce the price. 

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Buyer's Guide
Trend Micro Deep Security
September 2022
Learn what your peers think about Trend Micro Deep Security. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: September 2022.
635,987 professionals have used our research since 2012.