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SonicWall NSa Valuable Features

MohammedMateen - PeerSpot reviewer
Network Administrator at Transgulf Readymix

What's valuable in SonicWall NSa is the ATP (advanced threat protection). It can protect users from malicious links, e.g. those sent to the end user email and is clicked by the end user, who'll be led to a bad website. SonicWall NSa has a Sandboxing service that is very helpful for us, especially when end users accidentally click on malicious links.

Another valuable feature of this solution is that it is very useful for site-to-site VPN connectivity issues.

SonicWall NSa also has very good hardware, e.g. from 2013 to 2021, only one product had a hardware failure, and within 24 hours, they were able to replace that product.

I also love that SonicWall has very good technical support, who are very knowledgeable, provides good suggestions, and they're easy to reach.

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Manoj Nair - PeerSpot reviewer
Tech consultant at select softwares

It's very simple to use and the support is great. I am in India and they have a support office here. As a company product, SonicWall firewalls and their support has been excellent.

It's a simple, rugged product. When I say rugged, mechanically, it's a very rugged box. The same thing applies to Sophos also, it's also a very rugged box. It's rugged technology, it can take a beating and still be operational. 

One of the greatest strengths of the SonicWall system is that they have multiple portals for multiple tasks, whereas all the other solutions have no single tool for doing multiple tasks. That has been one major advantage of SonicWall. Regarding the SonicWall box, you need to be capable of taking multiple loads compared to the competition. That's a very unique feature of the SonicWall system. They also have an antivirus solution that is tied to their system which is called SentinelOne.

The support is very good. The product is also very reliable. There are always new, frequent updates — nothing more or less. It's very flexible; it's ready to go right out of the box, unlike some other solutions which require a lot of training. The GUI is very user-friendly. Even if you've never touched a firewall in your life, with a bit of time and practice, you'll get the hang of it.

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Manager of IT at a healthcare company with 10,001+ employees

The content filtering is very good.

The solution is easy to use.

They offer good antivirus solutions. It's basically a complete package.

The solution is stable. 

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SonicWall NSa
July 2022
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Systems network admin at a educational organization with 10,001+ employees

The DPI-SSL is the solution's most valuable aspect. It's handy. It's nice.

The scalability is okay.

The initial implementation isn't too bad, once you get used to the process.

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Network Administrator at a healthcare company with 201-500 employees

The functionality is the same whether it is on hardware or a virtual appliance. The interface is the same. It's nice that it's standardized.

The solution is a good product with a good value for money.

The security capabilities and policies are good. They can do a lot of tasks with ease. 

The product is very useful for organizations with many locations. If you've got a lot of locations, the product can save you money as you don't need a physical box at each location.  

The scalability is very good as it really can cover multiple locations.

SonicWall offers NG capabilities in virtual appliances.

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Director Comercial at a tech services company with 201-500 employees

Deep packet inspection and intelligent application control are the most valuable features. 

It is a very updated solution. It is very current as compared to other brands and vendors.

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Director of IT at a consultancy with 11-50 employees

The most valuable aspect of the solution is its ability to work like any other firewall.

The product is pretty easy to configure. It's easy to maintain and it works well with Windows.

There are features that offer 3G, 4G, failover, wireless, and things like that are very good. I'm not a firewall expert, however, in my opinion, the solution pretty much covers the needs of small and medium businesses.

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President at a tech services company with 1-10 employees

There are no specific features that you can say are better than anything else. It's very flexible and it meets our customer's needs.

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Flavio Soares - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Systems Administrator at a manufacturing company with 51-200 employees

At the end of the day, all the solutions in this category are more or less alike. They all do the same thing in different ways. I've found the best features of NSA are the graphic interface which is very user friendly and I also find the solution to be very intuitive. The product has more features than I can use. 

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Sergi Pinto - PeerSpot reviewer
Internet Manager at MICROBLAU SL

The security is great.

It has great performance.

The prices are similar to other vendors and the support is good.

The deployment process is simple. 

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Network Engineer at a maritime company with 201-500 employees

The features that I have found most valuable are the firewalling, which is very good and the GUI which is very intuitive. It is easy to use and provides great security.

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Luke Wainwright - PeerSpot reviewer
Cybersecurity Engineer at Networks Unlimited Africa

The security features we pretty good. The antivirus and items of that nature were quite helpful to have.

The web sourcing was very good. 

The stability was very good.

We found the installation to be pretty straightforward.

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MuraliGovindarajan - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Manager at a insurance company with 201-500 employees

SonicWall has USCS and anti-virus at the gateway level. Everything is filtered, and if it detects an intruder, it drops the line.

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IT Manager at a educational organization with 51-200 employees

It is able to fulfill my requirements. It protects our network environment. It has control over IPS, signatures, and it can also manage bandwidth and mapping. It is also stable and has good support.

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Manager at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees

The product is working okay. The product is working feature-wise.

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Jeremi Albrizio - PeerSpot reviewer
Information Security Manager at a manufacturing company with 51-200 employees

Compared to Cisco, SonicWall NSa is much easier to configure. Cisco tends to be cumbersome through the web interface. It's easy through the command line, but when you're troubleshooting something, you're usually not going through the command line. When you're digging through data trying to find if something happened, you're usually digging through the logs, through the web interface, because it should be much easier. In Cisco, the logs are odd and you have to be really particular on what you want. You have to look for specific details. 

This process is much easier SonicWall NSa. I want to know where the problem started and where it ended, that's it; and it's really clear in SonicWall NSa. Whereas in Cisco it's just not clear at all.

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Hector Lopez - PeerSpot reviewer
IT and Project Manager at Network Secure El Salvador

The most valuable feature is the sandbox.

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RamaswamyK - PeerSpot reviewer
M. I. S. Manager at Ruby Mills Ltd

It is a brilliant product. It is a Unified Threat Management (UTM) system. It has got about 11 security services that take care of your perimeter security. It takes care of any kind of cyber threats that could come in. 

It takes care of creating VPNs between two SonicWalls instantly and very easily. It has got spyware in it as well as a firewall. It has also got a gateway antivirus and an application firewall that can block things from outside.

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IT Manager at Esnad

SonicWall NS has a lot of valuable features. One of the best SonicWall NSa features is the ability to collect mini routers and get only one user connection.

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IT Security Analyst at a outsourcing company with 51-200 employees

This product is user-friendly and easy to configure.

The logging is very good, as long as it is configured properly.

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TanveerBhatti - PeerSpot reviewer
Network Security Engineer at Next Step

The most valuable features of this solution are the GUI pre-filtering and the ATP (advanced threat protection). Also, the ATP packet capture is helpful. We used these features during our restoration.

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Vinothkumar-Narasimman - PeerSpot reviewer
Cyber Security at a tech services company with 1-10 employees

The VPN functionality and intrusion prevention service (IPS) are the most valuable features.

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IT Manager at a insurance company with 51-200 employees

The solution has many useful features, such as content management, user management, user filtering, and domain controller connectivity mapping.

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NOC Manager at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

The most valuable features of this solution are intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, and the advanced capture client, which provides live traffic analysis.

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Owner at it logic

What I like the most is that this is a one-time purchase with no renewal fees.

The stability is better than other products.

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Senior Manager Information Technology Infrastructure at a wholesaler/distributor with 1,001-5,000 employees

The most valuable feature for us at the moment is the VPN, given that everybody has moved to home offices.

It is easy to integrate.

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Ravinder  Singh - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Network Administrator at cogniter

The most valuable features are the antivirus and reporting.

SonicWall NSA is easy to deploy, easy to maintain, and easy to configure. There are lots of features, which is really good for us

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Principal Associate - CloudOps at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees

The solution is very stable.

It's an excellent product for an SMB.

The filtering is excellent.

The solution is quite stable.

We found the initial setup to be straightforward.

You can scale the solution to a certain extent.

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Balaraju K - PeerSpot reviewer
Technical Lead at 64network security pvt ltd

SonicWall has all the usual functions, like LAN configurations, security features, word filters, etc., but it also has the CFS agent, which isn't available in any other firewall. Reporting port support is also there.

I also like the ability to manage all the firewalls from a single location. We can support all those things from this application. It's a cloud-based solution.

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Project Specialist at integra software

We like the features, but the main thing is from a commercial and cost perspective it is very good.

The interface is user-friendly.

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ICT Consultant at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

I like the solution's configuration, interfaces, and user guides.

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Amjad Edris - PeerSpot reviewer
Technical Support Engineer at Netco Security Solutions

SonicWall NSa's most valuable features are the ease of configuration and the GUI. It's a web-based application, so we can easily configure all we want in the browser.

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IT Staff at Holy Name University

The most valuable feature of SonicWall NSa is the control aspect of the solution.

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Balaraju K - PeerSpot reviewer
Technical Lead at 64network security pvt ltd

The most valuable features are flexibility, ease of setup, and it's a good product cost-wise.

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Darshil Sanghvi - PeerSpot reviewer
Consultant at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees

One of the main features is the built-in storage capacity. 

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Network & System Engineer at a construction company with 10,001+ employees

It's an all-in-one solution. We can do the hosting and security all under one box. The UTM is a good feature.

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Owner/Founder at team one consulting

It has excellent stability. 

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Creative Head/Director at a marketing services firm with 1-10 employees

SonicWall NSa has user-friendly firmware.

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SonicWall NSa
July 2022
Learn what your peers think about SonicWall NSa. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: July 2022.
620,600 professionals have used our research since 2012.