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Quest Rapid Recovery Valuable Features

IT Admin at LDV, Inc.

The local mount utility is most valuable. I do restores fairly regularly. Thankfully, I have not ever lost an entire server that I've had to resurrect, but I certainly have people who erroneously saved over a file or have deleted a file. So, we've done that quite a bit. We still have the DL4000 appliance, and we had, kind of, extrapolated that out over a five-year period. Now, we're in year six, so we had to add storage, which we did as a SAN next to DL4000, but prior to adding in that extra storage, we, here and there, would run into situations where for whatever reason, it would want to be pulling a new base image, and then we would run out of storage. So, we would utilize the archive feature and archive the old data that we want to hang on to, but we don't necessarily need it taking up current data storage. Being able to export out really old data is most valuable to us. Then, we just store that on a NAS that we keep in another building.

It is very easy to use. I've been using it for quite a long time. When we first got it set up, we had to do some tweaking because it was our first experience with a backup solution. So, we were just learning how it works and what to expect. We were understanding the whole process. Overall, if you know anything about backup solutions, I feel like this one is pretty self-explanatory.

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ICT Network Manager at St Christopher's School Hove

File restoration and also virtual server restoration are paramount and critical to the school. I think that over the past six years, I've had probably two occasions where I had to restore a SQL Server.

It is pretty simple to set up and use.

The ease of use has reduced the administration time involved in our backup and recovery operations. I can sleep easily at night knowing that I've got one of the best solutions in place for the school. How a product is used will differ from one client or customer to another and there's a free choice of backup solutions out there, but some of them can be very complex. 

That is something that you don't want to have because, with very complex solutions, you have complex issues happening. With simplistic solutions, they're much easier to run and you don't have to be highly trained to work on them. Conversely, there are some products that you would have to think twice about. Whereas with Quest, after a couple of weeks if you've been working with it all the time, you become good with it. We have reduced our backup and recovery time by between 80% and 90%.

Built-in encryption helps to secure our data as it travels from our on-site server to our off-site backup server.

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Bill Vierow - PeerSpot reviewer
Systems and Network Administrator at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

Probably the point-in-time recovery is most valuable. The other piece that is really nice is that you can mount a whole server at any point in time. So, you can mount the server with all the drives to a Z drive or something like that. It will just mount it all up, and your data is accessible right there on one drive, which is nice.

It is very easy to use when it comes to recovery. It has got a couple of buttons. You click restore, and then you click the machine that you want to restore. You can mount a point-in-time recovery of that server if you're just looking for a file, or you can just restore the whole server. It is very intuitive.

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Quest Rapid Recovery
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Chris Graber - PeerSpot reviewer
Network Administrator at a manufacturing company with 51-200 employees

Definitely, the mount and recovery points are the most valuable, because if someone deletes a file or something, or if something gets corrupted, we can always revert back to an old change because our repository goes about a month back. The ability to roll back files and the ability to roll back servers is really important.

It is quite easy to use, especially once you do it a couple of times, then it's pretty pain-free. It takes a couple of minutes to do, obviously, it depends on the size of what you're doing. It's relatively quick and easy to use and most folks in our department could do it if they had to.

Quest is probably at the top of my list when it comes to ease of use compared to other solutions. I have nothing but good things to say about Quest. They've been great to work with. The software is easy to use. In my opinion, I've recommended Quest to several businesses that have reached out to me about recovery software.

The ease of use reduced the admin time involved in our backup or recovery operations. It's helped improve performance. I can recover a file in five to 10 minutes now, which is pretty impressive in my opinion.

Before, when my boss and I took over the IT roles for this company, they didn't really have any backups. They had old standard tapes that they'd have to roll back the tapes for and it wasn't guaranteed you'd be able to recover everything. Quest was pretty much the best option and we've kept rolling with it and it's been great.

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Mohd Hisyamudin Hamid - PeerSpot reviewer
System Engineer at Netwitz

The most valuable feature is the ability to mount a backup as a drive, where you can access the data.

Quest Rapid Recovery has good speed and reliability.

Rapid Recovery has a feature that will archive backups.

This product is straightforward and easy to use.

I'm quite impressed with the usability, and I am comparing this with other backup and data protection software that I have used, such as NetVault. Rapid Recovery is easier to use because of its user-friendly interface.

An example of another product that I use currently, that is different from Quest products, is Veeam. I prefer to use Rapid Recovery because the number of steps required in the process is minimal. With fewer steps required to complete my tasks, compared to other products, Rapid Recovery is the easiest one to use.

This product has absolutely reduced the admin time involved in my backup and recovery operations. The amount of time it saves depends on each customer's environment. At the most basic level, before using this product, I had to log in every day to check on the stability of the backup and sometimes act based upon it. For example, if there was a failed backup then I had to set a new one.

With Rapid Recovery, after creating alerts, I no longer need to check on each client. I used to have to go to each client, one by one, and check several pages to see whether a backup had failed. Now, I simply wait for an email notification to inform me of the status. Basically, half of my day is saved because of the email notification and alerts. When I don't receive an alert then I don't even need to check.

The compression and deduplication features have helped to save on storage costs. We have quite a number of clients, and there is a lot of data. I am quite impressed because we started with an 18 TB capacity license, and we managed to back up almost 126 clients. This was possible because of the deduplication and compression features. There are other solutions that only support compression, and they require that customers allocate more storage. For example, my customers that are using NetVault require more capacity.

Incremental Backup is another feature that saves storage space because this type of backup only records the changes since the last one. If there are few changes then it does not affect the storage very much.

I really like the replication features. Rapid Recovery has different mounting options and you can do a fast restoration. For example, you can mount a virtual hard disk and it doesn't impact your environment. My customers have been quite impressed with the speed of replication.

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Richard Stinnett - PeerSpot reviewer
President at BTCO Inc

The ease of use is amazing and that's the most valuable aspect, being able to get the information quickly in the event of something failing or inadvertently being deleted.

We haven't had to rely on Rapid Recovery very often, but we had a core work product that had a server crash and we needed to restore the right database to get it operational again. It was very easy to walk through the different points in time of that database to get to the last known good one that was able to get us up and going within about 30 minutes of the failure being identified. So it was just really nice to go to the resource, find what we needed and restore each version until we got to them that worked.

Not having to switch tapes is wonderful. It makes it so easy. We have an on-prem deployment that we also replicate to an offsite replication host. So by not having to deal with tapes and moving them off-site every day and every week, that's amazing ease of use for us.

We use the synthetic incremental backups.

We also use it to send updates to a virtual standby that can be activated if there's an issue with the primary machine.

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Systems Administrator at a healthcare company with 11-50 employees

Disk backup (archiving to the cloud) is its most valuable feature because it provides for our disaster recovery plan.

The incremental backups take far less space. The less you have to store and the more compressed it is, the less disk you will need.

It gives me great peace of mind.

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Mukesh Maithani - PeerSpot reviewer
Technical manager at Optimistic Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd

One feature I found that's the most valuable in Quest Rapid Recovery is the VM standby feature which is very useful for my current customer. The solution also has a great replication feature. The third most valuable feature in Quest Rapid Recovery is the five-minute RPO and the fifteen-minute RTO. The solution is also very user-friendly.

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Infrastructure Manager at a library with 51-200 employees

It is very easy to use and very easy to manage. The fact that I can easily recover data is valuable. I don't use it much. The only way I have been using it is that sometimes, people ask to recover the data, which is a very easy process. It takes only a few minutes to get in and get the data from the server.

The way it is working is pretty good. All features are working fine for me. I don't have any issues. 

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Quest Rapid Recovery
September 2022
Learn what your peers think about Quest Rapid Recovery. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: September 2022.
633,184 professionals have used our research since 2012.