Quadient Inspire Room for Improvement

Tomaž Juvančič - PeerSpot reviewer
Consultant at Tomaž Juvančič s.p.

Quadient has always been a leader in innovation, and the existing functionality that has been around for at least two years cannot really be improved further. 

What can be improved are the new additions to the solution.

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Senior Software Engineer at Tech Mahindra

They could add more functionality in near future in Inspire Interactive. For example, direct access of system variables. They could add border style for cells and could add a feature that would allow the height of cells to be increased. 

They could add features for adding text styles and paragraph styles inside snippets. 

We'd like to be able to see page breaks when we proof the blocks. 

They could add an automated feature where we could able to remove soft spaces and enters. 

They could add features where we could be able to rename the names of all the objects. 

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Manager of Variable Data Technology at Amsive

Imposition would be the area that we would like to see improved. It is very powerful, yet also cumbersome to use compared with other software. It would be great to have an easy interface to handle the 80% of simple impositions and still have the complexity needed for the other 20%. Another option would be to have the ability to save out an imposition file not as an additional template, but as an imposition file that could be called into the template. 

We would also like to see the default color space be CMYK. It is currently RGB.

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