Quadient Inspire Primary Use Case

Tomaž Juvančič - PeerSpot reviewer
Consultant at Tomaž Juvančič s.p.

I am an independent consultant, serving companies in the region with Quadient Inspire. I have performed many migrations of document workflows for banks, insurance companies, Telcos, and PSPs.

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Senior Software Engineer at Tech Mahindra

In our company, we basically use Quadient for digital customer communication. It helps us to be able to provide the best customer experience to all the respective customers. In the market, all the industries (health insurance, banking, utilities, telecommunication etc.) are using Quadient products. We are using different Quadient products such as Inspire Designer, Inspire Interactive, Inspire Scaler, Inspire Automation, and Inspire Content Manager for document composition.

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Manager of Variable Data Technology at Amsive

We are using Inspire Designer, Inspire Content Manager (ICM), and Scaler to produce both on-demand previews and production print files. We are using the same set of templates stored in ICM that we also use for production. This streamlines the number of templates we are producing and ensures that when a customer sees a web preview it will be the same when printed. 

The versioning in ICM also helps when we are asked to go back to a previous version of a template. Scaler has given us the ability to build workflows that can be used repeatedly. 

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