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Qlik Sense Room for Improvement

LesCampbell - PeerSpot reviewer
Audit Data Analyst at a energy/utilities company with 501-1,000 employees

There is room for improvement in the storytelling mode and the report sharing. Qlik Sense also does not have a subscription base like Power BI. So a lot of the analysis is housed in community pages that are managed by either the author or a database administrator, or whoever the Qlik Sense manager is there. It doesn't lend itself to being shared quite easily, because it requires licensing for viewers to consume.

I would also like to see a PowerPoint integration introduced. Power BI, for example, offers a slide deck that can be downloaded and inserted it into your deck. I'm referring to Power BI because that's what I use the most and that's the standard for me. Tableau has this integration in addition to a superior visualization tool. I think Qlik Sense has a better engine than all the three that I've mentioned, but in regards to sharing the analysis, it's clunky; it's not as good.

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IS Sr Reporting Specialist at Community Health Network of Connecticut, Inc.

Ad-hoc reporting capabilities would be ideal. Despite the solution being a self-service solution, many users still struggle to create their reports. With an easy drag-and-drop style report, it would make a huge difference. There are extensions for that, however, you have to pay them separately. 

Having a report publication feature is also very important, and it is not native to the on-prem version. However, Qlik has made huge advancements on the cloud version, and adding the hybrid capabilities, in which we can maintain the data in-house and just publish the dashboards to the cloud, will allow us to soon go to the cloud and have access to all those extra features we are missing on-prem. 

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Manager at a tech services company with 201-500 employees

Qlik Sense is working very well on going to low code and development. They are trying to make their environment more user-friendly. However, the training is not free. When you want to learn more about the tool, sometimes you need to pay for the training. This does not make sense to me because training should be free because the more you learn about the tool the more you use it and the more you are loyal to the company and want to continue usage.

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Tami Svensrud - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Business Intelligence Analyst at La Jolla Group

Reload failure alerts on the application within the Qlik Management Console without any use of extensions. QlikView is able to handle these alerts directly through the QlikView Management Console. We would appreciate a similar solution that is easy to set up and use. Simple formatting options in the pivot and straight tables such as adjusting line thickness and font selection and size. This can be done with extensions, but without knowledge of JSON and/or HTML these can be difficult to use. We would like to add images using inherent Qlik Sense without the use of extensions.  

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Solution Architect at HSBC

More focus needs to be on data streaming/real-time data reporting. This is currently too slow to use outside of very small data sets.

More focus on CI/CD integration is needed. Having Dashboards stored as very static binary files does not lead itself well to the modern DevSecOps standards and processes.

To compete with other tools in the sector, more focus on the commenting/feedback abilities of users would be beneficial. For example, at an object level, be able to have users add comments to certain data points that other users can view and also comment back on.

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Marcelo Galano Nuñez - PeerSpot reviewer
Analytics Technician at Eurofragance SLU

I would love to see some improvements in the following areas:

  • They need to make it easy to generate documentation of apps, giving information about legacy.
  • They need to make security rules to access applications and data security easier and customizable.
  • I would love it if they could make a "recycle bin" as users sometimes may delete an app and then cannot recover it unless they have made a backup of the server recently.
  • There needs to be better pricing options for on-premises clients Right now, they are focusing more on SaaS.
  • NPrinting needs more enhancements in its configuration and error handling.
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Piyush Gaud - PeerSpot reviewer
Business Intelligence Manager at We Love X GmbH

In my opinion, collaborative development of the Qlik Apps is a bit tricky and difficult in the Qlik Sense Cloud. For example, the developer who is not an owner of the app cannot see the app script. The user needs to duplicate the app, and then he should be able to see the app script or make any changes in the app script. 

I see that two developers can not work collaboratively on one app. Moreover, Qlik sense cloud does not provide an option to create a folder on the platform to save the relevant Qvd's/files in one folder. I believe this is something the product should focus on.

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Khuzema Tikiwala - PeerSpot reviewer
Manager - Enterprise Analytics & Business Intelligence at Meritor

Error handling is an area that needs to be improved. There is not much help on that and some of the error messaging is not very helpful. On many occasions, we have struggled to figure out what's wrong, as the error message did not help and we had to go through the hoops of going to a Qlik partner and then going to the support.

Provide some built-in functionality to migrate apps from one environment to another and make it easy for organizations that are pushing for self-service analytics.

I would like to see them make the Hub better in terms of usability, like adding personal preferences, favorites, etc.

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Mark Shannon - PeerSpot reviewer

The augmented intelligence features don't work well for the analytical user. They are difficult to set up correctly and often don't generate anything insightful.

The SaaS options often include these extra features and they are rolled out sooner and automatically.  Unfortunately, this is not an option for my organization at this time. There have been updates that include some new chart times but it's still lacking some common modern ones.

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Petrus Van Biljon - PeerSpot reviewer
Co-Owner at Alvarium

The product is easy to use and provides us with more than what we need. The data is incredibly easy to share with colleagues. There is no downside.

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Michel Lalancette - PeerSpot reviewer
Business Intelligence Developer at Bonduelle

The QMC needs more work. Some of the features should be available directly from the hub. Too many duplicates/publish. Intelli-sense when loading a stored qvd would help so much with remembering column names. The pop-up windows are too small when working in the QMC. There is no reason why all the front-end is responsive but the publish windows are too small for most app titles to show up completely. I wish you could work directly in a published app instead of having to duplicate it to your content then publish it again when done. I also wish you could create folders in your own content to make sorting your apps easier.

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Jim Vaughan - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Software Engineer at Ingram Content Group

As a developer, the biggest area for improvement is in the realm of source control. If a team wants to keep track of source code changes, there is not an out-of-the-box solution for it. Doing manual version control is error-prone and does not lend itself to simple rollbacks in many cases.

One other area for improvement would be discoverability. There are a lot of advanced capabilities in Qlik that are not easily discovered. Even some of the more 'mundane' features are sometimes hard to find or require a fair amount of explanation before users can take full advantage of them.

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Dave Elliott - PeerSpot reviewer
Global Solutions and Data Innovation Manager at MAYBORN GROUP LIMITED

There is a direction currently with feature releases within QLik Sense which are focused towards the SaaS or Cloud offerings of Qlik Sense. This leaves those who have invested heavily in on-premise enterprise deployments in a difficult position to gain the benefits of some powerful new features they have to look to reinvest further towards these SaaS or Cloud deployments or bring in a hybrid model. Qlik provides no real split between what features are available in each of the deployment options.

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reviewer1412682 - PeerSpot reviewer
Data Management Specialist at Marsh Limited

Several things can be improved, including:

  1. Ability to add and customize reference lines (average, linear regression, etc.) on all charts.
  2. There are features of QlikView that have still not come to Qlik Sense. These include "Always one value selected", option buttons, and checkboxes with extended functionalities in the Qlik bundle. I am currently using an external plug-in for this, but its performance is poor.
  3. Legends for charts that are being colored using a formula.
  4. Ease to add company color palette to Qlik Sense dashboard.
  5. The on-demand report generation button in Qlik Sense currently doesn't work if NPrinting requires Okta verification, which our company uses. So, we are not able to deliver this to our business users. This is a very powerful functionality and we want to use it!
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Anh Thi Pham - PeerSpot reviewer
Data Analyst Manager at Ho Chi Minh Securities Corporation

The cost of the Qlik ecosystem is higher than other competitors.

The license mechanism of Qlik is quite complicated and not exchangeable. Such as 2016, they charge licenses by token, 1500$ for a token / 1 user. 2018: they change to 2 kinds of licenses: professional 1500$ / user, analyzer 800$ / user. 2019: they support subscription with 70$ Monthly for professional, 40$ monthly for analyzers, but for those you’re using perpetual licenses, they don't support acquiring more subscription licenses. The maintenance fee yearly are also high, 20% of the perpetual license.

Qlik dashboards are not friendly with end-users, but they have been enhancing this shorted in some recent releases and next releases hopefully.

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Steve C - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior BI Consultant at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

The SaaS offering is being enriched quickly in order to attract new customers to that space and encouraging existing customers to make the switch. The Enterprise solution is therefore lagging behind SaaS in features. As such, the user needs to invest additional expenditure to ensure that all the services are available for the Enterprise solution.  

A lot of the features available in QlikView have now been introduced to Qlik Sense so it would be good to see that effort continue to go into developing front-end capability further still.

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Saurabh Deora - PeerSpot reviewer
Safety Data Analyst at Novo Nordisk

We have faced some issues with NPrinting, so I feel there is some improvement needed such that it would allow the use of variables and calculative fields from Qlik.

The reload error could be explained a bit more in detail, and if they can also include a debug mode in the load script while writing code, that could also advance the performance and minimize the effort.

Lastly, if the Qlik Continuous Classroom could be available for free for trained users, that would be great.

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reviewer1246062 - PeerSpot reviewer
User at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

Providing the same basic capabilities as its competitors - such as an easy setup of colors, pixel-perfect reporting (if needed), better control of visual behavior of visualizations (currently legend and axis names are missing based on screen resolution), et cetera, is needed. 

They need much better server management. Currently, even a single application can crash the whole server. 

They should generally focus more on the evolution of current capabilities rather than doing everything but only at 50% effectiveness. 

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Prashant Baste - PeerSpot reviewer
Solution Architect at Team Computers

Areas for improvement include user-friendliness, self-service, and some of the visualization options for generating reports.

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Or Medina - PeerSpot reviewer
Head Of Business Intelligence at Israel InterUniversity Computation Center

Adding a process tree so that we can see task dependencies would be an improvement.

The security rules should be made easier to use.

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Mattheus Roux - PeerSpot reviewer
Project Engineer - Overhead Lines at University of South Africa

More pivot table options, like the ability to have the totals row at the bottom of the table, would be helpful.

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