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Broadcom Service Virtualization Room for Improvement

Assistant Vice President at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

The learning curve is an area that needs improvement, as well as stability and performance.

Stability has to be improved. It is not a stable solution. Especially, when you create custom solutions there are issues with memory accumulation. I would prefer that they stop adding features, which is what they do. Instead, focus on stabilizing it and make it work. 

What's the point of adding new features? It just increases the cost.

I'll give you an example; CA and I have continuous applications, and insight is one of the service activation components. It has never worked in any project, just for the namesake and for showing they have this one. 

Support needs improvement, they don't support the migration from an older version to the current version.

The price can be reduced.

This portal, after one week, if it is enterprise-assigned, will stop working. Now we have a policy that every week, we have a scheduled restart of everything, and maintain it. The stability is so poor that this is what is required. 

Broadcom acquired it recently, approximately a year ago. Broadcom was not involved with the software before. They were known for having a history with the hardware, physical devices, and appliances. 

Now, they are focusing on both. Much of their technical expertise, have gone. There is no expertise.

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Service Virtualization Architect at a transportation company with 10,001+ employees

Because I have not compared it with other toolsets, I don't have a lot of insight. The only area that I can think of at the moment is the building of automated APA test cases. Based on your services, this is an area that requires improvement.

I would like to have more flexibility towards the mainframe virtualization and also in JDBC virtualization.

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Senior Project Manager at Infosys

The cost is an area that needs improvement. There are a couple of other tools which provide support for performance testing with the base version itself, but Broadcom needs a separate component to support virtualization for performance testing. This is a costly component.

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