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Lumada Data Integration Room for Improvement

Senior Engineer at a comms service provider with 501-1,000 employees

Although it is a low-code solution with a graphical interface, often the error messages that you get are of the type that a developer would be happy with. You get a big stack of red text and Java errors displayed on the screen, and less technical people can get intimidated by that. It can be a bit intimidating to get a wall of red error messages displayed. Other graphical tools that are focused at the power user level provide a much more user-friendly experience in dealing with your exceptions and guiding the user into where they've made the mistake.

Sometimes, there are so many options in some of the components. Some of the guidance about when to use certain options embedded into the interface would be good so that people know that if they set something, what would it do, and when should they use an option. It is quite light on that aspect.

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Enterprise Data Architect at a manufacturing company with 201-500 employees

Some of the scheduling features about Lumada drive me buggy. The one issue that always drives me up the wall is when Daylight Savings Time changes. It doesn't take that into account elegantly. Every time it changes, I have to do something. It's not a big deal, but it's annoying. That's the one issue, but I see the limitation, and it might not be easily solvable. 

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Systems Analyst at a university with 5,001-10,000 employees

The transition to the web-based solution has taken a little longer and been more tedious than we would like and it's taken away development efforts towards the reporting side of the tool. They have a reporting tool called Pentaho Business Analytics that does all the report creation based on the data integration tool. There are a lot of features in that product that are missing because they've allocated a lot of their resources to fixing the data integration, to make it more web-based. We would like them to focus more on the user interface for the reporting.

The reporting definitely needs improvement. There are a lot of general, basic features that it doesn't have. A simple feature you would expect a reporting tool to have is the ability to search the repository for a report. It doesn't even have that capability. That's been a feature that we've been asking for since the beginning and it hasn't been implemented yet. We have between 500 and 800 reports in our system now. We've had to maintain an external spreadsheet with IDs to identify the location of all of those reports, instead of having that built into the system. It's been frustrating for us that they can't just build a simple search feature into the product to search for report names. It needs to be more in line with other reporting tools, like Tableau. Tableau has a lot more features and functions.

Because the reporting is lacking, only the deans and above are using it. It could be used more, and we'd like it to be used more.

Also, while the solution provides us with a single, end-to-end data management experience from ingestion to insights, it does but it doesn't give us a full history of where it's coming from. If we change a field, we can't trace it through from the reporting to the ETL field. Unfortunately, it's a manual process for us. Hitachi has a new product to do that and it searches all the fields, documents, and files just to get your pipeline mapped, but we haven't bought that product yet.

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Lead, Data and BI Architect at a financial services firm with 201-500 employees

The documentation is very basic.

The testing and quality could really improve. Every time that there is a major release, we are very nervous about what is going to get broken. We have had a lot of experience with that, as even the latest one was broken. Some basic things get broken. That doesn't look good for Hitachi at all. If there is one place I would advise them to spend some money and do some effort, it is with the quality. It is not that hard to start putting in some unit tests so basic things don't get broken when they do a new release. That just looks horrible, especially for an organization like Hitachi.

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Specialist in Relational Databases and Nosql at a computer software company with 5,001-10,000 employees

I'm currently looking at a new competitor that's got some interesting features that this solution doesn't have. I have found this competitor has a feature breaking system that is not present in the Pentaho Data Integration approach. The way the system sets can somehow maintain a track for the last executions and somehow store the state which gives you the potential to run from the point that it ended the last time. It's very interesting. It would be nice if Pentaho had this type of feature.

Often you are required to install plugins. If you need to have access to, in my case, Neo4j databases new folder databases, you do need a plugin to do it.

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Technical Manager at a computer software company with 51-200 employees

I don't think they market it that well. We can make suggestions for improvements but they don't seem to take the feedback on board. This contrasts with Informatica who are really helpful and seem to listen more to their customer feedback. I would also really like to see improved data capture. At the moment the emphasis seems to be on data processing. I would like to see a real-time processing data integration tool. This would provide instant reporting whenever the data changes. I'm still in the very recent stage concerning Pentaho Data Integration, but it can't really handle what I describe as "extreme data processing" i.e. when there is a huge amount of data to process. That is one area where Pentaho is still lacking.

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Analytics Team Leader at HealtheLink

Since Hitachi took over, I don't feel that the documentation is as good within the solution. It used to have very good help built right in. There's good documentation when you go to the site but the help function within the solution hasn't been as good since Hitachi took over.

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IT-Services Manager & Solution Architect at Stratis

The solution needs better, higher-quality documentation, similar to AWS. Right now, we find that although documentation exists, it's not easy to find the answers we seek.

I have tried some cloud services with the ETL, so perhaps that would be good to add.

The product needs more plugins. Right now, it just has a standard database connection and there are other solutions there that can have straightforward connections for Oracle, MySQL, and stuff like that. However, more plugins would make it a much better product.

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Assistant General Manager at DTDC Express Limited

The shortcoming in version 7 is that we are unable to connect to Google Cloud Storage (GCS), where I can write the results from Pentaho. I'm able to connect to S3 using Pentaho 8, but when using it for GCS, I'm unable to connect. With people moving from on-premises deployments to the cloud, be it S3, Azure, or Google, we need a plugin where we can interact with these cloud vendors.

I would like to see improvements made for real-time data processing. It is something that I will be looking out for.

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Learn what your peers think about Lumada Data Integration. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: January 2022.
563,208 professionals have used our research since 2012.