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Veeam ONE Room for Improvement

Kevin Heron - PeerSpot reviewer
Technical Operations Manager at Ocient, Inc.

This is not a highly customizable solution but there is very little that needs improvement in this product. They actually improved the UI, it has a very Window-ish interface now so that once you log into the console, all your servers are listed down the left hand side, and particularly for an auditor, you can see the policies and make changes, search for the retention, the backups, etc. As an IT professional, we want everything free so the price of the product could be reduced, but they do need to pay their developers.

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Technical Presales Consultant/ Engineer at a wholesaler/distributor with 10,001+ employees

They need to support more platforms. Right now, they support their Veeam Backup Replication product, which means they provide monitoring and visibility reporting to the backup infrastructure and the backup portion. However, for some people, they're not using VMware. They are not using Hyper-V, or they have other workloads. For example, they have Nutanix. Veeam can monitor the backups, which is part of Veeam Backup Replication, however, it cannot monitor Nutanix itself.

They also do not monitor physical workloads, for example, physical Windows Servers and physical Linux Servers. They report their backups. They monitor their backups through Veeam Backup Replication. They don't have server monitoring and reporting. That's where there is room for improvement.

The management software for Veeam ONE is installed only on Windows.

Recently, for some reason, a client didn't have the feature "offload backups to object storage", like Azure cloud storage, and for some reason, we were unable to locate any sort of particular report for that particular backup point. Having much more extensive backup reports would be great. They have a lot of backup reports which are great, and they have the option to create backup customer reports, however, it would be great to have additional reports along the way.

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Glauk Hoxha - PeerSpot reviewer

It's not that easy to use from the management side. 

The solution needs to improve its traditional backups. They back up data as others do at the moment - however, it's not as good. Also, restoring is very fast, however, they need some improvement in deduplication. 

It's more the management in the level of replication. There needs to be a much higher level of replication. Right now, it's a basic replication in the secondary site. The recovery needs to be much faster as recovery is very important. The fastest recovery is from Rubrik.

Rubrik is the fastest recovery backup solution, and Cohesity is the same as it depends on the hardware which they have. 

Veeam should come with the hardware as others, like Cohesity, come with the hardware. 

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Reinhard Geißler - PeerSpot reviewer
CEO at a educational organization with 201-500 employees

You have several monitors you have to tune. You have several snapshots on the volume and so on, and this is the standard. However, for example, if you have Rezon from VMware, you have much more snapshots on the volume, and yet it's not a problem as Rezon doesn't have these issues with the huge number of snapshots. They should offer more snapshots on Veeam.

The pricing could be reduced. 

When you have to renew the licenses you sometimes have some trouble getting rid of the old one and reassigning it to the new one. That's an aspect that could run smoother and could be better.

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Leticia Espinosa - PeerSpot reviewer
Systems Recovery Specialist at a legal firm with 1,001-5,000 employees

The threshold could be easier to configure. I would like to see more automation and integration with their own backups. Currently, you can stop and start a backup, but it would be nice if you could initiate a reinstall using Veeam ONE.

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OmarSamir - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Solutions Architect at Elsewedy Technology

I haven't used the solution for long enough to really be able to consider features that may be lacking. I haven't had enough time to work with it.

The appliance doesn't have a domain. If there was a competitor with a domain, I'd likely use them.

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Alexey Parakhnevich - PeerSpot reviewer
IT Engineer at Softline

Sometimes, it's a little difficult for me to use its user interface. Its scope is very big with a lot of tuning, settings, and so on. If it's difficult for me, it must also be difficult for our customers.

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BartHeungens - PeerSpot reviewer
Hybrid Infrastructure Solution Architect at Bitcon

The user interface is quite extended, and sometimes it's difficult to find the right information. Once you know and are familiar with it, it's okay.

The user interface could be simplified. There is a lot of information, so maybe the dashboards could consolidate it.

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Network Administrator at a government with 51-200 employees

To make it a better solution they could improve the business feature and the camera. 

When we have a problem, we want to use the best feature. We would like to see a better solution for when your software has crashed for a minute or you can't open your software. We would like a better solution to recover your software. 

Overall, Veeam ONE could be improved if it had a better data recovery feature.

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Joel Negrão Moreira - PeerSpot reviewer
Presales Storage Solution Architect at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

I think Veeam ONE should be included in the base product instead of as an add-on because customers tend to look for simple solutions that are integrated. In the next solution, I would like Veeam to add support for other less-used hypervisors like Oracle VM, consolidating these products into one console.

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Lobna Alkomy - PeerSpot reviewer
Backup & Recovery Section Head at a retailer with 1,001-5,000 employees

Veeam's biggest limitation is the lack of integration. I can't use the tool because there is no integration between the tool and the environment. Honestly, we can't use it with the rest of the environment— the hardware and software and so on. It's a huge problem.
We are just using it for backup monitoring. 

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David Dotan Sofer - PeerSpot reviewer
CTO at SoferTech

The solution could improve by allowing the ability to do monitoring and traffic aggregation in the whole virtual network environment.

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Ahmed Al-Masdar - PeerSpot reviewer
Co-Founder and Business Manager at Futuretech

I've never considered what improvements Veeam needs, and I haven't asked our customers if there is any room for improvement. As the manager, I only see the reports. From my side, it's more than enough for me.

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JoseRamirez1 - PeerSpot reviewer
Solution Architect at a tech company with 11-50 employees

Veeam ONE could improve by having capacity planning, intelligent automatization, and ransomware.

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Enayat Galsulkar - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Information Security Consultant at Future Telecom

The support, reporting features, and customization should all be improved. 

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Veeam ONE
April 2022
Learn what your peers think about Veeam ONE. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2022.
597,415 professionals have used our research since 2012.