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Oracle Beehive Room for Improvement

MarcAllaire - PeerSpot reviewer
President of Operations for Montreal Area at Transition Consulting Inc.

We will need to implement prototypes in our data warehouse. We will have to implement and to support some different types of files like video, audio, pictures, and non-structured data. So we are working on that.

We would like better integration for data security. We will have many partners, eight or nine external partners. We will still use our system to upgrade our warehouse. But with many partners, the data warehouse will not be unique. It will be a distributed data platform. So we would need and we are looking for many services to better manage the integrity and the use of all of the data. 

We are receiving all these data from trains and trucks that are working on the highways and on the roads. We will have to implement some facilities to adequately use all this data at a really high volume coming from IoT. So we are not choosing that and we will have to implement some services. Right now, we don't have any monitoring. We do have major density and access control, but when a user is in our environment, we do not have the services to really measure what he is doing.

I will have to report in three months on the project and its evolution. I don't have the financials and the best practices regarding the financial models with costs and benefits for a major data platform with many partners. We will know what it will cost, but we will have to define some benefits because when I will be at the treasury board asking for a major project, they will ask me what would the benefits from that will be. 

I'm doing research into best practices. I know that the U.S. government has a platform like the one we want to build. It is a bigger one, from what I understand. I think that the state of California and maybe the state of New York has the type of platform we want to put in place. I would like to present more than just an article. I would like to have a reference model, to really be on target by showing the benefits that are possible down the road. 

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