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KNIME Room for Improvement

LaurenceMoseley - PeerSpot reviewer
Professor of Health Services Research at a university with 1,001-5,000 employees

So far, I haven't had problems with it, so I haven't really thought about room for improvement. It's so much better than many other things. It's useful in that you can at least get people who are pretty averse to programming to start thinking about putting something into a program of any kind, because they can see what's happening.

It's visual. It's codeless. For some purposes, I'd want to add Python or R, but I haven't had to do that so far, so I haven't seen the shortcomings of it. There must be some. All software has shortcomings, but I haven't recognized any myself.

Not just for KNIME, but generally for software and analyzing data, I would welcome facilities for analyzing different sorts of scale data like Likert scales, Thurstone scales, magnitude ratio scales, and Guttman scales, which I don't use myself.

I use both Thurstone scales and magnitude ratio scales quite a bit, and they're very powerful. But I've always had to do all the analysis myself in some simple code. I don't think that's provided. You could probably include it in KNIME, but I haven't tried to do it.

If it just said, "Analyze scales," and you'd choose which sort of scale you want to analyze and it gave you the options of normalizing or reversing or whatever it happens to be, that would be helpful. There are lots of simple functions that you want to apply to scales, which would be useful in any software, including KNIME.

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SnehaaSelvakumaran - PeerSpot reviewer
BI Solutions Developer at a tech services company with 201-500 employees

The user interface could be a bit better. It's currently very dated.

They should look at other vendors like Alteryx that are more user friendly and modern. 

From a systems point of view, the tool is not completely user friendly.

Users tell us they would like to do their own analytics and find it difficult to accomplish without the help of a technical service.

You need to be a bit more knowledgeable in order to handle the solution. It's not difficult, it's just more technical than other options.

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Senior Vice President at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

I think some of the online training content could be better, although I have been able to find all of the information. At times they're quite lengthy, and for me to go through everything and then get a resolution takes a good amount of time.

They could have a more structured node-wise training model, where I can simply get into it. For example, if I need to understand a node to create pivot tables, I have to go through the training mode to understand what the functionality is.

If they had a more structured training model it would be very helpful.

It would be helpful to launch more certification programs online. 

There could be better marketing. The awareness of Knime is limited, especially for small organizations. When you compare with PowerBI, there is a lot of active marketing put into their product, also, having Microsoft associated with it is an advantage.

They have to step up on the marketing aspect and the ability to digitize using Knime. Many are aware of other tools such as PowerBI.

In the next release, I would like to see the certification available for active users.

Also the costing aspect of the certification, there could be more local impact time zone programs with a bit of costing dissension to encourage more active users in Knime who can then move to the server version in their organization.

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Vivek Rane - PeerSpot reviewer
CEO at Alpha Analytics

KNIME's licensing and data management aren't as straightforward relative to Alteryx. Alteryx's tools are more sophisticated, so you need fewer to use it compared to KNIME. I think tab implementation could be easier, too.

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Benedikt Schwaiger - PeerSpot reviewer
CEO at SMH - Schwaiger Management Holding GmbH

The user interface could be a little bit more comfortable. The usability, in general, could be much better.

The predefined workflows could use a bit of improvement.

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Piotr Świątek - PeerSpot reviewer
Test Engineer at ProData Consult

It is difficult to say at this time, as I am not using the latest version. I have noticed that I don't have the latest modules that were added, such as ML.

In my opinion, there's one thing lacking. As far as algorithm notes go, it would be handy if category algorithms of C4 or C4.5 could be set with a checkbox or something like that.

Once you go to the forum or the documentation, to see how to implement a C4.5, you mark the checkbox, and only then it would be content for C4 or C4.5.

The documentation is lacking and it could be better. It's a community-driven product but there are a few crucial models missing such as ANOVA and MANOVA.

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Crystallization Lab Analyst at a pharma/biotech company with 10,001+ employees

KNIME can improve by adding more automation tools in the query, similar to UiPath or Blue Prism. It would make the data collection and cleanup duties more versatile.

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Sanyam Jangir - PeerSpot reviewer
Vice President Business Transformation at AJA

Compared to the other data tools on the market, the user interface can be improved.

There are quite a few features that are not available in the Community Edition. Having more of these features brought into the platform would be helpful.

Support from KNIME could be enhanced, although the community support is great.

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Vivek Rane - PeerSpot reviewer
CEO at Alpha Analytics

There are a lot of tools in the product and it would help if they were grouped into classes where you can select a function, rather than a specific tool. This would make workflow development faster because several tools could be used together, based on the function that is chosen. Each would complete one of the constituents of the task.

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Lasse Seppänen - PeerSpot reviewer
Principal Lecturer at HAMK

There are some parameters that I would like to have at a bigger scale. The upper limit of one node that tries to find spots or areas in photos was too small for us. It would need to be bigger.

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Solutions Architect at a retailer with 10,001+ employees

I would prefer to have more connectivity. The user documentation is insufficient. I would like to see more enterprise level application. There are high end features which should appear, the MLOps platform being one. This feature is key. 

There should be better connectivity to such platforms as AWS and SageMaker, as we rely heavily on AWS in RL. For certain South Asian markets, we plan to go with Azure, so it is important to have connectivity to both of the major clouds.  There should be AI machine learning based algorithms. Such features should be available out of the box with good precision. 

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Trainer at a government with 10,001+ employees

I haven't had a lot of time to explore Knime in detail, but when you compare it with Orange, I would like it to be able to find data and collect it from another source. Also, to collect data for Knime from Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook for example, and to add widgets to Knime.

It could input more data acquisitions from other sources and it is difficult to combine with Python. It can be done with special requirements.

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Research Analyst at a university with 51-200 employees

From the point of view of the interface, they can do a little bit better.

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Professor at a university with 51-200 employees

An improvement which can universally be made to products is to make them more simple. Code-less products are simplified. Both RapidMiner and KNIME should be made easier to use in the field of deep learning. 

While KNIME has all the requisite features, there is a shift from coding to programming with virtual language. It is only a process of making one's solution easier to use. 

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Gergely Tamás - PeerSpot reviewer
Director at Applied Logic Laboratory

It's very general in terms of architecture, and as a result, it doesn't support efficient running. That is, the speed needs to be improved.

The scalability needs to be improved as well.

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Learn what your peers think about KNIME. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: June 2022.
610,229 professionals have used our research since 2012.